Fine Time: Hollywood Remix


"Lucy, baby..."

"Mmmmm, talk to me, Mark."

"You wanna take this inside and we do it in on the couch?"

She shook her head, still not breaking eye contact as her long brunette hair shook. His hands were still busy slowly massaging her breasts as she felt the wetness developing down at her clit.


"But what if your neighbors hear us gettin' it on and make a call to the cops?"

Lucy giggled at his words.

"Honey, this is private property. If anyone wants to call the police, let 'em. I don't care, they're not gonna stop us from having a good time out here. I want you to fuck me out here right by the pool. We'll let the whole world hear it if they wanna sit around and listen."

He couldn't help but smirk at her words. Mark then leaned forward and pushed his lips to hers. From his moments, his body laid on top of Lucy's nearly naked figure. She wrapped her arms around him, pushing her gigantic breasts up into his chest as they kissed passionately. During the locking of their lips, she ran her hands down his back and pulled at the fabric of his T-shirt between her fingernails to pull it forward and then shove it hard upward. Just as they broke the kiss, she slung the T-shirt over his head and disposed of it to the floor under the chair. Mark giggled, and shook his head.

"You're a bad girl, Lucy."

"Mmmmm, you like it when I'm bad though, don't lie."

"I want you to finish taking my clothes off like a bad girl, baby."

Moving off her body, Mark offered his hand to pull her up from the lounge chair. Lucy made ample eye contact with him, almost never breaking her sights from his big blue eyes. When he reaffirmed his seat on the lounge chair, Lucy lowered herself down to her knees. From Mark's sight, the sun was shining brightly down over them as this English goddess placed her hands at the front of his shoes and began to slowly shake them off. Once Lucy got off the left sneaker, she took his sock off and neatly placed it into the shoe, just before repeating the same motion with his right foot and placing the other sock down into the shoe. Such an act made Mark think of a naughty maid that Lucy was channeling in her benevolence. When it came time to push his jeans and underwear down, Mark took a deep breath and smiled down at her while his hardening dick flopped free.

"Oh my god, it's been so long Lucy."

As she wrapped her right hand around his cock, Lucy gazed up into his eyes upon answering him."

"Mmmmm, yes it has. Too long, actually!"

He took a deep breath as he felt her hand stroking his cock. Lucy was still looking into his eyes as she moved her grip up and then placed her thumb down over the head of his rod. She pushed her thumb down, as if the head of his dick was a button. Mark groaned and then Lucy pushed her hand down, removing her thumb from the head to allow herself to kiss it lovingly. He swallowed his breath, listening to the sound of the birds still making noises and a plane that was flying high above in the clear sky. From the touch of her hand, she had quite a way of relaxing his previous nervous tensions. Lucy had finally broke eye contact to part her lips and breath over his cock. All before she opened her lips wide and slowly brought the head between them.

Yet again, Mark found himself taking another deep breath. It didn't matter how many times she had sucked his dick in the past years, Lucy always had a way of working him insane with her sexual skills. She moaned over his cock as she began to slowly bob her head up and down the shaft. Clouds moved from above, offering a bit of shade from the sun as he was looking down at one of the most beautiful glamour models to grace the covers of UK magazines sucking him off. Deep down, Mark loved her as a friend and moments like this were enough to set his heart on fire. The sounds of her slobbering all over his rod were the only thing he cared about hearing. Lucy moved her fingers down to the base of his cock and continued to bob her head up and down his shaft for a whole minute. When she came up and released his dick from her lips, a loud pop sound was heard.

"Mmmmm, your cock always tastes so good."

Licking her upper lip, Lucy looked back down and spit on the head of his shaft. Mark tensed up for a moment as he watched her begin to wank his cock back and forth with the grip of her right hand. Lucy brought her lips down to play with his balls, licking them around with her tongue. Mark groaned when he felt her pop his left ball between her lips and suck on it.

"Ohhhhh, god! Fuck yeah, that's it, baby!!"

She ignored his cries of pleasure, only to alternate from his left nut to the right one. Lucy shoved his other ball between her lips and equally slobbered all over it. After she was done sucking on his nuts, Lucy moved her mouth away as a string of saliva dripped to the stone tiles under her. She returned her attention to his cock, pushing her lips back down on it. This time however, she pushed her hands over his legs to grip them while she was bobbing her head up and down his shaft. Lucy furiously began to suck his dick, taking inch after inch into her warm, loving mouth.

"That's it, baby! Yes, suck it!! Fuck yes, Lucy!!"

While he was groaning in pleasure, Lucy was moaning with her tongue shoved against his fat cock. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm', she continued to slobber and suck over his rod until she pushed her lips all the way down. Lucy buried her lips into his ball hair as she took his entire length down her throat, forcing the head to hit the back of her throat. Mark gasped and screamed.


This was just what she wanted to hear. Mark's loud scream gave her notice that it was time to move into 'step 2' of her plan. Lucy placed her hands on her large breasts, holding them up while her lips were still buried down into his ball hair, devouring every inch of his shaft. She waited until she finally gagged over his long pole. Finally, Lucy came up with her lips and released his cock with another loud pop noise. Strings of saliva were swaying back and forth from her lower lip back to his slippery rod. She held her breasts up and then, tucked them around his wet cock before squeezing them tightly. Lucy smiled up into his eyes while her massive breasts hugged over every inch of his cock. He smiled at her, moaning aloud as she began to slowly titty fuck his long shaft.

"Oh my god, this is always the best feeling in the whole fucking world. Nothing comes close to this."

"Mmmm, I know you love these big boobs, Mark. You should know I'd never neglect you of this pleasure."

"They're Hollywood's big boobs now. Ohhhhh, god just wait until they see these tits in that new movie you're gonna be in."

Lucy laughed at his words as she began to slowly pump her breasts up and down. It didn't matter how big a cock was, her tits always absorbed it until it was completely gone between the folds of her massive boobs. Occasionally, the head would pop up as she pushed down. Lucy still locked eyes with Mark, replying to him as her mind was wandering towards business subjects.

"Mr. Benson is a nice man, I like him a lot better than Jane Richards over at Dream Attack."

Mark groaned in pleasure but sighed when Lucy mentioned the name Jane Richards and referred to Dream Attack Studios. Jane was a cut throat old business woman, as Mark had dealt with her some time last year before Lucy left that studio. Lucy could not stand Jane, not after all the 'tests' she was put through to get her roles for cheap films at that studio. She had fun sometimes, but it got old fast having to fuck every man left and right to get an approval for just a small role in a low budget film. She was done being a fuck toy for that company and now she was moving on up with a newer film.

"Yeah, you needed to get away from that studio. I can't stand that old fucking hag, she's ruthless."

Lucy giggled, still rocking her breasts up and down. It was funny that they were talking about this while she was titty fucking him. Any time she would give Mark this pleasure, she liked to study his face as he had a difficult time keeping eye contact with her and gazing down into her large breasts working his cock over. She soon changed the subject of conversation with a simple demand from him.

"Tell me something, Mark..."

"Tell you what, baby?"

Biting her lower lip, she began to pump her breasts up and down at a faster pace.

"Tell me these are the best tits in the whole world! Tell me how they were made to be fucked!"

Just after she spoke, she began to move her breasts up and down even faster to build up momentum.


His words were just what Lucy wanted to hear. A reminder that she was built for titty fucking, the one sexual skill she felt was her absolute best. Mark always told her such dirty things when they were together and she loved to hear his filthy words. By now, Lucy had squeezed her tits harder around his cock and was pumping them furiously. Over and over, the head of his cock would poke up every second as she brought her breasts up and down. She fucked his cock to a pulp, all while he was still yelling. This was Mark's favorite thing to do with her when they were naked together.

"Yes, yes, ohhhh my god! Just like that, fuck yeah! Fuck with those big titties, Lucy!! FUCK YESSSSS!!!"

She dropped her lower lip, gazing into his eyes with a face of hunger as she continued to pump her titanic sized breasts up and down to fuck his cock. Lucy wanted to drive him over the edge and had accomplished just that. His heavy breathing was enough to tell her that she only had a limited time to continue titty fucking him until he was ready to explode. Lucy slowed down, almost coming to a complete halt as she let go of her breasts. Mark didn't utter a word in protest as she wrapped her left arm under her tits to hold them up and gripping his cock with her right hand. He was forced to gasp, breathing heavily as he felt her rub the head of his shaft up against her hardened right nipple. Lucy locked eye contact with him as she continued to rub his cock up against her nipple. She soon moaned and bit her lower lip.

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sounds echoed through out the air as Lucy began to beat the head of his cock up against her right nipple. She broke eye contact only to watch herself alternate and move his dick up against her left breast. Lucy looked back into his face, noticing that his eyes were locked directly onto her massive breasts as she began to spank his cock up against her left nipple. Smack. Smack. Smack. Once again, she created a rhythm of noises as she beat his dick up against her tit. She wasn't going to waste all her precious time here doing all the work to fuck him with her amazing tits. Lucy was wet and needed his cock inside of her more than anything.

Once she let go of his cock and moved her arm away from her breasts, Mark was forced to watch her stand up and then untie the strings holding the bottom piece of her bikini together. He laid back on the lounge chair, arching his back before Lucy straddled him, her toes touching over the stone tiles under them as she looked down into the man's eyes and grabbed his cock yet again with her right hand. He didn't say a word, as there was nothing to say that could downplay such an epic moment. There he was, watching her get on top of him, ready to fuck his brains out. Mark remained laying there, gazing into her beautiful front body and looking over her immense large breasts. Lucy climbed up, her knees barely pushing over the edges of the lounge chair as she hovered her wet, dripping pussy above his cock. She slowly lowered herself down, pushing his shaft inside of her and responding with a low moan.

"Mmmmmm, yeah..."

Lucy's voice broke the silence between them as she softly spoke and moaned. Mark gasped as he looked up into her face. She planted her hands down over his stomach, giving him quite the view of her amazing breasts as she began to push her hips down and drive his cock into her pussy. He raised his hands, pushing them over her breasts as they began to bounce. As Lucy was slowly moving her hips to force his cock to push into her pussy, Mark responded by bucking his own hips to drive inside of her. The sudden urge had overcome Lucy, as she raked her fingernails lightly over his chest and looked down into his face.

"Ohhhh, yeah! Come on, fuck me! Fuck me, Mark!"

He grunted and began to buck his hips harder, moving as fast as he possibly could. When Mark moved his hands away from her gigantic breasts, they shook and began to bounce all around. The sound of his balls slapping against the underside of her ass could be heard among their moans. Lucy leaned down and cupped the back of his head before shoving his face against her tits. She wanted her breasts to beat up against his face so he could enjoy them up close. As his cock was pumping into her clit harder and faster, Lucy gasped before screaming louder.


Gone was the cautionary fear that someone may hear them from her backyard. Mark no longer had a care in the world of strangers listening to them fuck. He was too focused on driving his cock in and out of her pussy to share this amazing pleasure with one of the most beautiful women in the world he had as a friend. He loved it so much when she screamed, as her thick English accent would come out sounding like music to his ears. He opened his mouth and began to slobber all over her breasts, creating various noises as he began to 'motorboat' them. Lucy moved her hands out from the back of his neck and pushed them over her breasts to shove them further over his face so he could continue to slobber and drool over her massive titties.


Her voice echoed throughout the sky, clearly at a height that anyone outside nearby could audibly hear. Mark didn't let up at all, still pumping that cock into her pussy as if it were his job to deliver her to a higher level of pleasure. He was still loudly sucking and slurping over her breasts pushed up against his face. Lucy's hair was waving all over the place, moving into the direction of her face as she felt her climax building up with each thrust he sent into her pussy. She was close and he had to know it.


He couldn't utter a word as he was too busy lapping his tongue around her left nipple and slurping all over her breasts. Lucy could hear all the sounds from his 'motor-boating' exercise. While she was close to reaching her break point, Mark was fast approaching his own orgasm. He wrapped his hands around her back, lowering his left hand to squeeze one of her ass cheeks while he was still bucking his hips to thrust his cock into her pussy. The sound of Lucy breathing began to raise, becoming louder with each thrust he made. He knew she was close when she raised her body up and pushed her hands down into his stomach like before. Mark gasped and called out to her.



She was quick to drown out his voice with her own loud screams. Her accent sounded so beautiful, but Mark couldn't focus on it at all as he felt his cock tensing up and shooting deep inside of her. Both of them hit their orgasm together, experiencing every second of it together. Lucy was out of breath, still atop of him as she used her right hand to brush her hair out of her face while looking down into his eyes. The sun blinded Mark's vision out of the corner of his eye, but he couldn't stop himself from gazing back into her beautiful face. A string of saliva dripped from her right nipple, falling down to his stomach. They remained still, slowly catching up their breath while looking into each other's eyes.

"Oh my god, Mark..."

"Lucy, you're the fucking greatest..."

Their words were incoherent for the moment being. Mark didn't know what to say after he had blew his load deep within her. Lucy leaned down and kissed his lips softly before climbing off him and freeing his cock from her loving hole. He leaned up from the lounge chair, almost rising up entirely as he placed his feet down over the hot surface of her stone tiles. Mark hoped they weren't finished just yet, cause he wanted to fuck her tits yet again. Lucy licked her lips and looked into his face as he spoke.

"Wanna go another round, baby? I hope you're not tired out yet, I've gotta have my cock between those amazing tits again."

She shook her head, laughing at him.

"Honey, you know who you're talking to, right? Remember the first time we shagged years ago? I do, you called me a sex machine since you couldn't tire me out after two orgasms."

His cheeks flushed in a red hue as Mark found himself blushing over the reminiscence to that lovely memory. He did indeed call her a 'sex machine' back then, but he didn't think she would remember that. Lucy never forgot the little things of the affairs they shared together. Slowly rising up from the lounge chair, Mark stepped over to Lucy as the wind began to blow and rustle through her brunette hair. It was the first time the wind had blown since she had been outside the last hour. The heat of the afternoon was still pouring on. Since Mark didn't reply to her, Lucy spoke again.

"So you wanna fuck these boobs again, honey?"

"Fuck yeah! Come on, lay down over the chair for me, baby."

The lounge chair had made a perfect spot for their fucking as now it was Lucy's turn to lay down over the chair. She followed his directions, laying down as the sound of an airplane high up could be heard among the ambiance outside. Just as she had done for him, this time it was Mark straddling her body as he extended his legs out and sat down over her stomach. Lucy held her breasts up, waiting for him to shove his cock between them. Her hair was spread out over the chair, almost looking like a vortex of it's beautiful mousy brown color. When Mark gripped his cock, he held it over her left nipple and began to rub it up against her skin. Lucy moaned, looking down to watch the movements of his shaft. After a minute of teasing, he pushed his dick right between her massive tits and then Lucy gazed up into his eyes as she smashed her tits together to trap his cock between them.

"Mmmmm, you love fucking my tits, don't you?"

"Oh god, yes I do! These are the best tits ever!!"

Such a compliment was all it took for Lucy to smile at him. She kept her hands firmly in place over her tits while he was bucking his hips to drive his cock forward and back through them. Letting out a soft moan, she leaned her head forward and parted her lips to slide her tongue out. Each time the head of his shaft poked up from her breasts, Lucy would lap her tongue over it. Mark began to groan, watching as she licked the head over and over as he was thrusting his cock between her giant breasts. He continued to go slow, still fucking her tits.

"God, I could do this all fucking day long. I love your tits so much!"

There was much truth in his words, Lucy couldn't argue that. He proved himself time and time again with each affair they had, he always made sure to fuck her tits and cover them in cum. Lucy was expecting him to blow a load all over her massive breasts eventually. She knew he would want to do that before they had even begun fucking. As he continued to pump his cock back and forth and Lucy was still licking the head with each thrust, she soon heard him grunt and could see a conflicted look over his face. Surely, he couldn't be close to blowing another load this fast, Lucy thought to herself. Mark eventually came to a stop and pulled his cock out from between her breasts. Lucy watched as he got up from her stomach and stood at the edge of the lounge table. He had something else in mind for her as he motioned his hands to her.

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