tagMind ControlFriends Finally Become More

Friends Finally Become More


This is my first submission although I've enjoyed reading hundreds of stories. Please give me feed back and don't forget to vote


I'm sitting next to Eleanor on the sofa and stare longingly at her as she looks toward the TV. We're both quite drunk although Eleanor more so than I. it's late, around 4am and we just got back from the club, we originally planned to go back and meet everyone else at Eleanor's flat, her boyfriend and the rest of our mates had left the club around midnight leaving just the two of us to show how hardcore we were when it came to partying. Satisfied, we left the club at 3.30am when it closed and decided to walk as there were about 100 people queuing for taxi's. It was up hill most of the way and I eventually convinced Eleanor to de-tour via my place on the way so we could sit down and rest for a while before carrying on.

So here we were, and sexual thoughts were rampantly swimming through my mind. I had fantasised about making Eleanor mine so many times but never let it show and I knew that if I ever did it would be the end of us. In desperation I had read a book on hypnotism wishing that maybe it could work and I could convince her to fall in love with me.

Well now seemed like a good time to try. Her mobile phone had just died and I didn't have a charger so I knew we wouldn't be disturbed. I turned off the TV put on some chill out music and softened the lighting. Nothing unusual in that as we had spent many a night talking for hours sat as we were now. I started telling her about relaxation techniques I had read about and how I could show her how it worked and helped you feel better. She seemed a bit dubious about it but went along with me anyway.

I told her to starting with her toes relax every muscle she had one by one, slowly moving up her legs, then body, then head, to let her head fall back and rest on the sofa, to let her arms fall by her sides and feel heavy but relaxed. As she did I pretended to do the same next to her so that subconsciously she would realise this is something I had done before, relaxing her more still and letting her guard down.

I asked her to let every muscle in her face to relax, let her eve brows droop and eye lids close, to let her cheeks go slack and her mouth fall open. She was doing brilliantly and I was amazed this seemed to be working. I started repeating to her that her mind was turning completely blank, she was feeling more relaxed than ever before and my voice was the only thing she would respond to. Her eyes started to flicker and she seemed a little uncomfortable for a second then she let out a deep long breath and sunk back more into her seat. I told her to open her eyes and not to respond or flinch then rushed my hand toward her face stopping just short of hitting her. Nothing, she didn't even blink. Success.

I asked her about her. Things I'd always wanted to know but felt I couldn't ask her. If she really loved her boyfriend, if she enjoyed her life and most interestingly about her sex life. She seemed totally honest and frank but gave no emotion in her responses.

I was desperate to see her body but wanted her to make the move on me. I decided to give her some suggestions then wake her up. I told her that when she woke she would remember me helping her to relax and feel wonderful for it. I told her that she would also start to feel a little horny from it but not want to show it. That she would really need to masturbate. That she would excuse herself to the bathroom and remove her panties, put them in her bag and then return to the sofa. I instructed her to then slip her hand under the waistband of her skirt and start to slowly and quietly play with her pussy. I told her that if she was discreet enough I would not even notice, and that the more I didn't notice the more effort she could put into it. I also told her that the closer she came to cumming the more she would start to think about my dick. And about how it would look and feel. I also told her that eventually she would realise that she simply couldn't cum without seeing my dick. Without touching and tasting it.

My final instruction was that when she was on the verge of orgasm she would have to figure out and plan how she could have me, then do it. I then woke her.

She looked happy as she opened her eyes, refreshed and rejuvenated. "I knew you would enjoy it" I said and she purred and nodded in response. Already she was shifting her thighs together and squirming in her seat. We made small talk for 10 minutes as she constantly shifted her position. Eventually she got up and excused herself and went to the bathroom. She was away for only a few minutes before re-entering the room preceded by a waft of sex. She looked more at ease now although a little redder in the cheeks. As she sat back down next to me Eleanor put her hand on my thigh as she helped herself sit. She was noticeably closer to me this time. We talked a little more and I started to wonder if the hypnotism had worked or if she was playing me as she made no sexual movements. I offered her a wine and shuffled into the kitchen to sort it out, I popped the cork, grabbed two glasses and skipped back to the lounge.

When I re-entered the room I noticed a few significant changes as I looked at Eleanor. She was now sitting crossed legged and had a cushion on her lap. One hand was hidden underneath it. I also noticed a section of bra strap showing between her leg and the sofa, instantly drawing me to look at her chest, rewarded by her nipples clearly hard against her now braless top. I hurriedly sat down and poured the wine before I got hard.

I handed her a glass, got comfortable and put my left arm around her shoulder. I asked her some more questions about her life. She talked about all sorts but I soon noticed how her breath was becoming ragged and her chest was heaving. Eleanor took my left hand from her shoulder with her right and pulled my arm around her waist, causing me to hold her tighter to me as she rested it on the cushion in her lap and interlocked our fingers. She turned her face to mine and stared me straight in the eye.

I could see she was trying to find the right words to tell me something and I wanted to reassure her. I brushed back her hair from her clammy forehead with my free hand and said softly to her "you know you can speak to me about anything don't you?"

She had an intense and loving look pouring through her eyes. She finally began to speak. "you know we are really good friends and how much having just that relationship means to me?" I nodded silently "And you know how we avoid talking about certain subjects and how we don't tend to show any emotion physically between us like we are now"

Again I nodded and replied "Eleanor if you want to talk about something that we normally wouldn't then that's ok. You have to just come out with it and I promise you it will be ok."

She looked perplexed and then sighed. I heard a sloppy sound and then saw her left arm move out from below the cushion exposing her glistening fingers and a heady smell of excitement. "but how can I talk to you about this?" she said as she moved her hand closer to my nose filling my nostrils with her bodies own fragrance. "I mean, how can I explain that I really need to get off. right now, in front of you while we sit together?"

"Eleanor, you don't need to explain it at all. If it's something you need to do then just do it, it's ok" I said as I broke our hand lock to pull the cushion from her lap and then softly took her hand in mine again.

"But what I can't explain is.... Well..... I can't make it over the top... I mean I've been trying to... I mean I need extra stimulation,.... Visual stimulation to you know.... Get off" She blushed as she finished her sentence.

By now I could feel the heat emanating from my own cheeks as I began to blush back "Eleanor, what ever you need or want just ask. It will never leave this room I promise you." I felt really bad now because she was going through such an intense emotional dilemma and it was all because of me.

She grabbed my face in her cum covered hand and got a serious look on her face. "I need to see your ... ahh... um... cock, I mean I don't wanna be unfaithful but I want .... I need something now." I nodded and kissed her forehead.

"What ever you need mate, you take the lead, its ok" She tugged me as a gesture to stand up and unhooked her legs letting them rest on the floor shoulder width apart. I slowly raised up as she pulled me into position stood between her legs facing her. She slowly undid my belt and fly then stopped to look up at me,

"are you sure you don't mind me using you like this. I know how it could look but I don't want this to screw up our friendship, this can be just something you and I do when we're you know... alone and lonely" I softly brought my hands down to her face and stroked her cheeks with my thumbs and smiled down at her. She popped open the button on my trousers and took a grip of the material. She pulled them down into a pile around my ankles along with my boxers, with my dick swinging in front of her she didn't let her gaze slip from mine for a second. She patted the seat and I resumed my place waiting for her to make the next move. After a brief silence she hesitantly stood up keeping her feet in their sitting position. With her back to me she looked over her shoulder, giggled, said "I cant believe we're actually doing this" and then brought her shaking hands down to her side to undo the button on her skirt. As soon as she let go of the fastener the skirt dropped like a parachute to the floor exposing her size 6 waist, tight butt and long, tanned, slender legs. I could also make out a hint of her pussy lips, shimmering slightly in the dim light.

I met her gaze once more after taking in her forbidden sights and she again giggled before surprising me by bending forward to pick up her wine, it wasn't that she had done it, but how. She had bent almost 90 degrees at the waist, legs straight, feet still shoulder width apart and held the position while taking a few big sips of wine. I couldn't help my self, I fixed my gaze on her exposed pussy and I sat forward to get a better view. It was tiny, with every perfect detail hidden within her engorged outer lips. Her clit at the top temptingly poking through and not a single hair to be seen. I was getting hard immediately without even a touch. "what do we do now" I asked whispering.

"well, I think first you ought to move your head so I can sit down, that be ok?" she said over her shoulder as I instantly sat back, mortified at my uncouthness. "it's not that I don't want you to look, I just need to sit down, k" she said re-assuring me as she sat with her right leg hanging over my left one spreading herself once more. I couldn't stop myself constantly taking glimpses and had to consciously remind myself to look at her face.

I sat forward and pulled off my shirt. Leaving me now completely naked. I leaned back and placed my hands on her. My right hand resting on her naked knee and my left around her shoulder again. "Is this ok...." I said hesitantly "I mean taking off our tops?" Eleanor thought for a second and leaned forward herself, lifting her arms high above her head. She looked back at me nodded silently. I took the fabric in my hands with my knuckles resting on her bare skin and slowly raised it up towards then over her head tracing the contours of her skin with the back of my hands as I did. From this angle I can just see the edge of her right breast. And its magnificent. 32B and barely a handful but perfect to me.

She leaned back again and for the first time took a moment to look at my cock. She shifted her head around to see it from different angles then brought her face to mine and kissed me. It was a light but passionate kiss, "thank you" she whispered seductively into my ear. Eleanor placed her right hand on mine and slid it from her leg back onto my own. For a second I thought I'd gone too far until I noticed she hadn't stopped moving my hand and it was being guided toward my penis. I looked at her, holding my breath as our intertwined hands moved through my pubic hair and up my shaft. Once she had wrapped my hand on she again leaned in and whispered "show me..."

I began to move my hand in slow and deliberate strokes pulling down the foreskin to expose the sensitive head below. After a few strokes I saw that Eleanor had returned her hand to her pussy. I tried to time my strokes with her own. She stuffed her middle finger straight in and began to rotate her thumb on her clit. Then started pumping in and out with definite force. I moved my left hand down from her shoulder to her to her left breast, I let her nipple slide between two fingers and lightly squeezed and pulled at it. Eleanor hummed and briefly closed her eyes, she inserted a second finger into her pussy as well and began to move her hips in time with her fingers. Sweat was appearing in tiny globules all over her face giving it a glowing appearance as it contorted in pleasure.

Eleanor looked down at my cock once again and seductively traced her lips with her tongue. She shifted position, moving until she was almost lying down, her head resting on my stomach, her face in line with my dick. Her right hand stayed buried between her legs while her left hand found mine still gripping her nipple. Once again she took my hand in hers and guided it over her body, down her side and over her ass. We finished our movement when I felt my index finger pressed against her brown star. I took the hint and began to massage it. It was difficult to penetrate and so tight so I moved my hand forward slightly and dove my finger into the depths of her pussy meeting her own, hoping to pick up the lubrication I'd need.

Eleanor squealed as I did this and shot her mouth forward attaching itself to the side of my cock just below my pumping fist. She slobbered and licked around the shaft as she bucked her hips trying to force more of my hand into her. I gave her a few strokes before removing my finger and taking it straight back to her ass hole. I pushed again with my lubricated finger and felt her freeze as it popped straight in up to the second knuckle. I carried on pushing until it was all the way in then wiggled it about. Eleanor took her left hand and took grip of my penis. I removed my own hand and let her take control. She bent it down to her mouth and let out a groan as she engulfed the head, swirling her tongue around, licking up my oozing cum. I began to pump her ass with vigour as I felt her speed up her own finger work, she was getting close to cumming and obviously wanted me to join her.

She was now pushing her mouth onto my cock like a piston. Sucking harder than I'd ever felt before. She hummed as she slid her tongue around feeling every contour of my manhood. I was in ecstasy. I began to work a second finger into her ass, stretching her more, feeling her muscles pulse and grip my hand. Here she was, the object of my desires, happily having all three holes filled at once

Just as I was nearing my own fantastic orgasm Eleanor stiffened. Her head shot back releasing me as she began to shudder, her legs clamped down on our hands holding them still. Her free hand grabbed onto her nipples almost pulling them off as she twisted and stretched them. She was screaming and moaning at the same time, illegible words flowed from her mouth as she rode the crescent of this awesome orgasm.

I wanted to finish with her so gripped my own shaft and pumped it for all I was worth. It's head slapping her face and coving her in pre-cum. Still she cried out in ecstasy. My fist became a blur as I neared my climax. Suddenly I came in a flurry, grunting and gritting my teeth as I did. Rope after rope of cum dishevelled her. Landing across her lips and nose, up her cheek and into her hair.

We both stayed still for a few minutes breathing heavily. Eleanor made the first move. She turned to lay on her back, our fingers leaving her holes as she did. She smiled at me and said "You came on my face, no-one has ever done that before, I've not even let long term boyfriends do that"

"I'm sorry mate but there wasn't really anywhere else to do it." I said with a slight giggle not sure how to respond

"Well, next time you don't get to do it ok....well not till I've done it to you at least......" she said beaming a smile and as she pulled at my softening dick rubbing it across her cheek, massaging in my cum like a moisturiser.

"Next time??"

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