tagHumor & SatireFirst Time Blunders Ch. 02

First Time Blunders Ch. 02


A week after Sasha and Jordan lost their virginity to each other, Sasha was ready to try again, this time armed with some advice from her friends (although not as much as she'd wanted, she hadn't wanted them to know too much about her and Jordan's first time, as she got from some of her first questions that it may have been a little unusual.).

As they kissed passionately on her bed, Sasha pulled away from him a little bit,


"Mmm-hmmm" he was nuzzling her neck in the most distracting way.

"Do you want to have sex?"

"YES!" Ok, so maybe it had been a silly question, but she hadn't really known how else to approach the situation. It seemed she didn't need to do anything other than broach the topic though, Jordan was now hastily stripping off both of their clothes, first hers and then his own. He could have broken the world record for getting naked the quickest.

Again he sucked on her nipples before getting into position, this time remembering not to bite down too hard on them. After a few moments of attention to her breasts, he once again concluded the foreplay and decided to get down to the important stuff (to his way of thinking anyway, fortunately Sasha was wet anyway from all the kissing and nuzzling that had been going on beforehand.). Getting between her legs, he took a close look at the folds of her pink pussy, and pushed one of his fingers into her hole, reminding himself where it was, he even pumped it in and out of that tight wet space a few times, liking the way it looked. Taking his finger out, he lay on top of her again, and they kissed, tongues intertwining. Again his turgid penis poked at her thighs and the outerfolds of her pussy without finding purchase.

This time, Jordan was sure he had the solution. Without breaking his kiss with Sasha, he let one hand go down to grip his shaft, rubbing it over her pussy - having found the hole the week before he was sure that this time he would be able to do it without looking. Sasha felt proud of him for having figured out a solution all on his own - and not only that, but the same one that a few of her friends recommended.

After sliding his dick through her wet folds a few times, he found a place that seemed to go inwards. Gripping his penis tightly, he deepened the kiss and pushed hard against the space, to his joy he'd found the hole! It opened and engulfed his head in warmth, so incredibly tight he thought he might die of joy, although it seemed less slick than it had the week before, it didn't matter. He was completely lost in the ecstasy of the moment and was about to shove deeper when Sasha screeched at the top of her lungs and pushed him off of her. His penis popped out of the hole, and he fell to the floor beside the bed, slightly hurt and confused as the warmth and pleasure was lost.

Sasha sat up on the bed, tears in her eyes, as Jordan looked up at her completely baffled.

"What? What'd I do?"

"That wasn't my pussy you jerk!" she yelled at him.

He just looked more confused than ever, "It wasn't?"

"No! That was my butthole!" As he stared at her in complete consternation Sasha burst into tears and ran to the bathroom, locking herself in and crying until after he'd gone.

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