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Finding Rose


I was putting up the shirts I had ironed for my father one evening while my parents were out on the town when I found the video. I wasn’t snooping, it just fell off out onto the floor when I hung the shirts up. I thought it strange that a video would be “misplaced” in the closet; I took it and was going to place it in the cabinet with the other videos. That’s when I noticed that the only markings it had on it was a date from three weeks previous. Curious as to what it might be about, I slipped into my room and popped it into the VCR player.

What I saw then changed my life. There on the screen was my mother, tied to a box frame, and my father was lashing her breasts with a leather strap. Slap after slap was delivered, leaving bright red marks crisscrossing her small breasts, each one running straight across her nipples. She was moaning and writhing about, but the moans seemed to be more of pleasure than of pain. He kept it up until she had an extremely intense orgasm. As I watched, I began to cry. I didn’t know it then, but the tears weren’t for my mother, they were for me.

I was totally entranced. I fast forwarded through the tape, catching glimpses of all sorts of things. There were several types of nipple clamps used, even a small clamp was attached directly onto her clitoris. She was stuffed with long and thick dildos in both her pussy and up her asshole. Her buttocks were whipped with the strap and with an actual small whip. Mother had about a dozen orgasms. But the real shocker was that mother was being used and tormented by other people, both men and women. I found scenes of mother sucking other men’s penises and licking women’s pussies. Mother seemed to be a willing sex toy for anyone father allowed to use her. I was shocked, but totally turned on.

In one scene, mother was on her hands and knees. Her head was lifted up, and a man was shoving his extremely long cock into her mouth. There were clamps on both her nipples and they had wires or some type of heavy strings attached to them. The wires went straight down and ran through some small metal loops on the floor, before coming back up to be held in the hands of a woman who was fucking her with a large strap on dildo from behind. As mother was pushed back and forth between them, the wires pulled on her nipples, stretching them to unbelievable lengths. Mother seemed to be undergoing an almost continuous orgasm.

In yet another scene I watched as a woman began playing with mother’s pussy. She started by inserting two fingers, then three, and before long had her entire hand plunging in and out of my mother’s stretched pussy. Then the hand turned into a fist and the woman was pushing the fist up into mother’s pussy harder and harder and twisting it around wildly. Once again mother was undergoing orgasm after orgasm.

I couldn’t seem to quit watching, but I knew I had to get the tape back into mom and dad’s closet. Still I just kept watching scene after scene. Finally I managed to hit rewind and then eject the tape. When I got back to the closet, I found a whole rack of tapes hidden behind dad’s clothes. I couldn’t wait to watch more of these tapes. I was so turned on I ended up rubbing my clit and pulling on my nipples until I made them so sore I almost couldn’t stand to have anything touch them. I must have had about a dozen orgasms that night alone. I had to know more about what mom and dad were doing. I could tell that mother was enjoying everything that was being done to her, even the things that seemed to hurt a lot. Although I couldn’t get my mind to catch up to it all at that time, I knew somehow that it had spoken to a deep, deep need.

I had done a little web surfing along the lines of BDSM, and had found it interesting, but really had doubted that anyone really did those kinds of things. What I had seen on the video pulled me straight into a realm of dazed wonder. Somehow, it spoke to my very core, and I would later realize that I too needed to be owned and controlled, used as my mother was used.

I was 18 and very shy. Small framed and small proportioned, I was a virgin’s virgin. My small breasts (32AA) were all nipples and obviously nothing else. But those nipples were very, very sensitive, and I often had orgasms of my own just pinching and pulling on them.

I had always seemed to enjoy doing things that made mother and daddy happy. I actually enjoyed the tasks and chores around the house. Cleaning, cooking and doing laundry seemed natural and relaxing to me. I even never minded cleaning the bathroom, scrubbing the toiled and tub were all just a part of good home upkeep. I was most relaxed and at peace when I was at home doing these things. I loved school and excelled at academics, and I was athletic enough, but I was extremely shy and really didn’t like having to be around a lot of people that much. The school I went to was old and the girl’s gym had the old fashioned open bay dressing and open area shower tower showers. That meant getting naked and showering with about 40-50 other girls. That was always very embarrassing for me, especially with my extremely small bust. By the time I was in my senior year, most all of the other girls were well developed. I was still nothing but nipples.

I had not started dating. Not only because no one had ever asked me, but because I was so shy I would have died if a boy would have asked. I really did prefer to stay home and do chores, read, and now secretly view the library of tapes showing my mother being used as a sex toy for various men and women. It turned me on, it excited me beyond description and it made me long for the day when I would be the one being used like she was.

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