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Fresh Fruit


Fred enjoyed shopping late at night, there were no crowds, the staff was accessible and since they were kind of bored they were always very helpful. A normal forty five minute shopping trip would transform into an easy thirty minute stroll as long as you stopped in around midnight or so. The convenience of this late night shopping was always nice but that's not what Fred came in so late for.

Fred came in late for all the secret midnight specials. He wasn't sure if all of this grocery store chain was the same, but this particular store was a bit different than other grocery stores. That is different in a very odd, you could even say perverse, way. Now these certainly weren't advertised and Fred actually came to wonder if they were really allowed by store management, but he really came to enjoy these specials.

Not long ago he had the opportunity to take advantage of a particularly inviting special. He didn't have a very long shopping list that night so he took his time before heading over to the grocery store. Stopping off at a nearby bar he sipped on a few beers while catching a bit of one of the late night games on TV. One beer led to a second and then a third. He stopped at three because even though the grocery store was in the same parking lot as the bar, he would need to drive home and he didn't expect to be too long shopping.

Standing up to leave the bar he could tell he was feeling the beers so instead of driving to find a parking place closer to the grocery store, he left his car near the bar and walked over. In busy times people had to park much further away, so it really wasn't much of a problem for him to roll his groceries that far. There was even a cart collection area just a few parking spaces away from the bar.

Walking in through the automatic doors, he grabbed a cart and headed through the bakery section. Picking up a loaf of wheat bread, he headed onto the produce section. Glancing around the area he didn't see anyone around. Smiling, he remembered the last time he came shopping during the day. Produce was really crowded then with people squeezing fruit, going through bins as if they were looking for the single fruit with a diamond inside, all the while he simply wanted to purchase a single tomato.

Tonight he simply grabbed a tomato and as he turned his cart to leave the produce area he saw it. Yes, whoever was in charge of produce had outdone him or herself. It was a subtle thing, Fred thought, something that he might have missed if he didn't turn his cart away from the tomatoes the way he did. Whatever the fates did to let him catch the special he appreciated it. He moved his cart closer and carefully looked at the melons.

There in the middle of a stack of green melons were what looked like two perfectly formed breasts. Reaching out with his right hand he gently touched one, squeezing it a bit. He then touched the other one, but were equally smooth and pliant, just like he liked them. Looking around the store again he confirmed no one was in the area so he moved over next to the display counter and slowly unzipped his pants.

He pulled out his cock and eased up closer to the display counter, finally climbing up and kneeling on the edge. Leaning forward he slid his cock in between the two flesh tone "melons" and then pulled back. Damn if it didn't feel just as good as with his girlfriend, well, actually better, since his girlfriend had packed up and left some three weeks ago.

Anyway, Fred began thrusting his cock between the soft melons, pushing in between them and slowly pulling back, pushing and pulling. After a short time he could feel the pleasure in his cock intensifying and he quickened his pace. He moved faster and faster until he finally arched his back and came, spurting his cum all over the two fleshy "melons."

He quickly crawled down off of the display counter, slipped his cock back into his pants and zipped up his zipper. Grabbing a plastic sac, he dropped the two breast-like fruits into the sac and tied it at the top. He then went on to finish his shopping, pausing to squeeze the melons several times before he checked out.

After checking out he loaded the groceries in his basket. While driving home he figured out he would probably get about a week out of the "melon" before they simply got too ripe to use. Feeling his cock harden a bit he made plans to give them a try as soon as he got home. As far as Fred was concerned there was nothing better than fresh fruit.

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