tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: The Future: Ch. 42

For The Whored: The Future: Ch. 42


"He's just so young." Varian murmured.

Sitting in a cell, unconscious and tied down, was the assailant. Varian and Elunara stood to one side, just watching the boy.

"He's sixteen, maybe seventeen." Elunara sighed. "But I guarantee you; he's been indoctrinated since birth."

"You think he's one of the missing Twilight babies?"

"I know he is." She rubbed her own belly. "The Twilight are a sick lot, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there are others out there, just like him, causing various forms of mischief."

"How are you handling him?"

"We're taking a two step approach." Leaning her head out of the door, she called out.

Janella stepped into the room. "So, this is the child that tried to take mine."

"And many others. I know what he did was horrible, but you'll have to put that to the side for now."

"I know my duty." Janella moved into the cell and began running her hands over the boy.

"Do you trust her?" Varian whispered.

"She trains my daughter."

"That's all I need to know."

After a few minutes, Janella stepped back out of the cell. "His body is rife with succubus magic, but he is not under any form of mind control. He acted of his own free will."

"Damn." Elunara sighed. "I'd hoped... Never mind. Thank you, Janella."

"Thank you." She bowed, before turning and leaving.

"Now what?" Varian sighed.

"We're going to have a little chat, and then I'll go from there."

"Lovely." He kissed her temple. "Stay safe."

"You know me." She winked. Locking the cell door, she sat in a chair opposite of her prisoner. Reaching forward, she broke the healer sleep.

He jolted up.



"You know of me?"

"You are famous in the Twilight. We are taught to look out for the purple hair night elf, with the temper rivaling the dragons themselves. That you are interrogating me at the moment... an honor."

"Curious." She cocked her head to the side. "I'm shocked that I've left such a lasting impression in the Twilight."

"You'll never break me." He leaned back in the chair and gave her a feral grin. "They trained me against all of your techniques."

"My techniques?"

"Pain is meaningless to me."

"Oh, Sweetheart..." Elunara sighed. "Let's start simple, what's your name?"

"I don't have one. I am known as 1-9-5-0."

"That's a terrible name." She shook her head. "Let's call you Bobby for now."

"Bobby?" He gave her a blank look.

"It's much better, don't you think?"

"I guess." He continued to blink at her in baffled amazement.

Several hours later, she helped him drink from the cup. "Still thirsty?"

"Nah, I'm good." He shook the hair out of his face. "Got anything to eat?"

"Sure, give me a minute." She stepped outside.

"How goes it?" Varian rubbed his hand down her back.

"I'm cracking him with kindness. He doesn't know what to do about it."

"Good." He kissed the side of her head.

Going back in, she untied the kid from the chair. "Here, eat." She held up the plate, the door to the cell behind her was open.

He eyed the door for a few minutes before taking the plate and fork. "Thanks." Sitting on the bed, he began to shovel the food into his mouth.

"We're done for today." She smiled, before stepping out and closing the door. "I'll be back tomorrow."



"They lied... you're actually really nice."

Laughing, she rubbed a hand on her belly. "Keep that up, and I'll give you dessert."

"It seems to be working." Varian peered in the window in the door.

"Only barely." She frowned. "I'm going slow, slathering him with kindness, and yet, he only gives me hints and vague comments. I'm getting nothing out of the twerp. I have him off his game, but not enough."


"Tomorrow, and the next few days, I'm too damned busy and I'll be sending in agents. Keep changing the agents, keep him on his toes. He WANTS me. I'll get more out of him this way."

The following day, Elunara slipped into Tulani's studio. "Busy?"

"Oh, no..." Tulani tapped her pencil on her board. "I just didn't feel like dealing with people today."

"I'm sorry." Elunara slipped her hands over Tulani's shoulders. "What are you designing there?"

"Baby clothes... Some for Susan and Lydia's children, some for yours, and..." She flipped a few pages. "I so badly want a little girl."

"We'll get you your baby." Elunara kissed Tulani's neck and slipped her hands down the front of Tulani's dress. Cupping the breasts, she stroked her thumbs over Tulani's nipples. "Just a little longer, my pretty."

Tulani gasped and leaned back against Elunara.

"Don't suppose..." Elunara licked Tulani's neck.

"Please!" Tulani gasped. "I want you." She reached back and crushed her fingers into Elunara's hair.

Elunara tugged Tulai's dress down her shoulders and down the front, freeing the Draenei's breasts from the confining fabric. Tulani stood up and Elunara tugged the dress the rest of the way down. "I wonder..." She kissed the base of Tulani's tail. Tulani gasped and put her hands on her desk. "Fascinating. She began to lick the tail and massage the base of it.

"Please," Tulani gasped. "No more!"

"Alright, alright." Elunara chuckled. "The silly thing is going to bruise my face at the rate it thrashes."

"That stupid thing is always so sensitive!"

Standing up swiftly, Elunara tugged Tulani into her embrace, capturing her mouth and just devouring the taste of her wife. Around the Draenei's body, Elunara's hands roamed, finding those sensitive and vulnerable spots, driving Tulani into a frenzy. Following her fingers down, Elunara kissed her way down Tulani's body, before finding those soft curls and kissing just above them.

Tulani dropped down into her chair and spread her legs wide, allowing Elunara to use both fingers and mouth on the delicate skin of her thighs. As she worked, she concentrated her energy into Tulani's body. Even as she pumped her fingers in and out of Tulani's dripping center, she poured high doses of healing along with it. By time Tulani shivered and shook, Elunara had completed her task.

"Well, that should cover it."

"Cover... what?" Tulani gasped.

"I'd say you're all fixed up."

"I... I am?" Tulani's hands flew to her belly.

"If I understand the mess correctly, I can jump start the needed hormones whenever you're ready."

Tulani threw her arms around Elunara. "Oh, THANK YOU!!" She began to weep. "I never..." She hiccupped. "Thought... I could.... Have a chance." She gasped in between breaths.

"Anything to see you happy, my Sweetness." Elunara brushed Tulani's hair out of her face and kissed away her tears. "Any time you want to try, you just let me know."

"Tonight?" Tulani whispered. "Can I start trying tonight?"

Elunara giggled. "Let's make sure that Jordan is up for it." She winked.

She strolled down to the training yard and gestured to Jordan. When he walked over, she grabbed him by the front of his shirt and assaulted his mouth with her own.

He gasped for air and rubbed his hands down her ass. "Mm, is someone wanting a spanking?"

"Tulani is ready for her go. I've healed her all I can and we're just waiting for your word for me to give her a shot of hormones."

Licking his lips, he blinked. "I thought you tasted odd."

She ran her fingers across her lips. "Yeah, I came straight over from making a meal out Tulani."

"I SHOULD spank you." He growled. "I'm going to have this hard on all damned day."

"Or we could have a go right now." She winked.

"Now." He turned her around and shoved her forward. Signaling at Mark, he turned and followed after his crazy wife.

"Tulani!" Elunara called out. "We're here to make you a baby!"

Lulu came out of her bedroom. "MOMMA!"

"Well, I didn't know you were in here, Lulu."

"Ugh, I came to get my books. I am SO out of here!" She ran out of the house.

Jordan shook his head. "The house of trauma, I swear."

Tulani stepped out of her own bedroom. "I'd like to do this in Jordan's room if I may."

"Whatever you're comfortable with, Tuly."

"We'll make it special, Sweetness."

"Thank you." Tulani nodded and disappeared into Jordan's room.

"I think she's worried about flashbacks." Elunara murmured.

"Oh. Shit."

"Don't worry; I'll do all the work, including timing. You bring your dick, and focus on me. I actually agree with Tulani's decision to keep her bed for just us." She slid her hand down the front of his pants. "I love that you went flat at the thought of hurting our dear Tulani, but there's no need for that. Follow me and start getting out of all of your gear."

They made it into Jordan's room, where Tulani was pacing. "Where should I be?"

Elunara laid her hands on Tulani's arms. "There's no need for nerves, my beauty." She brushed her lips over Tulani's. "It's just our Jordan. You've been with him before; the only difference is that he'll end with putting it in you instead of me."

"I know that." Tulani sighed. "I know him, I want this... but I worry..."

"It's just us, my love." She brushed Tulani's hair back. "It's just us." She brushed her lips across Tulani's, soft and sweet. Slowly she pressed in, running her hands down the Draenei's sides and rear.

Jordan quietly stowed his gear as he watched the two women dance together, hands roaming around. Together, they unrobed one another, and once they were both naked, Elunara pressed Tulani on to the bed and stooped down in front of her, burying her face in those slick folds. Jordan sat down and began to stroke his erection, watching his wife eat out the woman he called sister.

Elunara signaled Jordan and he got up and walked to them. Taking his dick in her hand, she began to work her expertise on him. She slipped her mouth over the tip of his dick and began to slide up and down, working him. When he began to twitch, she backed off. Guiding the both of them, as Jordan put his hands on Tulani's shoulders.

Once more, Elunara wrapped one hand on Jordan's dick and helped guide him into Tulani's prepared wetness. Her hand danced around his balls, making him explode into Tulani. When their shaking slowed to mild shivers, Jordan pulled free.

"Now, we wait." Elunara grinned.

"How long?" Tulani gasped.

"As sensitive as I am, I can tell you in about a month and half or more. It may take multiple tries, you know."

"Yes. I am well aware." Tulani rubbed her empty belly. "But, now, I have a shot."

"I hope it takes." Jordan cleaned himself off. "No offense Tuly, but I prefer my wife."

Tulani grinned. "Me too."

The next day, Elunara sat on the platform. "My love, we have a new situation." Varian sighed.

"What now?"

"We captured a Tauren at the front gate. Claims he knows you."

"This should be interesting." Elunara closed her board and followed Varian into the Stockades. "Sunwood? Is that seriously you?"

"Hello again, Elunara."

"What in the world are you doing here?"

"I heard of a family of Blood Elves that defected to the Alliance. With all the upheaval in the Horde right now..." He shrugged. "I thought the Alliance looked better."


"You know how it goes... one faction doesn't want to be led by a troll, and some don't want an orc, and the Dark Lady has been trying to take over... it's a mess."

Tapping her pencil on the board, she considered. "Will you do me a couple of strange favors?"

"Name your price Elunara."

She gestured him over. When he leaned his ear against the bars, she whispered.

His eyes went wide. "SERIOUSLY?"

"I know your tastes..."

He sighed. "This is why I never told anyone. Yes, I'll fulfill your price."

"Good man. Let him out." She gestured. Once he was out of the cage, she grinned. "I'll get you a place to live, and then I'll arrange the rest."

Varian watched the tauren stomp away. "Whatever did you ask him?"

"I want a cast mold of his dick for my collection."

Varian closed his eyes and sighed. "Only you."

"And one other thing, to be collected at a later date."

"And that is?"

"Client confidentiality." She winked.

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