tagBDSMFinding Rose Ch. 02

Finding Rose Ch. 02


Over the next several weeks, I was able to view a few other videos that were hidden away in my father's closet. Each one had my mother being used by one or more people in mind boggling ways. Every tape was dated, and by checking back, each date was a time either I was away at some school function, or times they had "gone out" for a long evening. Now I knew why they came in so late.

The second tape I viewed shocked me to my very core. Mother was led over and knelt between the legs of another woman who was sitting in a wingback chair. The woman was sitting on a white towel that was covering the seat of the chair. First mother reached out and pulled the woman's thin pink panties down. Then she lowered her head down and placed her mouth on the woman's pussy. Mother quickly moved her head back up, and there dangling from my mother's mouth by it's pull string was a bloodied tampon. My mother turned slightly and let the bloody tampon fall into a small dish that was at her side before returning to lick the woman's bleeding pussy. My mother was licking this menstruating woman's pussy like she was possessed, and in no time at all the woman was having one orgasm after another. Mother kept it up until my father commanded her to stop. When she moved away, you could see the trailings of menstrual blood down mother's chin and neck. And when the woman stood up, the white towel beneath her had a large dark red stain on it too.

A little later in the tape mother was lying down on her back and the woman cam and sat on her face, then bent over and began to lick mother's pussy also. Then my father came up and rammed his cock into the other woman's ass hole and began to fuck her asshole while mother ate her bleeding pussy once again. I simply sat staring at the screen, not able to look away for even a minute. After my father shot his jism deep into the other woman's ass, she shifted her position, and I watched as mother sucked and tongued the cum out of her gaping asshole. But the other woman was sucking my father's penis that had just come out of her ass hole. The camera was always pointed so that none of the other peoples faces showed, just mother's. I never could tell who any of the other people were.

One Friday evening about five or six weeks after I made my discovery my life took a sharp turn. Mother came into my room and told me that my father wanted all of us to meet in the living room for a family discussion. I had no idea what was about to happen. Family discussions had only occurred when something extremely important and usually not good either had happened or was about to happen.

When I entered the living room, mother was kneeling at the side of my father. She was totally nude. My father was sitting in his leather wing-back chair which facet the large screen television set. My father told me to come and sit in the wing back chair next to him. Once I was seated, he pressed the play button on the remote control he had in his hand, and a video I had not seen before began to play. What it showed shocked me more than anything I had ever seen before, because it was a video of ME watching the videos of mother being used. It also showed how I was playing with my own breasts and fingering my own clit and pussy, making myself have orgasm after orgasm watching what was being done to my mother. There was no way of denying that these scenes excited me. I had been busted and busted good. I looked over at my mother several times. She had obviously been told not to look at the video. My father's hand was casually playing with her closest breast and nipple, pinching and pulling on it and squeezing her breast as he watched the video, and my face.

After several minutes, he shut the video off and then stood up. He looked straight at me and said: "Rose -- the first video you found was not found by accident. Before we left I made sure that you would find it. I did not know what you would do, but I figured you would be intrigued enough to check it out and you did." "I also had reason to believe that you would have the reactions to it that you did. I have known for several years that you have a truly submissive nature, and that you need to have a strong controlling authority in your life, just as your mother does." I had bowed my head as he spoke, somehow knowing that I should not make eye contact with him.

"Rose, your mother has come to fully accept and appreciate her true nature as a fully obedient pleasure servant."

"Tonight you will make a decision. Tonight you will have to decide if, as your actions and your very nature so strongly show, you will step over the line and begin your journey into the life of a true submissive."

"I am going to leave you and your mother alone for the next hour. In that time you may ask her any questions you wish, and she will answer them thoroughly and honestly. At the end of that hour I need your decision."

"If you choose not to follow the path your heart and your body desire, then you will never again have any access to any of the things I have allowed you to see over the past few weeks. What goes on between your mother and I will not and cannot ever be spoken of again."

With that he left the room. I simply did not know what to think.

Mother then began to speak, still kneeling and still with her head bowed.

"Rose, dear, please listen to me and to your heart and even your very soul. We who are by nature submissive need to understand and accept what and who we are. Please do not do as I did and deny the very needs of your true self until so much later in life. Take the opportunity and learn how much pleasure you get from giving so much pleasure to another. It is what we are, and is the only life that you will not come to despise, loath and want constantly to get away from."

So I asked mother: "But doesn't it hurt too much when they whip you as they do?"

"Rose, you will have to experience it to really understand what it's really all about. The pain brings so much pleasure that without going through it you cannot understand how it all comes together. You have already experienced some of what I am talking about, as you have pulled and pinched on your young nipples. The pleasure that small amount of pain has brought you is so small compared to what you will learn to experience, I can't explain the intensity of the difference to you."

"More than that, the freedom of giving up total control of your life, allowing another who cares about you and loves you deeply is worth more than life itself. Once you have experienced that, you know that you are simply not capable of providing enough pleasure to repay that to that special person."

We continued to talk. I would ask questions about the things I had seen and she would tell me how she learned to enjoy each and every situation as it brought pleasure to her husband and increased the pride he had in how well she would perform for others. I could tell that she was not just saying these things from the glow that she would get on her face from just talking about them. I knew right then that I had to have this same thing in my own life. Tonight I would take the first step toward the rest of my life, life as a completely obedient submissive woman.

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