tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 094

For the Whored Ch. 094


"You're insane."

"Sir, I know what I'm doing. Charnak is not the type of man to be satisfied with my usual arrangements. I believe that if I find him... companionship, then I can redirect his obsession before it goes volatile. He's already reaching the point where I have to pry him off with a crowbar."

"Not good." Renwa sighed.

"He's painfully like you."

"Like me?"

"Family man. He needs a wife and kid to make his life complete. I already told the bugger I couldn't work in the produce department, and he got all sad and despondent. I have to redirect him NOW, or he's going to do something truly stupid."

"I pray you know what you're doing."

She made her way through the barrier and looked around at the preparations they were making for her altar. The altar was Charnak's idea, which the people rallied around. She just added her own touches and design. She thought they were all out of their goddamned minds.

Charnak jogged over to her. "My Goddess!" He made to kiss her but she held up a hand. He took the hand and kissed the palm of it. "Have I angered you?"

"Not a bit. I've just come to an interesting realization."

"And that is?"

She smiled and ran her fingers under his chin. "I wish to walk among our people. Without you."


She smiled. "Don't fret my pet. Something... calls to me. The nether speaks to me and the spirits of the dead whisper in my ear. I find I agree with them."

"What do they say?"

"I must move among the people. You, stay here, do what you know will please me." She brushed past him, arms linked behind her back. She deserved a freaking medal for her acting skills.

She walked among the huts and tents, seemingly oblivious, but watching every face and body. Most bowed and showed her reverence, and a few still had a defiant edge to them. One woman seemed more timid than the rest. She went for it.

"You. What is your name?"

"Tylia, my goddess."

"Stand, girl. You don't look like the others."

She flushed. "I am Frostwolf. I was... cast out of my clan. Charnak saved me."

"What do you think of your leader?"

The flush darkened. "He is yours."

Elunara waved a hand. "I asked you a question. Give me an honest answer, or I'll drop you where you stand."

She stared down at her feet. "He is most handsome. He is rough and often angry, but sometimes I see softness in him. When he is with you..."

"Enough. You'll do just fine."


Elunara put her fingers under the woman's chin. "Would you like to be one of my chosen?"


Elunara licked her lips. "I will tell you the truth. I feed off the energies of the male species. It is difficult for me to find my food..." She hesitated as if trying to find the right word. "like a mate. Charnak is one of my chosen, and as such is special to me. I have chosen him to lead my army, and he serves well under my... lusts. But I cannot give him what he needs."

"What are you saying?" She whispered.

"He needs a mate. One who would love him and allow him to submit to me when I desire it. I understand what a man like him would require for happiness; a mate to love him, to bear his children, to stand at his side as the leader of this great army. He would be yours in every way that counts." She whispered.

Tylia licked her lips. "Mine?"

Elunara ran her hands down Tylia's arms. "I warn you now; this will be a hard road to walk. Charnak will not be happy at first. I shall warn him about being cruel to you. But, this is what is right. This is what he needs. He will grow to love you, cherish you, desire you, but you have to be willing to stick it out. And you must never lie to me, or I will find out. If he EVER hurts you, or is mean to you, I must know immediately. I will check in on you and encourage you in your path." Elunara brushed a hand across her forehead. "Will you be my chosen?"

"Yes." She breathed.

"Then, good luck my beauty. You will make a fitting bride for my chosen Champion."

He barked out orders, but his heart wasn't in it. His goddess was wandering around alone, having refused his company. He sighed. Perhaps he had been a little clingy this morning. His heart soared when he spotted her purple hair and her elvish ears. He frowned when she walked out arm in arm with another woman. He furrowed his brow and jumped down from his perch. He knew she had a bit of a bent for women, perhaps that was it.

"Ah, Charnak, the spirits have guided me true." She smiled. "Meet Tylia."

"Uh, yeah. The Frostwolf."

"Charnak, I have been guided by the nether and the spirits have spoken to me thus. I have found you a bride."

Charnak almost choked on his own tongue. "WHAT?"

Elunara ran her fingers under his chin. "Oh, my dear Charnak, Grand Champion, and favored chosen; I understand your heart more than you could possibly realize. I cannot give you things you so justly deserve; a loving wife, a warm home, and children to fill your life. You are my most humble servant, and I wished to bring you a gift. Tylia has been chosen by me to fulfill this wish. She is cherished to me, as she will become to you."

"But, I..."

"Do not think of her as a replacement for me. And do not think of her as a burden you must bear. Think of her as a gift from your goddess. She is to be loved, cherished and protected." Elunara linked the two's hands. "She is an extension of myself. She must be treated as beautifully as you have treated me." Elunara brushed the woman's hair back. "She already understands that you will still submit to me when I wish it. In fact, you can think of this like I do with my own husbands and wife. She is just another one of your family. The most important part. She will be your wife, and your marriage will bring me great joy."

"I..." Charnak swallowed. "If this is your will, my goddess."

She leaned up. "I will even take the time to show you fascinating ways to pleasure her."

Tylia's eyes went wide and her blush deepened.

"Now, I will give you a few days to get to know one another before we go into the love making, but I have to say Charnak, that if I am satisfied with your affection towards this woman, it will go a long way towards me loving you." She kissed Tylia's cheek. "My Beauty, give him hell." She gave a cat grin before slinking off back home.

"All I hope... is that I did not pile it on too thick. If he hurts that poor girl, I'll hate myself."

Grogek continued massaging her back, popping out some nasty kinks. "All told though, a Warsong and a Frostwolf? Pretty damned funny."

"Momma, can we sleep with you tonight?"

"Bradly, I love you, but what the hell is on your head?"

Tulani made a face. "Tell her."

"Me and Darguni used Momma Tuly's back door again,"

"and tripped over her latest dress,"

"and tore it. Now I gotta be a basket for the next three days."

"You got lucky. I have to be the dress stand."

"What have I told you two about that door?"

"To not to." They sighed in unison.

"That door is there so that Tulani's clients don't have to work around my clients. Stay away from that damned door or I will lock it permanently."

"I'm already having the blacksmith make us some locks. I'm just tired of it." Tulani snorted.

"Lydia saw me in a dress, and it was just humiliating." Darguni grumbled.

"She laughed until she peed herself." Bradly snorted.

"Bradly laughed at her for it."

"You did WHAT?" Elunara jolted upright, almost unseating Grogek.

"Then she cried and ran home." Darguni nodded. "She refused to come out of her house for the rest of the day."

"Darguni!" Bradly swallowed and bit his lip. "I didn't mean to make her cry..."

"When your body fails you in public, it can be the most humiliating this you will EVER EXPERIENCE! I'd expect Darguni to do something like that, he missed a few years of manners, but YOU," She pointed at him. "should know better! Especially for a little girl that is trying SO hard to be mature!"

"Love, temper..." Grogek rubbed her shoulders.

"I don't know why she's trying." He muttered. "She's fine the way she is."

"I should make you go apologize, but I just know how worthless it is to give someone a false apology. However, YOU are going to find yourself in a world of cleaning!" She took a deep breath. "Starting with giving Yoona a bath."

"Aw, MAN! She's such a pain!"

She glared at him. "Watch it, mister."

Bradly shuffled his feet. "Yes, momma."

Jordan stuck his head in the door. "Can you give yelling at your kids a break? Some of us actually sleep in this house." He rubbed the side of his head.

She snorted. "I'll believe it when I see it."

"No one sees any sleep around you, Lu." He waved his hand and walked out.

"Uh, Momma..."

"Yes, Darguni?"

"Is it a bad time to ask if we can sleep with you?"

She sighed. "I shouldn't, because you both were terrible today, but I was gone for five days and I missed you, so yes."

Bradly swallowed the rock in his throat and knocked on the door. It had been difficult trying to avoid Darguni all morning, just so he could come here.

The door opened and Linda opened the door. She sighed and put her hands on her hips. "You know she doesn't want to see you right now."

"I know." He bowed his head. "And I deserve it."

Linda raised an eyebrow.

"Listen, could you tell her I'm sorry? I didn't think about the fact that it was embarrassing, and if I did it to myself I'd be embarrassed too. I shouldn'ta laughed, and I don't want to make her cry. It was a stupid thing to do." He fiddled with his fingers. "And I don't think she has to be..." He struggled for the right word. "Mature? Or different, cause I like her the way she is. Can she forgive me?"

Lydia pushed past her mother and stood there with her hands on her hips. "Did Miss Elunara tell you to apologize?"

"No. Momma says that a false apology is worthless."

She crossed her arms. "Ugh, FINE. But I'm still mad."

Elunara stood down at the training yard, waiting. She knew where Bradly went, and she was curious as to how good he was at groveling. When she spotted Lydia marching down the pathway, Bradly in tow, she grinned.

Lydia stopped in front of Elunara and pointed. "Did you make him apologize?"

She snorted. "A forced apology is worthless."

"I told you." Bradly muttered.

"Bradly, go give Yoona a bath. Lydia has training to get to."

"Yes, Momma."

She waited several days before making her way back down to Charnak. The altar was complete from what she could tell. She made her way on to it and smiled.

"My goddess! You have returned!" Charnak rushed over. Tylia followed quietly behind him.

"Ah, my beloved Champion, have you done as I asked?"

He came up short and frowned. "Well, I..."

Elunara stepped past him and took Tylia by the arm. She pointed at Charnak. "You, stay." She led Tylia away. "Now, my beauty, tell me how it has gone."

"You were correct in that he has been unhappy. He keeps his distance, but allows me to follow him. I have tried many times to start a conversation, but he shuts me out."

Elunara tapped her chin. "I was afraid of that." She sighed. "This won't do. Well, just have to step things up. Are you prepared to take the next step? I will be with you the entire time."

"Next step?"

She brushed back the woman's hair. "Your body." She whispered.

"Oh!" She flushed a put a hand to her mouth.

"The best way to win any man is with your body. He must be made to understand that you and I are one to him. That you can give him the same pleasures I offer. Only if you are willing, my dear. I will be there. I will teach you both. When he comes to see... well, he will learn to be yours with every session."

"But, isn't that kind of a false love?" She frowned.

"In general? Yes. The problem here is that Charnak is so obsessed with MY body; he fails to see you in a sexual, potential mate kind of way. If we remove these barriers, he will more willingly come to your side. I wish for you both to stand as my champions. He cannot stand proud if he is cowing to me." Elunara rubbed her arm. "Now, wait right here." She turned and walked to Charnak.

"My Goddess." He reached out and stroked her cheek.

"Charnak, I am annoyed with you."

He frowned and dropped his hand.

"You have not tried to make this union work." She crossed her arms.

"But, my goddess, she is Frostwolf, and she is not strong like you. She's timid and shy, and just annoying to deal with."

"Because you are not trying." Elunara shook her head. "I am a Night Elf, yet you love me. Being a Frostwolf isn't even the issue. She is NOT weak; she just expresses her strength differently than you." She laid her hands on his arms. "My champion, you must understand that you need some softness in your life. Here I am, offering you the gift of a lifetime, a handpicked bride, and you're squandering it. Why do I offer you anything at all, when the thing that will make me the happiest, you shove off?"

"I did not think of it like that."

"I have found brides for many of my lovers, and they remain my lovers because they accepted their brides. It is one of my gifts."

"How may I do it correctly?" He fidgeted.

"You must SPEAK with her. You cannot have a mate you refuse to learn anything about. You must walk with her, speak with her, and find interest in her. I'm certain she is the one for you, because all of my marriages have worked. She is your soul mate, be glad that the spirits led me to her for you. Your children will be valuable to me. You know that I cannot give you the children you secretly desire; she is my vessel for you. You are my war, and she is my mercy. Help me bond you together with my sex. Together you will stand tall and proud." She ran her fingers under his chin.

"Yes, my goddess. Anything for you."

She took his hand and started walking. As she passed Tylia, she grabbed her hand too and led the way to Charnak's hut. Elunara cocked her head to the side. "Now that my altar is complete, this throne thing can go away. For now, I intend to use it. You two, sit." Elunara sat down in her cheesy throne. Once they sat in front of her, she leaned her head to the side. "Now, talk."

"About what?" Tylia asked.

"Don't worry, I will direct the conversation."

After a couple of hours, Elunara stretched out and stood up. "Alright, I am satisfied with the directions you are taking. We move now to the next portion." She put her hands on Tylia's shoulders. "Stand up my beauty."

Tylia stood up nervously.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle. And so will Charnak, if he knows what's good for him." She grinned. She slid her hands under the edge of Tylia's top and slowly pulled it up over her head. She tossed the garment to the side and ran her hands over Tylia's breasts. "Charnak, stand."

Charnak scrambled to comply.

"Now, you have a beautiful set of breasts. Charnak you better be watching my every move." She caressed and pinched, cupped and teased. Using her mouth, she traced patterns on the nipples and made her way up and across, going for Tylia's mouth, before going back down. "You see, you can do all kinds of fun things with your lips and tongue." Elunara stepped behind Tylia and wrapped her hands around the woman's belly. "You try." She purred to Charnak.

She spent time, directing him, correcting him, demonstrating. She gently licked the woman's shoulder, sending shudders down her. "Now we move on." Elunara tugged at the woman's skirt and pushed it to the floor. "I love how beautifully you respond, my darling. I almost wish I could keep you to myself." She ran her hand across Tylia's belly. "Kneel Charnak." She grinned down at him. "Watch my fingers."

Elunara slid her fingers through the hair and soft folds. Using one hand, she guided Tylia's leg up on to the throne. "That's my girl." She whispered, as she played with Tylia's wet center. "Watch my fingers Charnak, see how I find those delicate spots." Tylia gasped and moaned as she struggled to hang on to Elunara and stand up at the same time. "Lick her. Taste her."

"Yes, my goddess." He breathed. Slurping the woman, he found himself taking in by the spell Elunara weaved around them. He buried a flinger into those slick folds, following Elunara's instruction. He was hard as a rock, and he couldn't figure out which woman he wanted to bury himself into more.

Elunara tugged Tylia back and shifted her around. Elunara sat in the chair with Tylia in her lap. "Now, my Champion. She is slick and ready. Now you may have your turn. You must do it slowly, and gentle. Do not anger me now."

"It will be alright, my beauty." Elunara murmured into her ear.

Charnak stood up and shoved his pants off. Grabbing the Orc woman by the hips, he slid himself in slowly into her waiting folds. With a groan, he began to slide in and out of her. For a moment, he believed his vision to have blurred, for he was seeing two faces. He grabbed the wall behind them and began to thrust his hips in and out, gaining momentum as he went. When at last he poured himself into her, she gave a final shudder against him.

"Stroke him." Elunara purred. "He is yours. You must gain pleasure from his touch, and he must gain pleasure from yours."

"That was... unbelievable." Tylia murmured.

"I agree." Charnak laughed. "Amazing."

"Next time, I will show you fascinating ways to pleasure him." Elunara grinned as she ran soft fingers over one of Tylia's breasts. "Now do you see, my champion? You can have a world of beauty, and not need me for it. I will be glad to show you both the ways of the goddess. You must enjoy each other's bodies, as well as each other's company.

Charnak and Tylia stared at each other.

"I offer you both an amazing level of enjoyment." She grinned. Elunara wiggled her way out from under the pair. "I hope that this time, you take my instruction." She straightened her clothes.

"You're leaving?" Charnak sat up and frowned.

She brushed her lips across his mouth. "My beloved champion, you need some time with your chosen. I hope that when I return next time, you have grown closer. I will give you quite a treat when I come back, if you do." Elunara bent down and kissed Tylia. "My dearest beauty, seize him, for he is yours." She waved as she walked out. Stopping by the altar, she retrieved her demon skull and headed in to town.

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