tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFun at the CMA's Ch. 1

Fun at the CMA's Ch. 1


Lila McCann was almost jumping out of her skin as she walked the red carpet at the ACM's. Her idols were standing right in front of her.

"Hi." Tim said, extending his hand.

"H-hi." the teen stuttered. Finally, she remembered to shake the man's hand.

"Hello. I love your music." Faith offered.

"Thanks. I ABSOLUTELY adore you guys." she smiled, grabbing the multi-talented singer's hand.

"That's great. Why don't you sit next to us."

"OHMYGOD." she squealed.

The trio walked inside and both singers took a quick look at her rear. The couple were VERY attracted to Lila. Tim pretended to yawn and "accidentally" brushed her butt.

"Oops. Sorry." he lied. I hope she doesn't see my erection.

"Keep it in your pants, hun." Faith whispered in her husband's ear. "Not till after." She groped his member and stroked it, trying to relieve some pain. Most other people were already inside the auditorium or busy giving interviews.

Just then, the youngster looked over her shoulder.

The slim blonded quickly held the goatied singer's hand.

The blonde just gave them a wide smile. "It's fine. I'm an adult.

At last they found a seat that was extremely secluded.

Sitting down, Lila decided to be bold and gave Faith a squeezed on a nipple.

"God, girl." she said, in mock astonishment.

Tim also got up his courage and spanked the teenager before she sat in her seat.

"Behave." she kidded.

The lovebirds waited until the blonde was situated, then they settled down next to her.

The upbeat singer noticed Tim was stiffening up, so she put her hand around it's length. The optimist then pumped him.

"OH, FUCK. YEAH." the hated singer hissed through clenched teeth.

His wife was busy playing with herself through the black satin material. "That's it. Make in spray his shorts." She observed the crowd in the place, hoping no one would see them. It appeared they were oblivious to everyone. Just as Faith was calming down, she felt someone breathing behind her. Turning around, the skinny singer saw Shania smiling sweetly at them.

"Having fun?"


"It's alright." she soothed, bending on the seat, heaving her breasts into Faith's face. "Go ahead. Touch them."

Shakily, the beauty complied to the request.

"Oh. That's good." The brunette hissed.

Faith Hill seductively massaged her lovely large breasts and also realized the country superstar was fingering her cunt.

Tim and Lila were also taking notice to the show.

It seems the foursome were getting stares from everyone let passed. Martina just walked by and waved. LeeAnn blew them a kiss. Sara Evans was less shy, and squeezed her large melons.

"OH. I'M CUUMMING." Shania screamed, as her massive wad ran over her whole hand. "AHHHHH." As she came down from her climax, the female passionately kissed Faith.

"Someone get Shania a towel." Host Jessica Andrews laughed.

The star blushed, as the County Music Awards got underway.

To Be Continued...

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