tagErotic HorrorFresh From the Grave: Day 05

Fresh From the Grave: Day 05


I wake up in a novel way I am looking at Marie who is above me fucking me with her toy. As soon as I am aware of what is going on I wrap my legs around her and let her fuck me. I move with her working my way up to an orgasm as Marie kisses me and puts her hands to my breasts. I become aware that Marie is asking me if I like her cock, I assure her that her cock is in fact quite wonderful.

When I get close to my orgasm moaning and trying to get there, Marie slows down until I am not that close. She speeds up again until I am close and slows down yet again. I start begging for her to let me have my orgasm she teases me with asking if I will let her knock me up. I say no until she denies me an orgasm a third time, I give up then and say she can put me in a motherly way so long as I get my orgasm.

Marie crows her victory, calls me her bitch then speeds up and sends me crashing over the edge of my orgasm. This is a really good one, my toes curl I am yelling out to all who will listen, I even lose track of well everything. Marie is good to me this time she does not extend my fucking into the not nice period once my orgasm has subsided she pulls out of me and lies next to me.

Rather exhausted for someone who just woke up I remain lying there with my legs spread wide. Marie looks at me and giggles then pulls me over to snuggle into her which I do happily. The knock on the door gets us both to groan, I shove Marie off the bed to get it. Giggling Marie gets up, calls me an ungrateful bitch and opens the door. Kegan comes in carrying a rather large box he puts it on the counter then looks at me and Marie.

"You two are shameless, Marie this is your bigger gun there are eighty rounds in the box with it. We have another three hundred coming in a few days, we will take twenty and you can sight it for you, the rest will have to be reserved for our hunt. Jack is outside in his horny car I like that name for it, has a certain tongue in cheek to it, so you two are seriously underdressed."

Marie and I scramble around for our clothes she tries to borrow one of my dresses. Well dress is a misnomer they are more of a barely covering couple strips of cloth than a dress the skirts fit her fine the tops on the other hand are not large enough for her oversized breasts. I hand her the top she wore yesterday, Kegan promises we can stop at her place for clothes and other things she wishes to move in with me. I collect my sword and shawl on the way out, Marie gets her Winchester and the Barrett.

The first place we go is Marie's place well I suppose her old place. I groan at the interior, there is a lot of death inside, stuffed heads galore. Kegan calls it lovely I kick him in the shin it is hard for me to reach above his chest. Marie goes into the back when she comes to us again she has two suitcases. These are stuffed into Jack's impossibly large trunk then we pile into the car again.

The drive to where we can shoot is a long one, Marie saying we could have just gone to the barrios. I ask if we are there yet, Marie giggles then asks if we are there yet, Kegan joins in so all three of us are asking if we are there yet until Jack tells us to shut up. Finally we are there we even get a small crowd as Marie pulls out her new bigger gun. Inside the box we find it is in a case, a very nice wood case with the soft foam stuff inside keeping the gun and a big row of bullets stable.

Maries takes the gun apart going over every moving piece, she sets me to loading the clips there are two inside of the case. Each clip takes ten very big bullets the tenth bullet is a little difficult to get in. By the time I finish with both clips, Marie has put the huge black gun back together. She takes one clip loads it in then takes the gun that is bordering on close to her height in length over to the range. She fiddles with the sights for a second then aims down the barrel and fires.

The report of the gun is actually bordering on deafening as close as we are even with the big ear protection we have. Marie simply adjusts the sight again small little turns then aims. Kegan has put his hands over his ear protection holding it closer to his ears. After this report of the gun Marie comes back smiling, I grin then point her to the long range section. Marie goes over the viewing audience we have is a little flabbergasted when she goes to the fourteen hundred yard section.

I follow along and pick up the binoculars they have there to see how someone is shooting. I admit it these targets are a very long way I can barely see them without the aid of the binoculars. Marie though looks at them and calls out her target, I find it then jump a little when the massive black death cracks out a report. When I announce dead center the crowd murmurs with amazement, several bring out their own binoculars and verify.

With the clip empty Marie and I move back to where we left Jack and Kegan. Kegan is on his cell phone looking a little pained and not happy he motions us to be quiet as he listens. He listens for what seems forever before he hangs up and looks at us grimly.

"It looks like we are going hunting now, there is not one but two working in tandem. They hit another place an hour ago grocery store this time, we have video to look at these two move strangely."

"They do Capoeira it is a Brazilian martial art, very beautiful to watch. It was developed by slaves to have a defense and they made it fluid and dance like to fool the guards. Marie and Jack you two will be on a roof to use the black death, I do not see where yet." I say getting everyone to look at me, Jack starts to chuckle.

I help Marie load the empty clip then we pack up the black death.

"You know I really like that name for this gun, Kegan can we get an embossed plate on this case with black death on it?" Marie asks hoisting the case.

"Yes just please don't kill as many as the plague did. I remember that it was not pretty."

"Kegan, do you have a big hat and a long jacket?" I ask as we are putting everything into the car and getting in.

"Yes I wear them when I go to places I have recently left there are four enforcers all of us are tall though I happen to be the tallest."

Everyone looks at me when I start to giggle it takes me a little while to get it under control.

"Kegan, how long have the other three been around? I ask because it occurs to me that the four horsemen are tall, you just admitted there are four of you and they are tall."

"Oh all right I admit it, we are the other three are from before Christianity was founded. The one I replaced killed himself by doing a crime and being caught, for the longest time beheadings were the preferred method of execution. So I need to ask this one, how does one fight against Capoeira?"

"One does not fight against Capoeira it is a very fluid style with extra free movement. The skilled dance about waiting for an opening or creating one they like to circle their opponent. For our purposes we want to catch them inside and draw them out where Marie can shoot one."

"I have the feeling you have fought against a person using this style." Jack says as we pull up to a grocery store with cop cars all over.

"Sparred is closer to it, there was a dojo teaching it next to the one I learned Karate in, we would have matches every Saturday, great fun if a little painful."

We get out of the car then go into the grocery store being led by a cop. I wish to ask on why we are here I hold my tongue until we are shown into the managers office. Kegan starts up the tape and I am forced to gasp when I see the culprits, this is before the killing starts.

"I know that one he was the only man I could not beat the master of the dojo I was telling you about."

"Because he is one of us, likely was one of the inventors of Capoeira, he comes from Brazil. He was the fresh meat trainer until he killed one, I want to say he is Marie's target but we really should see if he will speak with us. I do not think he got near the chest." Kegan says looking worried.

When it comes to the killing I watch fascinated, the two toy with their next victim herding them to a spot before one cuts them. I cannot help but giggle I found a weakness in the man I could not beat. The other one does not know the style nearly as well his use of the sword however makes me giggle more.

"Conan the Barbarian, you three must have seen the movie, well perhaps not Jack. The man I do not know uses the sword in the same style as from the movie, he must be the target for Marie I found a weakness in the known. If it does not work Kegan you are on Conan, it will take time to down the known if it comes to that."

We leave then, Kegan taking my arm and walking with me right out the front door. Marie and Jack following along behind, we get in the car and drive away to of all places Best Buy. Jack parks us in the parking lot far away from the store then opens his trunk, the black death and our swords are taken out and set into the car then we drive off again.

Marie and Kegan have a devil of a time looking up places for us to drive by for me to know if we want here or not. At the last store Kegan and Jack are really quite annoyed, I have said no at all of them.

"We have not stopped at every place where one can find people." I say then point to a sign for a skate park.

Jack curses then puts the car in motion it does not take long for us to reach the park to find it is empty. Marie points out a sign advertising a competition, I ask Kegan if we can stop for his hat and coat. When he stares at me I remind him it is televised, Jack gets us going fast. Marie and I giggle when we reach Kegan's place, he has a room in a motel popular for one night stands and affairs. Kegan goes in his room then returns with a sports bag.

At the competition we find it is fenced off with only one entrance that is oddly empty. Kegan looks grim then opens up his sports bag he pulls out a rather large black hat. A coat follows it when he is in the hat and coat he looks otherworldly, I squeak in surprise when he hands me a coat, not as big and a leather fedora. I usher Marie and Jack to the roof of the building across the street then we go in.

At first there is nothing to say there is something wrong, then we start finding blood, at first just blood splattered here and there. Soon we are passing bodies, most are chopped up heavily some are just run through. Kegan's phone beeps, he pulls it out setting it for vibrate then shows me the text. It is from Marie she is saying we need to pull them back to there, can't see farther is actually the text the indication is clear at least.

Swords in hand we move farther in, hearing noises from ahead of us. We find a few survivors wedged in against the fence behind the half pipe. The killers are cutting up a woman, who is still making small noises as they cut piece after piece from her. They look at us when I yell, the few survivors looking even more scared at two more people with swords.

The two killers split up and move closer to us at an angle, Conan on my side John on Kegan's, I remembered his name finally. Well now this is directly annoying I trade sides with Kegan making John laugh.

"John shush I wanted one last fight against you before you are growing daisies, or was it pushing up I never can remember."

"Depends on who you ask, I was always partial to pushing up in English. Wait I know you, you are that annoying Karate student, I will take great joy in beating you again." John stands a little straighter and gets into his proper Capoeira stance.

"War I think you should take Conan there a little closer to the street, John here will need space to move." Kegan looks at me funny for a moment then shrugs and leads Conan off that way.

I take a Karate with sword stance, John looks at me and smiles I am sure picturing all the times he managed to beat me before. He dances about making feints to my right and left, I stay still waiting for the actual attack. When it comes John comes straight for me sword first, I knock his sword aside then snap kick him in the back, he rolls with my kick.

Once he is back up he keeps moving to go behind me I rotate in place to keep him in front of me wondering where the report of black death is. This is when I start hearing the clang of sword against sword. John is smiling now I am sure thinking that Conan will best Kegan. He comes for me again, this time I step into his attack and do an attack of my own, his arm falls free.

"Here I'll back away put it back on." I do back away sword held low. "While you are fixing yourself, War wanted to ask why you are doing this, he is a little busy so I will ask."

John looks at me for a moment then moves fast to pick up his arm.

"Because it feels good, I am tired of being a slave again." He tests his arm then comes for me.

I block his attack then snap kick him in the leg, he limps away something obviously wrong with it. He looks at me sourly and moves for me again, not as fast or as well. He comes in swinging his sword around fast as he can manage I am blocking each of these until he stops swinging for a moment. Black death has reported finally, I take this opportunity to cut both hands free. His sword clattering to the ground John looks at me in shock as I cleave his head from his body.

I wave to the survivors then head back through the park, Kegan is just standing there. I look at him, he is covered in bits of Conan and blood, Conan is headless and a good portion of his upper body on one side is gone. I slap Kegan then pull him along toward the car. Jack and Marie are already in the car, Kegan and I get in the back seat.

Marie hands me a hand towel as I pull Kegan's hat off, his face is really not too bad with blood. We get his coat off just in time the police pass us on the way to the competition. Jack drives us back to my place well I suppose mostly officially our place. Marie hasn't gotten everything she wants out of her place to here yet. I get Kegan inside, he is still in something of a daze while Jack and Marie collect the things coming in and get the rest into his trunk.

I stick Kegan on the sofa and turn the television to a music channel. The classical channel is playing Chopin I always liked Chopin so leave it there. I go over to my computer and turn it on. Jack comes in with my sword talking on his cell phone he goes over to the computer and changes channels where we see Kegan and myself facing off against John and Conan. Kegan starts laughing when the reporter speaks over the clip saying that the religious are up in arms that one of the four horsemen is in Los Angeles with a girlfriend.

"Nice going Jack, you got Kegan out of shock." I say going over and sitting next to Kegan.

"I've never seen a man just explode right in front of me before. Does not help that I was standing in the same spot he was not half a second earlier. The man had skill with his sword I would have taken him if Marie had not shot him of course. I'd ask how you knew I'm considered War but I'm sure you thought of asking and it came to you."

"Well no, I know the story of the horsemen War is considered the tallest and biggest. Kegan go take a shower and get cleaned up so you can go bounce at the meteor place. I'm going to go play my new game or have sex with Marie, I think I agreed that I am her bitch again."

Marie points me to my computer so I sit down and get the game going. Kegan gets up and goes into the bathroom singing an old battle song about living and dying. Jack sits on the sofa and flips channels while Marie watches me. I get about halfway through the getting out of the starting town quests when I stop, Kegan and Jack are gone, Marie wants to go find some dinner.

Deciding that is a good idea for me as well I change clothes into something smaller. I see Marie off with a kiss then walk across the street, there is a rather good sized line in front of the meteor. Luckily the front door is facing the complex with my place I just walk right up to Kegan.

"Ah Vixandra I did not think I would see you today, go on in." A few of the women in the line are a little peeved that I get in so easily.

"Ladies you should go home with Kegan, he is very good in bed and he might let you in faster." I say to them before going in, Kegan chuckling behind me.

Inside is actually very nice looking, the wall and floor reflecting the lights. I head over to the bar and drop off my purse to a bartender that looks familiar. He promises to keep it safe, I give him a smile then move for the dance floor. Not seeing a man that sparks my interest I just start dancing. Several men ogle me as I move, my body stretching and contorting to the music creating a certain sexual tension in most of them.

A man moves up to dance with me I let him looking him up and down. He is not really that much taller than I, which is not a problem if he is cute. This man however is not cute to me, I move with him anyway for the course of the song. I notice he moves well, so I file him as a maybe later for some hot sex and dinner. He asks if he can buy me a drink after the song ends, I let him down gently.

When he moves away another man comes up to me, this one is tall, his nose is much to large. He also is not that good at dancing, I guide him a little and he leaves a better dancer. Another man comes up, this one is a little on the cute side, not enough for me to seduce and feed on however so he also leaves after a song. He is a very good dancer at least so I am left smiling at the next man.

This man is quite handsome, I dance close with him for one song. The next song I dance closer going into full seduce mode. My hands travel up and down his body as I move with him getting as close as I dare. I am smiling at him when I feel his cock poking at me. A sensuous song comes on then, I back away a little and really seduce him. My body moves fluidly and provocatively settling low with a gentle rolling of my hips letting him peak at my bare pussy before going up slowly rolling my hips.

Most of the men on the dance floor have stopped dancing and are just staring at me, many of the women as well. I only have eyes for one, he very obviously has a tent in his pants when I dance closer putting my hand to his cock and stroking him a little right there. He is putty in my hands except his very hard cock, feeling a strong desire to get it inside of me I take his hand and walk to the bar for my purse.

Kegan smiles and waves when we exit the club, crossing the street takes a little while. Apparently this is a very well liked club I live across the street from. When we finally cross I am a little worried on the state of my apartment, I can not remember if black death was put away or not. It does not matter once the door is open he is kissing me and propelling us across the room to the bed. Getting me out of my clothes isn't even on the menu he simply gets me on the bed following after as soon as his pants are gone.

Glad that I was looking forward to having him inside of me I spread my legs and welcome him right in. With his large cock sliding in and out of me I wrap my legs around and start to move with him. Just loving the feel of him, he's almost as thick as Marie's I race him for an orgasm. His pistoning cock feeling so incredibly good, I can't help but entice him to move a little harder and faster.

He obliges me sending me spiraling faster and faster to my orgasm. I am right on the verge of it when he crashes into his, his hot fluids setting off my own I almost miss my chance to feed. I find that feeding while having an orgasm and being filled with hot fluids is an experience all its own. He collapses atop me when I finish, I hold him as he falls asleep, his fluids feeling hot and welcome inside of me. It is not long before I join him in sleep hoping that Marie is not the jealous sort.

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