Forced Entry


It was only when I tried to stand up and felt a sudden violent jerk on my tender labia that I realised I was caught somehow. The weighty padlock that hung from the silver rings that pierced my lips, sealing my cunt, had dropped between the slats of the park bench and when I'd moved to rise, it had turned slightly and jammed there. I wriggled, trying to free myself, but to no avail. It seemed that I was well and truly trapped. Cautiously I spread my legs, trying to see what had happened. I leaned forward, reaching underneath myself with my fingers and trying to push the padlock up from underneath. It wouldn't come. I began to worry. Desperately I pushed at the lock, determined to get free at all costs. I couldn't bear the humiliation of having to ask for help. The thought that some stranger might have to come and cut me out lent the necessary force to my fingers and suddenly the padlock swung free between the slats. I could feel the renewed pull on my labia and moaned faintly. Carefully I pushed the lock up, making sure to keep it parallel with the slats so that it wouldn't jam again. Then, when I thought I'd got it clear, very slowly I raised myself to my feet.

As I straightened up I was suddenly aware of a man's figure in front of me, silhouetted against the light. My heart thumped painfully in my chest - God, how long had he been watching me? I'd been so intent on freeing myself I hadn't heard him approach. For a moment I thought my mind was playing tricks on me and that I'd somehow conjured you up, the man who I most wanted to see... This man was tall like you, and stocky, but of course it wasn't you... He took a step towards me and if I could, I'd have taken a step back, but my legs were already pressed against the bench and I stood there, frozen to the spot. I saw the contours of his face change slightly. It seemed to me that he was smiling but as he was against the light I couldn't be sure. Slowly, deliberately, he walked towards me and for some reason I just waited, mesmerised, watching him approach.

Suddenly he was right there in front of me and he gripped my right upper arm in his left with a hold like a vice. I quailed as his right hand unceremoniously shot up under my short skirt and grasped the padlock, giving it a vicious tug.

'Well, well, well, what have we here?' he said softly, gazing down at me. I felt my face flaming with shame and fright. The pain in my labia brought tears to my eyes. 'A slut with a lock on her cunt. We all know what THAT means....' His fingers let go of the padlock and slid along my labia then up into my cunt, which of course was still dripping from performing my task. Indeed, I'd been looking forward to getting home and finally having the wank you'd withheld from me until its completion. You'd kept me on heat for the greater part of the day. I moaned as his fingers - the wrong man's fingers - invaded me and tried to wriggle free.

'You're wet and gagging for it' he said with satisfaction as he withdrew his fingers and propelled me along the path to the exit. 'And I know just what to do with a slut like you...'

I found my voice. 'Take your hands OFF me!' I said as I tried, fruitlessly, to prise his fingers from my arm. He merely laughed. 'If you create a disturbance, you're the one who'll come off worse' he said. 'Just think what a field day the press would have with the story - a slut who wears a padlock on her cunt, in a place like this, a slut who opened her legs and showed herself off to me...'

'I didn't even know you were there!' I exclaimed. 'I was just trying to get free of the bench...'

He laughed. 'And what a sight you were, to be sure. I'll never forget it'.

By now we'd got as far as the exit and I looked wildly around me. Here there were other people but none of them seemed to see anything untoward in the way I was being half-dragged along by the stranger. He bent his head and whispered in my ear. 'If you make so much as a sound, I'll hoik your skirt up to your waist and show the lot of them just what sort of a cunt you are'.

I slumped in his grasp. I just couldn't face it, I couldn't. Whatever lay ahead would surely be better than that...

We left the gardens and he marched me up the road to the woods, as I'd known he would. Beyond the gardens were a pub, a farm, a boarding kennels and one private house. The road petered out into a track which led into the pretty birch woods that formed a local beauty spot - I'd walked there often enough. Although people did take their dogs there and at the weekends the place could be quite popular, I knew that at this time of day midweek there wouldn't be many people about. Whatever he intended to do with me - and it was pretty obvious what he intended to do with me - he was unlikely to be disturbed...

He paused as we entered the woods and made me remove my jacket. It was a cool day and I shivered slightly, but with apprehension as much as with cold. Obedient to your orders, I was wearing a shirt but no bra, stockings and a very short skirt. I'd been aware of my stockings showing the tops of my thighs below the hem of the skirt and now it would be obvious to him that I wasn't wearing a bra either. He looked at me and his lip curled.

'What a sight you are, slut.' Suddenly he grasped one of my nipples, which because of the cold - surely it was only the cold - was pressing itself through the velvet of my shirt, hard and swollen. He pinched it, causing me to gasp, then pinched it tighter... tighter... Although I twisted with pain, I could feel a renewed wetness in my cunt as my treacherous body responded to the stimulation. Once more his other hand felt beneath my skirt and having shoved a couple of his fingers up me, he withdrew them and waved them under my nose. 'You can't wait for it, can you, slut?'

I blushed, my eyes downcast. What, after all, could I say? Deny it as much as I would, my body told a different story... He laughed at my silence and then continued to propel me along. We came to the edge of the forestry plantation, where the loose natural woodland of the crags gave way to the dense, dead, dark of regularly-planted firs. There was a gap in the wooden post and rail fence and roughly he pushed my head down and made me climb through. We moved from the bright cool of the airy birchwoods to a dark, dank chill under the firs. No-one would see or hear us here - this was private property. Once we'd gone a few paces he stopped.

'Take your skirt and shirt off'' he said. I pleaded with him with my eyes. 'Do as I say, slut, or else...' he said menacingly, his hands balling into fists. Fumblingly, I complied. He held out his hand for my clothes and mutely, cowed into submission, I handed them to him. I stood before him in my garter belt and black stockings, the padlock hanging from my obscenely-distended labia.

'Christ, look at you...' he said. Slowly he walked all around me. 'Keep walking' he said. 'We'll go a bit deeper in... anyway, I want to see you walk naked for me, slut'.

He had my clothes and I could see no option but to comply. I did as I was told and walked deeper into the woods. I was conscious of my nipples, painfully stiff and my breasts, bouncing as I walked along the uneven ground. Most of all I was conscious of the padlock swinging between my thighs, dragging on my flesh, and the burning furnace that was my cunt. I could feel the juices seeping out of me despite myself and wondered what you'd make of my account of my day when I finally managed to report back to you...

At last he told me to stop. He threw my clothes down in a heap on the ground, a densely-packed mat of pine needles, and from his pocket he withdrew a tie. He jerked my arms roughly behind me and bound my wrists. 'You don't have to do that!' I said. 'I'm hardly going to run away now, am I?'

He gave me a cold stare. 'I do it because I want to, slut. Now get on your knees.'

I dropped to my knees, suddenly frightened all over again.

'All fours' he said and I complied. I thought the best thing was simply to do as I was told and that way I'd get out of here undamaged...

He walked round me again. He stopped behind me and I was all too aware of his eyes boring into me. The picture I must make, with the padlock hanging from my lips, made me flush anew. As I felt his eyes gaze unremittingly at my cunt, once more there was the giveaway loosening as my body responded to the thought of my subjection. He knelt behind me.

'God, you want it bad...' he said.

'I don't!' I said defensively. In answer, I felt his fingers scooping my creamy juices from my thighs. Then he shoved them roughly in my mouth. I could not help but taste the sweetness of my arousal on his thick fingers as he shoved them in and out, fucking my mouth with them. I heard him undo his trousers and held my breath. I did want to fuck, but not him! Not him! But as, inevitably, his cock thrust into my cunt, my cunt enveloped it all too willingly. I sobbed as my body lay down for him as if for a lover. Why didn't I fight him, why couldn't I hate him... Instead, despite what I knew I should think and feel, my whorish cunt lapped up his cock with greed and my body thrust shamelessly back against his, seeking to draw him in further, further... Christ it felt good... I hadn't had a really good hard fuck in so long...

The padlock swung wildly as I jerked against him, the effect of the lock closing my cunt just enough to make it even tighter than it was anyway. I could feel the tug on the rings in my lips and the burning warmth that spread from them as the pressure on my piercings grew. He plunged into me wildly, grunting like an animal, then just as I could feel myself beginning to cum, he pulled out. I couldn't help my cry of disappointment... Then he repositioned himself and without warning his cock invaded my arse with one hard, painful, push. I screamed and he laughed, fucking me harder and harder, grasping my tits and pinching the nipples cruelly. Tears slid from my eyes at his roughness even as my cunt ached to be filled by him once more. But he wouldn't give me that satisfaction and with one final thrust and groan, he emptied his balls inside my arse. He pulled out of me sharply, eliciting another moan, and pulling me round, wiped his cock off over my face. Then he shoved his knee into the small of my back, pushing my face down into the dirt, and just when I thought my ordeal was over, he did something with his belt, tethering me by one ankle to a loop of root that emerged from the ground.

He sat back on his heels with satisfaction. I was prone on the forest floor, my legs splayed, my wrists bound behind me and tied by my ankle so I could not escape.

'That'll do, I think' he said. 'I've had my fun with you but there's no reason why I shouldn't leave you here for someone else to have a go with'.

'But - we're miles from anywhere! Please - don't leave me - I can't escape - I won't ever tell - but I might not get found.... don't leave me!'

He shook his head as he got to his feet. 'Someone's bound to come along sooner or later' he said. 'Looking at you like that, I could almost fuck you again myself....' He rolled up my clothes into a bundle and tucked them under his arm. He started to walk away and I screamed after him,

'For God's sake, don't leave me! Please! Please don't leave me!'

He paused, thought for a moment, then walked back towards me. The relief was exquisite - I sobbed my thanks - but alas, short-lived. He bent down beside me and gave my padlock one last sharp tug.

'Tell you what, bitch, I'm back in the area in a couple of days' time. I'll come by then and if you're still here, I might just let you go then - if you make it worth my while, of course...'

I closed my eyes in total surrender and despair. Numbly, I heard him get to his feet and the sound of his footfalls receding, muffled by the thick layer of pine needles.

'So long, slut...' I heard him call from a distance. I was alone in the woods. A soft, cool rain began to fall...

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