tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: The Future: Ch. 17

For The Whored: The Future: Ch. 17


"Alright, tell me what you feel."

Lydia closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Without opening her eyes, she pointed. "They hate me. All of them."

"How many?"

"I want to say twelve."

"Move on."

"Darguni is there."


"Because I feel him. When he is working, I can feel the energy off of him, but I can also feel this weird little spark, I guess he's thinking of me? Maybe."


"Bradly is there."


"When we were teenagers, he always felt sort of smothering. I knew he was there before he was there, even if I didn't know why. It's changed recently. More gradual."

"Keep going."

"Someone... someone likes me over there." She frowned. "Like Bradly used to be, kind of smothering."

"Can you find Grogek?"

"Umm, I think he's over there."


"Well, its back to normal, I guess normal is... light hearted? Does that make sense?"

"You're just another one of my children to him. Find Jordan."

"Jordan is there."


"Annoyance. He doesn't hate me, he doesn't love me. I just annoy the shit out of him, because I wasted his time in training."

"What did Grogek feel like when I made you train?"

"Like I was being beaten with bricks." Lydia dropped her arm and sighed. "I really am like you."

"That you are." She tapped her board. "I thought that the way to fix you was to teach you control through force. Realistically, we have to teach you control through energy. See, in my body, someone actively hating me is nothing. I don't absorb it; I can barely even feel it. With you, your past is so... shady, that it manifested into negativity."

"So, I don't have to fight any more?" Lydia rubbed her chest.

"You've already proven that your fighting ability is actually above par. Forcing you to fight is only fueling the negative absorption. These people openly thought that you didn't deserve to be in their ranks, and so their anger was channeled at you; feeding that part that snaps. We remove you from their line of fire, and they'll turn that anger into avoidance. Really, the best situation in this instance."

"I'll take it." Lydia muttered.

"How's it going?" Darguni put his arms on the platform.

"Fabulous." Lydia snorted. "I don't have to fight and that's good enough for me." She leaned down and kissed the top of his head.

He tugged her down to his mouth. "We need to figure out when I can finally marry you."

Lydia smacked her forehead. "I forgot to bug Ina."

"Take her some banana bread." Elunara grinned. "Though I doubt she'll require it."


Everyone looked up at Varian. "Hey, Sugarlove."

"So, after all said and done, Darguni is dating Lydia?" His eyebrow shot up.

"She's marrying me." Darguni grinned.

Varian's eyes were wide. "Really now? When?"

"Soonish?" Lydia shrugged. "I have to get Ina to help me plan."

"Well, I hope you do it in front of the Keep." Varian grinned. "I can't wait to see one of my wife's sons married off."

Lydia ran all the way to the healer's building. "Ina!"

"What's the emergency?"

Lydia dropped the box. "Please accept this banana bread as bribery for planning Darguni's and my wedding." She bowed.

Ina made a noise somewhere between a shriek and a gasp. "Oh, I thought this day would never come!" She gestured, and Lydia stooped down. Ina wrapped Lydia in a hug. "And you're the one to do it!" She wiped her face. "Ok, when and where?"

"Um, soon, and at the foot of the giant statue in front of the keep."

Lydia was almost shocked at how soon she and Darguni were holding hands at the base of the statue. The entire city had been done up to celebrate the marriage of Queen Elunara's birth son and adopted daughter. She could feel the heat burn from some of the women in the crowd. The dancing went long into the night, and by time they got home, Lydia was exhausted.

"I'm glad she gave us the top level, but I'm wiped."

Darguni scooped her up. "Well, I should carry you up anyhow." He grinned.

"I'm all for that. Geez, once I understood the energy thing, I could practically count the crowd with my eyes closed."

"You know, everyone kept telling me that it would take someone like my dad to bring me down... I didn't think it'd be like my mother instead." He laughed.

"Hush you."

"Oh," He made the final stair. "I don't plan on saying much for awhile."

With a giggle, she slid out of his arms. "Help me unzip this thing?"

"Actually, I was wondering if we could leave it on for the first go." He kissed her shoulder. "I want to make love to my angel." He breathed.

"Oh, I guess so." She giggled. "But, I should warn you... Tulani gave me a fascinating set of under things."

He licked his lips. "Well, we've got all night." Brushing his fingers under her chin, he pulled her mouth to his. Slowly, patiently, he danced his lips against hers. She laid her head back and gasped, allowing him to slip his tongue into her mouth to run along her teeth. His hands rubbed down her hips. "Mine." He whispered. Walking her back to the bed, he laid her on the bed and climbed on top.

His hands rested on either side of her head. "So beautiful." He dipped down and brushed his lips against hers.

Her hands ran across his chest. "Your clothes made my mind trip." Licking her lips, she giggled again.

Grinning, he slid a hand up her leg, tugging the dress up with it. "Mmm, let's see what's under here." He ran his hand over the lacey panties. "Gods, Tulani..."

Lydia shivered. "Yeah, this material has been driving me batty all day."

"So that's why you were so fidgety." He grinned.

"Among other things."

Pressing his fingers against the fabric and sliding it along her folds, he had her writhing and gasping. Getting comfortable, he slid his fingers all around, just enjoying her reactions. When he licked her flat, she jolted. Grinning, he began to lick her, rubbing his fingers and tongue across the fabric. When he began to shiver, he tugged the fabric to the side and slipped his tongue in, enjoying her clamping around him. For a little longer he sucked at those sopping folds.

"That was intense." She whimpered.

"Roll over, my love."

She rolled over on her belly, and he knelt above her, tugging the zipper down. He blinked at the matching material across her back. "Hmm, what is this?" He slipped his finger under it. She rolled free of the dress, and his eyes went wide. "Momma Tuly has been taking evil lessons from my mother."

Lydia grinned. "You like?

"It's like spider silk over your breasts." He ran his hands over it and she shivered. "I like it very much."

"Good, I had to get to her to help me put it on. It was making me overly sensitive."

"Is that so?" He purred.

"I probably shouldn't have told you that."

Carefully he removed the dress from her and the bed and laid it to the side. He climbed up over her and grinned. "Probably not." He ran his tongue over the fabric on her nipple.

She gasped and grabbed at him. "You!"

"Me!" He growled, as one hand captured her breast. He ran his fingers over the nipple, teasing and pinching as his mouth worked on the other one.

She grabbed at him, gasping and desperate. "Please." She whispered. "Please, I want you inside of me."

"I can't deny such a simple request." He grinned. Shoving his pants off, he slid his fingers across the wet fabric, before pushing it aside and burying himself within. "That fabric is ridiculous against my dick." He groaned.

Wrapping herself around him, she clung for dear life as he began to pump himself in and out. Not thinking about it, she dug her teeth into his shoulder and raked her nails down his back. He growled and dragged his teeth against her shoulder and neck. When she began to shake, he buried himself deep and hung on for the ride.

After a moment his lifted his head. "Ok, I want fifty of whatever the hell that thing is."

Lydia laughed. "I know, right? She calls it "lingerie" whatever the hell that means."

"Fancy little nothings, probably." He cuddled her. "I figure I give you a little break before I show you the gift momma gave me."

"What is that?"

"An exact copy of her... kit."

"Kit?" She cocked her head to the side.

He pressed his lips to her ear. "Anal."

Lydia went bright red. "Oh!"

"Yeah, she gave me all the tools and a copy of her book. So I can train you instead." He rubbed his cheek against hers. "If you still want to."

"Oh, I do... but you're so big..."

He grinned. "Keep that up..." Licking his lips, he reached over and pulled out the box. "There's a whole graduation of sizes. You start from the smaller, and over the course of days, weeks or even months, you build to the size you want."

She sat up and looked into the box. "Huh." Spotting a glint, she pulled open the drawer. "Darguni, why do you have copies of your dick?"

He blushed. "I had them made before you. I was..." he rubbed the back of his head. "I was going to give them to certain girls..."

She picked one up and frowned at it. "Was Tara one?"

He winced. "Yes."

She snorted. "Maybe if you'd given her the damned thing, she wouldn't be such a bitch."

Taking the metal dick out of her hand, he sighed. "I hate that they attacked you."

"Well, they're afraid of me now, so there's that... even though..." She shook her head.

"Even though?"

"It's not important."

Brushing her hair out of her face, he sighed. "Honesty?"

"I could feel her. Now that I understand what's going on, I could literally feel her hate pouring out at me."


"The wedding."

"That bitch." He snarled.

Plucking the metal dick from his hand, she put a hand to his cheek. "Except it was OUR wedding, and I won't let a little petty jealousy ruin it for us." She tucked the object in the kit box. "We just have a size to shoot for, now don't we?"

He grinned and gently licked her lips. "Mine."

She repeated him. "Mine." She ran her fingers under his chin. "I believe we were going to start practicing."

He showed his teeth. "I like the way you think."

Curious, she ran her hand on his fang. "How sensitive are these things?"

"Very. I think it's part of the reason momma enjoys jerking dad around by the things. Stimulate the damned thing right, and you can practically orgasm off of them."

"Fascinating. I'll have to try it sometime."

"Have I not used it on you?"

"Use it?"

"On your thighs?"


"Oh, we'll have to do that." He grinned.

"One thing at a time." She laughed.

"Actually, no." He licked his lips. "You see, you need to be sopping before I can start."

Her eyes went wide. "Oh?"

Sliding off the bed, he tugged her around. He knelt in the floor and tugged the panties off, tossing them to the side. He spread her legs and buried his face into those slick, wet folds. Her fingers raked through his hair, and her other hand gripped the sheets. He got her hot and panting before he scraped his fang against the tender area of her thigh. She practically shrieked.

Chuckling, he tormented her. "I suddenly wish I had a pair like dad. I bet they'd drive you insane."

"I'm not sure I could handle it." She whimpered.

He helped her roll over. "Now for a different sort of fun." He took the smallest rod from the kit and slid it inside of her front. "We get it nice and slick..." He tugged it out and licked it, before pushing it back in her. She shivered. Moving the rod again, he began to slip it into her ass. She gasped and clung to the sheets. "That's my beauty, take it in."

"Oh, Gods." She buried her face in the bed.

"Does it feel good?" He moved it in and out.

"Yes." She whimpered.

"Now, watch this." He pushed the rod all the way to the hilt, before shifting up and burying his dick in her front. Her hands went wild as she clung to the bed. "And if I do this..." With one hand, he clung to the rod, the other, her hip. Soon he had the rod going in rhythm to his dick. She spasmed with the force of it, clamping down on both. With a groan, he filled her.

She lay on the bed, whimpering.

"Are you alright, my love?" He rubbed his hands on her back.

"I'm so glad I don't have to go to training anymore...I'm not sure I can walk there tomorrow."

He chuckled. "Hold on, let me deal with this thing." He tugged the rod free.

She gasped and dug her nails into the edge of the bed.

He dropped it in its own bag. "I have to go wash this."


By time he returned, she was passed out. He carefully tucked her under the covers, before climbing in after.

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