tagNonHumanFlesh For Fantasy Ch. 02

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 02


"Has he opened it yet?"

"No, Commander Yadoni. Not yet."

"Well, what the hell's wrong with him?"

"Nothing. He's just being cautious."

"Well, I don't want him to be cautious. I want him to open the damned thing!"

"Be patient, sir. His reactions may give you better insight into the race."

Yadoni sighed. "You're right as usual, Soloni."

"Most humans are cautious by nature. Let us see how he reacts now."

He didn't open the package right away. His nerves got the best of him and he sat down, staring at for a few long minutes before his curiosity awoke again. First, he searched for a return address and was surprised to find none. No return address, no stamp, not even an originating label. That was strange. He'd never received a package from FedEx or any other carrier that hadn't at least had an originating label. Logic told him to call FedEx but curiosity was making his hand itch.

The itch won and he grabbed a sharp knife and a screwdriver from the kitchen and went back to the box. He used the screwdriver to pry the side loose, then sliced the thick, plastic webbing that kept the lid into place. In almost slow motion, the sides separated like the peel of a banana and Jamie gasped.

She was beautiful.

Nestled in the styroformed peanuts was the likeness of a woman, the most lifelike doll that Jamie had ever seen. So lifelike, in face, that he could have sworn that she looked exactly like Carina, the girl in his dreams.

"Wow." He finally allowed himself to breathe and moved closer, examining her. Her face was perfect. Dark emerald-green eyes under black spiky hair sparkled in creamy peach-gold skin and her pink lips were parted, showing the slightest hint of bright white teeth. An elegantly arched neck connected her head to her soft shoulders and his hands trembled as he pushed the packing material away, revealing heavy breasts, a small C cup at least, capped with fat, rosy-pink nipples.

The sight of her breasts threw him off. He hadn't expected them to be there and he certainly didn't expect them to be as lifelike as they were. They also made him wonder if she had a pussy. His cock responded to that thought and he shrugged out of his robe, tossing it onto the chair and kneeling at the base of the box. Still trembling, he pawed away more of the peanuts, slowly uncovering freckled knees and shapely shins. A nice set of ankles and short-toed feet appeared and he sat back, looking up at her expectantly. If only you were alive ... He continued excavating, uncovering her creamy thighs and nearly salivating as he found a dark triangle of fur at the juncture of her legs.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" He whispered, standing and stepping back, slowly stroking his dribbling cock. It was her. She was here and he knew it was her. His Carina was here. His emotions overwhelmed him and he knelt at her feet again, his eyes filling with tears. "You're here. Now what do I do?"

She didn't respond, of course, though he wished that she would. He'd dreamed about her for so long that seeing her was overwhelming. He reached out and placed a hand on her knee, then jerked back, falling on his ass.

She was warm. That couldn't be. She was a doll, wasn't she?

"What the hell?" Jamie's whisper faded into silence and he sat back up on his haunches, glaring at the doll's perfect features and suddenly wondering if he was losing his mind. He reached out, slowly approaching her leg and let his fingertips alight on her flesh, jerking them back when warmth met his senses again. There was no doubt. She was warm.

He just sat staring at her for a long moment, the fantasy in his mind unable to equate the reality of the situation. He knew that this was his Carina, the girl in his dream and that somehow, she had come to him but she was inanimate. Was she supposed to move? Was he supposed to activate her? He didn't know but he decided that he had to find out. He reached out and touched her nipple, watching in amazement as it hardened into a bud and he rolled it between his fingers, gently stroking his cock at the same time.

Now what? He knelt again, pressing her legs open and gasping at the pearly jewels that were clinging to her pussy fur. Releasing his cock, he crawled forward, ready to taste his sweet Carina.

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