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'Last Day': Late in the day I'm locked in my chastity cage. My wife checks the brass lock and all the rings to make sure the cage is secure and I can't get free. A half hour before being locked in I masturbate into a small plastic container and my wife puts it in the freezer. Most months I will eat the contents of the container shortly after being released from my cage...for one day. That one day is my 'free' day. It is the first day after 'Last Day'.

I can spend the 'free' day any way I like. Everything from cross dressing completely to simply masturbating at some point during the day. My 'free' day is mine alone. My wife does not participate in any part of the day except the very beginning where she watches me to make sure I eat the cum and lick the container completely. She hates the sight of my cock and only looks at it when she's checking it for security and when she unlocks it.

The rest of the month amounts pretty much to being locked up and me trying not to think about sex of any kind.

It's a very difficult month for me because I am a cuck and my wife likes to tell me details of her many sexual experiences she has throughout the month knowing what it will do to me. And in spite of the cage she knows my cock will try to become erect and it's quite painful...and she enjoys that.

I'm not allowed to be anywhere around when her bull is at our house. In fact I don't even know his name or what he looks like. I do know he has a very large cock because I've seen pictures. My wife has told me that I know her bull but she will only tell me that I work with him. I work with about a dozen men and one of them fucks my wife on a regular basis, and for three to four hours each times. He has incredible stamina.

We had a special wing built on our house. It has a living room, bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen. It also has a door that locks from the outside. When the bull is at our house, I'm in that room for the duration and the door is locked. There are windows in the room but they face the wooded area behind our house so I can't look out and see the make and model of the bulls vehicle.

All through the month my wife teases me about how "one of the guys you work with had his cock in my mouth last night" or she'll say "one of the guys you work with blew a load of cum all over my face last night". Her bull made of video of himself shooting a load of cum all over my wife's face. She really enjoyed showing me that video and added a few comments about the size of my cock, or I should say lack of size. Comments like those are her way of humiliating me but she knows I'm turned on just thinking about it. I have a picture of my wife's lovers cock that I carry in my wallet. She tells me she would love to see me explain to a police officer why I have a picture of another man's cock in my wallet...Who is he...It's the not knowing who the bull is that bothers me. Is another guy at work smiling at me because he is currently fucking my wife or just because he's being friendly? Are two guys laughing at the water cooler laughing at me? Does everybody know? Is she fucking them all? I have lots of questions but the answer is always the same...some day you'll find out is what she always says

So the month goes on and I make it through...The last few days are the most difficult because I'm eager to be free of my device and to release the cum from my poor swollen balls which are usually a light blue color by the end of the month. My wife usually doesn't discuss anything sexual for the last few days of the month out of some sort of pity over my condition.

Now the month is up and it's 'Free' day and my wife and I meet in the living room. She has me pull down my sleepy pants and inspects the device to make sure all the seals and rings are where they should be and the lock hasn't been tampered with. Then she unlocks the device. I go to the bathroom and remove it and wash it in the sink. Meanwhile she pours us coffee and we meet in the living room. If the container of my cum that was frozen all month is on the coffee table, it means I'll be eating it as soon as we're done with our coffee. If there is no container on the coffee table, it means I'll be adding to the one still in the freezer at the end of my 'Free' day.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/30/18

Laughably bad

The cage is a toy. He can both masturbate and ejaculate while wearing the cage. Don't think so? GOOGLE it! He doesn't need the key to remove the cage. A couple of simple tools found in every home willmore...

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by Anonymous11/30/18

poor man needs some balls and go and get a life by himself and leave the whore at home

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by Anonymous03/21/18

Very well written. Thank you for this submission; I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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by Anonymous03/16/18

The flying tur of the day!So bad it hurts!

So bad it hurts! Of course closet gay @peteswick loved this shit!

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by Anonymous03/15/18

Free Day

Your Sick! Seek Help

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