tagNonHumanFor The Love of Botany Ch. 2

For The Love of Botany Ch. 2


When Sarah regained consciousness from the latest series of orgasms she felt the familiar feeling of the lush green plant life on her, in her, and around her. How long she had been down there she didn't know. Why no one had found her she didn't know. The only thing she did know was that every hour the plant entered her and fed off her juices.

Lately, after the last few orgasms instead of sucking up her cunt juices like it normally did it reversed and came in her. She wondered if she could bear its "fruit" so to speak. But she couldn't complain. She was fed, cared for, and fucked wonderfully. How could she? Also as of late the plants cock and tentacles had been getting bigger and thicker.

As had the plant as a whole. Her eyes had grown accustomed too the dark and she could almost see clearly. Mr. Sanchez had not returned and she hoped he was dead by some freak accident. She felt the limp tentacle between her legs begin to stir. She reached behind her and picked a piece of fruit waiting for the regular fucking to begin. Another thing had happened. The plant seemed to have learned how to pleasure her. It knew her hot spots. It now started with a sucking of the clit and an anal fucking.

The tentacle between her legs was several inches wide and about 8ft long. It slid around her leg and began to wrap around her slowly inching up her thigh. Finally it came to her pelvis and it slid around leaving a wet slime trail down her leg. It constricted on her ass pulling one firm cheek out of the way. It slowly edged its way inward till its thick head pressed against her still tight anus. Sarah tensed herself in preparation for the coming pleasure as she felt it push in to the tight hole and slide forward about 6 inches. Sarah still had some pain but the pleasure easily overrode it.

Then the tentacle slid out almost all the way leaving about an inch inside her. Two more tentacles had worked their way up her waist to her heaving tits and had begun to stroke, squeeze, and suck them. Sarah let out a slight moan of pleasure as the plant worked. She loved having her tight anal passage fucked slowly and steadily. Another tentacle positioned itself over her belly button and slowly slid down her cum covered body till it came to her hardening clit.

It fastened its sucker over it and began to work it slowly each suck long and hard. "Ahhhh ohhh come my little baby, fucccckkk meeeeeeee,"Sarah moaned as the plant pleasured her tits,ass and clit. Then she heard and saw the bud open up exposing the glistening wet cocklike pistol. It now was about 18 inches long with its recent growth. It moved down towards her widely spread legs and positioned itself right in front of her pussy lips. Sarah grinned as she waited for the massive pistol to enter her and fuck her. It slid forward pushing more and more of it in. Then it slid back out tearing a groan from her as it rubbed her sensitive cunt walls.

She could feel the two tentacles working closely together b/t her ass and cunt. She loved every twitch b/t the two of them. The plant forced farther in its massive head pushing against the back of her cunt, deep in her belly. It fucked back out causing her to scream as it did. She began to plunge her hips up and forward on the tentacle in her ass and the cock in her cunt. The now familiar feeling of a building orgasm began to start in her filled cunt. The tentacles on her tits and clit began to suck and stroke feverishly trying to bring her to cum. "Godddd yesss takeeee mee makeee me cummm," Sarah groaned through each of the thrusting tentacles. She felt herself tense trying to prolong the fuck by not cumming. But the fucking in her tortured cunt and ass was too much. She screamed and gripped the leafy ground beneath her as she exploded in orgasm, her whole body shaking in the aftermath. Once again the plant began to shoot inside her each explosion obvious and sensitive.

She counted six total each time a small thing landed in the back of her cunt. Then she collapsed in a heap and fell into a deep sleep. Deep inside her womb 12 seeds covered in her cum began to sprout, taking root in her juices and feeding off them. When Sarah came too again she felt different. Looking down at her cunt she saw beneath the wet exterior a small tentacle reaching out and grabbing the edge of her cuntlips and pulling. Sarah watched in fascination as 12 small tentacled plants emerged.

Their dragging motions stretched her cunt and she collapsed backwards as she orgasmed again. They all turned and extended long sucking tentacles into her cunt and began to suck at her cunt walls and pussy sucking all the juices of hers they could. The larger plant stirred and forced a tentacle up her waiting asshole and began the steady fucking. The combination of dozens of small suckers and the fucking in her ass was amazing. Sarah screamed as they worked. Each thrust and suck teasing her sensitive cunt causing it to spasm and twitch in pleasure.

But her pleasure only drove them on. She clenched her eyes shut as her babies worked. She screamed again as one found her clit and began to torture it with its hard fast sucking. "Yesss babiesss give it tooo mommmmyyyyy," She moaned through her clenched teeth. Finally she orgasmed and dropped back and watched as each of her little children's buds burst forth in beautiful colors, but the most beautiful thing lay in the center of the buds. Each held a small 2 inch pistol which with a few more fuckings would be full sized. Sarah grinned in pleasure as her cunt finished spasmings and her little babies fed themselves.

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