tagHumor & SatireFirst Time Blunders Ch. 04

First Time Blunders Ch. 04


Despite a few set-backs to a passionate sexual relationship, Sasha and Jordan were determined to make things work out (you have to admire their persistence if not their technique.)

Sasha decided that maybe they were taking things too fast, after all, neither of them were experienced much in anything sexual. Before their first attempt at making love, they hadn't even really known each other's bodies very well. Going to her friends with their sexual dilemmas yielded yet more advice, perhaps they should try other kinds of sex rather than trying to go to home-base so quickly. At first she thought they meant anal sex, and she quickly told them that putting his penis in her butthole had hurt too terrible for her to even consider that. Reassuring her, they told her they meant oral sex. He could lick her pussy and she could suck his penis to orgasm, and it would feel just as good (if not better, one critic said) as actual sex.

Sure that she'd finally found the answer to their problems, she shared the new plan with Jordan. Having found both her lower holes to be tight and pleasant (even if he hadn't gotten more than the head into the second one), he was rather enthusiastic about attempting the third.

They returned to Sasha's bedroom, and decided that since Jordan's experience when they first made love had been comparatively successful, that he would lick Sasha's pussy first, and then she would try to suck his penis. Both of them blushed quite frequently during this conversation, but Sasha was glad she was going to go first. Perhaps now she'd be able to explore that feeling that had arisen the last time, before Jordan had bumped his head.

Lying naked on the bed, she smiled happily as Jordan licked and kissed her small breasts, she was already starting to get excited, and there were pleasant stirrings of feeling in her pussy. Jordan moved away from her breasts and got between her legs, a little hesitantly. Looking her pussy over, he decided to work his way up to it by first kissing and licking along her inner upper thighs. At first, Sasha was a little startled as his mouth descended on her leg rather than her pussy, but it felt good so she didn't stop him. She began moaning a little as he worked his mouth over her inner thighs, slowly moving up towards her pussy, the feeling was beginning again making her tingle all over her body.

Jordan finally began licking around the outer edges of her pussy lips, massaging them with his lips and tongue (a little nervously since he wasn't sure he was doing it right). Sasha's increased moans as his tongue traveled around her small pink slit increased his confidence. Sliding his tongue into the inner part of the pink flesh, he could taste her juices, they were musky and sweet on his tongue. After a moment to think about it, he decided that he rather liked the taste and began munching with fervor. Sasha gasped as the feelings in her pussy multiplied, his tongue was enthusiastically sliding up and down her slit, even working its way into her pussy hole a little. Gasping, moaning and whimpering, the slight blonde girl was starting to feel overcome with pleasure as her boyfriend eagerly munched carpet. He sucked at her pussy lips, drinking in every drop that fell from her excited flesh. To his surprise, he found a little nub at the top of her pussy that was peeping out at him. Experimenting, he licked it with his tongue and was rewarded as her hips lifted off the bed involuntarily and she moaned loudly. Licking around the little nub a little more, he found that it brought quite a reaction, both physically and vocally, from his excited girlfriend.

Sasha was quite close to the crest of her buildup, she could feel that wonderful feeling just out of reach, it was so close, and having Jordan licking that one spot on her little pussy just kept pushing her closer and closer. Wickedly, Jordan decided to suck on the little nub like he did her pink nipples and see what kind of effect that would have on her. Licking it one last time, he sucked the little nub into his mouth, and continued sucking hard on it.

The wonderful feeling pulsed through Sasha's body as Jordan's mouth engulfed her little button, and she gasped and moaned as the most incredible pleasure she'd ever felt overtook her entire being. Waves of ecstacy rolled over the quivering girl, pounding her like high-tide at a beach. Jordan could feel her juices flowing down his chin and he pulled his mouth off the wonderful little nub, pleased with her obvious response, and began happily lapping up the juices that had flowed from her little pussy. Sasha sighed in completion as her body relaxed, finally she understood what sex was all about, she'd do quite a lot to get that wonderful feeling again!

Smiling happy she sat up to look at Jordan, who was still tonguing her dripping pussy. He paused, it was a rather comical view with him looking up at her, his tongue still hanging out of his mouth as he lapped at her wetness. She giggled a little.

"You're turn."

Jordan was too excited to feel reluctant to take his mouth away from her pussy, he jumped up eagerly and sat back on the other side of the bed, wanting to watch as she put her mouth on his penis. Just the thought of her mouth being on his member had him immediately hard, and she knelt between his legs a little hesitantly, as unsure as he had been about how to go about the task. Carefully, she stuck her tongue out and just licked the head of his penis, making him jump a little. Startled she pulled back.

"Was that ok?"

He nodded, "More than ok! Do it again!"

Confidence restored, she began licking all over the excited member, treating it like a lollipop or a popsicle. Using her hands, she gently cupped the sack that was hanging beneath his penis, and he moaned as her warm hands engulfed his balls. To her, it was surprisingly soft, and she could feel two things inside of it. Taking her attention away from his penis for a moment, she began rolling the little objects in the sack with her fingers. Apparently it still felt good because he was moaning as she played with the sack, so she began to push them a little hard, squeezing the rest of the flesh completely flat.

When she tried to actually squeeze on of the little rolly things Jordan yelped in pain, and she pulled her hands away startled.

"Sorry." Immediately she put her mouth back to his penis, which hadn't diminished in hardness at all, rather all the playing with his sack had just gotten in more excited and the pain hadn't been enough to counteract that in the slightest.

Gathering her courage, she pushed her pink lips over the head of his penis, rubbing her tongue along it as it entered her mouth. Jordan moaned and pushed his hips upwards. Encouraged, she sucked the head a little, to the same effect. Then she began pushing her mouth slowly down the shaft, when it began to make her gag a little, she started moving back up. Bracing her small hands on his hairy thighs, she began to move her mouth up and down on the hard shaft, sucking as she went. Jordan thought that her mouth felt just as good as her tight pussy, especially with her tongue rubbing along his shaft as it moved in and out. He was groaning as she began exploring the length of it with her mouth, but it frustrated him a little that she wouldn't put all of it in her mouth.

Placing his hands on her hair, he startled her and she bit down (although not very hard) on the shaft in her mouth.

"OUCH!" Jordan was shocked that she had bitten his penis, quickly Sasha pulled her mouth off.

"Sorry!" she apologized, he continued to look at her, shocked and hurt. "Sorry," she said again, contrite.

After a moment of examining his penis he concluded that no real damage had been done. "It's ok, just don't do it again?"

She nodded and lowered her mouth back onto the stiff member, this time she didn't jump when his hands were placed on the back of her head. It was rather nice to have them there, although he did push down a little when she got to the bottom of where her mouth could go.

Jordan was confused, Sasha hadn't taken his hint to move her mouth lower on his penis. It did feel amazing, the length of it that was in her mouth, but he wanted the whole thing in. Otherwise, what was the point?? This time when she moved her mouth down, he didn't do the gentle pressure that he had last time, he really tried to push her head down.

Since she wasn't prepared for any force, it shocked Sasha when Jordan pushed her head down onto his penis, and she began to gag as it forced its way down her throat. Choking, she struggled to push herself back up as Jordan sighed in happiness while her mouth convulsed around his turgid member. Finally, Sasha bit down again.

Jordan yelped, let her head go and she jumped up, running to the bathroom. She barely got to the toilet in time before she began throwing up.

Jordan was left on the bed confused until she came back and told him what had happened. Once he understood, he promised to never force her head down on his penis again; he suggested that maybe she could use her hand on the part of his penis that her mouth couldn't cover. Sasha agreed, but she didn't want to try it immediately, she was still feeling nauseous.

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