tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 040

For the Whored Ch. 040


"Eloise! I have a challenge for you!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming."

"Oh, these fabrics are nice." Zelinnia fingered a bolt of fabric.

Eloise eyed Elunara. "You found ANOTHER ONE?? Gods, woman, some of us can't find a ONE!"

Elunara laughed. "She's painfully straight. I assure you. She's just a new friend. I saved her."

"Of course you did." Eloise huffed. "Well, let me look at ya." She paused. "Do I need glasses, or did you bring me a Blood Elf?"

"Hey, you know me. Go big or give up."

Eloise rolled her eyes. "Well, she's got fascinating color. I got just the fabrics." Eloise dug out her books. "You're good with style, you figure it out."

"Here, you can pick out your own clothes." Elunara shoved the book at a bewildered Zelinnia. "You can pick out two. That's a good start."

"I can't pay..."

"My tab."

"Elunara's gold is good anywhere." Eloise shrugged.

Afterwards, Zelinnia frowned. "Thank you."

Elunara shrugged. "Apparently I have a habit of giving newcomers clothes."

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"I... saw you last night."

She shrugged and scratched the back of her head. "Sorry, we missed each other. Didn't mean to wake you."

"I..." She bit her lip and ducked her head. "I watched."


"I mean... I didn't just peek, I kinda... watched for awhile." She blushed. "I didn't mean to, I'm so sorry."

Elunara laughed. "Sweetie, the amount of people who have watched Grogek and I have sex, is probably more than the amount of spells you know."

Zelinnia sputtered. "What?"

"In fact, there's a monthly betting pool over at the south orchard if you ever want in on that." Elunara grinned.

"You are so completely bizarre."

"Yes she is."

Elunara looked over and grinned. "Hey, sugar. I'm headed down to challenge Grogek to a throw down."

Renwa rolled his eyes. "You just can't stop yourself, can you?"

"I have to let everyone know I'm not a fragile goddamned butterfly."

"No one said you were."

She shrugged. "I got a backlog of mean, since I can't carve it out of Lorros' ass; I'll have to whack it out of Grogek's."

Renwa raised an eyebrow. "Knowing you, you did plenty of whacking Grogek last night."

"You know me too well, lover buns."

Renwa shook his head. "Your nicknames get stranger every day."

"Let me guess." Zelinnia frowned. "You've either seen or had sex with her too."

Renwa blushed and cleared his throat. Elunara raised her eyebrows.

"That is correct." He managed.

"Honesty is the best policy." Elunara nodded. "You should give him a spin, he's pretty sexy himself." She grinned.

Zelinnia went scarlet. Elunara grinned and put her hands behind her head.

"Oh looky, the training yard." She called out merrily.

Elunara went to the weapon rack and picked up her staff. Everyone had already started tracking her movements, and many slowed down. Tulani made herself comfortable up on the hill with Darguni. Elunara twirled her staff and looked around. Grogek grinned and made his way to the far end of the ring. Everyone stopped completely and found their safe distance to watch.

"You know," Elunara called out. "I was gone for almost three weeks. Something tells me I need to re-establish my dominance!"

Grogek snorted. "Your dominance?" He chuckled. "You're only out here because you can't stop showing off."

"Oh, it. Is. ON!"

They went at each other like rabid dogs. Zelinnia watched the exchange in complete fascination.

"Why did she allow herself to be trapped, if she's," Zelinnia jumped back as Elunara was cracked in the head with the side of Grogek's axe. She jumped up with a growl and continued on, unfazed. "Able to do all this?"

"Elunara is smart. She keeps her head together and figures out the best way to approach the situation." He winced as Elunara cracked Grogek uncomfortably close to the balls. "I have not spoken with her about the incident." He winced again. "But I intend to as soon as possible. I would like to also speak with you."

"Me?" She stammered. "Why me?"

"You are new here, and Elunara has vouched for you, but you still remain a Blood Elf in an Alliance town. You will need to know more about us, and what is expected of you." He chuckled. "I can imagine living with Elunara will have its share of" He grit his teeth and wondered how Grogek was still standing. "Awkward situations."

"Oh." She stepped back and barely missed being hit with flying debris. "Aren't you going to stop this?"

Renwa laughed. "This is foreplay to them."

Elunara sat with her knees on Grogek's chest. They were banged up, scratched up and exhausted."Do..."

She huffed. "You... yield?"

Grogek swung his arm up. Elunara made to block but he just wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down. They ate each other's mouths. The crowd went wild. Elunara laughed and wiggled free, she stood on his chest and threw her arms in the air. "I'M BACK, BABY!" She yelled. Another round of cheers.

"Get off me." Grogek grunted. She laughed and jumped down. Grogek walked to a cart and snagged something out of it. He walked back to the center.

"SHUT IT!" He bellowed. At once everyone went silent. "You all know, that Elunara and I were married in a ceremony many months ago. Per tradition, I gave her a series of small gifts, of which meant nothing to either of us. For all this time, I tried with much difficulty, to find a present suitable for my beautiful warrior she wolf." He turned to Elunara and grinned. "Lorros tried to take you from me. I had to go far to get you back." He turned back to the crowd. "So it is only fitting that the tribute I have for you, comes from that. I cut the head off of that bastard, but what to do with my trophy? A head is an awfully heavy thing to haul around. I knew what I wanted to use, but what do I make? A ring?" She shook his head. "Human traditions do not suit us. A necklace would not do, she already wears one with meaning. It finally came to me." He held out a twisted thing.

Elunara took it from him and saw the teeth, wired into a spiral. She slipped it up her arm, just below sleeve length. She grinned at it.

"It is a combination of elvish design, and the teeth the slain Lorros. Wear it with pride my love, for at the end of his life, you ripped his teeth out, before I cut off his head!" Grogek barked in laughter.

Elunara reached up and grabbed a fang. She yanked his head down and kissed him to the cheers or the crowd. Grogek spoke in orcish.

Elunara laughed. "I love you, you sentimental maniac. This is perfect."

Turning, she surveyed the crowd. "Just because I was gone for a few weeks, doesn't mean I cancelled my practices." She gave the crowd a look before heading off. She stopped at Zelinnia's feet. "Come on Sugar, I'm desperate for a hot soak."

"He gave you a bangle of teeth." Zelinnia said flatly. It had taken some effort, but Elunara had managed to convince the Blood Elf to join her and Tulani in the giant tub.

Elunara and Tulani were taking turns playing with Darguni. "I know!" Elunara exclaimed. "Isn't it awesome?" She looked down at her new adornment. "Best wedding present ever."

Tulani laughed. "It suits you."

"Elunara, are you in here?"

"Back this way."

Renwa stuck his head around the door. "We need to talk about your capture."

"That's fine. Take a seat." She gestured to a chair.

Tulani had gotten used to Renwa, so she just actively ignored him. Zelinnia ducked further under the water.

"We can do this another time."

"Sit, I'd rather speak now, while I'm relaxed."

"Do you have no shame?" Zelinnia grumbled.

"Honey, Johnathan and I are old friends. And the only reason I don't stroll around town naked, is it might offend other people. My body is just a tool that I use."

"She would." Tulani said offhandedly.

"Night Elves are weird." She muttered.

Renwa laughed. "She is not like any other Night Elf that has ever lived.

"In fact," Elunara grinned. "I was banished from my home, for being... too weird."

"By her own mother." Tulani added.

"Ouch." Zelinnia frowned.

"Back to the matter at hand." Renwa frowned. "How did they get to you?"

"I'm not entirely sure. I know that they caught me off guard. Judging from the lump on my head when I woke up, they cracked me pretty good."

"Soldier, report."

"Sir. I woke up in a secluded tent. I could see nothing from the inside except a pair of burly guards on my tent. Lorros was there when I woke. He treated me like an abused child. I went for brave but grateful, this seemed to be the attitude he expected from me. I tried the pee tactic, but found Lorros himself escorting me. He was paranoid, sir. Deeply paranoid. While he didn't directly stare at me, he did not let me out of his sight. The tent walls were buried into the ground so I could not escape there either. The only two times he led me out, He blocked my view so that I could see nothing of where I was, only snow."


"There were always two guards outside my door at all times. No one was allowed in or out and should I approach the door, I was shoved backwards. He spent the night in the tent, and the guards stayed there. He never shared anything with me. He treated me as if I was a child he had rescued, yet he always had sex with me and then pinned me under him. It was a ritual of sorts. He did nothing that wasn't directly related to sex with me. I tried all standard bargaining methods and he wasn't hearing it. I was not allowed paper, or pretty much anything."

"What was he doing there?"

She shook her head. "I could gather nothing from him. He rarely spoke. He usually tore off whatever I was wearing and had at me, went to sleep on top of me, and left in the morning. There were no grooming habits that I was even aware of."

Tulani slid her hand over Elunara's.

"When I asked for a visitor or a friend, he shoved Zelinnia in my tent, and then refused to let her leave. She became as trapped as I was."

"It was awful." Zelinnia mumbled.

"When I tried to give him an excuse to release her, he tried to kill her for not being a satisfactory companion." Elunara sighed. "He was paranoid. To levels I could only guess at. I did what I could, but it meant nothing. He seemed to think I was a pathetic child that needed protecting. When I saw a green fleck I thought might be Thrall, I let out a whistle. This seemed to enrage Lorros. I talked him back down, but once the troops attacked, I was able to summon my dagger and deal with my guards." She looked up at Renwa. "Was... anyone hurt because of me?"

He sighed. "We lost 3 good men."

"Bring me their names later." She bit her lip.

"I will."

"Zelinnia." Elunara turned to the Blood Elf. "What can you tell us of Lorros?"

"He was goddamned crazy is what he was." She muttered. "I'll agree to paranoid. He had been training at the Horde base camp, but his methods were... questionable. He had it out with Thrall and the Frostwolves a few times. He believed that he had to train men harder and faster. He wanted an army YESTERDAY. He was brutal. After a falling out, he was moved to the camp you are aware of, and troops sent up." She shivered. "He didn't believe in separation of class. Mages trained with warriors, who trained with rogues. Everyone was the same. If you didn't make the cut..." She rubbed her arm. "One day, I screwed up, I was using a sword I had no business using. I dropped it, cut the ankle of another soldier..." She sighed. "He broke my arm. Just snapped it like a twig."

Tulani shifted in the tub and hugged Zelinnia. "I'm so sorry."

"Uhh, yeah." Zelinnia wiggled uncomfortably. "Anyway, I was hiding in the healer tent when I was marched up to Elunara's tent and shoved in. I still can't believe you saved me. Mission specialist or not." She muttered

Elunara shrugged. "It's in my nature, I guess." She rolled her eyes. "Though it's a recent development." Eyeing Renwa, she considered. "I feel like I should drag you in the water and have my way with you, just to prove I'm not losing my mind."

He flushed. "That won't be necessary."

"Oh really?" She grinned. "Something else got your attention?"

He stood up. "I will take your report into consideration." He left immediately.

Elunara grinned at his retreating form. This was going to be fascinating. She looked over and saw Zelinnia glaring at her. "Oh, calm down. I wouldn't have."

Tulani raised her eyebrows, but said nothing.

Back in Ina's healing room, Ina looked Zelinnia over. "Well, the bone is healing right, though I can tell there's still some swelling. You'll be plenty fine." Ina passed Elunara a mug. "Chug it."

"Can I get two?" Elunara shrugged. "Just in case."

Ina shook her head. "I gave you a double strength shot. Anyone else would probably be laid out on the floor, but I know you."

Elunara nodded and chugged down the liquid.

"Do I want to know?" Zelinnia eyed Elunara.

"Birth control."

"Ah." She shuddered.

"Come on," She sat the cup down. "I want to make sure that every person in town knows your face. It was hard enough getting people to trust Grogek. But, you're Horde. We have a long standing distrust of the Horde, it's going to be a tough road for you."

"Elunara?" Tulani's voice was low. "Can I stay with you?"

Elunara wrapped her arms around Tulani and smiled. "Gladly. But tomorrow, you have to go back to your work. We can't let Lorros' stupidity hover over our heads."

Tulani nodded.

Tulani and Elunara walked hand in hand. Zelinnia couldn't help but feel a little jealous.

"So Zel," Elunara began. "What did you used to do?"


"Well, in order to find out how you fit in here, we need to assess what you're best at."

Tulani smiled. "Before I was captured, I used to sew. Now I work for Eloise."

"If you don't find something to do, you'll go nuts." Elunara nodded.

Zelinnia sighed. "Well, I don't know. I mean, I studied as a mage because it helped control the cravings, but beyond that, I didn't do too terribly much."

"Cravings?" Tulani asked.

"Blood elves crave magic like a dying man craves water." Elunara shrugged.

"Or you crave sex?" Tulani giggled and Elunara just grinned.

"Mostly, I was just a port bitch." Zelinnia sighed. "I came out here thinking I'd be better off, and discovered myself in a mess."

"I was just a horny Night Elf who liked to draw." Elunara grinned. "I turned it into a marketable skill. When I was kicked out of Darnassus, I turned to Stormwind, and worked the SI:7 for awhile, and eventually became a trained operative who used her body to get what she wanted, and returned information for the Alliance. It all takes you somewhere, if you just find what you like, and keep working at it."

"Well, I can't draw, and I don't intend to do... that with my body." Zelinnia curled up her nose.

"Renwa wants to do... "that" to your body." Elunara grinned.

Zelinnia flushed and crossed her arms. "Not a chance."

Elunara shrugged. "You should know. Renwa is the marrying type. It's why we didn't work."

"How do you know that?"

"We've known each other for a long time, and yes, I've had him in every way imaginable." She grinned. "But, he had it in his mind that he could stop me from... well, being who I am. He gave up on that pursuit some time ago. I know he'd be dog faithful to whomever he married."

"A human and a Blood Elf?" She scoffed. "Wouldn't happen."

Elunara scoffed. "And a Night Elf marrying an Orc, with a Draenei lover is the most legitimate thing you've ever seen?" She raised an eyebrow.

Zelinnia just stared. "You have me there." She finally admitted.

Elunara stopped and sighed. "Louis, get your ass out here, right now."

He came out from behind a building. "Aww, how did you know it was me?"

"Because I recognize your footsteps, and you blunder around like a baby cow."

"Jerry said I was getting better."

Elunara snorted. "He also dotes on you." She shook her head. "I'm going to have to teach you how to stealth walk."

He rubbed the toe of his boot in the dirt. "But you have that Night Elf thing..."

"Being able to track a target quietly is essential. You don't have to be a Night Elf to do it." She sighed. "I'm not going to get kidnapped again."

"But you might!" He clenched his fists. "And we can't have any more slip ups."

Elunara sighed. "Sweetie, shit happens. It's the way of the world. No one knew Lorros had gone crazy." She grabbed Louis's shirt. "Now, about coming out while I was gone." She growled.

He flushed. "It was an accident. We didn't even think about who was around." He flapped his hands. "It just happened!"

She sighed and let him go. "MONTHS!" She tossed up her hands. "MONTHS of trying to get you two idiots to just tell everyone. Let me guess, no one was surprised."

He flushed. "Just like you said..." He fiddled his fingers. "I recall there was some cheering..." He bowed his head. "But we were just so embarrassed."

Elunara shook her head. "Months of waiting..." She wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "It's about damned time."

"We won't be using your room anymore." His blush deepened. "We share a room now."

She shrugged. "Anytime you want to, you can." She smacked him in the head. "Now leave, before I tell Grogek how terrible you sneak."

Louis took off running.

Zelinnia shook her head. "You have a weird relationship with everyone."

"You have no idea."

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