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Floating Fun


He had been riding for almost 4 hours to get back home. "Two more miles and I'm home," Darrin thought to himself. The trip was unavoidable. Business is business after all. Still, he saw how sad Elora, his wife of almost seven months, was when he left. For the two days he was gone, Darren was able to concentrate (for the most part) on his work and kept his mind off home and his lady. It was the ride there and the ride back that Elora's beautiful but pouting face haunted Darrin.

Finally home, Darrin hoped off his Harley and stretched his stiff body. He walked to the back yard and is greeted by Maximus with his tail wagging. He stoops down and pets the happy dog and asks "Where's she at boy, huh?" but only gets a lick on his hand for a reply.

Darrin stands and looks around the large yard. A shining glare comes from the floating bed off shore. He walks slowly over to the source of the glare. From the shore he can see Elora's eyes are closed as she lies on the floating bed, sleeping naked in the hot, humid day.

Darrin gazes on her beauty, smiles for a moment, and then quietly he takes off his clothing. He wades slowly into the water and softly goes under to try and wash the miles of road off him. The cool water felt good as he brought his head back above the surface. He crawls onto the raft-bed and stops as he see's Elora stir for a moment. She moans softly, and then recaptures her deep slumber. He sits there for a moment more and tries to let the sun dry his body, then crawls over top of his still sleeping wife.

He can't stand it no more, and lowers his mouth onto hers with a kiss. His long wet hair covers the rest of her face as a surprised Elora wakes.

She shakes her head away from the kiss, until she see's his loving eyes gazing into hers. The she smiles and kisses him again, putting her hands on the back of his neck.

Their kiss deepens, as their tongues start to slide over each others.

"You're all wet," she says with mock outrage.

Grinning, Darrin replies "In a moment, so will you."

Darrin's hands are now running his fingers over her bare nipples and gently squeeze them. The hands wander down further to her mound and he runs a finger over her clit.

Elora spreads her legs wider and moans into his mouth as they kiss again. Darrin's hand slides over her pussy lips as his thumb takes over the happy duties of strumming on her clit. He feels wetness starting to form over the lips of her pussy. He breaks the kiss for a moment, licks the finger, tasting her sweet woman juices, then puts the finger back to her nest and slowly sticks it all the way inside her. Elora gasps at the fingers intrusion, and slightly arches her back.

Darrin puts his lips on Elora's neck and kisses it softly. He nibbles harder until they become a gentle bite. He starts to kiss and nibble down her body, taking a long rest stop on her breasts. He sucks on her nipples over and over again, pulling the tinny buds away from her body with his lips before letting go repeating it over and over again.

Elora's moans start to become more louder as Darrin starts down her body again. He keeps his finger inside her as his tongue slides over her clit. He barely touches it at first, then starts to lick harder with every stroke. Elora starts to shift her ass around from side to side and up and down, unable to keep herself still as Darrin laps on her clit. She grabs his hair and tugs on it as the first of her orgasms hits her. She soon cums with almost every flick of his tongue.

Darrin felt her hands start to pull his head up to hers. "I need you now," is all Elora's weak voice could say. Darrin's manhood is now fully erect. Elora's hands now seek out Darrin's cock and she cups his ball. Now it's his turn to moan. His eyes roll through the slits of his eyelids as Elora works her hands over his member.

Darrin can take no more of this, and shifts his full weight onto of Elora body. Now his cock head sits touching her pussy lips. Elora tries to wiggle her ass to force a quicker entry inside her but Darrin pulls back, needing to tease her for a moment. When she thinks she can't take it anymore, Darrin pushes his cock slowly between her pussy lips, taking time to enjoy the tight hole, inch by inch.

When the base of his cock is at the hilt, he stops again for a moment and let's himself get used to narrow surroundings, then rolls over putting Elora on top of his body. Elora take her queue and starts to ride Darrin. Slowly at first, her pussy moves over his cock as she tries to get her bearings of what she is doing. Now totally ready, Elora starts to move up and down and faster and faster. His cock is totally covered with her female wetness.

She can feel the orgasm start to build and becomes totally oblivious of everything around her, save his touch. Her head spinning, she falls off Darrin thanks to the constantly shifting raft. Darrin, not missing a beat, rolls behind her, and lifts Elora's leg and moves his cock right back to where it was seconds ago. Darrin is now fully in stride. His pounding inside her makes the floating bed rock in all directions. Elora screams having her orgasm built to the peek, and cums hard on his cock.

It's too much for Darrin to take anymore. He bites his lip, hopping the slight pain might preoccupy his thoughts enough to continue, but it only holds him off another fifteen seconds. Darrin screams as he lets loose his seed into Elora.

Darrin holds himself in place as the last of his cum finds it's place inside her, then rolls over with both panting for breath. He pulls her close to him and they embrace.

After a long moment, he kisses her forehead and says "I love you, Babe" Elora smiles, puts her hand on her now sore pussy and say's "I love you to. Are you ready for round two yet?"

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