tagCelebrities & Fan FictionG. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #2

G. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #2


Issue #2: Baroness Interrogates the Prisoner

[Note: This story is based on the Marvel Comics version of G.I. Joe.]

The door slid open and the Cobra trooper stepped through and dropped Lady Jaye to the floor. The young woman fell with a "Ungh!" Her hands were tied together behind her back, and her uniform was somewhat dirty from sneaking through the jungles of Sierra Gordo.

The Joes had only arrived in Sierra Gordo days ago, hoping to confirm or deny reports that Cobra had built a Terror-Drome in the Central American country. Unfortunately, Lady Jaye was captured while skulking through the jungle alone. Cobra troopers had brought her inside the Terror-Drome. Now she lay on the floor of an empty room with nothing but a chair in the middle.

The trooper grinned evilly beneath his black mask. "Wait here. Your interrogator should be here soon...sweetheart..."

"Go to hell!" she growled at the trooper. He just laughed and left, closing the door behind him.

Lady Jaye wore her usual snug-fitting green fatigues and black hat. Her short reddish-brown hair was a mess thanks to the jungle's humidity, and she had been sweating. Luckily, the Terror-Drome seemed to be air-conditioned.

The door opened again, and in stepped Firefly. An internationally known mercenary, Firefly had been hired by Cobra some years back. Though his whole face - except for his eyes - was covered by a mask, his trademark gray camouflage outfit was unmistakable. If he was to interrogate her, this could get very nasty.

"Well, it looks like G.I. Jane wandered too far away from her girl scout troop," he said.

"Hah!" Lady Jaye scoffed at him. "I've heard a lot worse!"

"Being brave, huh?" the mercenary answered. He grabbed the female Joe by her arms and pulled her up. "Get up!" He dragged her to the chair and threw her into it. He made certain her bound arms were wrapped around the back of the chair.

"Now," he growled. "You're gonna tell me where the other Joes are, how many there are, and what the hell you're all doing here!"

"Sorry. I don't break that easily. You'll just have to kill me..." she said, then spit in his face (though it just hit his mask).

"Stupid girl!" Firefly shouted. He grabbed her around the throat and pulled her face close to his. "I'm trying to give you a chance to do this easily!" Lady Jaye tried to catch her breath as Firefly choked her. "If you don't answer me, I may let some of the troops here get a hold of you. Getting killed will be the worst of your problems! You may have noticed that there aren't many women troopers in Cobra..." he glanced down at her body. His eyes trailed down to the opening at the top of her shirt and down to her ample cleavage. "Yes, I think they'd like you very much..." He yanked her roughly. "You understand me?" he yelled.

Just then, Lady Jaye heard someone step into the doorway. "Firefly!" shouted a familiar female voice. Firefly let go of Lady Jaye and stepped back. The woman who had entered had long black hair and glasses and was covered in black leather. Her uniform clung tightly to the curves of her body. The Baroness.

"There's no need to use such primitive methods!" she said, in a slight European accent.

"Sorry," Firefly snarled. "But you don't pay me to recite Shakespeare!"

The Baroness wasn't amused. "I'll take charge of this. You see that the other Joes are found."

Firefly shrugged. "Suit yourself." Her left the room and the door slid shut behind him.

Baroness turned to Lady Jaye and smiled. "I apologize for Firefly. He's much too violent. Men are like that, I suppose..."

Lady Jaye scowled. "It doesn't matter. Neither of you will get any answers from me!"

"Right," Baroness said. "His threats weren't accurate. You won't be treated the way he implied. I'm in charge here."

"Really?" said Lady Jaye. "I thought you were here to 'service' the troops..."

"Hurling insults won't help you!" Baroness said.

"Insults?" Lady Jaye asked. "I just assumed that since you dressed like a whore, you acted like one, too!"

Baroness leaned in close to Lady Jaye. She looked at her uniform and chuckled. "That's funny coming from someone who seems to have lost too many buttons off her shirt." She trailed her gloved finger down Lady Jaye's throat, letting her finger dip slightly into her sweaty cleavage. Lady Jaye unconsciously gasped, then tried to free her hands. "Get your hands off of me, you bitch!"

Baroness stepped back. After Lady Jaye calmed down, she came closer again. "I'm sorry," the Baroness grinned. She then held Lady Jaye's face in her hand. "I didn't mean to get you so...excited..." She looked at her own black uniform. "My 'whore' clothes aren't turning you on, are they?"

"Shut up!" Lady Jaye shouted, shaking her head to get the Baroness to let go.

The raven-haired woman stood back and smiled. Lady Jaye decided that she seemed to have gotten some evil idea in her head.

"Maybe you're right, Lady Jaye," she said. "My clothes aren't appropriate. Perhaps I should try and dress more conservatively... like you do." She then started to unbuckle the straps that held her leather vest in place.

"What are you doing?!?" Lady Jaye asked.

The Baroness pulled off the vest and dropped it to the floor. She wore a black military style shirt underneath. She then started to remove her leather gloves. "Why, I'm taking your fashion advice. I'm going to dress more like you..."

Lady Jaye just watched the Cobra woman, now curious.

The Baroness looked herself over. "No, not quite the same look you have..." she said. "Oh, I know..." She then reached for the front of her shirt and unbuttoned the top button. She looked at herself again then at Lady Jaye. "Almost the same...hmmm..." She then opened the second button of her shirt, this time revealing her own ample cleavage. She grinned at Lady Jaye, and moved closer to her. "Oh, you don't wear glasses either, do you?" Baroness reached up and pulled her glasses off, tossing them away.

It's a common cliché that when someone removes their glasses, their true beauty can be seen. Lady Jaye couldn't help but notice, for the first time, how beautiful the Baroness really was. Especially now. She had an unobstructed view of her deep blue eyes and her hair flowed down over her shoulders. With her shirt opened, her white skin was a stark contrast to her black shirt. The top of her large, full breasts could be seen and there was a hint of a lacy, dark red bra even further below.

"There, that's much better. I'm feeling more like you already." The Baroness then smiled mischievously. "Oh, there's just on thing. You're all sweaty and I'm not. If I'm to look just like you..."

Lady Jaye eyes the Baroness nervously, wondering what she was up to.

The Baroness stepped closer and now spoke quieter than before. "You know, Lady Jaye, many people DO find sweaty bodies...stimulating. Mind if I borrow some of yours..." She then brought her fingers to Lady Jaye's throat. The female Joe jumped a bit, but the Baroness just "shush"ed her. She then lightly slid her hands down Lady Jaye's neck, wiping it through her sweat. The Baroness then slowly moved her hand downward, and over the slick skin of the top of Lady Jaye's breasts. She gasped, and then began to breath heavier as the dark-haired woman slid her hands all over the soldier's cleavage.

"There..." the Baroness whispered. She then took the wet palm of her hand and wiped it onto the swell of her own cleavage, now making it sweaty. "Much better..."

Lady Jaye watched wide-eyed, and couldn't help but feel a little aroused by the Baroness.

"Now, before we begin the questioning, I like to sit while I'm interrogating prisoners." She looked around the room. "I hope you don't mind, but there's only one chair in the room, and you're sitting in it. We'll have to share..."

Lady Jaye was now breathing heavily, as the Baroness leaned in and put her hands on the back of the chair, just behind Lady Jaye's shoulders. Lady Jaye couldn't believe it when the Baroness lifted one leg up slightly, then straddled Lady Jaye's lap before sitting there. Lady Jaye just watched silently, hearing the leather of the Baroness' pants creak as she settled on top of the female Joe. She slid closer, and her sweaty cleavage stopped just below Lady Jaye's nose. She noticed her breasts heave upward slightly as she, too, was breathing heavily. She gasped as she felt the Baroness' crotch rub up against her own.

"Now, Lady Jaye, will you tell me what you know?"

Lady Jaye, tried to turn away from the Baroness' gaze, but when she looked down she saw the soft valley of her breasts. She nervously shook her head, trying to fight the arousal she was now feeling.

The Baroness sighed, disappointed. "Oh, I really wish you'd just answer my questions..." she leaned in, bringing her lips next to Lady Jaye's ear and whispered. "I need to know where they are."

Lady Jaye shuddered as the Baroness spoke, feeling her hot breath against the side of her face. "Maybe..." she began, causing the Baroness to move away from her ear, still leaving their faces only inched apart. "Maybe I'll tell you... after." She noticed the Baroness' sudden, sharp intake of air.

"After what?" the Baroness said, now obviously as turned on as Lady Jaye. As if to answer her, Lady Jaye leaned in and kissed the Baroness on the lips. The Baroness was somewhat surprised, but fell into the kiss. She parted her lips slightly and felt Lady Jaye's tongue slide inside. She opened and closed her mouth as her lips moved against Lady Jaye's. They finally broke the kiss and both stared at each other for a moment, trying to catch their breath.

"Please..." Lady Jaye said, "untie my hands..." The Baroness hesitated for a moment. "I won't try to escape," Lady Jaye continued. "Besides, I couldn't get out alive... and... I need to touch you."

The Baroness smiled. She leaned forward and reached around Lady Jaye. As she struggled to quickly untie the ropes, her breasts literally pushed against Lady Jaye's face. "Oh, god..." she whispered.

With her hands suddenly free, the Baroness settled back on Lady Jaye's lap, and suddenly the Joe brought her hands around from her back and grabbed onto the collar of the Baroness' shirt. For a moment the Cobra thought she had made a mistake, and expected Lady Jaye to strangle her right there. But instead, Lady Jaye moved her hands downward and abruptly tore open the Baroness' shirt, sending buttons flying. The Baroness gasped out loud as her lacy dark red bra was revealed, her breasts straining to spill over the top. Lady Jaye then leaned in and kissed the mounds of flesh, causing the Baroness to moan. Lady Jaye then looked up and grabbed the center of the Baroness' bra and tore it open. The Baroness gasped again and her big, creamy white tits sprang free. Lady Jaye's mouth was back on them instantly, licked and sucking the pink, erect nipples. The Baroness moaned as Lady Jaye sucked on her tits.

Then, the Baroness reached under Lady Jaye's head, trying to unbutton her shirt. Lady Jaye saw what she was attempting and leaned back, a slight smile on her lips. "Well...?" she asked. Baroness grinned and grasped Lady Jaye's shirt, pulling it open as violently as her own shirt had been opened. She ran her hands over the top of Lady Jaye's breasts, now barely held in place by a skimpy olive green bra. She could see through the bra that her nipples were hard.

She looked up at Lady Jaye and grinned again as she tore open the green bra. Lady Jaye grunted as her own beautiful tits fell out. The Baroness leaned down and sucked and kissed the newly revealed titties. "Oh, yeah..." Lady Jaye hissed. The two women, now barely wearing any thing on top, writhed in each other's arms, playing with their breasts.

As the Baroness continued her magic on Lady Jaye's tits, the female Joe's hands had moved down behind the Baroness to squeeze her ass through the tight black leather pants she wore. This caused the Baroness to rub her crotch up against Lady Jaye.

"God, you are so hot," Lady Jaye laughed. She then reached down and started to unfasten the Baroness' belt and pants. After sliding down the zipper, Lady Jaye pushed her hand inside to cup the Baroness' mound. The Baroness' moans encouraged her to go further, and Lady Jaye began to rub her fingers against the Baroness' slit, right through her thin red panties. Lady Jaye struggled to work her fingers into the Baroness' cunt in the tight space inside her pants.

"Unnggghhh..." was all the noise the Baroness could manage, but she tried desperately to pull her pants down to give Lady Jaye better access.

"Stand up!" Lady Jaye growled.

Baroness quickly scrambled to her feet. Lady Jaye stayed seated and began to peel the Baroness leather pants down past her knees. Meanwhile, the Baroness removed what was left of her shirt and bra. Lady Jaye slowly slid the Baroness' red panties down, too, revealing her black curly hair below. She could see her bright pink pussy lips, swollen and wet with arousal.

The Baroness was now completely naked except for the pants bunched up at her feet. Lady Jaye looked over her incredible body. She had the curves and legs of a pinup girl. Lady Jaye then started to work her fingers over the Baroness' hot slit as the Baroness moaned and squeezed her own big breasts, rolling the nipples between her fingers. Lady Jaye could feel the heat of the Baroness' pussy now, and slid a finger in between the folds of her cunt and started to work it in and out. The Baroness groaned loudly and grabbed onto Lady Jaye shoulders for support.

Lady Jaye mercilessly fingered the Baroness' cunt, adding a second finger and a third. Her flowing pussy juices made it easier to slide her fingers in and out. The Baroness was panting now, and her knees bent every time Lady Jaye slammed her fingers deep into the woman's dripping snatch. Now she was grunting like an animal, and finally her orgasm hit her hard. She started to shake and her knees gave out. She fell forward into Lady Jaye's lap, trying catch her breath. "Oh...my god..." she managed to say.

Lady Jaye brought wet, glistening fingers to her mouth and licked the Baroness' juices off of them, savoring the taste.

The Baroness was getting her breath back, and was now kneeling between Lady Jaye's knees. She started to unhook her belt and unfasten the green fatigues below it. Lady Jaye lifted herself up off of the chair, letting the Baroness slip her pants and panties off of her. She then reached back and squeezed soft flesh of Lady Jaye's ass cheeks, then pulled her forward. Lady Jaye slid down in the chair, thrusting her hot cunt forward. The Baroness knew what to do and dove right in, sticking her tongue inside Lady Jaye's pussy lips, lapping at her now flowing liquids. Lady Jaye groaned and grabbed onto the Baroness' head, pushing her mouth against her throbbing cunt. "Unh... yess.... do it... eat it! Eat me!"

Holding onto Lady Jaye's ass tightly, the Baroness seemed to devour Lady Jaye's pussy, licking up her juices and stopping to suck on her hard clit, making the woman gasp in pleasure. Finally, she came loudly, nearly screaming as her cum gushed from her cunt, coating the Baroness' face from nose to chin. Baroness greedily lapped it all up, but to Lady Jaye's surprise, the black-haired woman didn't stop. She let go of Lady Jaye's ass and used her fingers to pull open her engorged, red pussy lips even further and licked and sucked her again. Lady Jaye was now letting out high pitched gasps as she panted. Her eyes were closed and she threw her head back and forth. She flung her legs onto the Baroness' shoulders, started to hump against her face rhythmically. She grunted and growled until her body couldn't take anymore. She came so hard she cried out and bucked violently, her juices running down the Baroness' chin.

"Oh...GOD!!" she screamed as she rode out her incredible orgasm.

She slumped down in the chair and panted, recovering from the Baroness' handiwork. The Baroness was now sitting back on the floor, panting, too. She wiped the gooey mess of cum off her chin and smiled up at Lady Jaye. "Well..." she finally managed to say, "huhh... that was...some in ...... interrogation, huh?"

Lady Jaye looked down, and could barely speak. "I-I've never...... that felt so....ugh... hunh..."

The Baroness grinned. "I'm pretty friggin' great, huh?"

Lady Jaye looked down at her. "Oh, God... you sure are..."

"Now," the Baroness said, "will you tell me where the Joes are?"

"I said, I'd tell you after... I'm not done yet!" With that, Lady Jaye nearly dove off the chair, her wet, naked body landing on the Baroness'. The Baroness cried out in surprise, but her cry was silenced when Lady Jaye kiss her hard, sucking hungrily at her mouth. As she kissed the Baroness she also played with the woman's big swollen tits, rubbing her sensitive nipples, causing her to moan into Lady Jaye's mouth. "Mmm...mmph..."

Lady Jaye then started to rub her body against the Baroness'. The women's tits rubbed against each other, slick with sweat. Their sore nipples ground against each other, causing both women to moan loudly. Finally, Lady Jaye slid down the Baroness' body and settled between her legs. She first kissed her cunt lips, then stuck her tongue deep inside the Baroness' steaming hot pussy . After tasting her, she rubbed her face along her wet slit. The Baroness just groaned while Lady Jaye even quietly moaned. She returning to slurp and suck at the Baroness' pussy, soon bringing her to another mind-blowing, orgasm, sending her body into spasms as she cried out.

For the next few minutes, the two women just lay next to one another, recovering. Eventually, the Baroness turned to Lady Jaye. "You're not really going to help me find the others, are you?"

"No chance in hell," Lady Jaye said.

Baroness sighed and then smiled. "Well, I have a suspicion that you'll find some way to escape from here and make your way back into the jungle..."

Lady Jaye was curious. "What're you--?"

"I just have a feeling," Baroness said, "that you'll find a secret route out of the Terror-Drome and I may even accidentally allow you to slip past me."

Lady Jaye finally caught on, and grinned. "Really? Well, I guess I'm good at what I do."

"Oh, you certainly are..."


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