tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFriends: Remembering the After Party

Friends: Remembering the After Party


Friends: Deleted Scenes - Remembering the New Year's After-party

Earlier in the day, Rachel had broken up once and for all with her ex-fiance, Barry. Now at the end of the day, she and Monica sat on the couch. "You Okay?" Monica asked.

"Yeah." Rachel replied, thoughtfully.

"Really?" her roommate pursued, placing her hand on Rachel's arm. Rachel took a sip from her glass of her white wine and set it on the table. "Yeah!" she answered, more confidently, and rested her hand on Monica's leg. "Y'know, ever since I ran out on Barry at the wedding, I have wondered whether I made the right choice. And now I know."

"Aww..." Monica said encouragingly, and leaned in to hug Rachel.

Just then, Joey walked in and saw them hugging. "Big day," he said approvingly. They both looked at him, without breaking their embrace.

"Joey, get out!" Monica ordered. Surprised, he quickly left. They sat back as Monica asked, "Why do guys have a thing about seeing two girls being affectionate?"

"I don't know," said Rachel, "I guess they just don't understand how easy it is for two women to be such close friends."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Monica agreed. Moments passed in silence as they sipped their wine. Rachel broke the silence.

"Say, Mon," she began, clearing her throat, "remember that little 'after-party' party we had on New Years a few weeks ago?"

"Oh yeah. I was drunk, but not THAT drunk," Monica laughed, "Y'know, Rach, I have never felt sexier than I did that night." Rachel nodded in agreement as her roomate continued. "I'm sure the wine had something to do with it. But it was being all dressed up, and yet knowing that I was only wearing stockings and a garter belt under my dress. And giving blow jobs to both guys... and then the way Chandler made love to me..." she smiled and shook her head, "it was all just so perfect."

"Yeah for me," Rachel began, " it was the way Chandler licked my pussy while he caressed my legs, and the tingle of the wine on my clit... you have GOT to try that sometime, Mon." Monica seemed lost in thought, though she heard everything Rachel was saying. "The way Joey fucked me... kind of rough... but not too much... being able to feel just a little nasty. And when I was about to cum, the way you reached up and squeezed my breasts. That was the last little bit that I needed to cum... whew, that was pretty intense." She continued a bit hesitantly, brushing her fingertips along Monica's thigh, "Do you... um... ever think that maybe we could do something like that again? You know... just us?"

"Oh Rach... I..."

Rachel cut her off, embarrassed. "No, that's alright." She looked down and smoothed out her short black miniskirt with both hands. "It was a silly idea anyway." Monica was moved by her roommate's vulnerability. She reached over and placed her hand on Rachel's soft cheek. Then she leaned in and kissed her.

"Does that mean..." Rachel began.

Monica smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I think that would be good."

"Really?" Rachel asked, giving that cute little smile that would melt anyone.

"Yeah, really. Do you want to go to your bedroom?" Rachel nodded. The two girls got up and walked hand in hand to the bedroom, uncertain of what they were about to do, but both so sure that they wanted to do it.

They closed the door and stood next to the bed. Monica took her friend's face gently in her hands and kissed her again. Rachel began to undress her. She was wearing a white oversize shirt, with the tails tied at her waist, and a pair of faded blue jeans. As they kissed, Rachel untied the knot and slowly unbuttoned Monica's shirt. They broke their kiss as Rachel pushed the gauzy fabric off her shoulders. Monica slid her arms out of it and dropped it to the floor behind her. She looked into Rachel's eyes as she unclasped her bra, revealing her breasts to her roommate. It obviously wasn't the first time Rachel had seen them, but it was the first time she'd see them in this way. She tentatively reached out and cupped one. Monica didn't flinch or anything. Instead, she caressed the velvet covering Rachel's arm, as her roomie's soft fingers brought her nipple to a peak.

"Monica, you are so beautiful," Rachel said tenderly.

"Thank you," she whispered, a bit self-conscious, "I've wanted people to think that for so long. But it especially makes me smile that you think I'm beautiful." She played with the four decorative buttons on the front of Rachel's shirt, observing how it hugged the curves of her petite body.

"Oh Mon, I do," Rachel said as she leaned in and kissed her.

Monica unzipped her tight-fitting jeans and was helped as she slid them off her body. She stood there in a white panties and black socks.

"Turn around," she directed Rachel.

She unzipped the back of Rachel's blue velvet top. Rachel's hair was held up with a black hairclip, and Monica gently kissed the back of her neck. As the garment came off her front, unveiling more skin, Monica kissed her shoulders and upper back. Monica undid Rachel's bra and allowed her breasts to hang free. Then, reaching around her, she caressed her stomach and breasts as she nibbled on her ear from behind. A shiver ran down the brunette's spine and she giggled. "Monica! Mmmm, I like that."

Rachel turned to face her friend, and they embraced. They were the same height, so the skin-on-skin feeling of their breasts and nipples rubbing together was both comforting and arousing. Monica gave Rachel a sober, but erotic look.

"Rach, if I was going to do this with anyone, I would want it to be with you."

"Me too, sweetie, me too."

They kissed again and Monica unbuttoned Rachel's miniskirt. Rachel stepped out of it as it fell around her ankles. Monica caressed Rachel's ass. Her fingertips found that she was wearing nothing under the black tights. Rachel knew her thought.

"I was kinda hoping this would happen tonight," she said.

Monica also took this to mean that she wanted the hose to stay on for a while. While shopping in the past, both girls had commented how lingerie made them feel sexy, and she wanted anything to help Rachel feel like the sexiest woman in the world. Monica reached up and removed the hairclip from Rachel's hair, allowing her light brown locks to fall across her shoulders and frame her face. She thought back a few weeks to seeing and hearing Rachel screaming for Joey to fuck her hard, and teasing him to cum on her face. But right now, Rachel looked so innocent... so vulnerable... so desirable.

Without a word, she led Rachel to her bed and sat down on the edge. Rachel stood between her legs, and Monica pulled her close, resting her head on Rachel's chest. She slowly rubbed Rachel's butt and the backs of her legs. Her own nipples brushed against the fabric covering Rachel's thighs, like small kisses. Rachel played with the strands of hair laying across Monica's neck. She liked this feeling of sexy closeness; knowing what was going to happen, but not exactly how.

Monica lifted her head and began kissing between her friend's breasts. Rachel's lips parted, and she held a look of anticipation, as she watched her dark haired roommate move her mouth over a breast. She felt Monica's warm breath on her nipple. She gave out a little "oh", almost a peep. That seemed to be Monica's cue. Monica's mouth met Rachel's breast, and she began sucking gently.

"Oh Monica, that feels so good."

Monica looked up at her. "I hope later you'll show me how good," she said as she moved to Rachel's other tit.

"Oh I will," she replied, smiling.

As she suckled, Monica moved her hand between Rachel's legs, and traced her finger tips across the insides of her thighs. Slowly, her hand came up to rest against the crotch of her sheer tights. The wetness from her pussy had dampened the cloth.

Sliding back a bit further on the bed, Monica made a place for Rachel to sit between her legs. "Sit with me, Rach," she offered.

As Rachel turned around, Monica saw how the tights streched across her curves, showing hints of skin beneath. Rachel sat down and cuddled back into her best friend's embrace. Monica held her close and began kissing her neck and shoulder. As she did this, Rachel reached back and put her hand on her roommate's head. Monica was intoxicated by the smell of Chanel No.5 that drifted from Rachel's wrist and neck. Rachel was so feminine, and this made Monica feel incredibly sexy herself.

Her fingertips glided under the waistband of Rachel's only garment.

"That tickles," Rachel giggled as she grabbed her hand.

Monica laughed, "I promise it won't tickle for very long."

Rachel smiled and released her hand. It slid further under the lycra. Monica's fingers found a little patch of hair, and she played with it for a few moments. Rachel was shaking in her arms.

"Are you alright, sweetie?"

"Yes," Rachel replied, her eyes closed, "I just know what you're going to do and I want you to do it, so much. Please touch me."

Rachel was licking her lips and took a shaky breath, eyes still shut, as she waiting for those wonderful fingers to reach her clit. Monica pushed her hand down across Rachel's protruding clit. Rachel shivered at her touch. Monica brought her hand back up, making sure to rub her clit with the full length of her middle finger.

"MMMMMmmmm," Rachel moaned through tightly closed lips. She was panting through her nose, and her body began to tense.

Monica arched her hand and brought the tip of her middle finger in contact with the sensitive fold of skin. She rubbed it back and forth, making sure that the tip of her trimmed nail lightly rubbed against it.

"Oh yes," Rachel whined as she rubbed Monica's legs, unable to hold back the urge to touch skin.

Monica was enthralled. She was going through all the hand motions that she knew so well, but she was hearing someone else, her beautiful partner, enjoying it. It was all so erotic to her.

She began rubbing Rachel's clit with the fleshy part of her fingertip, pressing harder to give her a new set of sensations. Rachel became more vocal.

"I love that. I love the way you rub me. Please keep doing it. Rub me, Monica, please rub me."

Monica whispered in her ear, reassuring her, "I wouldn't stop for anything."

After a few moments, she wanted to take her friend a bit further. "Do you want me to put it in you, baby?"

"Yes," Rachel whined, "Please!"

Monica slid her fingers further down and gently pushed the middle one past Rachel's lips.

"OOOOOHHHH!" Rachel groaned loudly.

Monica slid it in and out, probing the walls of her vagina. "Yes! Yes!! Yes!! Finger me, Mon! Don't stop!"

Monica purred in her ear, "Do you want one finger or two?"

"Just one..." Rachel panted an answer, "I always use just one."

Monica folde her thumb under her palm, so her knuckle could rub Rachel's clitoris at the same time that she finger-fucked her.

"I'm... so... close... so... close... I want to cum... make me cum... please make me cum..."

Rachel's whole body was tense and Monica held her tightly. She continued rubbing Rachel and encouraged her on.

"Cum, baby... I want you to cum, too... you can do it... you can cum... I want to hear you cum... I want to feel you cum, Rachel... I want..."

"OOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!" Rachel moaned as she came. "OH! OH! MMM! MMMMMMMmmmmon-i-ca!!"

Monica continued rubbing her clit and pussy to prolong her orgasm. As Rachel's climax passed, Monica slowly pulled her finger out and brushed it against Rachel's wet clit. Her body spasmed, and she giggled, "Monica!" They laughed.

"So, what do you want me to do for you?" Rachel asked.

Monica was a little hesitant and shy. "It might sound a little weird, but I loved the feel of your tights brushing against my nipples, and... I wondered what it would feel like on my clit."

"Really?' Rachel smiled, giving a little crinkle to her nose.

"Is that too weird?" Monica asked, uncertain.

"No, not at all, Mon, I just never thought of that before. I've got an idea."

She stood and took Monica to the chair beside her dresser. Removing Monica's panties, Rachel commented, "We're not going to be needing these."

Rachel sat on the armless chair, legs together, and led Monica to straddle her. She snuggled in close and they kissed. "I think I need to show you something first," Rachel said before taking Monica's tit in her mouth.

Monica brushed the hair from Rachel's face, wanting to watch her roommate suck on her breast.

"Oh, Rach, yes." Monica ran her fingers through her black hair, catching a whiff of Rachel's scent. Discretely, she brought them to her mouth, tasting Rachel on her fingertips. Her roomie didn't notice this, as she was too busy licking and sucking Monica's tits. But Monica knew that the next time this happened, she wanted to lick the pussy that her finger had just pleasured.

Monica began moving her hips, feeling the fabric of Rachel's hose on her legs and ass. So smooth. She loved wearing hose and stockings herself, but this was a new experience. Monica continued her lap dance, feeling so many senses. Gentle sucking. Rachel's perfume and her hair brushing across Monica's chest. Fingernails being gently scraped across her ass cheeks. But mostly, the rubbing on the bottoms of her thighs.

She stood slightly and moved so she could straddle Rachel's right leg. Lowering herself, she finally got what she had been wanting, the softness of the fabric on her clit. She settled her petite frame down, and pressed her pussy into Rachel's leg. Then rocking her hips back and forth, she felt tingles as she dragged her pussy lips along Rachel's thigh.

"Is that want you wanted, baby?" Rachel asked.

Monica gave her a little smile, "More than..." To Monica, there was nothing else in the world except her and Rachel, and the marvelous feelings between her legs.

A dark line quickly formed on Rachel's leg, as Monica's juices soaked the fabric. The dampness Rachel felt on her skin was erotic. She thought to herself, "Wow, Monica's really getting into this. She's humping my leg like a little bitch in heat. Maybe I should try this next time." She'd had guys get off on tit-fucking her before, but having her gorgeous roommate masturbating on her was far more arousing than anything any guy had done.

Monica was panting now. Perspiration had formed on her lightly freckled chest. Her skin glowed. Her hair was dissheveled, and her hairclip barely held on by a few strands. She was moaning with each motion.

"Can you cum for me?" Rachel asked, caressing Monica's tit.

Between gasping breaths, Monica answered, "I... don't know... I want to... I want to cum so bad, Rachel... It feels so good... but I don't know... if I can cum like this... but I don't want to stop... it feels so good."

"Do you want me to help you?" Rachel asked.

"Yes," Monica groaned, "Please... please help me cum... please help me..."

"Straddle me again," Rachel directed as she brought her legs back together.

Monica obeyed, sitting back a bit farther so Rachel could finger her pussy. As she did this, Rachel opened the bottom dresser drawer beside her and pulled out her 10" dildo. Monica's eyes were still closed, trying to will the climax to stay close. Rachel put the toy in her mouth, lubricating the end.

Rachel parted her knees, spreading Monica's legs further. The cool air kissed Monica's pussy lips. Rachel leaned forward to suck Monica's breast, and brought the dildo underneath her leg, and slid it straight up into Monica's cunt. Her eyes shot open, "What..."

"Shhhh, it's just my dildo, sweetie. After all, shouldn't best friends share everything?" she teased.

As she sucked Monica's tit, Rachel fucked her roommate with the dildo. Monica held her head at her breast. "Yeah, Rach... fuck it... fuck my pussy... please make me cum..."

Rachel kept sliding the rod in and out of Monica's box. Monica was moaning again now, allowing her friend to pleasure her.

"I want to kiss you, Rach," she moaned.

Rachel sat back up, leaving the dildo hanging out of Monica's cunt for the moment. Monica kissed her more passionately than she had ever kissed anyone. Rachel reached between their legs and grabbed hold of her fuck-stick. She rotated it back and forth inside Monica's puss.

"Yes," Monica whispered and french-kissed Rachel.

Rachel resumed fucking her friend with the dildo. She reached her other hand down to rub Monica's clit with her fingertip. Monica moaned loudly. Soon her body was trembling, needing to do something more than simply kiss.

"Just hold it... I want to fuck it," she told Rachel, between heavy breaths.

Instinct took over Monica's body and, resting her hands on Rachel's shoulders, she began sliding up and down the dildo. Rachel wanted so much to be fingering her own clit, but right now, it was all about bringing Monica to orgasm. Rachel held it firmly in both hands, so that just 5 inches protruded up into her roommate. Each time Monica slid down, the soft wet skin of her crotch rested on Rachel's hands.

"Give me more," she requested.

On Monica's upstroke, Rachel quickly slid up another 2 inches. When Monica came down on the rod, her eyes rolled back in her head and she groaned, "Ooooh, fuuuuck!"

Monica screwed Rachel's dildo with abandon. She ran her hands through Rachel's shoulder-lenth hair.

"I'm gonna cum, Rach... Oh Rach, I'm gonna cum..."

By this time, Monica was slamming herself down on the dildo. Each time, her pussy lips slapped Rachel's hands, sending a shock through her cunt.

"Fuck my dildo, Monica," Rachel encouraged, "Fuck it, baby... I want to you cum on my dildo."

Monica opened her eyes and kissed Rachel passionately, almost roughly. Just then she came, screaming into Rachel's mouth.

Rachel played her tongue against Monica's as her beautiful friend moaned. She rocked the dildo back and forth, creating tingles from Monica's pussy lips to her clit. Monica tried kissing her back, but all she could focus on was the sensations Racehl was giving her.

Her orgasm subsided, and a bead of sweat trailed from Monica's hairline down to her cheek. Rachel kissed her there, tasting the saltiness of her erotic workout. She caressed Monica's face with her fingertips.

"I think this opens up a whole new world of things we can do as roommates."

Monica agreed, groggily kissing her, "Yeah, I can already think of some things I'd like to try."

Rachel smiled, "Me too, sweetie. But it'll have to be another time. I think that you're a little too tired for now."

Rachel pulled her dildo out of Monica and both girls stood. They embraced and kissed one last time, before crawling into Rachel's bed for the night.

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