tagBDSMFirst Encounter Ch. 01

First Encounter Ch. 01

byangelic one©

She uttered a sigh as she moved along the busy streets, weaving her way in and out through the traffic of people. Clutching her briefcase in her fingertips, she tried to cure her feeling of being "routine" through a tiny hum which escaped from the candy vessels of her lips.

He watched her from afar as he brought his cigarette to his pursed smile taking the filter between his lips as he inhaled he closes his newspaper tucking it beneath his arm removing the cigarette and exhaling a cloud of smoke into the darkening sky.

She was breathtaking, the way she carried herself with such style and grace, her hips swaying to and fro in a casually seductive fashion. She exerted a certain strength and radiance that caused others to pause from their conversations and daily readings to take notice. She however, seemed oblivious to the attention she drew, her mind too focused on her overwhelming thoughts.

She failed to take heed as he followed her. So close he comes - only a few paces behind her he extended his hand catching the wisps of her hair in his fingertips, her strawberry perfume assaulting his senses and creating an entirely new kind of arousal within. He wanted her, in every way imaginable he practically craved her. She wasn't a stranger to him. He had spoken with this little minx; many occasions he had studied her routine. He knew what her favorite color was, her favorite lunch spot, how she took her tea. He knew what magazine she read religiously and he knew of her marriage. Yes, she was married but not happily, and she didn't hide this fact from the world. To anyone who took one look into her eyes beyond her pooling orbs into the depths of her soul, she was a broken spirit.

She would be his biggest challenge yet. Restoring her faith, her pride and her ability to trust anyone would require the work of an Angel. Working up the courage he quickened his strides to match hers. She had been glancing at her watch and startled as she looked up to see she is not alone.

"Hello again beauty," his voice addressing her in a cool and casual demeanor. He swallowed hard. This was it; there was no better of a time it than now and here. He consoled himself, telling himself that, even if she did reject him, he will not give up or let this deter him from achieving his goal; to have her, to hold her, to relish in her divine soul and mind and claim her body.

She felt her heart skip a beat, he had said the word "again" yet she couldn't recall a first encounter. She paused stopping to turn and face him, forcing other patrons to work their way around them. She canted her head to the side studying the features of his face, tucking a strand of her fallen locks behind her ear and the porcelain cheeks turned a rosy hue. She felt embarrassed she could not remember who he was but she played along anyways to be courteous.

"How is your day treating you?" Her words seeped from the velvety texture of her lips. He leaned closer to catch a hint of her minty breath. She had an uncanny obsession for oral hygiene, carried a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss in her purse. He had watched her get up after finishing her meal one day and hurry to the washroom withdrawing those items as she brushed up against him in the corridor offering him a quick apology.

"Will you allow me to buy you a coffee, miss?" He knew her name; he had been standing behind her one time in the line up at the local Tim Hortons's when she flipped open her wallet to pay for her Cappa and croissant.

"Well, I am rather in a hurry, I am sorry Sir perhaps another time?" Her words were so sweet, like music to his ears, he could easily live with that voice, wake up to it, alter it each time he thrust his throbbing manhood deep inside the walls of her cervix.

He shook his head for a moment, giving himself a wake up call and almost shying away as he noted his arousal, which would be evident in the pair of Dockers he wore. He followed the path of her eyes as she looked down to his crotch biting her lower lip and concealing a smile as she turned to walk away.

"Be well!" She had thought things were settled with him satisfied with her mannerism, she let him down easy.

She crossed the street and headed through the park, her shortcut to her tiny little home nestled in between a church and a high rise hotel. She opened the white gate shutting it behind her as she ascended the set of stairs leading to her front porch. She fumbled with the keys pulling open the storm door, sliding the silver structure into the lock and turning it until she hears the "click". Stepping into her home where she is greeted with the finely crafted woodwork and richly fabric walls she quickly disarmed her alarm system and headed to the kitchen.

No one would be home for at least two hours. She pulled on the handle of the fridge door feeling the cool air hit the flesh between the two ripe mounds of her breasts. She reached for the OJ capturing it in her fingertips and turning to the island, setting the carton down upon it and kicking the refrigerator door closed with her foot. Pouring herself a glass, she sat down on one of the bar stools.

He had followed her here. He was lucky enough she left the front door unlocked. He stayed close to the wall waiting for the right moment to do what he had planned for so many months. He carefully opened the door to the basement ensuring that she didn't pick up on his presence as he shuts the door leaving it open just a tad and hurrying down the stairs. As he reached the bottom he spied the power box on the far wall.

She had just swallowed the last portion of her juice when the lights suddenly ceased and she was flooded by a veil of darkness.

"Dammit," she cusses to herself sliding off the chair and using her hands to work herself around the island. Reaching the drawer she yanked it open making out a candle and lighter from within. Moments later she was at the bottom of her stairs looking up into the darkness the tiny flickering flame swaying unstably daring to douse itself with the wind of her breaths.

She carefully made her way up the stairs until she is standing in front of a corridor of doors. She would have to pass them all to reach her final destination - her bedroom. She could feel her chest rise and fall heavily now as her bare feet felt the hardwood flooring beneath them, keeping as silent as possible as she forced herself towards her bedroom.

The glow of a flickering candle illuminated the room with the deep richly colored walls and her four poster bed, satin sheets shimmering in the dim light. Her hand extended to the solid structure of the door which sat ajar, hesitating to gain her bearings before opening it completely.

The room was empty but that candle she had not lit so she couldn't be alone. Her eyes well with tears. Had she fallen into a trap? Was there an intruder about to draw from his concealment his goal to attack, possibly kill her? She tried to scream but her voice fails her, the only emmitance a whimpered gasp.

Then she hears him. He must have been standing right behind her.

"Shhhh my darling, I am not here to hurt you. I admire you, cherish you....I love you."

She tried to turn herself to face this man but his hands fell quickly to her shoulders pulling her back against his chest. A tear broke from the corner of her eye to fall down the porcelain flesh of her cheek. His fingertips stroked her soft, supple skin, caressing the nape of her neck.

"You are my queen."

For some reason she couldn't run or fight him. She felt exhilarated and frightened all at once, and the feeling was overwhelming. Her thighs trembled as his free hand moved to her blouse. She felt the gentle tugging as he slowly unfastened them one by one exposing more and more of her form to the cool air of the room. She turned her head looking to the shadows they created upon the wall. He stood slightly taller than she, he was a fit build not too big but not toothpick thin with long hair stopping about shoulder level. He gave her the impression of being European. His accent was thick upon her ear, his warm breath tickled when he spoke to her. He was seducing her, and for some reason unbeknownst to her she could not resist. She felt the fabric of her blouse slide from her arms leaving her standing in her black lace bra and skirt.

"I want to claim you, make you mine and you will be in time ....but for now, for this night I seek only to please you to explore this piece of art standing before me to savor in its divinity."

In her state of suspense he somehow had managed to blind fold her, a veil of darkness surrounding her. His voice was what comforts her now, soothes her fears, commands her attention. She could feel her nipples hardening painfully through the lace, her panting breaths nearly drowning out the sound of his voice. She felt the tip of his finger on her lips hushing her and she could tell he was smiling. Her hand lifted to catch his wrist forcing his finger to stay there against her velvety vessels. She parted her lips just enough to withdraw her tongue allowing it to slide up the length of his digit capturing the tip then swirling her hot wet muscle around his nail driving him into her mouth mocking such oral pleasures as if to show him what she had to offer.

He pulled out quickly enough. "You are used to having such control my child, but tonight you will surrender yourself to me. I do not seek this permanently for a bird is more beautiful in flight than in a cage, but tonight its about losing yourself to the mind, body and soul to me. Do you understand this?" She felt herself nodding swallowing hard feeling vulnerable and beautiful all at once.

He circled her, his eyes devouring her tiny form such delicious curves, she almost seemed to good to be true. Standing there before him, accepting his advances, still maintaining her style and grace, her charisma....she was strong, not weak; at least not yet.

"What do you want more than anything else in this world Tammia?" He continued to undress her, starting at the back of her skirt. As she felt the zipper come free, her body tensed, his hand sliding to the blade of her shoulder massaging into it gently as he whispers "Relax..." He slid the skirt to the floor tapping her calf to signal for it to rise then the other until she stood there in merely her undergarments. "God she was beautiful." He thought.

"I want to find my true love, my soul mate," she states this clearly with the utmost certainty.

He teased her arm with his fingertips, stroking up and down the length of it sliding to the inner portion, smoothing his palm over the joint before taking a firm hold of her, guiding her to the bed.

"Sit down mon cherie and remove the last of your clothing." He gave her her space; she could hear the scratching of the chair on the floor as he pulled it away from the wall. Setting it before her, sitting himself upon it, he watched her hands. As they moved behind to unfasten her bra, she shivered. She hated her body, he knew this just by her facial expression when he suggested her to be nude like this.

"The first step to finding true love is to love yourself. Do you love yourself? Do you love your body?"

She lowered her head as if to look to her lap the blindfold still taking away her sight. She slid her hands across her taut tummy reaching the seam of her panties hesitating before sliding it down over her tight little ass along her creamy white thighs towards the floor.

"No I do not," she responded just as he had anticipated her to.

"How many times do you masturbate in a week Tammia?"

She shook her head swiftly. "I do not, Sir." She responds.

Her weakness is now revealed; her self esteem was lower than he thought originally. She will need a lot of work, but by the time he was through she would take flight, discovering things she never knew she could.

"You are going to right now. You are going to let your hands roam over your body as though they were mine. I want you to get to know every inch of your body but do not penetrate yourself until I say."

She seemed nervous. She would need a little guidance for this. He rose from the chair moving to where she sits upon the bed and knelt down to meet what would be her eye level. his hands slid to her inner thighs coaxing them to part. Taking her hands in his own drawing the backs of them to his lips as he graced them with a kiss then closed his fingertips around them, moving them so that they rested just above her breasts. He began to help her hands work at her breasts, feeling her nipples harden her mounds firm and ripe for the taking. How he longed to taste them in his mouth! But he refrained, he let her get more into the sensations she created upon herself before letting her hands go. Her lips parted in a soft sigh as she trailed her fingertips up and down the valley of her breasts, then circling her areola pinching her nipples. She moaned, biting her lips, her cheeks flush.

"It's ok my sweet, make as much noise as you want, you are not prohibited from anything but penetration."

She whimpered, her hands sliding down her thighs then up towards her heated core, fingertips beginning to stroke against the delicate shaved petals of her sex. She lowered herself down on the bed keeping her knees bent, her feet upon the floor, her thighs splayed out before him so he can watch her work. Such beautiful art she was creating for him! She felt her tiny pearl begin to harden. She shuddered; she was aroused - in fact he knew she was on the rise. Her fingertips almost entered her sweet lubricated cunt.

"Stop! not yet he," reminds her, and her hand quickly retreated back up her clit, taking the bit of skin between her thumb and forefinger and rolling it back and forth.

"Oh god please," she begged. Masturbation was something she had been taught as being a bad and unnecessary thing to do but this felt good. She loved this feeling, felt so comfortable with him.

"Now my sweet."

She purred, taking two of her long slender digits and driving them into her tight wet pussy. The orgasm was almost instantly achieved as she cries out, arching her form to accentuate the curve of her spine, feeling her lips clenching her fingers before the wave of fluid fights her strokes, spilling her nectar onto her sheets. She screams, her breath catching her half way through, killing her sound. The only noise she makes now is the slapping of her hand against her pussy.

He let her come down watching as her body writhed with the pleasures her fingertips had provided her. He leaned over her naked body, one hand sliding to her bosom, the other to her penetrating hand, tugging at her wrist to remove her fingertips and moving them higher still until they reach her mouth.

"My sweet, tell me what you taste like."

Her eyes were shut, her head tilted back into the pillow, her hair spilling out over her lithe form. She parted her vessels sliding her two fingers to her tongue.

Watching her intensely as she began to suck at her translucent filling, she was absolutely divine. He proceeded to unzip his pants, letting his jeans and boxers fall to the floor. Still her eyes remained shut. She was moaning, arching her body, thrusting her breasts as if on display for his eyes only.

"You are beautiful Tammia, tell me what you taste like."

She pulled her fingers from her mouth, her eyes fluttering open to meet his gaze. Her voice didn't sound her own, in fact it took a cat like formation; an almost purr as she lets the words like honey escape from her lips.

He had to take her, he decided. His cock now free and throbbing, eight inches which only sought one place to be at this moment; inside that sinfully sweet cunt. He covered her mouth with his hand resting his full weight upon her. He looked almost angry with her; in fact he was anything but gentle.

"Spread your legs for me NOW!" he commanded.

She tried to shake her head from his hand but he pressed down, forcing her deeper into the pillow.

"Do as I say!"

There was a look of terror and as a tear fell down her cheek, her thighs parted. He immediately plunged his cock into her wanton pussy. He was ruthless with his thrusts, jerking her body as his hips smashed into hers. He uncovered her mouth, found her two wrists and pinned them above her head.

"You will hold your breath until I say," He growled. She nodded she looked confused, hurt she couldn't understand the sudden change in him.

He smiled, keeping her arms above her head with one hand the other grabbing her leg pinning it to her shoulder thrusting deeper. Each entry he explored more of her sex, plunging his cock sideways and forward hitting her every angle possible and watching for the signs for her climax. Her cheeks were flushed. She couldn't hold her breath much longer, her body felt intoxicating. She felt herself beginning to swell against his shaft.

"That's right you little bitch, your body is mine now, to take as I please without question." It was hard for him not to release himself, but he kept his seed at bay. She was almost there, just a few more painfully hard thrusts and she would be cumming for him.

"Breathe now."

As she did, her body felt intensity unlike anything else. Her orgasm had somehow intensified itself from the lack of circulation. As the oxygen filled her lungs once again, her sweet cum thrushes down to spill out over the sheets soaking his thighs and her own. He gave her a firm smack on the ass rising from the bed; he still hadn't achieved orgasm.

"Turn around and bend over the bed."

Her heavy breaths turning into whispers, she quickly obeyed rolling over unto her belly as her took her by the hips and pulled her tight little ass to his cock. She could feel the tip pressing into her puckered virgin star. She began to protest but he lowered himself to brush passed her perineum then plunged into her pussy again.

"I will save that for another night my sweet."

He hit her again and again with his hand as he buried his cock into her inferno of pleasure, the cheeks of her ass soon marked with a tint of red.

"How does it feel to be fucked, slut?"

He grabbed her hips tightly pushing her out until he could see the length of his shaft fully. Leaving his tip inside of her then thrusting forward pulling her back at the same time plunging painfully deep.

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