tagHumor & SatireFirst Time Blunders Ch. 05

First Time Blunders Ch. 05


Sasha and Jordan decided to try oral again, their friends had told them about a great position called the "69" and they were eager to try it out - Jordan especially since he hadn't yet had the pleasure of cumming in Sasha's mouth. He liked sex better of course (most guys do) just because he could get all the way in when they had sex, but he also thought that the idea of her swallowing his white stuff was incredibly sexy. Besides, when he had been in her mouth it had felt incredible, and he liked the way she tasted too so there was no problem there at all!

Eagerly they undressed each other, nuzzling and kissing. Sasha rolled over onto her back as Jordan got into position above her. They kissed each other's thighs, Sasha running her hands over his balls and dick as they hung down. Jordan licked all around her pretty mound, the smell of her juices filling his nose. He remembered just how good she tasted and gave her a long swipe with his tongue, from her pretty little clit to the end of her pink pussy.

Just as excited, Sasha began licking his balls and swollen penis, treating it like a Popsicle as her lips moved up and down its length, massing it without actually putting it in her mouth. One hand was fisted at the base of his dick, moving as she began to swirl her tongue around his pink head, tickling the hole with the tip of her tongue. Jordan moaned and buried his face even further into her muff, sucking on her pussy lips frantically as a way to relieve the sexual tension building in his balls. She tasted so sweet in his mouth and he sucked and lapped at her pussy while her body wiggled underneath his.

Sasha began working his dick into her mouth, sliding her pink lips down to where her fist was closed around the base of his penis, and then sliding back again. Jordan moaned as his dick was finally encased in her hot mouth, her tongue teasing and rubbing against his shaft. She marveled at the softness of the skin in her mouth, all the while there was hardness just underneath… and one soft vein that pulsed when she pressed her tongue against it. A little bit of pre-cum leaked into her mouth, salty sweet on her tongue. Stroking his dick with her mouth and hand, she could feel him pressing down his hips towards her and was glad that her hand was there to keep him from hitting her gag reflex again. Giving him pleasure with her mouth was very nice but she didn't like throwing up at all.

The two happy eighteen year olds sucked and licked respectively, squirming and wriggling in pleasure as their partners busied themselves. Jordan wrapped his arms around her tender thighs, squeezing his head between her legs and pressing his fingers against her pussy hole. Daringly, he even rubbed the outside of her little crinkled hole with the tip of one finger, and was surprised and pleased when she moaned but didn't tell him to stop. Pressing his fingers into her wet pussy hole, he began pumping them as his lips wrapped around her little pink clit, sucking the bud into his mouth.

Pleasant sensations coursed through Sasha's body as her boyfriend played with her pussy, and she sighed happily. As more and more heat built between her thighs she began to buck and heave, forgetting herself a little, and more of his dick slid into her mouth. Beginning to climax as just the tip of Jordan's finger nudged into her little asshole, her hand fell away from the base of his dick and her mouth opened wide to moan. Without thinking Jordan pushed fully into her mouth, his penis getting a wonderous massage as she moaned around him. Cumming hard, Sasha didn't even notice until she started to lack for air as Jordan began unloading his own orgasm down her pretty little throat.

Panicking, the poor blonde had no idea what to do, she didn't feel nauseous - the position had completely bypassed her gag reflex - but she was fast running out of air and Jordan was so caught up in his orgasm that he didn't realize his girlfriend was squirming frantically beneath him, trying to buck him off. Being much heavier than her she had absolutely no luck pushing him off of her, and finally, feeling lightheaded from lack of air, she reached her hand back and smacked his ass as hard as she could.

Completely startled the orgasming boy pulled up and out of her mouth, allowing her to gasp for air as his last spurts of cum hit her square in the face and then his penis jerked up so that one last jet wet in a ropy line over her pretty breasts. Concerned, and confused as to why she'd spanked him, he turned over and looked at her cum covered face and breasts.

She wasn't too upset about the problem with the oral sex - after all it had really been her own fault - but as she looked down at the white stickiness on her breasts and brought one hand to her face where she felt more of the stuff, she felt close to tears, "Jordan how could you?"

"You look BEAUTIFUL!" said her boyfriend, completely entranced by her pretty face covered in his spunk and glistening whitely on her breasts, sliding over her pink nipples.

"I do?" she was startled and reassured at the same time.

"Very beautiful," he told her, the glowing look in his eyes letting her know he meant exactly that as he leaned forward and kissed her cum covered lips. They both tasted themselves as their tongues met, their juices in both their mouths.

"Oh," she said in a small voice when he pulled away, then looking down at the whiteness on her firm globes, "Well, then you can put your spunk on me whenever you want."

Jordan was delighted.

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