tagSci-Fi & FantasyFlying Solo with Coll Ch. 01

Flying Solo with Coll Ch. 01


Part 1 (Sweft)

[I've been writing privately about these characters for over 15 years and there are several groups of inter-related stories which I'm now uploading to Literotica.

This episode follows directly on from "Nothing fires lust like grief", the two parts of "Flying solo with Coll" and precedes "On Heat" by 6-12 months.

Experienced Underground officer Coll McDiarmid has decided to recruit two young skywheelers, Sweft Apollorida and Kestrem Forré. As well as making professional assessments of their psychology, intelligence and fighting skills at this stage, Coll has his own personal agenda and sees no problem in mixing business with pleasure.]


After a night of passionate three-way fucking and a few hours rest, Coll spent several hours at the Sen martial arts training complex testing Sweft and Kestrem's fighting skills.

Sen-Tae champion Sweft was the more adept classical fighter but Coll saw little sign of killer instinct.

By comparison, Kestrem was undisciplined and frequently disregarded any rules Coll tried to set but he always fought like he wanted to survive rather than demonstrate his ability.

As an experiment, Coll then asked them to link and fight him together. The results and implied possibilities intrigued him.

"All done kids. That was a great display." Coll finally clapped his hands and switched off the computer-generated opponents. Stretching, he looked at them speculatively.

"I have some reporting to register with HQ now. Sweft, come alone to my room at 2100 tonight and Kestrem at 2100 tomorrow night, alone. Let's see how far you both practice what you preach."


Sweft touched the door's fingerprint recognition strip and it opened. Her visit had obviously been programmed in. Coll was reclining on the bed but fully dressed, propped up with a pillow, going through something on a handheld device.

Despite having programmed the door, and it now being 2105, he didn't seem entirely prepared for her to walk in.

"I'm putting together some general background files on you both. You can check them later if you'd like. See if I've missed anything important."

"OK." Sweft was slightly disarmed.

Coll got up from the bed and put down his reader. He approached her and smiled but didn't attempt to touch her.

"You should know that you don't actually have to be here. I do want to test the limits of your relationship with Kes but beyond that, this isn't part of the recruitment process, it's just me being very self-indulgent. If you want to leave, it won't count against you in any way."

Sweft smiled back. "And if I'm here because I'm attracted by the prospect of more hot sex?"

"Then take your clothes off, get on the bed and I'll give it to you."

They almost raced to strip and burst into genuine laughter as they leapt naked onto the bed at the same time. Sweft decided that she definitely liked Coll McDiarmid. Then she stopped suddenly.

"It feels wrong to laugh," she observed, grief lurching suddenly in her stomach.

"You think Telor would never want you to laugh again?" Coll understood instantly and shook his head, slipping his arms around her. "No. Telor was nothing if not generous." He touched her face, encouraging her to look into his eyes and meet his smile.

"Can I provide distraction..." he then offered, stroking her arms lightly before moving lower to her stomach and thighs. He parted her legs and kissed her pubic hair equally lightly. "Does that feel good?"

"Yes. Do it again."

He did and then ran his tongue along first the outer lips of her slit and then the inner lips. She gasped.

"Are you sore from last night?" he checked. "So much attention from two men like me and Kestrem can do that even if it feels good at the time."

"A little sensitive, not really sore." Coll gave the impression of always being honest when he spoke and inspired honesty in others.

"In that case, let me tell you what I plan to do." He blew lightly on her inner thigh. "I'm going to kiss and lick you here until you come and then when you're hot and wet, I'm going to lift you against that wall here and fuck you hard and fast without too much thrusting, to fill you with come and make you even wetter. Do you like the sound of this so far?" he dropped another kiss close to the entrance of her body.

"Uhuh," Sweft sighed.

"Both will be foreplay and you may not get the chance to come when I fuck you the first time. Then, when you're all soft and wet and stretched, I'm going to make the second time last for hours with one big orgasm at the end." He pressed a kiss onto her clitoris.

"Coll..." she exhaled.

"You taste so good..." he said and buried his head between her thighs again, doing exactly what he had said he would do.

Sweft came hard in waves of increasing intensity and before they had fully subsided Coll had picked her up and pressed her against the wall, his throbbing cock pushing into her. Coll was so tall and strongly-built that she experienced a moment of apprehension in her helplessness as he first swung her up, but he entered her carefully and she was quickly assured that he was only interested in their mutual pleasure. She buried her face in his neck as he throbbed and pulsed inside her. A few full thrusts later and he released with a groan, one hand flat against the wall and his eyes closed in pleasure.

Without withdrawing, Coll laid Sweft down on the bed and smiled. "Now, we begin."

He lifted her torso and bent to kiss her breasts. Kissed her neck with open mouth and stroked her hair. Whispered in her ear how good the hot clasping walls of her cunt felt around his cock. As he eventually returned to full erection he began to move in her again and Sweft moaned.

"I need...."

"Yes, but not yet." Coll paused his movements and told her how beautiful she looked, then began again. Each time her pleasure rose beyond a certain pitch he stopped and said or did something more subtly sexual, changing positions, angles or mood, maintaining her desire but not satisfying it. When she tried to touch herself he laughed and seized her wrists, holding them easily with one hand. Very quickly detecting that this move made her nervous he let go and kissed each wrist instead.

"Keep them there, next to your head."

She laughed too then, and fruitlessly tried to push and rub against him.

Eventually he clearly couldn't take much more himself and whispered.

"Do you want to come?"

"Yes. Now."

He sought out the angle that provoked the most regular gasps from Sweft and thrust into her, rubbing against her clitoris with each stroke. Her arms clasped his back.

When she finally came, the orgasm flooded and lifted her whole body, additional stabs of pleasure from Coll's own orgasm stimulating her further a few moments later.

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