tagBDSMFirst Time Cuckold Ch. 02

First Time Cuckold Ch. 02


I thought about the wonderful night I had just experienced with Jordi, my handsome, strong lover. How he made me feel things I had never felt before, his beautiful body, his magnificent cock! I started getting hot and wet, just thinking about him.

Then I looked at my husband Oscar. How pathetic he looked. Drinking my lover's cum just for a chance to hear about our night of pleasure. I could feel my attitude changing. Yes, he was a good man, an intelligent man. A husband who cared and provided for his family. I enjoyed our conversations and he never said an unkind word to me.

But I needed more. I wanted a man who could excite me. A sophisticated man of the world. A man who could make me feel like a hot sexy woman. Oscar was incapable of doing this.

He begged me again to tell him of our night together. I decided to take pity on him. I told him that my pussy was sore and needed some tender loving care. Now that I was awakened to the joys of having my cunt sucked, this would be his job after my dates with my lover.

I told him I would give him all the details he desired but he must clean and lick my sore, cum-filled, stretched out pussy while I did it. He was instructed that he was not going to ever be allowed to fuck me again and must be willing to do whatever I asked without complaining or hesitation.

To my amazement, he quickly agreed. He really was into this fantasy. I was starting to realize we had started a whole new chapter in our marriage and I was getting the most of the perks! I felt both love and contempt for him.

I lay back and spread my legs and beckoned with my finger for my new cuckold, to start sucking. Cum was still leaking from my pussy where Jordi had deposited what seemed like buckets of his thick, luscious load. Oscar's cum was thin and puny in comparison.

I closed my eyes and relaxed while Oscar greedily lapped my cum-soaked, inflamed pussy. He didn't have Jordi's experience, but with enough practice, he'll learn, he'll learn. The idea of my hubby sucking my lover's cum from me excited me so much I could feel my cunt muscles start to spasm. Finally my dear husband had given me an orgasm!

I told him he was not to play with is tiny penis until I told him he could. I didn't want him to be distracted as he continued his cunt-lapping. I explained if he did a good job, I would let him cum later, maybe. This new feeling of power over my hubby was really starting to feel good.

I laughed as I watched him swallow copious amounts of Jordi's cum during my orgasm. I had never felt so much semen inside me in my entire life. It felt like Jordi had delivered in one night, more cum than Oscar had given me in our years of marriage!

Remembering the taste of Jordi's semen from last night I was amazed how much I liked it. It had a sweet/sour flavor and so thick! Not bitter and runny like Oscars.

"First we went to a French Restaurant," I explained. Jordi did the ordering and in French! I like it when a real man takes charge! The food was amazing and I was totally mesmerized by his looks and witty conversation. Next we went to a fancy nightclub to dance. I have never danced like that in my live. I fit in his arms perfectly as he led me across the dance floor, I could feel his hard, huge cock against me when he held me tight. I could feel my pussy juice soaking through my new panties and run down my thighs. I knew Jordi could smell my arousal and I loved it!

I could here Oscar's muffled moaning as he licked and listened. I knew pre-cum was leaking from the tip of his teeny-weeny as I described our evening of bliss.

I continued describing our date. "We danced and danced. I lost all track of time. I knew by the way we moved together, our love-making would be spectacular. He had told me that sex was only part of the evening if I wanted it. I wanted it, boy, did I want it."

I heard the familiar sounds of Oscar's little orgasmic squeals as he came with my words. He must have been humping the bed as I talked. I had warned him that he could only cum at my command and I knew I had to show him I meant business.

"Ok, cuckold! I warned you about cumming without my permission, now it's time for some punishment! Bring me my hairbrush from the dresser." I ordered.

Reluctantly, Oscar, lifted his soaking face from my pussy and went to fetch the hairbrush. He started to wipe my juices from my face but I told him to leave it on. I could see his feeble little cum-stain on his jockey shorts.

I had him remove his shorts and lay naked on his stomach on the bed and gave him twenty, very hard smacks with the brush on his bare bottom, balls and cock. He started out quietly taking his punishment but by the time I reached fifteen swats, I could hear him start to sniffle and by the time I was finished, he was crying like a little girl.

"I went easy on you tonight because it was your first time. I won't be as gentle the next time!" I warned.

He told me "Thank you Irene!" between sniffles and avoided my eyes.

"That's Mistress Irene!" I corrected him giving him an extra smack on his balls. Then I went over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of my panties. "You don't deserve to wear real men's underwear anymore, my little sissy cucklod, now put these on and my apron and start cleaning the house. Vacuum, clean the kitchen, and do the laundry and you had better hurry up unless you want my parents and the girls seeing you in your new uniform. They will be dropped off in three hours.

"Yes, Mistress Irene!" he meekly replied and slipped the panties over his inflamed, red, bottom, scrotum and cock and rushed off the start his chores.

I still couldn't believe he was actually doing this. He would do the cleaning, laundry and cooking while I fucked any man I chose. I wondered why I had resisted this idea so long.

He finished his duties before the girls and my parents arrived. I let him put on his pants and shirt over the panties and remove the apron. No sense involving outsiders in our little games, yet.

Later that evening after the girls had gone to bed I ordered Oscar to remove his clothes, except for his panties and start kissing and sucking my feet and toes while I called Jordi.

It was fun to watch Oscar turn beet red as we talked on the phone. "Oh yes, darling," I cooed, "You made me a real woman last night. I have never been fucked so well or so long. Oscar? Oh yes, I told him all about it in great detail as he cleaned your wonderful cum from my pussy. No, really, he enjoyed it! Can you believe that? No, I didn't let him fuck me. From now on you are the only one who will have that privilege."

I could hear Oscar's whimpering as he licked and kissed my feet, listening to Jordi and I speak our words of love

I then invited Jordi to come to dinner Sunday night. I told him I couldn't wait until Monday to see him at work. He laughed and agreed. After a few more sweet words and kisses, we hung up. I pushed Oscar away with my foot and told him he would have to go to the store and buy the dinner that he was to prepare tomorrow evening for he, myself, my new lover and the girls.

He asked if he could wear his male clothes to save embarrassment in front of Jordi and our daughters. I told him I would allow it this time, but he would still have to wear an apron to protect his clothing while he prepared and served our dinner.

I spent most of Sunday indulging myself with reading, watching TV and soaking in an oil bath and receiving a massage from Oscar. I then took a nap while he took care of the children and prepared our dinner. The girls asked me why daddy was wearing an apron. I told them that he need to protect his clothing while cooking.

About six o'clock I started getting ready. I had Oscar pick out some sexy lingerie and a thin sundress that left very little to the imagination. I asked him if he thought Jordi would be turned on by my outfit. He quickly agreed. He then gave me a manicure/pedicure and blew on my fingers and toes until they were dry before rushing off to finish dinner preparations.

Jordi arrived at eight looking handsome as ever. He took me in his arms and gave me a long, passionate kiss in the doorway and Oscar, wearing his apron, looked on in amazement. I made sure the girls didn't see the kiss but as we embraced at the front door, any of our neighbors passing by could see Oscar's sweet little wife kissing another man.

The girls loved Jordi. They laughed and giggled at his stories during dinner while Oscar assumed the role of maid and served the food. Oscar was mostly ignored through dinner and he was only addressed when we needed something. He was obedient, quiet and I believe quite jealous at the way I and the girls were paying so much attention to Jordi.

After dinner, the girls retired to their rooms and Oscar served us drinks out on the patio. I made him stand there with a tray full of cocktails while Jordi and I kissed and hugged. I could see this was really starting to get to him. Hearing about our love making was one thing. Watch his wife of many years French kissing and rubbing her tits against another man was something else!

Jordi then turned to Oscar and said, "I would like to thank you for sharing your wife with me. Not many men are that concerned about their wives' happiness!"

Oscar, starting to tear up a little answered, "Yes Jordi, her happiness is the most important thing. Mine is secondary!"

After making sure the girls were all tucked in and sleeping I decided it was time to let the fun begin. I was going to make this as tough on Oscar as possible. It would either really get him off or maybe make him come to his senses and give up on this fantasy. The only question in my mind was, if he did want to return to business as usual, would I?

I went back downstairs and saw that Jordi and Oscar were sitting down chatting in the living room like old buddies. Men!

"Ok Oscar," I said. "It's show time. First I want you to strip down to your panties and show Jordi what a pathetic little penis you have."

Oscar slowly stood up and started undressing.

"Don't take all night," I added. "Jordi and I have things to do!"

Oscar quickly stripped down to his panties and hooked his thumbs into the waistband. He slowly peeled them down to his knees exposing his four and a half inch penis. That is the erect measurement. Soft, it measured about three inches.

"Oh my god!" Exclaimed Jordi, "I feel sorry for both of you!"

Oscar served Jordi and me another drink. He patiently sat and watched Jordi and I make out and soon under his expert manipulations I was hotter than a firecracker in minutes. He then followed us upstairs and helped us both undress.

Jordi sat down on the bed and pulled me to my knees placing his huge cock just inches from my mouth. "What do you want?" He asked me.

"To suck your beautiful cock!" I quickly replied.

"Beg," He responded. "And tell me why I should let you."

I loved the way he took control of my mind, body and soul. All I wanted to do was to be his bitch, his fuck slave, to serve him in any way he asked. "Please Jordi," I begged. "I need to taste your cock. To feel it fill up my mouth. I want you to shove it down my throat until I gag. Please cum in my mouth and allow me to taste and swallow your delicious cum. Please!"

"Very well," He replied, "But do it slowly, after all these years of not having or giving oral sex, you need practice!"

I took his swollen phallus in my mouth and slowly sucked it while Oscar masturbated, his eyes transfixed on the site of his wife who never sucked his cock, eagerly devouring Jordi's huge member.

"Would you like to see me fuck your wife?" Jordi asked.

Oscar replied through his tears of embarrassment. "Yes please master. I want you to show me how to please my mistress!"

"Maybe another time, if you're good!" Jordi responded. "Now run along and don't disturb us until morning when you serve us breakfast."

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