tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 039

For the Whored Ch. 039


Tulani met them, Mrs. Finister holding Darguni. Tulani flung herself at Elunara and began to kiss her all over her face. Elunara laughed and returned the affection. She turned and plucked Darguni out of Mrs. Finister's arms. He clung to her as if he'd never see her again. Elunara sat on the ground and wept; arms tight around her baby.

All at once, people began to fall upon Elunara.

"This is the strangest thing I have ever seen." Zelinnia blinked as she stared.

Renwa laughed. "That is our Elunara. You may not understand her, but you will learn to love her."

"He was going to kill me." She shuddered. "I was supposed to be her friend, on his command, and we thought... we thought he'd let me leave the tent at night, but he demanded I stay. When she tried to give me a reason to leave..." She looked at Renwa. "He was going to kill me because he thought she was displeased. So, she jumped in front of his blade." She looked back at the crowd. "And she gave herself to him. Every night. While I hid in a corner, she made sure he never saw me. What kind of person is that?"

Renwa shrugged. "That's our Elunara." He said, as he walked to the crowd.

"Where is Gerald? I need to kiss him for figuring out my code."

"Actually," Renwa laughed. "I figured it out, and Tulani figured out how to send the paper back."

"Oh, in that case." She grabbed the front of his armor and yanked him forward. She assaulted his mouth before releasing him. After many cheers, she turned, tugged on one of Tulani's horns and repeated the process. The crowd began to whistle and jeer.

"You are the strangest bunch of people I have ever seen." Zelinnia propped her hands on her hips.

"I can kiss you too, if it'd make you happy." Elunara laughed as she winked.

She held up her hands. "No, thank you."

Elunara looked up at Grogek. "See, told you she was straight."

"Is she a Blood Elf?" Someone whispered.

"She is my friend. That's all you need to know." Elunara glared.

A man held up his hands. "If she is yours, then she is ours."

Elunara reached out and patted him on the head. "Zelinnia will stay with us until we find her other accommodations."

Renwa nodded. "That's for the best."

"Oh, Oh... I totally have to tell you this nugget of hilarity." Elunara called out. "Lorros, was trying to save me from Grogek, because he believed he was whoring me out to his men." Zelinnia continued to watch Elunara in fascination.

Everyone froze.

"Are you serious?" A man called out.

"Yes, Jerry. He told me that several times."

The entire crowd broke out into a fit of giggles.

"Imagine! Me! The helpless victim of Grogek's cruelty!" She posed dramatically.

The laughter intensified. Some of them were laughing so hard they couldn't stand up. She couldn't tell how genuine it was, but it seemed that everyone shared the same joke.

"Did you cut his balls off?" A plump woman asked.

Elunara sighed. "It is to my great regret that I did not get a chance to."


"Jeez Mayby," A man frowned. "Curb the bloodlust would ya?"

"It's Elunara. I would have expected her to make earrings out of them."

"Damned if I don't like that idea." She looked up. "Hey, can we ride back real quick?"

"I got a souvenir you will like." He grinned back at her.

"Ah well. He couldn't measure up to yours anyhow."

"That's for sure." Someone coughed.

"Now!" Elunara called out. "We all know how much of an attention whore I am..." She grinned as everyone snickered. "But I am exhausted and I would like to spend time with my family." She paused a beat. "The family that shares my roof, not the rest of you."

They laughed and moved out of her way.

She reached back. "Zelinnia, follow us. We will show you where you will stay."

She was given odd looks, so she followed quickly behind. Regardless of what anyone said, she was still a Blood Elf in an Alliance town. Elunara held her baby while Grogek had an arm wrapped around her shoulders. But the curious thing here, was the Draenei woman's arm around Elunara's waist. They led the way to a barracks building. Once inside, Zelinnia looked around. Everywhere, she could see pages and pages of drawings. She moved to the wall and inspected them. Most of them were of naked men of all races.

After handing the baby to the Draenei, Elunara walked to one wall and yanked a picture down. She wadded it up, and looked down at the ball. With sigh she laid it on a desk and straightened it out.

"I need to see the jewel crafter about something first." Grogek said. He kissed Elunara on the forehead. "I won't take long."

She smiled. "No, don't worry about me. Go do whatever it is."

He stared at her for a long moment before turning and walking out. Elunara began to dig through some books and pulled one down. Opening it up, she flipped to the right place and put the picture of Lorros in her book. She took out a pencil and made a death date notation.

Tulani stood in the center of the room, just watching Elunara.

Elunara turned to Zelinnia. "This bed is yours." She pointed to one on the wall. "I know you didn't come with much, but we'll get you whatever you need."

"Is this whole building yours?"

"Yes. The big bed is mine and Grogek's. The bed right there beside ours is Tulani's. Darguni sleeps in the back room."

"Why do you have five beds?" She sat down.

"For guests." Elunara took Darguni again and cuddled him. She tugged Tulani over to sit on her bed.

"Can't they stay in town?" She considered the bed. It wasn't bad for what it was. It was not Silvermoon, but then again, nothing was and she hadn't been there in a time.

Elunara grinned and Tulani giggled. "My guests prefer their privacy."

"They also don't usually stay overnight." Tulani grinned.

Zelinnia was horribly confused. "Alright." She frowned. "I have to ask... you two seem awfully touchy feely."

Elunara played with the baby. "The easiest way to explain, is that Tulani is my wife."

"But you have a husband." She blurted.

"I have a husband and a wife."

Grogek walked in.

Zelinnia shot a look to the massive orc. "You have a husband AND a wife?"

Grogek shrugged and grinned. "Everyone has trouble understanding it at first."

"So you have two wives?" Her eyebrows rose.

"No." He shrugged. He sat on the bed and put his back to the wall. He reached over and pulled both women into his lap. "Tulani and I" He patted the Draenei's head. "Have an understanding. We both love Elunara, and she loves us both. We are not a competition, and we are not actually involved."

"My brain hurts." Zelinnia rubbed her eyes with the heels of her hands.

"Did he hurt you?" Tulani frowned and rubbed Elunara's cheek.

She shrugged. "It's not to worry about, sweetheart. Don't think about it too much, or it will hurt." Elunara brushed a kiss on Tulani's lips. "Remember, I can make anything work for me."

Zelinnia shuddered. "I saw it, and I'm still appalled by it. I can't image actually having to do that."

Tulani gasped and tears streamed down her eyes.

"No. No, don't cry." Elunara kissed her cheeks.

"That bastard." Grogek growled as he wrapped his arms around both women. Darguni started to cry at Tulani's tears, and they switched their attention to the baby.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have opened my mouth." Zelinnia muttered.

"Tulani was a victim of slavers. Sex trafficking." Elunara frowned.

Zelinnia buried her face in her hands. "Now I really regret saying that."

Elunara took Tulani's face in her hands. "Sweetie, I didn't hurt. Just because he was worthless, doesn't mean that years of training didn't help me. I've been in worse, I've had worse." She wrapped her arms around Tulani. "I can make any man enjoyable."

"How?" Zelinnia heard herself ask.

Elunara laughed.

Darguni was still being insistent, and Tulani picked him up and began to nurse.

"Wait, I thought you were the mother." Zelinnia stared.

"I gave birth to him, yes."

"More like carved him out of your own stomach." Grogek laughed.

"Well, yes." Elunara rolled her eyes.

Zelinnia scooted backwards. "You did what now?"

"He was too big for my body. He was tearing me apart... so I summoned my dagger and..." She made a ripping motion.

"Out of your own stomach?" Zelinnia squeaked.

"Yep." Elunara shrugged. "Anyhow, I'm a mission specialist. One of the best in the Alliance. My missions involve seducing men for information. Because of my insatiable need for men, and my hyper realistic drawing abilities, I became the go to gal for extracting even the most sensitive of information. I have fucked my way through entire regimes."

"And most of Grommash's army." Grogek snorted.

"Hey, they were delicious." She shrugged.

"And you're ok with this?" Zelinnia blinked.

Grogek grinned. "Sometimes I get to watch."

"Watch? Hell, that man took forever to look me in the eye again." She chided.

"If he wasn't man enough to handle his side of it, he didn't deserve to meet your eye."

Zelinnia just stared. She was bunking in a mad house, in a town of Alliance. "What did I get myself into?" She muttered.

Elunara rolled her eyes. "Don't be like that. You have no interest, so we have no interest."

"Elunara never asks for more than you can give." Tulani added quietly. "That is why we love her."

Elunara kissed Tulani's forehead. "Do not worry about me, my little lovely. I was in no pain." She laid her head and Grogek's chest. "Though I almost ripped his nuts off when he went in the back, dry." She muttered.

Rage filled Grogek's face. "He did what?" He hissed.

"Calm, my love. He, sadly, can't be killed again."

Grogek relaxed fractionally. "All the more reason I'm glad I took his worthless head off his shoulders."

Tulani seemed to not know what this meant and gave Grogek an odd look. "I think it's time to put Darguni to bed." She said.

Elunara jumped up and held out her arms. "Please, let me."

Tulani handed him over and continued to sit peacefully in Grogek's lap. Zelinnia watched how both tracked Elunara's movements and stared at the door. Neither seemed to pay much attention to each other. When Elunara came back out, she watched the pair smile and invite Elunara back in.

"Are you an Azeroth Draenei or a Draenor?"

"Draenor." Tulani wrapped her arms around Elunara.

Zelinnia nodded and considered.

"The most annoying part of this whole damned thing is that people are going to treat me like I'm fragile for a few days." Elunara pouted.

Grogek laughed. "You? Fragile?"

"I am so dueling your ass tomorrow." She snarled.

"Sweetheart, I welcome it."

She considered. "I wonder if I can lure Jerry and Louis in here."

Grogek coughed. "They... kind of told people already."

Elunara shot straight up. "WHAT? AND I MISSED IT??"

Tulani giggled. Grogek flushed.

"Well, they were so distraught over your capture... they..." Grogek rocked his head back and forth. "Comforted each other in front of other people."

"Goddammit. I'm going to go find a necromancer, rez Lorros, and KILL HIM AGAIN!"

"Who are Jerry and Louis?"

"A pair of gay men who have been using Elunara as a cover." Tulani smiled. "They're very sweet."

"I've been waiting for those damned dinkleberries to come out for a YEAR, and that fuck nut, limp dick, pissant MAKES ME MISS IT!"

"Keep your voice down dear; you don't want to wake the baby." He kissed the top of her head. "Besides, you could say they came out because of it."

She crossed her arms and pouted. "Doesn't help."

"Well, then tomorrow you can work out some of your frustration in the training ring." He kissed her shoulder.

"Tearing each other apart usually brings me joy." She smiled up at him.

"Hey, guys. I hate to break up..." She shook her head. "Whatever that is... but your Draenei is asleep."

Elunara looked down. "Yeah, she's out." Elunara sighed.

"She hasn't slept since you went missing." Grogek frowned. "I have been worried about her health. When she finally does fall asleep, she has horrific nightmares."

"I could kill him again, just for that." Elunara sighed. "My sweet girl." Elunara kissed the top of Tulani's head. "Help me get her into her bed."

Grogek shifted himself and scooped up the Draenei woman. He carefully transferred her into the smaller bed. Elunara climbed down and kissed Tulani on the cheek. "I'm here when you need me, my doll." She murmured.

She climbed back into the big bed and Grogek's lap.

Zelinnia looked away. "Well, I'm tired. I'm gonna go to sleep now." She stretched and then climbed into the bed and laid her head on the pillow. When they began to whisper, she pinched her eyes shut.

They seemed to be just talking, and Zelinnia sighed in relief, she even managed to doze off.

Zelinnia opened her eyes and was briefly disoriented. She remembered where she was and scooted under her blanket. She turned over and found herself staring at Elunara completely naked. She had gotten used to seeing the Night Elf naked, but not what she saw. Elunara's eyes practically glittered. Instead of pressed to the dirty floor, she was on a bed, above the brown form. He was huge compared to the Night Elf, but she did not seem to care.

Elunara was already covered in sheen of sweat; the brown orc below her was the same. She bent down and kissed his mouth, kissed his chin, working her way down his neck and chin. She moved one hand to his dick and slid it up and down, grinning and whispering who knows what. He groaned and gently ran his hands down her body, his hands coming to rest on her hips. Still she teased him. Zelinnia found she could not look away.

"I missed you so terribly." She kissed again. "This warm beautiful body. She ran her tongue from his stomach to his chest. She teased a nipple with her tongue and teeth. "All I could think about was how much I needed you." She slid her breasts from his stomach to his chest. She lowered her body to his, using her wetness to slid against the top of his dick.

He groaned. "Oh, my beauty. I was so terrified. I didn't want his filthy hands on you. I didn't want him to hurt you." He slid his hands down her back. "I know how you are. I know you, I see you, but still." He pushed her face down to his and he kissed her. He ran his tongue on her lips. He slipped inside and tasted her mouth.

She continued to writhe and brush against him, driving him mad. His hands flexed on her hips.

"I've had many men." She whispered. "And none of them compare to you." She slid her tongue in his mouth, and tangled with his. "That bastard thought he could erase you. Thought he could claim me." She rose up again, hovered above him. She slid down on to his dick and sat there grinning at his groan. "No one could take your place." She reached out.

He raised his hands and linked his fingers with her.

"Only you can fill me." She began to rock up and down. She arched her back and bucked her hips. "You are mine and I am yours. No one." She leaned forward, her breasts dangling in front of him; still he did not unlink his fingers. "No one can replace you. It is you I love."

He released her hands and wrapped his arms around her waist. She wrapped her arms around his head and pressed kisses across his face. He moved a hand to behind her head and devoured her.

Zelinnia swallowed and continued to watch. As repulsed as she had been before, she was fascinated now. This is what that moron Lorros could have never understood.

Zelinnia woke again to a whimpering sound. She thought maybe it was the baby, but then she saw Elunara, still naked, as she slid into the Draenei woman's bed.

"Sssh, Shhh, my sweetness." Elunara wrapped her arms around Tulani. Tulani turned over and buried her face in Elunara's shoulder. "That's my girl. I'm right here." Elunara kissed her forehead.

"You..." Whimpered Tulani. "You were gone. And... I couldn't find you." She sniffled.

"I'm here now." She ran her hand up Tulani's back. "It's ok my little love."

"I tried to find you... and then... they came back." She cried. "They always come back."

"Now, now." She ran her hands up and down Tulani's back, over her butt and down her legs. "They will never come back for you. I won't let them."

Tulani sniffled and clung to Elunara. "They hurt you."

Elunara scoffed. "They can never hurt me. I don't let them. Remember, my love, I will protect you. I won't let you hurt anymore." Elunara put her hands on both sides of Tulani's face and pressed kisses on her eyes and her nose and her chin and finally her mouth. "You will only find pleasure here." She murmured.

Tulani returned her kiss and wrapped herself around Elunara.

Zelinnia wasn't aware of what went on under those sheets, but she didn't need that much of an imagination. She turned to the wall and stubbornly stayed there til morning.

She was startled by the sound of Grogek, and curled in a ball to make herself smaller. She peeked out from under the sheet to see that Grogek wasn't paying attention to anyone. He was getting dressed. Elunara pulled herself out of Tulani's bed and stretched.

"She had a rough night?" He whispered.

"Yeah, but I made it better." She grinned.

He grinned back and went back to what Zelinnia assumed was a routine.

Elunara put a hand on her. "I know you're awake."

Cautiously Zelinnia pushed back the sheet.

"None of us bite guests."

"Or only the ones that ask for it." Grogek said as he shaved.

Elunara rolled her eyes and kissed his cheek. "I'm going to wait for Tulani to wake. She might wake scared."

He nodded. "Do as you do best."

She cocked her head to the side. "So how many heads did you crack over my disappearance?"

He shrugged. "Most of them cracked themselves."

"Aww, I'm touched."

"We've done a pretty fine job of filling the town with people who adore you."

She tapped a finger to her chin. "But I haven't fucked ALL of them."

"Give it time." He grinned.

She smacked his arm and went to retrieve the baby.

Zelinnia just stared. "What did that mean?"

Grogek considered. "Elunara invented a new thing. She calls it sexual therapy. She either has sex with people for fun, or she teaches them how to enjoy sex."

"You're joking."

"I'm her best customer." He winked.

"I'm her second best." Tulani timidly called from her bed.

Elunara laughed and shook her head. "But it's so fun! And I have to practice somehow." She handed the baby to Tulani who began to nurse.

"I should expect you at the ring soon?"

"Go get started, I'm going to take Zelinnia to Eloise."

Grogek nodded. He picked up his axe and left.

"You people are weird." Zelinnia eyed the two women. "Who is Eloise?"

"I've never drawn a Blood Elf. Well, female anyway. I am totally going to talk you into letting me."

Zelinnia frowned. "As long as I don't have to have sex with you."

She laughed. "Sweetie, the only female I find sexually attractive is Tulani. Even the women that come to me is just business."

"She never makes anyone do something they're not comfortable with." Tulani smiled.

"It'd be nice to add you to the healer book anyway. Then after we hit Eloise we'll go down and you can watch me make a fool of myself. After, I know where we can get hot baths. I disparately need one."

"That... does sound nice."

Elunara turned to Tulani. "Meet me at the ring?"

She nodded. "Don't get kidnapped on the way, please?"

"I'm on the alert!" She saluted and dragged Zelinnia out.

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