tagNovels and NovellasFrat Boy Games Ch. 7

Frat Boy Games Ch. 7


Anna awakened slowly. She hurt and tried to curl up in a ball, but couldn't. Her mind could not comprehend her state. Pleasure was starting to run through her, pleasure beyond belief.

He watched her come around. Number Two had forgone three toys and brought one big one instead. It was a small motor, really an aquarium pump. He had three lines of tubing coming from it. Two suction cups were on her nipples, gently sucking them to attention. The third was supposed to go on her clit, but that had enough attention earlier.

A warm wash cloth was rubbing her privates, cleaning her. He alternated between her ass and her pussy, playing, dipping. Sometimes he would go from the warm towel to the an ice cold one, to see her reaction. Then, he would warm her again. He felt the moisture begin again in her loins. Her clit poked through grotesquely, begging to be played with. Anna started to grind her hips against his hand, trying to get more pleasure from him.

He took one of the cold towels and touched it to her clit, setting her off in a maelstrom of spasms, all pleasurable. He licked the last suction cup and pushed it onto her clit.

Her bucking became harder and more intense. Her orgasm continued with no relief in sight. The man entered her easily, plunging fully into her. His shaft was being squeezed and sucked as she orgasmed. Anna was so hot and tight!

He just stayed in her, not bothering to thrust as her body milked his so intensely he thought he would explode completely. He did quickly, then remained hard as he stayed in her. Turning the suction on a little harder he quickly came again when her orgasm intensified. He pushed it higher, wanting more, feeling her writhe beneath him.

He came again and again, unaware that any man could have so many orgasms. Anna was dripping his cum over both of them, mixing it with her own. Her body was possessed, not even hers. She had given it over to pleasure unlike anything in the world. Even as it became so intense she could barely deal with it, she wanted more.

Tears of pleasure poured down her cheeks. Her breathing was more than erratic. Sometimes she saw flashes of light, other times she was close to absolute oblivion and the darkness of it. Her body arched and bucked, wriggled and ground itself to orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, the suction started to lessen, until it finally stopped. Her body continued with aftershocks, shaking her to the core of her being.

The suction cups popped off, leaving her nipples longer than imaginable. The man licked them gently, then removed the one from her clit. Anna's body convulsed with another orgasm as he did so.

"Ahh, my little Russian Rose. We will have to do this again sometime."

Anna could barely nod, craving his touch once again.

"I'll visit you."

Then, he took his machine and after kissing her forehead, left the room.

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