tagBDSMFire and Ice

Fire and Ice


He was cold, left out in the afternoon snow. His car had broken down and refused to co-operate, despite the many times he beat it with a wrench. He called the emergency services, but they were backed up dealing with the blizzard and snowed in grannies. He knew that if he stayed out here much longer he could freeze. Looking around at the nearby houses, he thought he saw a figure watching him from a second story window. Before he could focus on it, it had ducked out of sight, leaving the light to illuminate an empty room. He decided that the house was a decent start, and maybe they'd have a warm drink to soothe him.

He banged on the door, snowflakes falling from his coat as he did. He heard footsteps through the door and banged harder. The latch began to slide and the door opened, a blast of warm air reinvigorating him. In front of him stood a woman, green-eyed and wild haired, her thermals hugging her smooth curves.

"Can I help you?"

"You can, I'm sorry, my car's broken down and I can't get help. Can I trouble you for shelter?"

The woman looked him up and down, strong jaw, well defined, dazzling blue eyes. She smiled eagerly.

"I think we can come to some arrangement. Please come in. Shoes at the door, coat on the rack. Perch yourself down by the fire, I'll fix you a drink."

"Thank you so much," the man returned her smile and entered.

The fire crackled away and the man felt far more comfortable. When his hostess returned with a mug of hot chocolate he felt gratified, and smiled warmly in thanks.

"So what brings a nice man out here in the dead of winter? A girl?"

"No, no girl. Business."

"At this time of year? Wow, you do work a busy schedule. When do you head back to see the wife?"

"Heh, no wife either. Not really lucky in love."

"Oh," she pouted, "that's seems surprising. A good looking guy like you, I would have thought the girls would be all over you."

He blushed, causing her lip to twitch into an evil little smile.

"Now then, there is a small matter of compensation for my hospitality."

"Of course! You've been so kind, how can I repay you? I have money in the car."

"No, money is not of use to me, what else can you offer?"

"I don't know, whatever I have, anything."

"Anything at all?"

He noticed her emphasis but continued, she was already being so nice to him.

"Uh, sure."

"Say it," a slight hiss in her voice.

"Anything," he said, a note of confusion creeping into his voice.

"Lovely!" she leaned back, saccharin sweet once again, "Now drink up, you don't want to catch pneumonia."

He drank, the molten chocolate drink sweet, filling his core with gentle warmth. Suddenly, something didn't seem right. He looked at his hand but wasn't able to focus on it. He looked up at the swimming visage before him. Finally, with a woozy grunt, he passed out, the mug falling to the floor.

"Night night sweetheart. Mmm, and you're a messy boy too. Well we'll have to see to that."


"Rise and shine."

He awoke from his deep sleep, his blood pounding in his veins and his head throbbing. He tried to look up, but found his entire body lashed to the table, restricting his movement. His gaze, forced to the side, beheld a woman entirely different from the one who sheltered him from the cold. A picture of red and black, she stood in knee high heels, a short skirt revealing enough to know she was free beneath, and a tight red frilly corset. A quiet part of his mind wondered how she could breathe, let alone stand. A black mask edged in lace covered her face. He recognized the style of the medieval harlequins, its mystery exciting him despite the situation.

"I guess I mean lie down and shine. Anything can mean a lot of things young man, as I'm sure we'll explore. Now you be quiet, or I'm going to take this little gag here and make you quiet."

A black rubber ball dangled in front of his face. A strap accented in gold dangled from it. She smiled a wicked smile as she fastened it behind his head, the ball resting on his chin. As she moved aside he saw the table, and his eyes widened in fear and exhilaration. A collection of whips, chains, tools and toys were arrayed out on the table like a surgeon's instruments. He tried to say something, to find the words, but before he could a fiery pain sizzled down his back.


The cane snapped onto his back, and he had a startling revelation. He was naked. Wincing through the pain he let out a loud yelp. His captor returned, standing over him with a displeased smile.

"Already? You screamed after one little teensy smack? Boy are you in for it."

She placed the ball in his reluctant mouth as he tried to yell and bite her.

"I'm going to enjoy this, and soon, so will you. You will welcome the pain I bring, and you will ask for more. Every time you scream, every cry, the pain will get worse, until you are no longer part of it, until the endorphins numb your brain so much you will beg me to keep going. And so," she tickled his nose with the end of a riding crop, "We begin."


Riding crop met bare flesh, a flinch and a yell from her subject.


He felt the blood coursing through his veins. Hot tears in his eyes flowed freely.


He felt himself become erect, and realised that this table had a hole cut large enough for his cock to be free.


The red bitch stood over him again, locking his gaze, while delicately running a soft cloth over his wounds.

"You know, I really love having a blank canvas to work on. I see you're having some fun too."

A soft gloved finger rubbed the tip of his cock gently, and then traced its way down his shaft.

"You know what my favourite thing is? Duality. Hot, cold. Fire, Ice. Pleasure," she gripped the base of his shaft and slowly began to jerk him, "And pain."

Her hand left him.


Her brutal attack on his shoulders only made him harder, the connection between pleasure and pain inseparable.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

He began to feel his body numb, but was brought back to reality when a freezing wet droplet welled in his lower back.

"Fire and ice. One or the other is good, but have both," she traced the ice cube up to the back of his neck, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

"And it becomes very exciting. Let me show you."

A cloth dried his back, and the sound of a match being lit sparked curiosity, and a surge of adrenaline. He began to struggle slightly, but without result. A moment passed, a moment of anticipation of the main to come. And so it did. Searing hot drops of what he assumed was wax fell like needles onto his bruised flesh. He strained against the ropes holding his head still, but she continued. Suddenly, along the same trail the wax blazed, the ice cube returned. It felt as though his body was dancing a ballet, the hot and cold flames swirling and mixing.

As she removed the wax, she allowed the ice cube to trail further, sliding it down between his buttocks.

"Oops," she said with a cheeky smile, "Sorry."

Cold water dripped past his testes and down his shaft, creating an icy river of lightning as it did. The red woman crouched down beside him, smiling the same wicked smile she had before he passed out.

"Now, how's the little subject feeling. Do you want more?"

He tried to shake his head, protesting with his whole body. Her hand slid down again, gripping him firmly and sliding up and down. The pleasure brought relief to his weary body.

"Do you want more?"

He was silent.

"Good boy."

She crept around the table to a small footstool. In one deft movement she straddled his lower back, and he felt her moist snatch grinding against him, a faint vibration tingling. He enjoyed the sensation, her touch, her warmth sending shivers up his spine. He heard the clack of a bottle lid opening, and then a cool trickle ran down his back. Her delicate fingers massaged the oil in, the used wax popping from his skin. Pressing her thumbs into his muscles, she kneaded the tension, lifting a great burden from his body. He began to relax as her grinding became faster. He could feel her legs begin to tighten around him. Her body slid freely along the oil, her breathing ragged. Her body became tense, her thighs knocking the wind out of his lungs, and she dug her nails deep into his shoulders, riding the wave. His muscles burning and fighting to breathe, the young man clenched his fists and struggled valiantly, small comfort against the onslaught.

Her orgasm subsiding, the strong red woman collapsed onto him.

"Very good boy," she whispered in his ear, "I think you deserve a reward."

The young man shuddered to think what trickery she held for him next as she slipped from his body. He heard shuffling, and her hands grasped his buttocks. The young man jumped in shock as a pair of wet lips enveloped his head, proceeding to take his entire length in her mouth. After his long session, this momentary glimpse of pleasure sent him into overdrive. He began thrusting, pushing back against the ropes, trying to get every last bit of pleasure he could out of the moment.

It didn't take him long. His body tightened and he released, cumming hard into her accepting mouth, flooding it to breaking point. She took it all, sucking until he was dry, spent, exhausted.

He heard shuffling, and the beautiful mistress in red returned, hovering over him, a drop of his cum still glistening at the corner of her mouth.

"Very good sweetie. You'll make a wonderful slave. Now, just a little kiss, and you're free."

He closed his eyes, reaching for her lips. A cloth was pressed to his mouth, covering his airways. Breathing made him dizzy, his vision fading to black.


He awoke in his car in the freezing winter. Looking around, startled, he realised he was where his car broke down. His memory was foggy, and the car wouldn't turn over. He stepped out, the harsh wind blasting his face. He remembered bits and pieces, but needed to know for sure. As he looked up at the second story window he knew he saw movement. His heart pounding, he banged on the door.

It opened with a creak, and a beautiful, sexy woman in thermals and a black mask edged with lace opened the door.

"Can I help you?"

Before he had the chance to answer a young blonde female skulked down the stairs in the hall.

"Who is it mistress? Another gentleman caller?"

"It certainly is."

"Oh mistress, I'm so excited."

"Come on in young man, have some hot chocolate."

The young man bowed his head in submission. He barely knew who she was, but he felt a desire to be hers willingly.

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