tagInterracial LoveFling Maybe? Ch. 05

Fling Maybe? Ch. 05



My morning was quite eventful. I woke up to Greg trying unsuccessfully to tip toe around the room.

The sun was barely up.

"What are you doing?"

"Shit babe, I tried not wake you." He sat on the edge of the bed. I turned on my side the sheet slipping down my naked body.

I rubbed my eyes. Once in focus I realized he was fully dressed.

"Are you leaving?"

"Yes. I got a call from that publisher in Pittsburgh last night and I missed the call. He left me a message. He wants me to come to his office today to discuss a new book deal." He said excitedly.

I sat up. That's amazing." I hug him around his shoulders.

"This could be it baby. I can finally put out this book I've be working on for three years."

"I'm so happy for you."

"I was trying not to wake you. I know how tired you were. I even wrote you this cute little note and put it on the nightstand."

"Hand it here. I want to read it."

"No. Read it after I leave."

"Okay. When will you be back?"

"Probably not until late tonight. I 'll be driving, so it's going to be awhile."

"Well you be careful and keep me posted."

"Sure will. Go back to bed and cover these up." He pulled the sheet back over my breast. "You're making it real hard to leave your sexy ass here." He caressed my butt over the sheet and stood up.

I bit into my bottom lip. "There is a spare key in the kitchen drawer. Lock up when you leave."

He kissed me goodbye.

I was back asleep as soon as I heard the front door close.

I was woken up what felt like minutes later by my cellphone going off. I tried to ignore it and rolled over once it stopped ring. Seconds later my house phone was ringing. Annoyed I got out of the bed. I picked up my cell and I had five missed calls, a text message and three voicemails. Two calls from my father, two from Kimmie and one from my sister Roma. The text message was from Greg.

I had slept to almost noon. They probably think I'm lying in a ditch somewhere. I'm surprised Kimmie hasn't banged down my door looking for me.

After finding something to put on. I sat down and listened to the voicemails.

"Hey baby girl, It's your father. I was hoping you would pick up the phone. Toni told me what happened between you two yesterday and I have to say I'm very disappointed. I thought you two moved past your issues. She said, you were kissing some red headed, white man at the mall. Who is he? And why haven't you told me about him? Is it serious? Call me back, Nettie. I just want to know what's going on." I rolled my eyes and deleted the message.

"Call me when you can. I will be in town this weekend to see you off. Love you, Mo." I saved Roma's message. We we're the closest in age. We didn't get to see one another often because she was smart enough to move to Tennessee a few years ago with her husband.

"Damn, Mo did the man kill you?" Kimmie laughed. "Since your ass isn't answering the phone I guess I'm to have pop my overly pregnant ass up at your place. I'll ring your line one more time and if you don't answer me and my Glock will be paying you a visit. Answer the damn phone." I deleted her message too.

That girl is nuts, but I believed every word she said.

The text from Greg simply said, "Made it to Pittsburgh safely. Wish you were here with me. I miss you already."

He made so happy.

"I miss you too. Knock em dead baby." I text back.

I stared at my phone contemplating who's call I would return first.

Kimmie was less drama, so I called her first.

"So, your ass is alive."

"I was asleep."

"Late night?"

"I think my iron might be low. I've been exhausted lately."

"All the fucking you've been doing, you might be pregnant." She joked.

"Hell no. I take my birth control religiously."

"That shit is only ninety-eight percent effective. How you think Junior got here? He was that remaining two percent."

"Shut up, you're just trying to scare me."

"Think about it. You've been extra tried, emotional, and your appetite has increased. The other day we drove to three different stores to find the right kind of sweet pickles you were craving. You haven't eaten sweet pickles since middle school." Kimmie laughed, but I didn't find a damn thing funny. I have been all over the place lately. I just chalked it up to hormones.

"Fuck! This can't be happening. That's the last thing I need right now."

"Alright, don't panic. It could be your iron. You get all out of whack when it's low. I'll stop by the drug store and pick up a test, just to be sure."

"I'm suppose be leaving in three days. I can't be pregnant."

"Calm down. Take the test first. Figure out the rest later."

"You're right. I'm trippin'. When are you coming over?"

"KJ and I can be there in twenty."

"Can you stop and get me some waffles with pecan butter from that diner on third?"

She chuckled, "Okay mama sure thing."

"I haven't eaten breakfast yet." I said annoyed.

"I didn't say anything. See you in a few."

There was no way I was pregnant. Not until recently have we had unprotected sex. Damn, but there was that time at the bar a month and a half ago. We snuck into the women's restroom and had sex on the sink. We were drunk and horny. Greg pulled out. I think. Actually, I'm not sure. That night was wild, and my memory is not the best. I just know we had fun.

I want children. Lots of children. This was not the way I imagined it happening. I subconsciously rubbed my belly. God, how was Greg going to handle it? This was too much too soon. What have I gotten myself into?

Kimmie waddled in carrying two bags. Little KJ ran in. I bent down picked up the chunky two-year-old. I hugged him tight.

"How's my best guy?"

"Good. Look." He held up the red pickup truck he was holding.

"Wow really cool." I put him back on the floor. I was soon forgotten as he plopped down on the carpet and played with his toy.

Kimmie stared at me.

"Come here." She opened her arms for me. "I can tell your behind has been in here stressin'." She gave me the hug I needed. I began to tear up.

"Aw don't cry. Whatever the result, you know I got your back one thousand percent. Todd too. We in this together." She smooth my hair down.

"Okay." I wiped my tears away.

She reached in the bag and handed me the Clear Blue box. I went to the bathroom to handled business. I set the timer on my phone.

Kimmie was in the living room stuffing her face. She looked up with a mouth full of rice. KJ at her feet. I sat down beside her.

"Ten minutes."

"Did you get all your shopping done yesterday?"

"Yeah I think so." She passed me my food container. "We ran into Toni at the mall yesterday."

"Oh lord. Did she show her ass?" She whispered. She didn't like cursing in front of her kids.

"You know it. She tried to check me about not answering her calls, then proceeded to call me a whore because I was kissing Greg in public."

"Your sister is a mess." She laughed.

"We ended up getting into an argument because she disrespected Greg. She even had the nerve to throw Darren in my face. Saying I was the reason we didn't work. If Greg hadn't grabbed me I would've beat her face in."

Kimmie laughed nearly chocking on her steak. "What? It almost came to blows?"

"Yup." I laughed too. "But here's the kicker, she called daddy on me. What are we freaking' children? Now he's calling me talking about how disappointed he is in us. Girl, I'm so over my family. I'm damn near thirty and still have to explain myself."

"I don't know why you're even surprised. Toni has always been that way."

"It pisses me off because she doesn't treat Kia or Roma like that. She speaks so highly of them to anybody who would listen."

"You know you were the wayward child. Moving out when you were seventeen. Getting married first. All the traveling you get to do. You're the living embodiment of what she can't do."

"I just wish things were different."

"I know. Maybe one day she'll get it together."

The timer went off. My heart started pounding.

"You want me to go get it?"

"No!" I stood up and sat back down. "Yes!"

She patted my leg and got up and went to the bathroom.

She returned quickly holding the stick in her hand. I couldn't read her facial expression.


"It's positive. You're pregnant." She handed me the stick.

Sure, enough in bold blue letters were the word "Pregnant"

How was this possible?

She sat next me. We sat in silence for a bit.

"So, what's the plan?"

"I guess I'm having a baby."

"You have options, Mo." She touched my hand.

"Abortion is mostly definitely out."

"It doesn't have be abortion."

"You know I've dreamed about being a mother since we were little. I didn't think it would happen like this. At least not right now when I have so much going on. This is a game changer. I have to make some phone calls because Dubai is out."

"I know how much you were looking forward to going."

"Yeah, but my baby is more important."

"Already talking like a mother." She smirked. "How do you think Greg is going to react?"

"I don't know. We talked about marriage and babies, but I'm sure he was talking about the future, not right now."

"Like I said, we're in this together no matter what."

"Thank you. I couldn't ask for a better friend."

"We're sisters for life. Don't forget I seem to be an expert in this department."

"Yeah." I laughed rubbing her belly. The baby kicked.

Kimmie and I talked and hung out for a long time. It was good to laugh. She eased my mind by answering some of my pregnancy questions. After she left I made an appointment with my doctor. She was able to squeeze me in tomorrow afternoon.

While I was on the phone with her my father called again, so I called him back.

"Baby girl."

"Hi daddy. You called?"

"Yes. It's nice of you to finally call your old man back. Who knows how many years I have left." Here we go with the guilt trip.

"Sorry about that. I've been real busy."

"Too busy for your father? You know what that's neither here or there. What is going on with you? You're so secretive. I never know what happening in your life. Who is the young man your sister was telling me about?"

"Who did Toni tell you he was to me?"

"Why does that matter? I want to hear from your mouth who he is."

"He's my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend? Is it serious?"

"I believe so."

"And he's white?"

"Of Irish decent, yes."

"So that's what you're into now?"

"Into? Daddy what are you talking about? Greg is an amazing man. Who loves me, and I love him in return. That's is all."

"I just asked. You know just because one black man broke you heart doesn't mean you should give up on your entire race."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I mumbled.

"Excuse me?"

"Daddy look I have a headache. I think I need to lay down."

"Okay go lay down. When will you be stopping by the house? I would like to have a sit down with you and Toni. I can't believe you two still can't get along after all this time. Your mother would be heartbroken knowing her oldest and youngest have so much animosity towards each other."

"Toni is the one with the issue. Maybe you should have a sit down with her and ask her what she has against me. I've done nothing to her."

"Obviously she thinks you have. Let's figure it out."

"I don't feel it's necessary."

"Don't be that way, Nettie."

"Be what way daddy? She doesn't like me. Simple as that. No explanation needed."

"I don't think that's it."

"It is, and you know it. I don't want to argue with you. I'll come by Saturday morning to see you and Ms. Brenda. Maybe I can take you two out to breakfast."

"Sounds good, baby girl. I look forward to seeing you. Bring the boyfriend too. I would like to meet him."

"We'll see. I'll talk to later."

"Talk you later."

I was exhausted already. I decided to take a quick nap before rehearsals tonight. I needed all the energy I could muster up because the routine I had in mind for this music video required high heels. It was a sexy number I was super excited about.

I stripped out of my clothes. I walked passed my wall length mirror stopping to examine my body. There were no signs of pregnancy. My tummy was still flat. I looked normal, but I did feel different. I smiled picturing my belly swell with my child. Our child.

A folded piece of paper caught my attention on the nightstand. I picked it up it was the note Greg left me.

Sweets, I hate I had to unwrap myself from your warm body. Waking up to you is how I want to spend the rest of my life. Breathing you in gives me an energy boost a cup of coffee never could. I'm going to secure our future. Hopefully I'll return with great news. News that will start us off on some new adventure together. See you soon, my love. -Greg


I was on cloud nine. Everything seemed to be falling into place for me. I was offered a three-book deal with advance pay of 1.5 million dollars. This was perfect now I had something to keep me busy while Mo was away. I could work on completing my next two books.

After I signed the deal she was the first person I wanted to call, but I decided I would surprise her instead. On the drive back to Philly I stopped in Hershey and got her favorite chocolates and a few other gifts.

I was back in town by seven. I knew she was probably in the middle class, but I had to see her right away. Once I made it to the rec center I was directed to the right room. Sultry rhythmic beat was playing as I approached the room. The door was slightly ajar. I peeked my head in. There were six dancers in all black and heels. Their backs were to me, but through the big mirror along the wall I could see their faces. Mo was in the front of ladies doing the same routine. This was her element. Her second home. She was shiny with sweat. She wore a sports bra and leggings that clung to every curve and a shirt tied around her waist.

Mo's best friend, Kimmie was recording the whole thing on her phone. They were moving their bodies in the most sensuous ways. There was a move where they dropped down to all fours and twerked their behinds while whipping their hair from side. It was one of the sexist things I've ever seen. I didn't want to be a creep and keep staring through the crack, so I opened the door a little more and waved my hand to get Mo's attention.

We made eye contact through the mirror. She smiled and waved me in.

She turned the music down. "Alright ladies take ten. We'll go over it one more time and I think we'll be good."

The women dispersed. A few of them eyeing me. I nodded at them.

"Hey handsome."

I kissed my queen. The heels she wore made her tall enough not to have to be on her tip toes. We walked over to the chairs and sat down.

"Sorry for interrupting. I just had to see you."

She blushed, "You're a good interruption. When you said you would be back late, I was thinking around midnight. So, what happened?" She said excitedly.

"Well it wasn't what I expected." I kept my voice low and looked down.

She grabbed my hands. "What did they say?"

"The thing is..."

"Yeah?" Her voice was soft. I almost hated to mess with her.

"They offered me a three-book deal with a 1.5 million advancement."

"Aw baby...Wait... What?"

I couldn't help cracking a smile.

"I got a great deal."

She let out a squeal and jumped in my lap. She kissed me all over my face. She seemed more thrilled than I was. "Congrats, baby. I'm so happy for you." She hit me. "Don't play with me like that."

"Baby why are you crying?" I wiped her tears away.

"I know how much wanted this. I'm so happy for you. You earned it. We have to celebrate tonight." She hugged me.

Someone cleared their throat. "I know you don't have my best friend over here crying."

I looked up, I saw her protruding belly before I saw her face. She was an otherwise tiny woman who looked like she might be of Asian descent, but mixed with something else maybe black or Latin.

"Hi, Kimmie. It's nice seeing you again."

"Same here professor. So, what's going on over here? Good news I hope."

"Very good news." Mo said.

"Oh, you told him?" Her eyes lit up.

"No!" Mo looked panicked.

"Told me what?" I looked between the two.

"Oops." Kimmie covered her mouth with both hands.

They shared a look. Kimmie whispered sorry and walked away.

"What's going on?"

"I'll tell you later. Right now, I have to finish this rehearsal." She kissed me on the cheek and stood up. "Alright ladies let's get back to it. From the top."

What could she possibly tell me.

I watched as she ran through the choreography. She was tough on the ladies, but also very encouraging. They ended up going over it twice because she saw some things she wasn't pleased with. Personally, I didn't see anything wrong the first go around, but this was her profession she knew better than I. It was sexy seeing her work the floor in those heels like the pro she is. She commanded attention and she had my undivided attention. I was one lucky lad.

After rehearsal was over, Mo hugged each woman.

"You girls rock. The video shoot is Saturday. I might not make it, but I know you will do me proud."

"We got you girl don't worry." One of the dancers said.

"Oh, I'm not worried you guys are the best at what you do."

Once the room was empty I helped her clean up.

"So, are you going to tell me what Kimmie was talking about?"

"Tonight, is your night. I want to focus on celebrating your book deal. Let's worry about the other stuff later."

"I'm not going be up to celebrating knowing there is something you are keeping from me. I thought we agreed to not let anything hang between us. Baby talk to me." She was avoiding eye contact.

"Okay." She sighed. "I got some news of my own today. Can we sit down?" She looked flustered. She was worrying me. What could be that bad. I pulled out two chairs for us.

"All day I've trying to figure out the best way to tell you this."

"Whatever it is I'm sure we can get through it together."

"What do you have planned for the next eighteen years?"


"I'm pregnant."

"Pregnant?" I said it as if it was a foreign word to me.

She reached in her duffel bag and pulled out a small zip lock bag. She handed it to me. In it was a positive pregnancy test.

"How? I thought you were on birth control? We only started having unprotected sex a few days ago."

"I'm thinking it happened way before this past weekend. Remember that night at Lucky's a few months ago? What we did in the bathroom? I had just started taking the birth control then. We could've conceived before it took effect."

Parts of that night was a blurry memory, but I remember having her hoisted up on the sink in the bathroom. Going at like two possessed people. They ended up kicking us out that night. We woke up the next morning with a couple of bruises. We had a good laugh as we nursed our hangovers.

"You're not even showing." I looked at her flat stomach.

"Kimmie said some don't show until their second trimester. I made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow to see how far along I am."

"I'm coming too."

"No, you don't have to."

"This is my baby too. I got to see how Junior is doing."

"You're not mad?"

"Hell no. Surprised, yes. Mad never. We made this little guy. I told you, you're going to be my wife and we're going to have lots of babies. It's a little sooner than we expected, but it seems like time isn't waiting for us."

I pulled her into my lap. She laid her head on my shoulder. We linked fingers. "After our appointment I have to make some calls to the commissioner in Dubai and tell them I won't be coming."

I know it's selfish, but a part of me was elated. Now I won't have to be without my girl.

"How do you feel about that?"

"You know I kind of lost the enthusiasm. At first, I was excited. This was my opportunity to start over, explore and have new experiences. Dubai was my escape. Then you came into my life and I fell for you hard. You have become my escape. My start over. Dubai could never compare to the moments we've had. This moment." She sat up and looked in my eyes.

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