tagHumor & SatireFirst Time Blunders Ch. 06

First Time Blunders Ch. 06


The irrepressible pair Sasha and Jordan were at it again, trying determinedly to have good, passionate sex despite the many roadblocks that they had stumbled over on the way. With her boobs pressed tightly together in his hands, Jordan nuzzled both her nipples with his face, the pretty pink nubs sticking out sexily as his lips moved over them. His pretty blonde girlfriend moaned as he kneaded her flesh with his hands, like a baker would knead dough before putting it in the oven. And in the oven was exactly where Jordan was planning on putting it.

Moaning and heaving on the bed, they kissed passionately, running their hands all over each other's young bodies, happily naked and excited about trying sex for real again. Although with some mishaps, their last attempt at oral sex had been mostly successful and they were both eager to see if they could repeat their success with real sex… something that they had definitely not done before.

As they wiggled on the bed, Sasha squirming beneath his excited body, Jordan's dick slid along her pussy as they kissed and pressed against each other, occasionally the tip of it even finding its way to her hole and pressing in a little before their movements popped it out again. It was all very teasing and exciting and she was very very wet now, even as he was very very hard.

Eventually though, the unforeseen consequences of overenthusiastic young lovers intervened, and Jordan grabbed Sasha as he overbalanced and began to fall off the bed. Shrieking, she tried to grab onto the bed sheets to hold her up and only succeeded in dragging the sheets off with them as they fell. By some stroke of monumental luck (and maybe finally karma coming back around to reward them) when Sasha fell it was straddling him and about half his still hard penis slipped easily into her wet hole. The two moaned, him at the incredible feeling of her pussy wrapped around half his dick and her with the stretching that his dick brought. Sheets entangled around them, she continued sliding down his penis until their groins pressed against each other and they both moaned with the sheer pleasure of it.

"Oh… that feels good," Sasha's hands pressed against Jordan's chest as her body rubbed on his, the friction of his groin against her clit making tingles of heat spread through her lower body. Slitting her eyes a little as she began to move on top of him, she asked, "Do you want to be on top? Or do you want to stay like this?"

Jordan moaned as his sexy girlfriend bounced on top of him, it felt like she was even tighter than before in this position and he was amazed that there was any blood left in his dick her little pussy was squeezing him so tight. "Stay like this!" he panted, "You look so hot!" His hands ran up her body to her bouncing perky breasts, rubbing her pink nipples between his fingers.

"Oooooo… that feels good too," she leaned her head back and blond hair spilled over her shoulders as she pressed her breasts forward, slowing her movements for a moment as the pleasure built in her chest.

"Don't stop!" whined Jordan… her tightness felt great but it was much better when she was moving!

"Oh, sorry!" Sasha panted a little as she went back to her task, her eyes a little unfocused as heat started flowing through her whole body while he pulled on her little nipples as she rode him like horse.

Jordan started thrusting back up into her, heedless of the fact that his butt was banging a little painfully against the floor every time his hips went back down.

"Oooo Jordan," she moaned on top of her him, her little hips grinding away at his body, "I think I'm going to… OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!!!!!" Sasha's head flung back as she came, her body flushed and heated as she quivered on top of him, sending the most incredibly sensations through his dick.

He gasped as he began to cum, the first few spurts heading straight up into her convulsing pussy, but as he came Sasha clambered off him and put her face and perky boobs in the way of his spouting fountain of cum, her hand wrapped firmly around his quivering member.

"Am I still beautiful?" she asked wistfully, cum dripping off her nose and lips, clinging to the curves of her perky boobs.

"Gorgeous." he panted. Then suddenly grinning he let out a whoop of joy, "Sasha we did it! We really did it! Just like in the movies!" he pulled himself up and they passionately kissed, his cum covering both of their upper bodies and faces as they celebrated their first really good sex.

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