tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 093

For the Whored Ch. 093


"But, MOMMA!"

Them speaking in unison was way more annoying than adding to each other's sentences. "There's no discussion. I'll only be gone a few days. I have to prove to some numbskulls that I really am their warrior goddess. A leader sucks at his job if he refuses to stand with his followers."

"But you've never been gone before." Bradly had tears in his eyes.

"If you cry on me, I'm not going to give you hugs before I leave." She packed her board and her bags.

"But the town won't be safe without you." Darguni pouted.

"Oh, dear Gods, your dads aren't pansies. Hell, Renwa himself is a battle hardened Admiral. There are hundreds of men and women here who are willing to protect you. If you're SO scared, hang out at the training yard all day. Maybe you'll learn you something."


"There are times when you have to do things, even if you don't like it. I'll try to bring you back a demon horn. Those are always cool. Maybe I'll yank an entire skull. We'll just see."

"I still don't see why you have to go."

"Because I'm the biggest badass there ever was, and I have to teach some silly little Orcs how the fuck to fight." She slung her pack over her back. "I'll be gone a few days." She kissed both of their heads. "If you can't live without me for a few days, how will you ever survive to adulthood?" She shook her head.

Opening the front door, her legs were wrapped around. She looked down and sighed. "Lydia, not you too..."

"Bring me back a souvenir?"

"Sure thing, sweetie." She stepped out and waved a hand at Savage. "Not today, love muffin. You stay, protect the boys. Make sure Yoona behaves." He started yowling. "Elune save me." She slapped her forehead.

"Take the cat." Grogek shook his head. "He might come in handy. Yoona's been doing well; I'd say she's ready to try a hand at protecting the boys."

"Oh fine, come on you big baby." She sighed as Savage stopped his yowling and fell in step with her once again. "I'll never hear the end of that one."

Stepping outside the barrier, she was pleased with Charnak's organization. She climbed up on the platform beside him.

He tugged her forward and kissed her, running his hands on her hips. "My Goddess, I hope our preparations are to your liking."

"It's looking good." She eyed Savage, who had somehow climbed up on to the platform. He flopped down beside her and gave a purring acknowledgement. She rolled her eyes. She watched the scene with interest as Charnak gave orders and organized his troops.

When they were ready, he smiled to her. "I hoped we could share a mount?"

"Nope. Got my own." She hopped on Savage's back and he leapt nimbly off the platform. He roared in pleasure and she rubbed his side. "This is what you've been waiting for, isn't it?"

Charnak climbed down and got on his wolf. He marveled at her. "You ride without a saddle or reins?"

"You betcha."

A day into their ride out, Charnak stepped out of the small tent to take a leak. He was stopped by one of his officers.

"Sir, I'd like to speak with you."

"Follow." Charnak pulled himself out and let go with a sigh.

"Sir, it's just... the others are a little concerned about our... guest."

"How so?" He stuffed himself back in his pants.

"Well, sir, the fact of the matter is, we all know she's unstoppable in the ring, but the ring isn't battle. This is far more dangerous. The others are worried that..." He sighed and rubbed a hand over his head. "There's rumor that she's pulled out your teeth, and that you'll spend the whole battle concerned for her safety. We just don't have the man power to keep her safe, or prevent her death."

Charnak grabbed the man's shoulder. "The Goddess of War demands battle. She will prove to all of you that she is worthy of the title. And if she dies? Well, then she wasn't really a goddess, now WAS she?"

"Y-yes sir!" He turned and ran.

Elunara slipped her hands over his shoulders and leaned against his back. "If you had answered any differently, then I would have slit your throat. A worried lover is no use to me. Come, I think you deserve a reward for that."

She stood atop the hill, frowning at the death and destruction the demons had wrought. She slipped off of Savage. "Give me a line."

Charnak barked his orders and the crowd of warriors shifted to allow a path. "Well, my goddess? I give you right to call battle."

She held up a hand to him and closed her eyes. Her fingers crushed through Savage's fur. She focused all her rage, anger and hurt. She filled herself up with pain, the rage filling her limbs. In order to make the best impression, she knew what she had to do, and prayed that she would stop before she tapped herself out. She flexed her hand and held her sacred dagger.

She opened her eyes and her nostrils flared. As far as she was concerned, the demons had taken her beloved Grogek, her precious Jordan and her sweet Tulani. The demons had taken her family and they were after her boys. Releasing Savage, she took off running. Savage bounded in beside her, refusing to leave her side. She took the first flying leap at a demon.

"NOW!!!" She screamed into the air, before she lost herself in the carnage.

Those who witnessed her rage often only saw a blur of purple and a flicker of silver. She brought them down in an endless stream of rage and anger. Many Orcs openly stopped and stared, and some were terrified, but by time they realized what carnage she had wrought, they were flooding her with their admiration and worship. The more impressed they were, the more energy she had to burn.

His officer found him in battle. "Charnak... what have you brought us?"

"My Goddess of War!" He cried proudly. "And she favors ME with her affection!"

"She would make a fine wife." The man nodded.

Charnak shook his head. "My goddess will not be hindered by such trivial things. She is already wife to Grogek, and wife to two others, Tulani and Jordan. I am satisfied for now. Perhaps I can earn more favor..." He cleaved the skull of a demon.

"You... wait, she is married and yet she lies with you?"

"Fascinating isn't it? But she has a hidden role... she is also the goddess of sex. ALL men bow to her. If she finds them favorable..." He cleaved a smaller demon in two. "The she will have them. She commands a legion of men. We are but one small army of hers."

Elunara made her way to the demonic leader. "MINE! YOU WILL NOT HAVE THEM!!" She screamed into the air. She began to hack away at the body of the demon, carving chunks out of its screaming body. When it finally died to her blows, she stood over its body. "VENGENCE IS MINE!!!"

The crowd roared. She released the energy and leaned heavily on Savage. "Clean it up! Bring me their corpses!" She climbed on his back and rubbed his side. "Good boy. Mama needs a rest." He gave her a purring chuff. She looked at the darkening sky. She had been at it for hours. With a wince she looked at her hip. Oh goody, a new scar.

Charnak rode up to her and jumped off his mount. "My Goddess, that was magnificent!" He went down on one knee.

She reached out and grabbed his shirt. "I'm hungry, feed me." She pulled him into her face. Savage let out an annoyed growl. "Hush, mama's hungry." She slid off his back and proceeded to make a meal out of Charnak. When her energy got a boost, she released him and stood up. She was surrounded by Orcs, every last one of them radiating delicious energy at her.

She held up her hands and sprouted her wings. "MY WARRIORS! YOUR LOVE FEEDS YOUR GODDESS!" She took a deep breath as it poured out to her. "I think I might orgasm." She murmured to no one. She reached down to Charnak and pulled him to his feet. Positioning him at her side she held up his hand. "Thank your leader for bringing you to me. This army has shown great ferocity! I am most pleased!" Not sure if it would work, she cast her hands forward and let the energy spill from her body and wrapped them in a euphoric haze. Unwilling to over tax herself, she ended the channel into the buff.

They went absolutely wild. She grinned at Charnak.

"It has been an honor to fight side by side with my warriors! I am pleased to show them favor. Let's clean up this mess and head home with our trophies." She reached down and decapitated the demon's body. She grabbed it by a horn and dismissed her dagger. She dragged the skull off with her to a clean space. Sitting down, she put her feet on the skull. Savage lay down by her side and she stroked his soft fur. Laughing, she wiped his green jaws.

"Ate a few, didn't you?" He flexed a paw and she inspected. "Aw, poor thing." She put her hand on his paw and channeled her energy into his body. He purred against her.

"You even tend to your own mount."

She grinned up at Charnak. "He's my friend. The fact he doubles as a mount is just a bonus."

He sat down beside her. "You have honored me with your treatment of me in front of my troops."

"You are one of my chosen champions. The rest must know this."

He leaned over and pressed his lips to hers. Brushing his fingers down her cheek, he murmured. "My beautiful Goddess."

"Feed me, you are delicious." She murmured to him.

He wrapped his arm around her and pressed his mouth against hers, causing her to lie back on the soft grass. His knee went between her thighs and his hand slipped up her shirt. She wrapped her arms around him neck and pulled him in to her. His hand gripped the grass as he pressed up against her.

"Uh... sir?" The officer coughed.

Charnak swore under his breath. He looked back and growled. "WHAT?"

"It's just that... I wasn't sure you wanted to do that... in public?"

She laughed. "I do it in public all the time."

Charnak looked down at her in confusion.

"I feed." She shrugged. She stretched. "Admiration of my body, or my prowess, is still feeding. In fact, I have a habit of arranging for a show." She tapped her chin. "Perhaps I should have told you that part already."

He chuckled. "You make my head hurt."

"Ok, I'm going to start keeping a tally of how many people have said that to me." She crossed her arms. "The ways of a goddess are not for mere mortals to comprehend." She eyed the soldier. "Besides, you're not half bad to look at yourself. What's your name?"


"Hmm. I wonder how you taste."


"You DID interrupt my dinner."

"Forgive me for intruding!" He took off running.

She started laughing so hard she was shaking.

"You are so strange." Charnak grinned.

"You know, if you're really that worried about it, we can either get that tent sent up, or we can get creative with pants placements."


"Yeah, I slip mine down far enough to expose the fun bits, you tug yourself out of your pants... I wrap my legs around your waist... you get the idea from there."

He just stared at her.

"I'm pretty sure I've found every creative possible way to get a penis in me. All it takes is a willing participant."

"You kill me." He laughed.

"I once fucked a guy through a wall." She shrugged.

He sat back and held his head. "What?"

With a sigh she sat up and stretched. "Ah well, the moment has passed. I guess I shouldn't have let my mouth get away from my brain." She shuddered. "Night will be on us soon, we should make camp while we handle the bodies. Did we have any dead?"

"Our casualties were limited thanks to you. I think last count was seventeen."

"We're down to about two hundred and fifty." She considered.

"When word of your actions gets to our kind, that number will swell again."

"Goody." She muttered.

"Something wrong?"

"As bolstering as their spirits are, it does hurt me that we lose so many. I shall escort their souls."

"You humble me."

"Forgive me if I don't trivial myself with the mundane tasks of setting up camp." She scratched Savage. Pulling out her board, she sat and sketched. When she finished her reports, she took two pages and wadded them up, tossing them over her shoulder.

"Alright you two, sit your asses down. Your momma sent a note." Grogek grunted. "Says here she's made camp for the night, and they'll clean up the battle and head out tomorrow. Apparently she..." He eyed the page. "Went into a berserker rage state? That can't be right, she's not warrior class. Anyway, and took out half of the demon menace on her own. She's bringing home the perfect skull for her numbskulls."

The boys giggled at each other.

"She loves you both, stop bouncing on the bed. Goodnight." He held out the sheet.

"Cool!" They both breathed at the thought of the demonskull.

"Papa, can we sleep with you tonight?" Darguni looked away.

"Oh, why the hell not?" He jerked his head. Grogek grinned as both boys scrambled to follow.

As Charnak drove himself into his beloved with a grunt, he entertained thoughts of stealing her away. Of refusing to go back. Then the smarter parts of himself told him that he dare not anger her, he liked his limbs and other extremities where they were. He didn't even know where she hid the dagger, or how she summoned it. No, he'd be happy here.

She sighed and untangled herself from his arms. "I'm sorry, but I must go. I have spent days with you and it is time I go home. I need my husbands, I need my wife. Most of all, I need my children." She sighed and ran her fingers under his chin. "I will be back. Probably later today. I'm not certain. Please my champion. Do not ask for more than I can give you."

She slipped out like a thief in the night. Creeping upstairs she looked in to Grogek first. Seeing the children snuggled up under Grogek's arm, her heart melted. She tiptoed into the room and put her hands on her hips.

"I do believe I've been replaced. Perhaps I should go sleep with Yoona?"

The boys rubbed their eyes. "Momma!" They threw themselves at her.

Tulani rubbed her head. "Not so lou- Elunara!" Tulani scrambled out of bed and wrapped her arms around her.

Grogek laughed and pulled them all on the bed.

Jordan slid down the hall and did his own scramble to get in the room. He threw himself at her.

"GAH!" She laughed. "This is what I get for filling my house to capacity."

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