tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: The Future: Ch. 37

For The Whored: The Future: Ch. 37


Varian sat up in bed, just watching Elunara sleep. Reaching out, he threaded his fingers through that long, purple hair.

"Mm, whazat?" She mumbled.

"Nothing really."

Rubbing her cheek on his hip, she smiled up at him. "You know my honesty policy, my darling."

"I was sitting here wondering what it would be like... to have you in just MY bed every night."

"Oh, Varian..."

"There's this small, petty side of me that wishes I could make you stay here. However, that would mean you would change who you are, just to suit me... and that thought makes me ill. I could never change you, because I married you for you."

She sat up and leaned against him. "What brought this on?"

He put a hand to her belly. "Hoping this one is mine."

"Ah." Chuckling, she licked his shoulder. "And if it is?"

"I would be endlessly thrilled... to have another chance..."

"I know how you feel." She whispered.

"You do?" He blinked.

"After Lulu, and how much I bonded with her... I did start to regret my inability to produce another. When I had Darguni, I was still largely locked to emotions. Even worse, after my trip to Darnassus, I lost four freaking years of my child's life. While you lost more time with your son than I did... there's always been this underlying guilt that I could not give him as much love in his infancy that I was able to give Lulu. I fell in love with her in an instant... I had to learn love with my own son. Tulani nursed my baby, and while I do not begrudge her, I begrudge myself, just that tiny amount." She sighed and ran her hands over her still flat belly. "I know how you feel."

Varian tugged her into his lap. "That's all I needed to hear." He whispered, before capturing her mouth.

Days later, Elunara sat on the platform between Susan and Lydia. She held her hands over her belly and concentrated.

"What are you doing?" Lydia was nursing Dargek.

"Beyond my usual medical checks I'm exploring the process, so speak. It's so much stranger when it's your own body. This whole thing is weird. Like, how did I grow it back?"

"And what will you do now that it is back?" Susan grinned.

"That's a topic I've yet to explore." Elunara considered. "I'll stay with the immediate interest for now."

"Grogek!" Susan waved an arm.

He frowned and made his way over. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing... just watch." Susan gave Tilly a little push.

Tilly took a shaky step forward, still holding on to Susan's thumb. She reached a chubby hand out towards Grogek.

"Come on." He whispered. "Come on." A little louder.

Tilly let go of Susan's thumb and stood there on her own, just blinking.

"Come on! Come to daddy!" He held out his hands "Come, my baby, come to me!"

Tilly wobbled but held her hands out. With a giggle, she began to take wobbly steps forward. He wanted to reach out and scoop her up, but knew the way for her to learn was to continue on. She stumbled, hands hitting the top of the platform. Instinct of protection warred with desire to teach. Instead, he watched as she pushed herself up again and continued on her path. At the end of the platform, she fell on to him and he scooped her up.

"My little girl!" He hugged her tightly. "You did so admirably."

Susan giggled. "Drop the formality; she doesn't know what you just said."

"That's my girl!" Grogek tossed the child lightly into the air.

Tilly responded with shrieking giggles. "DAH-IE!" She shrieked, as she clung to him.

"Yes!" Grogek laughed. "Yes, I AM your daddy!"

The entire yard erupted into cheers and applause.

Shaking his head, Renwa blinked at the early morning light, just peeking through the window. Gentle as a whisper, he kissed the back of Zelinnia's neck. She groaned softly and pressed up tighter against him. Grinning, he moved his hand under the covers, and tugged the edge of her nightgown up. If it hadn't been chilly the night before, he wouldn't have had to worry about it. As it was, he kind of liked the thing.

His fingers brushed those soft hairs, and she shifted and groaned. Still his fingers roamed through those hairs and to the soft lips below. Lifting up on his hands, he tugged her over. Her hands spread out beside her head, and her hair spilled over the pillow. He was already horny, but this scene just made him rock solid. A slight adjustment, and he buried himself into her.

She jolted up, grabbing wildly at his arms.

"Good morning." He grinned, pumping himself in and out of her dripping center.

"You!" She gasped. "Oh, don't stop!" She groaned, as she pressed her head back into the pillow.

"Wasn't planning on it." Scooping his hips down, he slammed in and out of her, his balls smacking that beautiful ass. "You're always so tight," He groaned. "Mine, damn it." He growled, as she clamped around him, making him let go with her.

When he cuddled up on top of her, he gently pressed his mouth to hers. "Good morning, I said."

"That it is." She giggled. "Give me a chance to catch my breath and I'll show you..."

"GIVE IT BACK!" At Abigail's shrill cry, they both winced.

"Why did we agree to kids?" Renwa sighed.

"I don't know, but I'm going to kill the both of them." Zelinnia scrambled to get out of bed.

"I don't HAVE it!" Nara gestured.

"What are you two idiots arguing about now?" Zelinnia crossed her arms.

"He took my hairbrush!" Abigail gestured at Nara.

"I DID NOT!" He stomped a foot. "Why would I take your stupid hairbrush?"

"To annoy me!"

"Whatever. I don't have the damned thing."

"Which hairbrush?" Zelinnia sighed. "You have like five of them."

"The pretty one with the gems in it. The same one he's stolen before." Abigail put her fists on her hips.

"I WAS ELEVEN!" He ran a hand through his hair. "Will I never live that down?"

Renwa stepped out and put his hand on Nara's shoulder. "Be honest with me. Did you take the brush?"

"No, dad. I swear to everything, I haven't touched the stupid thing in like, four years."

Renwa nodded. "I believe him. You must have lost it."

"You ALWAYS take HIS side!" Abigail growled and stomped past. "Not like I matter or anything."

"Abigail!" Zelinnia hissed.

"You know it's true!" Abigail fled upstairs.

"ABIGAIL!" Gasping, Zelinnia headed up, but Renwa put his hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry about it."

"But she had no right..."

"No, think on it, and you'll realize how it looks to her." He shook his head. "Just... let it go for now."


"I have work." He turned and left.

"Momma..." Nara whispered. "I didn't take it, I swear."

"I know." Zelinnia raked her fingers through her hair. "I know you'd never lie to your father's face."

Zelinnia stomped all the way down to the training yard. "Where is Elunara?"

Susan blinked up. "Up at the keep. She'll be back in a little while."

Zelinnia flopped down on the platform. "I'll wait."

"What's the matter, sweetie?" Susan put her hand on Zelinnia's arm. "You look like you've been crying."

"My daughter just said the meanest thing to my husband..."

Lydia bolted across the training yard and grabbed Darguni by the arm. "Come! Come, you have to come see!"

"What?" He blinked down at her. "What's wrong?"

"You HAVE to see!"

"Is it the babies?"

"The babies are fine, but you have to come SEE!"

Grogek snorted. "Just go see, before she pees herself or something." He eyed Lydia. "But we're going to have a lovely little discussion about coming on an active yard."

Darguni chased after Lydia. "What is WRONG?"

"Absolutely nothing!" She giggled.

"If you dragged me out just to fuck you..."

"No! No, wait! Watch!" She pushed the door open. Dargek and Lily were sitting on a blanket in the middle of the floor. Lily was chomping on a wooden wolf, and Dargek was happily smashing blocks into the floor.

"Yeah, I've seen them sit..."

"No! Watch!" She sat down at the door. "Come here!" She clapped her hands.

Lilly looked over for a moment, before going back to her toy. Dargek dropped both blocks and promptly began to crawl over. He was shaky, and a little wobbly, but determination won out, as he crawled on all fours. He stopped and whimpered a bit.

"By the Gods." Darguni whispered in awe.

"Look at him go!" She laid on her belly and smacked her hands to the floor. "Come on, come on, you can do it!"

Dargek continued on his path, making his way over with a giggle.

Darguni reached down and scooped him up. "My baby can crawl!" He gasped.

"See?" She jumped up and put her hand on his leg, healing the pain like she'd been shown. "It hurts him so much to do, but he just ignores it. I only knew he hurt when I put my hands on him. It's like he's adapting to the pain."

"That's my boy." Darguni hugged him tightly. "Oh, Gods, I have to tell dad."

"Sorry, I didn't want to spoil the surprise." Lydia giggled.

"What about Lily?"

"She has no interest." Lydia giggled. "Oh, it's so amazing. I can feel so much coming from them. That's sort of why I kept to home today. I wanted to eliminate everyone else and just focus on the feelings I'm getting from them. Dargek is determined, Lily is patient, like she has all the time in the world."

"That's amazing."

"So when I tossed his toy away from him, he was so determined to get it, that he taught himself to move."

"I... I have to..."

Lydia plucked Dargek out of Darguni's arms. "Go tell your father." She grinned.

He bolted.

Grogek's eyebrow shot up at Darguni. "Seriously?"

"No, it wasn't that." He grinned. Putting a hand on his father's shoulder, he grinned like a lunatic. "Dargek crawled."

Grogek's eyes went wide. "Really?" He breathed.

"Not just a little bit. He went across the living room. Lydia says that he's in a lot of pain to do it, but he doesn't care. If he wants something, he ignores the pain and goes for it."

With a hand over his mouth, Grogek fought the tears. "Then he is a TRUE orc." He grinned.

"That's MY boy." Darguni winked.

"YOU HEAR THAT?" Grogek roared. "MY INFANT GRANDSON IS STRONGER THAN THE LOT OF YOU." With a wicked grin, Grogek turned back to Darguni. "Take the day." He winked.

"Damned straight." Darguni turned and ran.

On a different day, weeks later, Elunara sat on the platform, channeling her energy off and on.

"Whatever are you doing?" Susan watched with interest.

"She's probing."

Elunara blinked at Lydia. "You can see what I'm doing?"

"No. I can feel your intent."

"Ah. Well, it's definitely a girl. I get that much." Elunara waved a hand.

Grogek made his way over. "Yes?"

"I need to borrow you." She put her hand on his head and began concentrating. After a moment, she shook her head. "Nope. You're not the father."

"Hm. I'm only a little disappointed."

Elunara snorted. "Because you currently have four birth children?"

He flashed a grin. "Exactly. I have my son from you, and that's all I need to make me happy."

"Good, not sure I can handle another behemoth in my belly." She snorted. "Where's Jordan?"

"Something about paperwork."


"Can I try?" Everyone looked up at Varian.

"Heard me, did you?" Elunara grinned.

"I was almost to you when you called him over. I just didn't want to intrude."

"Pfft, like you ever do." She stood up and put her hand on his cheek. "Skin to skin contact works best." Closing her eyes she began again, following that thin line of energy. When it connected, she knew the truth. "And we have a winner." She whispered.

He put his hand on hers. "Really?"

"I wouldn't lie about such things."

"You tend to not lie in the first place." He tugged her face to his, capturing her mouth.

A whisper shot across the training yard, as those close by understood the news. Soon the entire yard was cheering and clapping, before going down on one knee. All around them, soldiers and commoners alike, began to bow before news of their King and Queen's confirmed pregnancy.

"Oh, geez." She sighed. "I hate when they do this."

"Then let's leave them to it." He grabbed her wrist and started running for the Keep.

Giggling, she passed him and tugged at his hand. "You challenging a night elf to a race?"

"Wouldn't dream of it!" He laughed.

A little while later, they lay curled up in bed, naked and sated.

"You have no idea how happy you've made me." He buried his face in her neck.

Running her tongue over her teeth, she laughed. "I think I do."

Sighing, he sat up. "I don't want to have to tell Anduin... but I have to."

"If he hasn't already figured it out by the way we ran past him."

Varian winced. "I probably should have told him then."

"No. Because you were giddy happy and unreasonable with it. A kid like Anduin you have to approach with reason and a cool head."

"You realize he's almost thirty, right?"

"He will forever and always be your kid in my eyes. I can't see him as older than fifteen."

"That's... actually comforting in a way."

She shrugged. "It is what it is."

Putting his feet on the floor, he sighed. "I better get it over with."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and put her cheek to his. "Don't treat it as a death sentence, or it'll just be that much worse."

"It is what it is." He repeated.

Varian took a deep breath before stepping into the room with Anduin. "I need to speak with you, alone." He gestured to the office room.

Anduin nodded. "This is about the baby, isn't it? It will be yours?"

"Yes. Yes, she will be."

"I don't need the privacy."


"Father, I've already taken the time to come to terms with it. As soon as I heard that she was... I began to make assumption that it was going to be yours. So, I figured out my heart on the matter, just as SHE taught me to."


"Father, I want to be mad, I really do. I was to be viciously jealous, sincerely, so. However, I'm rather relieved."

"Re... Wait, what?" Varian just blinked.

"You finally have a true heir that will take over when you pass."

Varian continued to stare at Anduin.

"You see, I've struggled for the longest time to come to terms with being the heir of Stormwind. I rather hate the idea and would prefer to turn it down and continue with my priest training. Oh, I know you consider Elunara's other children to be your own, but there was no blood child to pass the throne to. I am well aware of the Night Elf longevity and that Elunara will sit as queen for as long as the throne interests her. Which, I well know that it has NEVER actually interested her. So, who would sit? Me? By the light, I hope to hell not. Her? Not bloody likely. No, you NEEDED an heir, and I just had no idea how to tell you.

I'm so relieved that I can finally say "Father, I do not want the crown." There I said it. How wonderful is that?" He raked his fingers through his hair. "No, I hope with all of my being that I never have to sit in that chair after you have left it. It's too heavy a burden to deal with. I hope this child has an interest in her future role, because I'll help her along as much as she needs it."

Varian sat down in said throne. "I'll be damned."

Graymane smiled. "Your son is very wise. Cherish that."

"Believe me, old friend, I do."

"Oh good, I was hoping I could avoid explaining to my little girl, why her brother freaks out when she is near." Elunara winked.

"Hm, finally getting that sibling I fantasized about... and it's a silly little sister." Anduin laughed.

Elunara kissed Anduin's cheek. "You're a good boy."

Anduin blushed. "Well, you're a good step mother."

"I am ordering the biggest, most extravagant nursery set up..." Varian dove for his paperwork. "Toppa! Find me a planner!"

"Of course! At once, sir!"

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