tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 104

For the Whored Ch. 104


Elunara flipped through the papers. "How does it feel to look like a soldier again?"

"It feels amazing. Thank you for the room."

She shrugged. "Renwa is being generous."

"I can't repay either of you enough."

"Now we move on to the next step."

"Next step?"

"Your most important asset is your appearance. I have allowed you to get cleaned up for one purpose and one purpose only." She held up a finger. "Tippy. Under ordinary circumstances, I would not have allowed the transformation, because a bumbling scumbag is much more useful than a well dressed soldier. We may have cleaned you up, but we need you to appear as utterly useless as possible, so that you may continue to gather intel."

"But I..."

"Should you ever get back to Stormwind, I think you have potential for the SI:7 and would recommend you. You have experience that you haven't even thought to use yet. In order to maintain your bumbling disguise, we're going to have to arrange a few acts of stupidity."

"But, Tippy..."

"We're actually going to use Tippy.


"Stop second guessing me. Who was the top agent? Me. Who had the highest success rate? Me. Now, listen up. By time I'm done with you, Tippy will be championing your cause. You would become completely useless to me if everyone thinks you're my little pet. I now have to dismiss you as useless for anything but sitting in my office and organizing my papers."

"But, I don't do that."

"Exactly. Now, follow me."

"I already KNOW Tippy's market route. This is a stupid place to stand."

"Now you're catching on." She disappeared.

He frowned after her.

"What are you doing?"

John jolted upright and turned around. "Tippy! I... I'm sorry, I was just... I didn't mean..."

"JOHN!" Elunara stomped over. "Goddammit, can't you stay on task? Save the hero worship for when you're off clock."

John's face went scarlet. He looked back and forth between the two women before turning and running.

Elunara sighed. "Save me from love sick idiots." She muttered before chasing after him.

Tippy stared after them. "Love sick?"

John leaned half way out from behind a building and sighed.

"Man, you really suck at this spying thing." Jordan said loudly.

John jumped out and started flailing his arms up and down. "I wasn't! I mean, I don't! I just wanted a look!" He put his hands over his face and ran away.

Jordan scratched the back of his head. "Man, Elunara is going to kill me."

Tippy stared as Jordan walked away.

Elunara flipped open her board and considered. At the knock on the door she absently opened it and waited as Tippy stormed in.

"You need to get your little toad under control!" She stomped a foot.

"I take it it's working."


Elunara filled in a few sketches. "John's a bumbling moron, isn't he?"

"Everywhere I turn!"

"Then he's doing a good job."


Elunara scratched her neck before adding some more to her work. She sat the board to the side. "John is under my employ, and I've been teaching him the art of fitting to a role. If you think he's being a total putz, then he's fitting to the role I gave him. Forgive me, but he has this massive crush on you, so I figured it would be fitting to have him practice his stupidity on you. I have to say, he's coming along quite well."

Tippy just stood there with her mouth hung open. "You..."

"I'm sorry, did I break you?"

Tippy shoved her finger at Elunara. "YOU DID WHAT?"

"That's more like it." Elunara chuckled. "Listen, this can't go beyond here, but John is actually pretty good at what I need him to be doing. At some point I'll be able to tell you what, but it's sensitive information for now. If we get back to Stormwind, I'm going to recommend him for the SI:7. It's dangerous work, but an agent that's any good would certainly be a prize." Elunara grinned.

"Are you suggesting..."

"Hey, you're the one who ordered a husband. He's sweet, he's pretty well built, he'll listen to the dominant woman in his life, he worships the ground you walk on, oh, and he thinks no one on or off planet can cook better than you can." Elunara put a hand on Tippy's shoulder. "You're a tough one to shop for, honey. But, I think I did fairly well."

Tippy flopped down on the couch. "You're mad!"

She shrugged and tucked one arm under the other, using her free hand to gesture. "I know his reputation is total shit right now, but that's to my advantage. I'm certain, that should you two date... I think the sparks will fly."


"You've got plenty of time to give it some thought, seeing as how I need his reputation to remain shit. But once this little... farce blows over, I'm sure you can finish up his redemption."


"You're both such stunning conversationalists." Elunara laughed.

"My head hurts." She said at last.

"I get that a lot." She grinned. "Before you ask, no I haven't had him. In fact, I'm not sure anyone has." She shook her head and went into her library. She popped the hidden box and took the book into the living room. "This," She passed over the book. "is what his sister was threatening him with, when he staged his attack on Zelinnia."

Tippy flipped it open and nearly threw it in the floor. She grabbed the book at the last second and began to flip through. "Oh Gods, what IS this?"

"It's a manual on how to torture men, usually through their penis. She was threatening to use this on him, every time he didn't do what she said." Elunara tugged it back.

Tippy shuddered. "No damned wonder he was terrified of that dumb bitch."

"At first, he thought they were just childish games, but slowly she got meaner. Eventually, she reached a point where he felt trapped with a lunatic, and he couldn't figure out how to escape, so he did something REALLY stupid, hoping that he could be arrested and locked safely out of her range."

"So he attacked Zelinnia."

"So he embarrassed her, in hopes of looking like he attacked her. Mostly, He just hiked her skirt up in front of Renwa. So she decked him."

Tippy laughed. "Good for her."

"She actively feels bad for him. What he did was stupid, and there were plenty of other ways out of it, but she doesn't think he should be eternally punished for poor life choices."

"I guess."

"I can always keep looking for you, but do me a favor, and try not to let John or anyone else know what I told you. I gotta train him somehow."

Tippy sighed. "I'll give him a shot; or at the very least try to be nice to the man."

"I swear, if he cries on me... I'll punch you both."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Knowing what Elunara told her, spotting John became a bit of a game over the next several days. Finally she stopped in an alley with a sigh. "I know you're back there."

John stepped out and blushed. "I'm sorry."

"Come on."


"Maybe you can help me knead dough or something."


"If Elunara has something to say about it, she can talk to me." She put her hand on her hip. "You can start by hauling my basket."

John jogged up and took the basket. "Of course."

"Now, I know Elunara's got you running papers around like a courier, but maybe I could use some help in my kitchen every now and then. We'll just have to see how useful you can be."

He trotted along behind her like a happy dog.

Elunara sat on the couch, her board in her lap as she added detail to her work. Suddenly John exploded in the door, a grin on his face.

"Elunara! You won't believe-"

"HEY!" She pointed at him with her pencil. "YOU KNOCK ON THAT GODDAMNED DOOR! Do you hear me? Unless one of my family is in life threatening danger, you KNOCK ON THAT GODDAMNED DOOR!"

He halted; eyes wide. "I'm sorry; none of your signs were up..."

"That doesn't give you permission to not fucking knock! You are NOT one of my family, you are NOT a member of this household, you will KNOCK and WAIT like everybody else."

He dropped to his knees and put his hand and head on the floor. "Please forgive me. I don't want to mess up what I have been given by angering you."

She glared at him over her board. "Now go close the fucking door, before I shove this pencil up your ass."

He scrambled to close the door and then crept closer to her.

"NOW you may speak."

"Tippy asked me to carry her basket, and then offered to let me help in her kitchen when I'm not running for you."

Elunara raised her eyebrow. "This is good. You can hear a lot from that kitchen. A perfect opportunity really; if I do say so myself." She tapped her pencil.


"If you say "but" to me one more time, I will crack you across the head with my board. I get it, Tippy was nice to you. Don't go jetting to the moon just yet. Keep that tiny brain in your pants, where it's supposed to be. Getting overly excited at every little positive thing in your life will make it that much more difficult if you want to become a mission specialist. I might add that many mission specialists are married with no issues, and are highly sought after as husbands."

He frowned and fidgeted.

"I'm not knocking you down, I'm keeping you realistic. There's a serious problem going on and you damned well know it. Focusing too hard on Tippy could cost someone their life."

He straightened up. "You're right. Tell me what I should do."

Tulani walked in giggling.

Elunara glanced up from her boards. "Yeeees?"

"I take it you're behind Tippy's new assistant?"

"Me? Meddle? What gave you THAT idea?"

"Because I know you?" Tulani raised an eyebrow, even as she leaned in for a kiss.

"I'd be insulted if it wasn't true." She gently tugged on one of Tulani's horns and brought her further down.

Tulani eyed the board. "Well, THAT's a fascinating picture." She sat down on the couch and leaned over.

"Lady wants to surprise her husband with an extremely intimate portrait to keep in his wallet."

"Dangerous place for such a picture."

"I think that's her idea." Elunara shrugged. "Its work."

"You know, you haven't done my picture in awhile, it could have all changed since then." Tulani grinned.

"Hm, I just might have to check."

Tulani stood up and walked to the front door. Sticking her head out of the door, she flipped the signs and then closed the door and locked it. Elunara grinned as she flipped to fresh sheets.

"So, I decided to work from home today, but swung by Tippy's for a bite to eat, and what do I see, but John in the back kitchen, kneading dough and panting over Tippy."

"So long as he keeps his ears open, he can lick her ass for all I care." She sketched Tulani's movements.

"That's an interesting visual." Tulani stopped and began unbuttoning her top. She grinned at Elunara. "I think it's kind of sweet, in a perverse kind of way. If anything," She tugged her shirt open, bit by little bit. "It'll make Tippy stop bitching at us."

"Wait, stop right there." Elunara licked her lips as she furiously drew Tulani as she was. "Gods, you look sexy like that. Shirt mostly open, breasts hanging out." She flicked her eyes up and down. "Perhaps we should experiment with clothing..." She considered. "Alright, you can continue." Elunara grinned.

With a laugh, Tulani returned to unbuttoning her shirt. She tugged the garment off and tossed it to the side. She slid her skirt down her legs with painstaking slowness.

"Wait." Elunara whispered. "Just like that, my beauty. Just... like that." She sketched with painstaking accuracy just to capture the beauty of the scene. Tulani bent halfway over, breasts hanging down, tail slightly elevated. Her mouth watered as she traced the curves of the hips, the tilt of the head, the angle of the leg and the folds of the fabric. "Alright."

Tulani pushed the skirt down and grinned. "I like that I can tease the great and wonderful Elunara."

"You drive me crazy." Elunara changed to the chair as Tulani sat on the couch.

Tulani leaned back on the couch and spread her legs while Elunara drew like a maniac. She slipped her fingers down through her folds and spread herself out, running the fingers up and down, sliding through. She teased the wetness out, spreading it all around the opening, up into the soft curls and back down again.

"Wait." Elunara swallowed and sketched the position of Tulani's fingers, the curves and creases, adding detail where the shine of slick wetness glistened. "Now." She whispered.

Her other hand ran along the inside of her thigh, sliding against the lips and hair. She slid the wet hand out, putting her wetness on the inside of her thigh, and moving the clean hand in to repeat the process. Finally she slid both hands down and used two fingers on each side to spread herself open.

"Oh, please wait." Elunara groaned as she added the new sketch. She changed to a fresh page and drew the entire scene from scratch. Finally satisfied with her work, she tossed the board down and slid off of the chair, kneeling in front of Tulani.

Tulani held herself open as Elunara buried her face. She slid her tongue in and licked the wonderful wet center. Tulani groaned and put one hand on Elunara's head. Elunara contented herself by tasting every wet centimeter, using her tongue in fascinating patterns and rhythm. She kissed and licked Tulani's thighs, ran her fingers through the woman's short hairs, and even gave attention to her asshole using fingers. Tulani rocked her hips and thighs, groaning as her fingers tangled in Elunara's hair.

"Come for me, my lovely. I so love it when you do." She buried herself back into Tulani's wet center. Teasing the clit gave Elunara the desired reaction. Tulani bucked and shuddered against her.

Elunara sat up and cupped Tulani's breasts. "You've made me want to do this since you started tugging your shirt open. She slid her tongue against one nipple, as she gently pinched and tugged the other one. With her teeth, she put gentle, teasing pressure on the nipple, before wrapping her lips around it and sucking. Tulani gasped and grabbed at Elunara's shirt. Elunara started running her tongue over the rest of Tulani's breast, giving gentle sucking kisses to the outside area.

"Can I try something, my lovely?"

"What?" Tulani gasped.

Elunara dug under the couch and held up a small metal penis. "I know it's not your desired shape, but I designed it with you in mind."

"I... I guess so."

"It's a little cold... but that might be fun too." Elunara grinned and pressed it against Tulani's wet folds.

She gave a soft gasp when the cold metal touched. "Oh, that's... different."

Elunara gently pushed it in as Tulani leaned back and groaned. "If you don't like it, let me know, ok?"

Tulani nodded, and Elunara pushed it in. She held it by the end and began to pump it in and out. Tulani grasped Elunara's arms, "That's... actually enjoyable."

"Good." She returned her attention to Tulani's nipples. She cupped a breast and sucked on the skin, bringing gasps and moans out of Tulani. She worked her way up Tulani's chest, across the collarbone and on to the shoulder. She licked and sucked the sensitive skin and scraped her teeth across, causing Tulani to shudder under her. She moved again, and as she worked the metal dick, enjoyed the flavor of Tulani's' mouth.

Tulani shivered and dug her nails into Elunara's skin.

Elunara pulled it out and grinned. "Much better size?"


"I tried to keep it no bigger than my two fingers. I'm still figuring out shapes. Perhaps something less blatant?" She tugged her board and made a couple of notes.

Tulani laid her head back and laughed. "You can't help yourself, can you?"

Elunara grinned. "Guilty." She tossed down her pencil and climbed on the couch, wrapping her arms around Tulani's waist.

Tulani leaned back and cuddled with Elunara.

"You've gotten bolder."

"You've taught me well."

Elunara absently stroked her fingers through the soft hairs. "You're always so pretty." She kissed Tulani's shoulder.

Tulani laid her head on Elunara's shoulder. "And you're always so sweet. Except when you're screaming like a banshee in a rage."

"Hardy har har. Go sew something."

Tulani giggled and kissed Elunara's cheek. "I think I'll go sew something special."

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