Frozen in Time Ch. 02


Suddenly a familiar voice came to me as I turned around to face him. "Told ya it was a bit of a rush. Although it was probably a lot more intense since you were in her house and now placed back a few blocks away." It was Rob.

"Did all of that really happen?" I asked, still feeling as if I woke up from a daydream or something.

"Ohhhh yeah, and judging by how tired you look, I bet you and Lorena had all kinds of fun before you unfroze her, am I right?"

I felt a bit ashamed to say that he was right, but the look at my face told him everything.

"Oh ho ho ho!!! You sly dog!!! I bet you took her other cherry didn't ya, you slick lil bastard!" he said as he nudged my shoulder.

"Well...."I tried to change the subject.

"OH MY GOD!! YOU DID!! YOU TOTALLY FUCKIN DID!!! Wow man, you popped her anal cherry too, that's awesome!!"

I smiled a little, but I was still curious about my new power, "So what happens now?"

"Already told ya. You got 9 more chances to freeze time and do what you want with whoever you want. Just don't do anything stupid and get caught. Always make sure you tell them to forget everything you did when time was frozen. And like I said, on your last time pass it on to someone else, or just let the last woman you did it with keep the power."

I was still surprised that all of this was real, "So what will you do?"

"I'm going home to relax. It's over for me. Time to go back to the singles bars I guess. Anyways, have a good day man. You should probably head home and get some sleep. Looks like you need it."

I nodded and told him goodbye. I stood there for a while as Rob crossed the street and walked off out of sight. I turned behind me and Lorena was already gone, probably halfway home by now. I didn't know what else to do, so I just headed home.

I lived in a small apartment, but hey, it was mine. Not very spacey, but it was neat and organized and I had a fridge, oven, stove and cable TV. I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about all the things that happened to me. It was odd to think I had all sorts of sex with that college girl, and that she would return go her life as if nothing happened.

I wondered if she was still a virgin now, or if she would find out her cherry was already popped whenever she actually decided to start having sex. I wondered if she would really smile and talk to me like I told her to. Hell, I wondered if she still had my cum up her ass.

Just then my phone rang and I picked it up, "Yeah... this Joshua, what's up?"

"Hey Josh, this is Randy. Paul called off for tomorrow so I was wondering if you can cover his shift tomorrow morning."

I hated working early but you couldn't say no to extra hours, right? "Yeah sure. What time?"

"8 in the morning. We need stuff set up before we open at 9. It'll be just you and Tammy, but I'm sure you can handle it."

I said, "OK. You can count on me. I'll be there." He thanked me and I hung up. Me and Tammy huh? I laid on my back and all sorts of lustful thoughts of Tamara came to mind. I asked myself... did I dare to use my new powers on her?

To be continued...

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