tagSci-Fi & FantasyFuture Sex Ch. 03

Future Sex Ch. 03



DOES EVERYTHING A MAN CAN! Yes, girls. Now you can PISS like a man, FUCK like a man and COME like a man! With all the sensations of a cock coming through your own nervous system as you explore a cunt or ass, or get sucked off. And you can still be fucked in your own cunt while wearing it! [footnote: Not advised from the front as the clitoris is obstructed: see manual for details and guarantee limitations]

Is it a real cock? No, it's better -- it's a SYNTHCOCK- an improvement, not a replacement!

SYNTHCOCK -- manufacturers of the first pseudopenis to transmit through your actual nerves, are proud to announce the new best ever Synthcock X for women who want it all. [footnote: only for use by females over 18 years old.]

After 10 years, thousands of women are proudly using their original Synthcocks, a testament to the quality of production. As the mark I was permanently erect it was intended for private use, but women were not ashamed, and displayed a bulge in their pants with pride. The latest models are designed for realistic erection from soft.


Realistic look and feel flaccid cock and balls which can be worn all day! [footnote: daily hygienic cleaning required.] Body safe connection means you can piss through it and shake it just like the guys. But when you want, it stands proud. [footnote: erection time 20 to 40 seconds with fresh batteries.] Choose from 6, 8 or 10 inches. [footnote: 6 inches gives full insertion in 94% of vaginas. 10 inches may require the anus of an experienced partner.] Our patented transdermal nerve induction process means that you feel as if it was an actual extension of you. Your clitoris becomes the head You feel all along the shaft -- every stroke, every thrust! One standard testicle (replaceable) contains enough pseudospunk for two good ejaculations of 5 ml each. [footnote: If ejaculation is not required a solid testicle is supplied as standard.] [footnote: The other testicle contains the erection pump.] The optional vaginal reservoir and pump can deliver 20 ejaculations at a higher velocity. [footnote: no other object should be inserted into the vagina when the reservoir is in use.]

The remote control means that you can ejaculate whenever you want in order to satisfy your partner, or have it triggered by your own orgasm. Yes, get an orgasm by fucking -- bigger and better than any man!

(NOTE: Synthcock is not a medical device and is only sold for recreational use. It is designed for insertion with the human vagina, anus and mouth and is compatible with their normal secretions. No responsibility can be taken for any damage caused or sustained by its insertion elsewhere, nor from biting. However, it is normally safe with good quality artificial versions of these organs sold by a reputable company for use with the human penis. We recommend only our own brand of lubricant and pseudospunk, and damage caused by other liquids is not covered by the guarantee. If you are pregnant or have any damage or infection to your vulva, consult your doctor before use.)


Erica of North London: ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE! Like many women I thought that Synthcock was just overpriced and the single user special fitting was just marketing hype. I live with another woman and we shared a Girldick 5A, which was just the right size for both of us and (we thought) perfect. When it failed I went to the Synthcock Store where the technician explained that the ordinary pseudopenis could only make a few nerve connections because women vary in shape and distribution of nerves. Getting moulded and having my nerves traced was not at all painful, and my 6 inch custom Synthcock was ready in an hour. I tested it on artificial cunt, ass and mouth in the Store and was amazed. When I got back to my girlfriend I couldn't wait. The way her cunt felt was like seeing in colour after a lifetime of low resolution black and white -- I didn't know what I was missing! And the ejaculation was so much better for both! We went straight back to the store, where she bought hers on an easy payment plan, and I bought a vaginal reservoir. Before she fucked me, she got her brother Jack to fuck me first, so that I could compare. Sorry boys, but it is much better than the real thing! He also liked it when I fucked him, and is now looking for a girl with the 10 inch model!

Kay of Norwich: BEST PRESENT EVER! My parents bought me a Synthcock X for my twenty-first birthday, and I love it! It's so great to piss anywhere so easily, and I love to have it sucked! I have already fucked several of my girlfriends and they all want one too.

Cynthia from Bristol: I FEEL LIKE A MAN! I thought it was all marketing hype, until my best friend persuaded me to get one. I tried pissing through it which worked really well, and I could feel the piss going through. Then I erected it and wanked myself like a man. I could really feel where my hand was stroking and my knob felt so sensitive. I wanked myself until I had an orgasm and was amazed to find myself ejaculating. I can really feel what it is like to push into a cunt, or to be sucked. I have ordered the vaginal reservoir and a large bottle of pseudospunk!

Maud of South Shields: PEGGING TO A NEW LEVEL! I have been pegging my husband for 30 years with an ordinary dildo. He bought me a Synthcock X for our anniversary and now we both enjoy it so much more. He said the dildo was never like a real man but now he is properly fucked and he loves it when I spunk him. I am getting so much more direct pleasure -- I never knew it could be so good. Now we fuck much longer and better. Thank you, Synthcock!

Michael of Glasgow: GET ONE FOR YOUR GIRL! As a bisexual man I loved my girlfriend but craved cock. She didn't really like me going with other guys but now I don't have to. The 8 inch really fills me up like few men do, and the cunt reservoir means lots of spunkings. Now she gets orgasms as well, and we don't need anyone else. Get your girlfriend a Synthcock X - it'll be the best money you ever spent!

Betty from Cardiff: IT SAVED OUR MARRIAGE! We were both getting a bit bored, and I knew he had started seeing men. We decided to buy an 8 inch Synthcock X and are glad we did. Now I enjoy fucking him even more than being fucked by him, and we both get more orgasms than we thought possible. I would recommend it to any wife.

Ayesha from Birmingham: BETTER THAN DP! I had always enjoyed double penetration; then a friend suggested I get a Synthcock X. Now I like to fuck my boyfriend while my girlfriend fucks my ass. Squeezing my cunt around the vaginal reservoir is like triple penetration!

Reverend Simon from Leicester: A BLESSING! My wife and I are convinced of the sanctity of marriage and she would not think of going with another man. I have homosexual feelings but have never given in to them. On the advice of our Bishop, Ruth, we bought a Synthcock, and my wife is now able to make love to me in a way which truly satisfies and unites us both, so I am no longer troubled by unworthy thoughts. In addition, a couple of the women in the church choir now have the same, so they are pleased to join together in spiritual fellowship after choir practice. Truly a blessing for us both.

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