Forced Family


I am a mother of three wonderful children, who I love very much. I have a son named Aaron, 18, who is somewhere near 6 feet, and has brown hair, and blue eyes. My daughters Lucy, 19, and Vikki, 22, both have reddish-brown hair like me, and blue eyes. My girls go to different colleges around the state, and my son to the local high school. I am 37 and also have reddish hair and blue eyes. My husband and I were divorced when Aaron was 10.

Since we were all together for the weekend, of course we were taking advantage by spending quality time together. We were at Aaron's football game sitting together in the bleachers with my brother Dave and his son.

Heath, 20, has sandy blonde hair like his dad, and brown eyes like his mom. Dave has blue eyes like our mom and dad. Dave's daughter Kim, 18, was the head cheerleader at the same high school. Dave's wife was working late, so she couldn't be there.

The game was very close, and my son was being beaten brutally. I almost couldn't watch the huge men tackle him and crush him like they were. He did seem to be helping his team, but in the end, our team lost by 6 points. My brother and I both took our sad children back to the parking lot. But then, some celebrating fans from the opposing team assaulted us!

The came from all sides, and punched my boy in the face! It took a few of them to take down Dave, but once they did, they began tying him up. One of them tackled my legs and began to hogtie my legs. It seemed that a similar treatment was befalling the rest of our family. The next thing I knew, some kind of bag was going over my head...

We seemed to be in a car. It had to be big, because i could tell that all of my family members were also in there. We began screaming and yelling and trying to talk to each other when BANG! A gunshot went off. One of our captors proceeded to talk, "Shut the fuck up or I'll shoot every single one of you! I've got the gun, and my limbs are free, so I nominate myself as authority over all of you. Now not another word or you get a bullet!" Immediate silence.

I felt my blouse being opened, and I made a squeaking noise. "Don't say a word, or I'll shoot your daughter." From another corner I heard Kim protesting, and then a slap! I couldn't believe this; my mind and heart were racing. To make matters worse, one of my captors was undoing my bra. He spoke once again, "Damn lady, for a lady you have some nice big titties!" Yes, they did fall into the D category, but the nerve of him saying it was disgusting to me.

Now my bra was undone and rough hands were groping my breasts. Their disgusting hands were massaging my hard nipples. I felt a tongue lick my left nipple, dripping saliva on it. Lips closed around it, nibbling and sucking my nipple. Rough hands kneaded my other boob, making me enjoy it much more than I should.

A big hard warm erection pushed itself between my tits. It was disgusting, and I grunted in alarm and protest. He obviously took no notice as he spit on his dick and pushed the lubed penis between my boobs. He began pumping it, harder and faster between my breasts, gripping it at the nipples.

As he was performing this horrible act, I could do nothing to stop him, for fear of them doing anything to my family or myself. I also had no way of stopping the multiple hands that were undoing my pants and pulling them down. They pulled them as far down as they would go, until they caught on the rope. I could hear loud girl screams from another part of the vehicle. Their perverted hands immediately began groping at my butt and touching my in the vagina and pubic area. They began ripping and pulling at the sheer panties until they had torn them all the way off.

Dirty flaky hands began to dive into my pussy, and play with my clit, roughing it up in a way that was painful, but more so pleasureful. I felt a finger enter my asshole and reeled in fear. I had obviously heard of anal sex, but it was repulsive just thinking about it. And now, they were trying to force-finger my anus. They proceeded to do so, ignoring my obvious discomfort, and continued playing with my pussy and anus. The screams had not stopped. As them man with the hot hard cock ejaculated, spraying sperm all over my breasts, and over the bag that was on my head, I struggled to hold back my own orgasm. I managed to only let out one scream, but the embarrassment and guilt were still there. I could hear their laughs and jeers about my struggle not to climax.

Then, we were all carried out of the vehicle. I felt my now naked ass placed into a cold wooden chair. Our masks were yanked off. Around us, there were about 10 or 15 men. I looked down at my abused naked body. And then I moved my horrified look over our tormentors. As I expected, they were all dirty farmer hillbillies, and a few young farmer girls with evil smirks. I also noticed none of the men had pants on, and their boners were big, hard, and in plain sight. Then, my horrified stare moved on, to look at my family. To my terror, anger, and disgust, both my daughters were also naked and abused. Lucy was crying. My niece Kim was also naked and abused and had sperm dripping out of her abused cunt.

The worst part was, I could feel myself become aroused at these dreadful sights. One of the horrible kidnappers spoke, "Here's the deal! I will untie some of you. If you struggle, or fight, or scream for help, we will do something to one of your loved ones. And men here, you must WATCH. If you refuse to watch your relatives fucked, they will be punished. If you tell anyone not to do something, you will both be punished. Punishment is always possible, so do whatever we want you to do!"

And that is how this whole episode started…

to be continued...

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