tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 100

For the Whored Ch. 100


Elunara lay in bed, wondering what to do with herself. Yeah, she'd pretended to get up and deal with her day, but she had yet to reschedule appointments and was avoiding speaking to people. With a groan of frustration, she decided that she'd put off Charnak long enough. She went into the library and prepped her books. Maybe a little time with ridiculous zealot would help her figure out how to deal with the town.

She was NOT a coward, and she wasn't about to act like one. She marched down the hill, waved at Grogek and kept on through the barrier. She took a deep breath of fresh air and headed on to the camp. She stopped and stared at the dozens of orcs bowing around her ridiculous altar. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but now she felt like an idiot. For the life of her, she couldn't remember why she'd ordered the thing built.

"SHE HAS COME TO US!" Charnak boomed over the crowd.

Stifling the urge to roll her eyes, she walked over.

"You have heard our prayers for guidance and have come to us!"

"Yes, of course. I have brought you great tidings."

"It pleases us to see you." Tylia smiled as she knelt.

Inwardly, she sighed. To anyone else, she smiled, and held out a hand. "My dear, you are to never bow to me. I have chosen you both as my champions, as such you are to stand WITH me, lest you insult me. Have you done as I commanded?"

"Forgive us, our goddess." Charnak put a hand to his chest. "It is my fault."

"There is no fault here." Elunara brushed past them and stood on her altar. "Come to me my champions." She tugged Charnak to one side and Tylia to the other. "Now, answer me truthfully, have you followed my orders?"

Tylia blushed. "I believe we have become close in your absence."

Charnak nodded. "Please forgive me, my goddess, for ever doubting your instruction."

"Good. I am most pleased."

"My beloved followers!" She called out. Keeping an eye on the crowd, she watched it grow as they told each other of her presence. "I have an announcement to make! I hereby decree that Charnak," She lifted his arm in the air. "And Tylia," She repeated the process. "Are my grand and beloved champions to my cause! I have decided, and now decree, that these two should be married and mated. I expect a lavish celebration in the immediate future!"

The crowd roared.

"They shall forever lead my army into battle, at each other's side."

"All battle should be hence forth post-poned until my will is done. Once this is accomplished, I shall once again command you in battle!"

More roars from the crowd.

"Now, I require submission to me. I shall sit here and you shall each come to me, and stand before me and allow me to capture your essence on to paper. Once this process is complete, you shall find your immortality in the world beyond this, as champions by my side." She smiled. She had no damned idea what the hell that meant, but it sent them all into a tizzy. She sat down gracefully and popped open her board.

Charnak took Tylia's hand into his own. He turned to Elunara. "You wish for us to be married?"

"I just said it, didn't I?" She flicked her eyes back and forth. "I am confident that you are ready. You must remember that I have two husbands and a wife; I am very much for the power of marriage. May it energize you as you go into battle. You will draw strength from each other and be more powerful than you were when you were alone. I have long since known that I wanted it to come to this, but it had to be the right time and the right person. I have chosen well." She smiled.

"You honor me, goddess." Tylia breathed.

"Now, you might want to organize your people. I require one at a time, not all at once."

"Yes, at once my Goddess." Charnak bowed.

"Come, Tylia, sit beside me. I desire your company."

"Yes, my goddess." Tylia sat down beside her.

"Tell me, has anything interesting happened while I was away?"

"We witnessed your ritual."


"A few days ago, we went to visit you, to ask for guidance. You were in the center of a glowing design, your priestesses all around you. We watched. Forgive us if we intruded."

Inwardly, Elunara wanted to yank at her hair. She patted Tylia's shoulder. "It's quite alright my dear. It was a purification ritual, to rid the demon skull of its final presence. They latch on to this world, and I couldn't have it coming back."

"I see." Tylia bit her lip. "We have been telling the others what we have seen. Some wonder if they could see. I wish they could have, it was beautiful. Charnak believes that he can recruit more to our cause. He will broach the topic to you, but he wishes to take a force back to Nagrand and prove to the non-believers."

"Thank you for alerting me, so that I may consider the matter further. I will reflect on the request and guide you after the marriage ceremony." She brushed a hand down Tylia's hair. "Tonight, I shall show you new pleasures. Charnak will be at your mercy." Elunara gave a cat smile.

With the change in plan, Elunara began doing double sketches, interviewing each one and adding minute details. After each one, she gave them a copy of their sheet. She worked non-stop for many hours, until at last she called a halt to the procession.

"I will continue on tomorrow. For now, Charnak, Tylia and I have private matters to discuss." She took them both arm in arm and walked to Charnak's hut.

Once the door was closed, she smiled. "Now, I hope you've been taking my instruction and improvising on it. I would be sad to find that you've either stopped, or just done the same silliness over and over again. Because that was not what I tasked you with."

"No, my goddess." Tylia blushed. "He has been a most attentive and creative lover."

Charnak nodded. "You said to do as I would to your own."

Elunara tapped her finger on his chest. "And you realize that she is her own person, not just a substitute for me?"

"Yes my goddess. She is your chosen and therefore an extension of you, but she is also your champion and strong in her own right."

"Good." Elunara ran her fingers under his chin. "Now get undressed."

"Goddess?" Charnak blinked.

"I want you naked. I have shown you how to love her, now I wish to show her how to please you. Naked. Now."

"Right away."

"Now, my dear, I'm sure you're well aware that men are a fascinating combination between hard," Elunara ran her hand on Charnak's chest. "And soft." She reached down and stroked his dick. "What you might not know, is how absolutely delicious they are." Elunara grinned. "He's been using his mouth on you, it's time for you to return the favor."

Tylia's eye widened.

"Now, there's a million ways to begin, but I like to start with the face." Elunara stepped in close to Charnak. "Now, if you haven't been using every opportunity to kiss each other, then I'm just disappointed with the both of you. You should be getting used to the feel and taste of each other, until you practically crave it when you're apart."

"We've been... working on that." Charnak breathed.

"Good boy." Elunara grabbed a fang and yanked his face to hers.

He was startled at first, but quickly gave in and wrapped his hands around her waist. She pushed back and grinned. Reaching back, she grabbed Tylia and tugged her over.

"I'll take this side; you follow my lead on that side. Alright?"

"Of course."

"You should know that the male body is more sensitive than they want you to know..."

Charnak grabbed them both by the hip and groaned as both women worked their way down his body with their lips. When they knelt, he grabbed their shoulders.

"Now for the really fun part." Elunara ran her fingers down Charnak's dick. "Anybody can jack a dick." She demonstrated. "And anybody can suck a dick. What we're after here... is some skill. So let me show you some of my favorite methods." She began to work her hand up and down. "There's a lot to be accomplished by hand position. Here, you try."

She took Tylia's hand and positioned the fingers.

"You're killing me." He groaned.

"Hush, you had your turn."

"Don't neglect the balls now. See, follow me."

Charnak fell backwards into the seat.

Elunara laughed. "Oh, how the mighty have fallen" She winked. "Now, watch this." She slipped her lips over the tip of the dick and sucked. She moved her lips down, sucking as she went. Charnak grabbed her hair. She pulled off. "Now you give it a try.

Tylia followed instruction exactly, and Charnak grabbed her hair as well.

"That's it my lovely, go slowly, or you'll choke and it stops being fun." Elunara brushed her hair back. "Come, slide off. I want to show you something truly entertaining." She grinned at Charnak. "Now, normally I would show you show how finish at this point, but I know of something that drives men nuts. Now, when I put my tongue on, I want you to put yours over mine, from that side." Elunara demonstrated the trick and Charnak jolted.

Elunara giggled. "I love when they do that."

"This is quite fun." Tylia giggled.

"Ok, now I want you to finish him off. Just like I showed you how to start. Now you alone will have to work on your ability to take him in. Yes, just like that." Elunara brushed Tylia's hair out of her face. "That's my girl. You're going to feel him start to flex. That's right there."

Tylia's hands went up as she got a mouth full. She jerked back and fluttered her hands.

"Spit or swallow darling, it's on you. Between you and me," She shot Charnak a glance. "I only ever swallow my husbands'. It's just a courtesy. You however, can do what you will." Elunara reached over and grabbed a water skin. "Here, sometimes it makes your throat burn. Has to do with diet. But I've gotten used to it, so, eh."

Tylia chugged the water.

"Being taken in is a privilege, not a right. And if he starts choking you, or holding your head down, bite him." Elunara rubbed Tylia's cheek. "I will not tolerate my chosen being abused. Now, if you care to experiment with driving him crazy, feel free to do so. I know everyone calls me the Goddess of War and Mercy, but my other name is the Goddess of Sex. I fully believe that sex is a powerful drug you should feel free to indulge in. I must be off. I shall return tomorrow."

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