tagHumor & SatireFirst Time Blunders Ch. 03

First Time Blunders Ch. 03


Sasha refused to talk to Jordan for almost a week, but her friends convinced her to give him another chance, relating some of their own stories from when their boyfriends had gotten lost in the area. It's a confusing place down there, with more than one hole it was perfectly understandable that he'd found the wrong one. All she had to do was make sure that he learned to look from now on until he got used to finding the right one.

So, the incredibly relieved Jordan found himself back in Sasha's bedroom. Much chastised, he'd apologized until he was blue about the incredible accident, it helped that he'd always professed a profound distaste for anal sex when it had come up in conversation (Although, after the incredible tightness during last week's blunder he'd started to wonder if maybe he'd been a little too hasty in condemning it so vehemently, but he had the feeling that this was not the time to share his revelations.). Sasha allowed herself to be soothed, but warned him that he had best look this time and make sure he'd found the right hole before proceeding. Nodding fervently, Jordan leaned forward and began to kiss her.

Kissing passionately, he tried to make it all up to her with the sincerity of his kisses. They played tonsil hockey as he began stroking her body, eventually squeezing her boobs. Harder and harder they kissed, more and more deeply; and his hands forgot to hold back and he began squeezing her boobs harder too. For a little bit it was ok, Sasha found that she liked the firm grip, and the slight roughness. Then

"OW!" He'd squeezed much too hard as he'd gotten overly excited.

Wincing, "Sorry, sorry!" he moved the offending hands off her breasts and began kissing her again. After a few moments of that, he began stripping off both of their clothes, and as usual, pulled each of her pert pink nipples into is mouth, sucking eagerly. He spent a little more time on the tiny nubs that he had previously, mostly as an apology for having squeezed the globes they were attached to so hard. Sasha found herself enjoying the sensation of his mouth and tongue on her tender nipples, and she even moaned a little, encouraging him. Her tight pink pussy was starting to leak its musky juices as he payed homage to her small breasts.

Eventually he positioned himself between her legs. With utmost care, he used one hand to guide his hard penis to her hole, sliding it wetly up and down the pink slit. Looking carefully to make sure that he wasn't at her butthole, and then checking again just to be sure, he pushed the tip of his penis into her tight hole.

Moaning ecstatically he fell on her body, and kissed her fervently as his shaft slid home. This time the exquisite sensation of her tight pussy was his to enjoy for a little longer, he wasn't quite as pent up when he slid in. He began sliding in and out of that tight wet haven, his body shivering with joy and pleasure, faster and faster he started sliding. It was the most wonderful sensation in the world, so wet and warm and tight. Completely heedless of everything that was going on, he closed his eyes, shutting out even the girl that was attached to this wonderful hole.

Sasha was beginning to feel something curl inside her, something wonderful, something she craved. She didn't mind that Jordan had closed his eyes as he thrust energetically in and out of her, rather she was proud that her body could give him such pleasure. Moving her hips slightly underneath his heaving body, she got a little bit more of that sensation that she was so yearning for.

Jordan could feel Sasha responding beneath him, and he got incredibly excited that she'd reacted back this time. Moving even more quickly and energetically he could feel his cum boiling in his balls, almost ready to fill her tight pussy.


Sasha gasped as Jordan slammed his head into the headboard, he'd moved to hard into her and the very top of his head hit the wooden board hard. His eyes opened, almost crossing, and he sort of fell on her, his head throbbing painfully.

"Jordan, Jordan, are you ok?" Sasha was frantically stroking and shaking him, he moaned as the shaking made his head throb in time with it.

"Yeah," he whimpered, "just....just gimme a minute." Watching him worriedly Sasha could feel her slightly excited pussy calming down. It made her wriggle a little as she wanted to know what was building up inside her, what wonderful feeling had been coming. Still, most of her attention was on her prone boyfriend, who was holding his head cupped in his hands and moaning softly.

After a few minutes the pain had subsided enough that he sat up carefully.

"Sorry." he muttered.

"It's ok," she said, looking at him sympathetically, "We could... we could try and finish... if you want to." She really wanted to get back that feeling that had started to grow while he'd been thrusting in her.

They both looked at his penis, which had shrunken back to its normal proportions.

"Sorry." he muttered again. Even if he had managed to maintain his sexually excited state, he didn't think he'd be up to trying again (no pun intended) as his head was still throbbing painfully.

"It's ok," she repeated. A moment of uncomfortable silence. "Maybe next time." He smiled at her gratefully, glad that there'd be a next time.

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