tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 077

For the Whored Ch. 077


Elunara was sitting under the tree, sketching, when Darguni flopped into her lap. She'd just barely pulled the board out of the way in time.

"Momma! Bradly says my fang is dumb."

"Did you tell him that his opinions of your body are dumb?"

"Well, no."

"Love, everyone has been giving me their opinions of my body all of my life, and it doesn't mean a damned thing. It shouldn't mean anything to you either. I know it hurts at first, but after awhile, it just becomes silly." She kissed his forehead.

"Drina said our family is weird." He pouted.

"Honey, our family IS weird. Most relationships happen between two people. Ours happens between four. Calling us weird isn't even an insult at this point. I like it weird."

"Why is it so weird?" He frowned and laid his head on her chest.

"Because I love them. They love me. It just worked out this way." She laughed. "And before you ask, no, it will never be normal. I'm a Night Elf who fell in love with an Orc. That breaks about fifteen laws of logic all on its own. Then came Tulani, and then Jordan. We make it work."

"Momma Tuly said you make everything alright."

"People were mean to her when she joined me. In fact, she was downright picked on and bullied. And yes, I made it right. Now she holds her head up high."

"That's your power?"

"That's one of my many powers." She lifted his chin. "Remember, weird is the best kind of amazing. You were born of a Night Elf and an Orc. Nothing you ever do will be normal. If you don't embrace the weird now, you may never know peace."

He considered this for a moment before jumping up and running off.

She sighed.

Zelinnia sat down and sighed. "I feel like I swallowed a melon."

"Pfft, my entire seven months, I was either too sick to lift my head, or too heavy to move. Enjoy your nice, normal pregnancy."

"In a bad mood?"

"Kids. All they know is what they hear their parents say."

"Ah. Well, Darguni is coming along nicely, even for his... troubles."

Elunara glared.

"Hey, don't be like that. You know that's not what I meant. I'm talking about the rapid age thing."

"Sorry." She sighed. "I had a rough childhood, because everyone expected something out of me that I couldn't give them. I don't like to think about how he's going to grow up."

"Besides, a Human/Blood Elf baby can't compete with an Orc/Night Elf, but it's still pretty high on the weird scale." She sighed. "That being said, I can't wait to get him or her out of me so I can meet them."

"Still not finding out the gender?"

"We've been debating."

"Hoping for a specific?"

"We've been debating."

"Fun." Elunara ran a hand over Zelinnia's belly. "Well, when you decide..." Elunara let out a frustrated sigh.

"What? What's wrong?" Zelinnia began to panic.

"Not you, calm down."

"Oh. Then what?"

"I know." Elunara frowned.

"You know what?"

Elunara put her hand on Zelinnia's belly again. "I. Know."

"Oh! Ohh... is it that power thing?"

"Yeah, I can feel the radiating energy, and I could tell you right now, if you wanted."

Zelinnia closed her eyes and debated. "Oh, Gods, tell me! I'm going crazy."

"You're having a girl."

"Oh! Ohh, a little girl, how sweet. Oh! Think of the dresses! And then... oh, she could be friends with Darguni and they'll get along and it'll be amazing. Oh, what if they start dating?"

"Zelinnia, if you start making wedding plans, I WILL hit you in the head."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just... I want our children to be friends, like we are."

"They will be bound together by their weirdness. You don't need to start arranging marriages now."

"Oh, I know." She sighed. "Oh geez, I need to tell Renwa."

"Was he against finding out?"

"No, he wanted to know so he could plan. I just thought that if I found out, something bad would happen. But, you told me, so everything is going to be fine."

Elunara kissed her temple. "You and your silly superstitions."

"I am awful, aren't I?"

"Just frustrating, Sweetie."

"They're marching out that Orc."

"Yeah, we've been letting him hone himself in the training yard. He's been tame as a kitten since I beat the shit out of him."

"Aren't you worried about him flipping at some point?"

"I'm watching for the signs. Meanwhile, he struts like a peacock."

Zelinnia snorted. "He struts like a male Blood Elf."

Elunara considered. "You're right; he's way floofier than a peacock."

They shared a giggle.

She snapped her board closed and made her way down the hill. She sat on the platform and opened her board. "Alright, impress me."

"I could impress you more if you did not give me such restrictions."

"The no kill rule will remain in effect. Regardless of how much you think it fallacy."

He bowed. "Your word is law."

She continued to work on her drawings. "Still, impress me."

He moved fast, but her eyes and fingers were always faster. As he worked through his paces against the trainers she had chosen, she sketched. Jordan came in first and fought him back, and then Grogek matched him more for move. She found it interesting to watch, as she continued her quick sketches. When he finally came to an end, dripping sweat, she nodded.

"I am duly impressed. You have improved since last time." She flipped out the sketch. "This is yours."

It was him leaping through the air, roaring in rage, axe swinging. He carried the piece of paper like a delicate flower. "Thank you my Goddess." He bowed. He then allowed himself to be led back to his cell.

"What point is all this?" Grogek snorted.

"I figured you of all people would know. Yes, he's been helping our troops with genuine combat experience, but soon I'm going to release him."

"Release him? Why?"

"So that he may bring me tributes." She grinned.

"You think it will work?"

"I'm about 90% certain. There's always that element that will say he'd be enraged once he left, yet... I think that by time I finish with him, he'll be so glued to my ass, I'll need grease to dislodge him."

"I usually don't ask this, but.... do you intend to make use of him sexually?"

"Haven't decided, to be honest. Might bind him, might make him think I'm not as mighty. End result, is that I DO enjoy me some brown Orcs. No idea why." She winked at him.

"Due to his volatile nature, I hope you tell me what you decide."

"I'll let you know as soon as I know."

Elunara made her way down into the jail. She dismissed the guards, pulled out her own chair and sat down, popping out her board. She'd already told Grogek and Jordan what she was doing.

"Where are your lovers?"

"Doing what I told them to. That was a dumb question." She arranged everything how she wanted it.

He stood up and walked to the bars, wrapping his hands around two. "What do I owe the pleasure?"

"I believe I've already told you that I have many roles here. A lot of things I like to do..." She continued with her sketches. "You pleased me the other day."

"Is that so?" His voice went husky, and he was radiating lust like a bitch in heat.

"So I've come to give you a bit of a private showing."

His hands rubbed up and down on the bars. "What are you here to give me?"

"Here's how this is going to work. You do what I say, and I reward you. Just as before. Only this time, I'm here to see if I care to add you to my PRIVATE collection."

He ran his tongue along his teeth.

"So play nice while I finish my sketches"

After awhile, she stood up and put her board on a stand. She stuck her hand in the cell and grabbed his face. She turned his face left and right, examining him closely. She removed her hand and returned to her sketch board, murmuring praises and insults.



"Face the wall; I want a good look at your back."

He did as instructed and flexed the muscles in his back. She rolled her eyes but continued to mutter and draw. "Not bad, not bad." She murmured.

"Alright, I am going to open the door and step in. You make a move I don't like and... well, you get the rest."

He turned around, his eyes wide, but cautious. "Yes, my Goddess."

"Good boy." She opened the door and stepped inside. She proceeded to run her hands over his body, making marks where they suited her. He was shivering by time she finished and stepped back out. "Not bad." She murmured as she continued to add detail to her work.

He peered over her shoulder at the many pages spread out with sketches of all kinds. Even the ones of his eyes had him entranced by her.

"Lose the pants." She commanded.

He blinked back to the present and stared. "What?"

"Lose the pants. I'm going to do a complete job of this."

He scrambled to get his pants off. He was already rock hard and he grinned at her.

She stepped back and considered, pencil tapping her chin. "Not bad at all." She made a face that said impressed and went to sketching on her board.

"Why don't you try for yourself?" He panted in her ear.

She whacked him on the nose with her pencil. "Not until my sketches are done." She made several notations.

He rubbed his nose and frowned.

She got on her knees and examined his legs and feet. "Turn around." When he did as requested, she continued her examination. She reached between the bars and ran her hands up his legs and across his ass. "Turn again." He turned back towards hear and she went for his legs and feet again. She jumped up and made several notations on scars and other marks. She went back down on her knees and grabbed his balls and continued her dry examination.

He shuddered at her touch, and she went along his dick, muttering to herself. Once she was satisfied, she let go of him and added to her board.

"You are cruel." He muttered.

"You insult me without even finding out where it ends?" She moved her head only slightly and whispered.

He swallowed the lump in his throat. "Forgive me, I thought you were finished."

"This is why it is inadvisable to try and understand my mind."

"Of course, my goddess."

She returned to her sketches, adding in detail as she worked. He was amazed at her accuracy and detail. She reached over and took his dick in her hand and began to feel the texture of it. He groaned while she added more to her sketch. Once she was satisfied, she closed up the board. He was panting over her.

She looked up and grinned, running her fingers up and down his dick. "Visually, you please me. Perhaps I should keep you." She ran her hand up and down, gripping and flexing. "Add you to my already growing harem." She started jacking him. Her other hand went up to his cheek. He pressed against it. "However, as attractive as you may be... as well toned as you are..." Her fingers threaded through his hair. "You still haven't proven your use to me."

"What do I need to do?" He whispered. She let go of him and he groaned. She tried to pull her hand back, but he grabbed her hand and rubbed it once again against his cheek. "Name it."

"Men. I require them. I surround myself with them. Women are fine too, so long as they prove their worth. My men are strong; every one of them earns their place." She reached her hand back down and stroked the length of him. "I want them strong, I want them loyal. I want my own private army. Oh, I certainly have the beginning workings, but I think you can bring me more." She growled. "I'm going to tell you a little secret... no one else knows." She pressed herself to the bars, stroked him up and down. "I feed on their affection."

His eyes went wide and he stared at her.

"Want to know how I'm so powerful? How I'm so feared? Every time a man gets hard for me, I feed. I never have to touch him. I absorb their lust for me. I find you delicious." She licked a fang. "Bring them to me, and we shall feed on each other." She whispered.

She clicked the lock open, untangled herself from him. When she opened the door, she stepped forward. Grabbing him by the fang she pulled his head down and licked his lips. "Feed me." She dropped down and wrapped her mouth around him. He clutched the bars and groaned. When she felt him about to release, she stood up and ran her hand down the length of him, nimbly avoiding his mess.

"Bring me an army." She purred. "Make them show me their loyalty, and I will feast."

She stepped away from him and he scrambled to pull up his pants. "But what of my things?"

"I've had them delivered." She picked up her board and led him outside.

The two guards saluted. "Ma'am?" Asked one.

Grogek listened from behind the wall.

"This prisoner is no longer of any interest to me."

"But, Ma'am..."

"Are you questioning me?"

He jerked up straight. "No ma'am!"

Charnak pulled on his gear and picked up his axe. He licked his lips and hesitated.

She lifted an eyebrow. "Well? Don't you have somewhere to be?" She snorted. "And take that wolf you brought. He eats too much."

Charnak nodded and mounted his wolf, disappearing over the horizon.

"Are you sure that was wise?" Grogek frowned.

Elunara shrugged. "We'll see, won't we?" She reached over and patted the guard on the shoulder. "Gee, you'd think you were actually afraid of me." She grinned.

He blushed. "I am."

"Good man." Grogek laughed.

High up on the hill, Charnak took out the drawings she had given him. He frowned at the folded piece of paper stuck in his pocket. He opened it up and smiled. His goddess, bathed in the light of her power, dagger in hand. He smiled to himself as he turned the wolf for Nagrand.

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