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Forced to Watch


He had enough of her little jealous streaks, this was not going to carry on and she was going to learn. He heads into the main room and sees her kneel upon His entrance. Without a word, His footfalls are determined as He moves straight to her. Grabbing her roughly by her hair and yanking her to her feet. She cries out in surprise and stumbles beside Him trying to stay with His fast pace.

He marches her down the hallway to His study. His hand still strong in her hair, he feels her weaken seeing where they are going. But He walks past the entrance to His study and takes her up to His chambers. He kicks the door open with His foot and pushes her in.

Falling to her knees, her heart races as she feels the familiar tingling surging through her body. It had been awhile since He had taken her and she thought that today He would finally have her. Yet to her surprise she hears Him messing with something beside His bed. Looking up, she sees Him pulling curtains back. She had always though the curtains were as decorations, but upon opening them it revealed something a little scary to her... beneath the curtains the were chains connected in the wall. Chains higher up for wrists and lower ones for ankles. And it didn't look like it would be comfortable.

He looked down at her and noticed that Sarah had been watching Him.

"Yes its for you. Now come here now." His voice was strong and stern and she wobbly crawled to His feet. She didn't know what she had done wrong or what He was going to do.

He reaches down again pulling her roughly to her feet. Pushing her against the wall He picks up her wrist and clicks it in, them moving to the other side, clicks her other wrist in the restraint. She whimpers out as He crouches before her taking her left ankle and snapping the cuff around it. Her legs opening a little more than shoulder length apart, He clicks the right ankle.

"Say a word and I will gag you." He pushes a rough kiss to her lips, her moan soft in His mouth. Pulling away He leaves her wanting more.

He leaves the room, her own desire tingling through her, she feels so alone and empty. She looks upon His soft bed, remembering the many time He had made her yield to Him there. Sarah groans out in her frustration.

He comes back within a few minutes, yet to her horror she sees one of her sisters behind Him. What is He doing with her? Why has He brought her in here? These questions she knew would soon be answered.

"Stand kajira" He said pointing to the end of His bed. She moved to the foot of His bed and turns her hip towards Him. Her silks lightly clinging to her body. Her nipples erect with anticipation. Sarah watches her sisters arousal unfold before her, Sarah can see her breathing increase and can only imagine how loud her heart must be pounding in her ears.

He steps forward and lets His hand trace the smooth line from her cheek down to the single know in her silks that rest upon her shoulder. With a gentle tug the silk falls to her sisters ankles.

Not wanting to watch Sarah turns her head away from her Master and her sister. Anger fueling her as she wants to scream out. Her entire body trembling from the rage that is building.

"Watch!" He commanded her. Sarah whimpered in response her eyes closed tightly and her head to the side unwilling to watch.

He walks to Sarah and smacks her cheek hard, then turning her face to His...


Sarah bites her lower lip, biting back the tears that the sting has caused. She can feel her cheeks turning red from His hand.

He moves back to her sister and lifts her and places her on His bed. Sarah watches every move. Knowing that she no longer has a choice. She can feel her heart breaking, as her body begins to lose its strength in the bindings.

He lays the girl on the bed on her back. He crawls between her legs, opening them up to Him inch by inch. Kiss after kiss He starts at her ankles and works His way up her parted thighs. The moans of Sarah's sister carries to her ears. She desperately wants to turn away from this unfolding scene. Yet Sarah's body begins to react as well. She can feel her own desire growing as she remembers the feel of their Masters lips.

Sarah's sister squirms under His touch. Her back arching up to His mouth, her body begging to be taken. His hand travels up her soft stomach and to her hardened nipples. She moans out under His touch. She desperately wants to reach out to Him to touch Him in return, to bring Him the pleasure He is giving her.

He leans up, and takes a nipple into His mouth, His tongue flicking across her tender flesh. She moans under His warm gentle touch. His strong arm slips around her waist and pulls her to the sitting position. She leans forward nuzzling into His chest kissing His neck.

Sarah begins to wiggle in her chains, wanting to ask Him to stop, longing to close her eyes and wishing she could plug her ears. Sarah did not want to see or even hear this. She always knew that He had the other girls but never having to witness it helped her deal. This was too much. All Sarah wanted was for it to end. As much as she wanted to pull her eyes from the unfolding events, her eyes were trapped.

He moves back from Sarah's sister and she takes His cue. She slides from Him and goes to her knees on the bed. Her breathing faster, her hands trembling as she tugs at the bottom of His shirt, lifting it slowly over His head. Both girls admiring His slowly revealed body. She leans forward, her hand resting on His chest, she places kisses down His warm flesh, her trembling hand resting on His chest. With a deep sigh she makes her way to the waist of His pants.

He gently takes her hands making her stop for a moment. He guides her to the head of the bed. He has her on her back again. Her sister glances up to Sarah, nervous that Sarah has to endure this and wondering if she could enjoy His touch with her sister on the wall suffering.

Her attention brought back to Him as soon as she feels Him spreading her open. His hands trace up her inner thigh teasing her wet lips. She moans closing her eyes her body responding to Him. His fingers tracing across her lips, parting them and opening her further to Him. He leans forward deeply kissing her sweetness.

Sarah watches her sisters body begin to give to Him, she knows the signs all to well. Her back arching, eyes closed tightly, rapid breathing, body trembling, all waiting for those words. Those words of release.

His tongue exploring her as His finger dips in pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Her cries of pleasure ringing loudly in everyone's ears. Faster and faster His finger takes her, then when she feels she can't take anymore, He slips a second finger in. she squirms uncontrollably under Him.

"Please..... Master...... please......" she cries out.

"Cum kajira" with those two words her body yields completely to Him. Her wetness soaking His hands, her breath ragged, her body trembling through the orgasm, her heart louder than ever. Slowly He allows her to come down.

Her eyes glazed over in pleasure she looks up lovingly to her Master. He kisses her deeply on her mouth and lifts her into His arms.

"Rest kajira Mine." With that He removes her from the room.

He is gone for a few minutes. Sarah is not sure where He took Him but she can't help but to hate Him right now. How dare He do that to her, to take her sister in front of her. She fights against the restraints. Her heart beating wildly, her anger and hurt blurring her vision, she barely makes out His form once again entering His bedchambers. She hopes that this is over, but to her utter horror she sees her other sister trailing in behind Him.

Sarah groans loudly in her chains. Knowing she best keep quiet but her frustration growing beyond belief. Not only was she watching her Master take the others as He pleased, but her arousal was so high that if she was not chained she didn't think she would be able to keep her hands in check.

He glances over to Sarah, her groans had not escaped His ears, His eyes narrow at her warning her to remain quiet. His attention returns to Sarah's other sister. He pushes her to a kneel, His manhood straining against His pants. Her sister knowing what He desires, her hands finding His waistband. She kisses His warm flesh around the waistband, she purrs softly as her delicate fingers release the tie holding up His pants.

Gently she slides the pants down His strong thighs. Her breath is taken away. Sarah blushes and diverts her eyes from His erect manhood as her sister looks up to Him hungrily, licking her lips.

She places a kiss on His inner thigh as her delicate fingers wrap around His shaft. He growls softly encouraging her on. Leaning forward to Him, hungry for Him, she kisses the tip of His member, and then with a lick she takes Him in His mouth. Her tongue wrapping around Him, tasting every inch of Him like He was a long awaited desert. Her tight warm mouth taking Him deeper and deeper, with each thrust she moans softly on Him. Her own arousal more than apparent. His hand roughly takes her hair as He pulls her from His engorged member, she moans disappointed that she was not allowed to finish Him.

He tilts her head back exposing her throat, and then pressing a rough kiss and a growl in her throat she squeaks out in pleasure. Her body trembles in His grasp. He pulls her form His kiss and turns her to face Sarah. His hardness pressing against her He slides it between her wet folds. She moans as He slips past her opening, her body hungrily accepting Him.

Sarah can do nothing but watch. Sarah's eyes filling with tears as her sister's eyes fill with pleasure. The girl's eyes were locked with each other as their Master took her. His hands wrapped around her body cupping her breast. Long fast strokes going deep inside her. Her sisters body beginning tremble. Her breathing ragged her eyes closing tightly; she bites her lower lip holding out as long as He should make her.

Sarah's tears fell as their Master leaned forward whispering in the ear of her sister. Her sister yielding savagely to Him. He legs giving out beneath her as His strong arms holds her body upright. Her body wracked with orgasm as she feels His strength.

Sarah cries softly as her sister is carried from the room. She had watched her Master, in essence, be Master. He had taken each girl the way He wanted and yet, the girls were both satisfied. Yet she was forced to watch and not only witness what she never wanted to see, but she was denied attention from Him.

She kept her sobs silent, her body slumping forward as she gives in to the tears. She doesn't see Him enter, but He watches her silently from the doorway. Her reddened cheeks, her puffy eyes, the way her long hair clings to her cheeks. He feels His heart swell.

Yet He knows He has to close this issue. Stepping into His room, she looks up to Him suddenly. Her emerald eyes almost glowing. The pain more than apparent in them. He stops just before her. His finger tracing a single trail that went down her cheek. Then leaning forward and kissing the last of the tears away.

He turns from here and pulls out a box that lay hidden under His bed. The top of the box opening where she cannot peek into the contents. From the box He pulls out the 5-thong lash. She gasps seeing what was coming. She closed her eyes tightly as she heard the thump of the box lid shut. Taking a deep breath she tries to let it out slowly to keep her body from trembling.

She feels Him standing before her, so afraid to open her eyes she hangs there. She flinches feeling the leather tracing up her inner thigh. Her breath suddenly ragged at having Him so close. Her heart beating wildly in her chest she tries to stop the spinning of the world.

He draws the leather underneath her silks and presses it to her wet heat. She moans softly, her frustration on display before Him. She opens her eyes to plead with Him not to do that, but when she opens her eyes she sees the smirk on His lips. That's when she knew... she knew that no matter what He was Master and she was mere slave.

The lash still in His hand He reaches up and tears the silks from her body. The tearing ringing in her ears, the force pulling her slightly from the wall. She whimpers out in fear and excitement. Her eyes glance down seeing the now shredded silks on the floor; her eyes close again and does her best not to whimper.

"Watch!" He says sternly.

Reluctantly her eyes open again in time to see the first blow land across her bare thighs. She cries out in surprise as the sting in her leg enters her mind. Another lash lands across her other thigh, across her belly and across her chest. The lashes coming quick and repeatedly she pulls against the chains.

She lost count of how many lashes she took, her body more alive now then it had been in so long. A steady stream of tears coursing down her cheeks she barely notices that He had stopped.

He stood back and admired her trembling form. The red lashes standing out across her light flesh, the way her body trembled from her sobs and pain, the way she took her punishment. He had always admired her strength, and now it only made her more beautiful when she finally gave in to Him.

He begins to unchain her starting with her ankles. She looks to Him surprised He was releasing her. She whimpers out as His flesh presses against hers. The heat of His body mixed with the heat of the lashes she can't help but to lean and kiss His neck tenderly and whisper softly...

"Thank You Master."

"Your welcome. Lesson learned?" He asks.

"Yes Master."

"No more jealousy?"

"No more jealousy Master."

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