tagCelebrities & Fan FictionG. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #3

G. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #3


Issue #3: Cover Girl's Welcome

[Note: This story is based on the Marvel Comics version of G.I. Joe.]

It was a humid summer day on Staten Island. It was easy to break a sweat just walking a short distance outside. Despite the heat, several members of the G.I. Joe team were training outside, and were now running laps in front of the Motor Pool at Fort Wadsworth.

The Joes' commanding officer, Hawk, stood by the door of the Motor Pool office. Few people on the base knew that the Joes' secret headquarters, the Pit, was hidden beneath the Motor Pool building. Hawk occasionally trained with the Joes to keep in shape, but after breaking such a sweat, he thought he'd cool down and just watch the team.

"Colonel Abernathy?"

Hawk turned at the sound of a woman's voice calling his name. Approaching him was a strikingly beautiful woman in a khaki Army uniform. Her short, auburn hair was matted with sweat. The uniform clung to the curves of her body, and Hawk found himself taking in the sight of her whole body before responding. "Yes, I'm Abernathy."

"Courtney Kreiger, reporting for duty, sir!" the woman said confidently and then saluted smartly. Hawk realized this was Cover Girl, the newest member of his team. He had read that Cover Girl had been a model before joining the Army - hence, her code name - but he hadn't expected her to be quite so beautiful. This young woman could have undoubtedly been a famous model if she hadn't pursued a military career.

"Welcome to the team, Cover Girl. Keep in mind we tend to go by code names around here," Hawk thought he noticed Cover Girl look him over, and he suddenly felt self-conscious that he was wearing a sweaty olive- drab T-shirt and small running shorts.

"Thank you, Col-- uhm, Hawk." She smiled. "So, is it always this warm here in the summer, sir?"

"Not always. This is a bit out of the ordinary for so early in the summer." Hawk's eyes trailed to the open collar of Cover Girl's uniform and the lightly tanned, sweaty skin beneath.

"I regret walking here all the way from the bus stop at the entrance. I'm a mess," she said, wiping the sweat from her brow.

"Well," Hawk started, trying to not be so turned-on by his subordinate, "why don't you head inside? Someone will show you to the Pit and get you settled, you can hit the showers or whatever, before the men finish up here and you're introduced."

Cover Girl nodded. "Thanks, Hawk." Their gaze lingered for a split second and Cover Girl went inside the Motor Pool.

Hawk was still trying to get the sight of her out of his head when Stalker approached. "Hawk," the ranger said, "Why don't you head inside. I've got things under control out here. You look like you could use a shower."

"I suppose you're right." Hawk shouted to the others that Stalker was in charge and headed inside and to the Pit below. On the elevator trip down, Hawk couldn't seem to stop thinking about Cover Girl. He had only seen her for a second, but he thought there was some spark between them. Still, he was her commanding officer. It was inappropriate to have a relationship with her, but that didn't make him wonder about it.

He headed to his quarters and slipped out of his clothes. He tossed on a bathrobe and walked to the locker room. Once there, he shucked his robe, grabbed a bar of soap and headed into the huge shower room. He turned on the shower, making certain the water was cold. He stood there, staring at the white tile, letting the water run through his short blonde hair and cool him down. His mind drifted back to Cover Girl. Her stunning smile and wonderful body came to mind, and before he realized it, he looked down and saw his rapidly growing erection. The shower continued for a minute or two, when Hawk heard a voice coming from the doorway into the shower room.

"Oh. I thought I'd be alone in here."

Hawk nearly jumped out of his skin at the voice and saw Cover Girl standing there smiling. He had forgotten he told Cover Girl she could take a shower before the Joes came inside. "Oh, god, I'm sorry," he stammered, trying in vain to cover up his wet, naked body. He wanted to turn around, but if he did that, she'd just see his naked behind, so he settling on dropping his arms in front of him to cover up his hard-on.

Cover Girl seemed amused by his predicament. Only now did Hawk realize that besides a towel hung over her shoulder, Cover Girl was completely naked.

As leader of the Joe team, Hawk was always calm and levelheaded, but his current situation left him more nervous than he had ever been. He was frozen there in the shower, not knowing what to do. At the same moment, his brain told him to stare at Cover Girl's incredible nude body, to cover up his own nakedness, or to run out of the shower -- which would require him approaching her while naked. He stood there, attempting to do all those things and succeeding to do none of them. He couldn't help but take in the sight of Cover Girl's tanned, shapely body. Her legs were well toned and long, her perfect, round breasts and dark red nipples were amazing. Then, he noticed how dry his mouth had become as he looked at the auburn tuft of hair just above the hint of her pussy.

They stood looking at each other, until Cover Girl walked over to one of the hooks in the shower and hung up her towel. Hawk watched the movement of her breasts as she stretched to reach up. "Don't worry..." she said, "this is a co-ed Army after all, isn't it?" She looked back at Hawk. "I think we can share..."

She strolled toward him and Hawk watched the gentle bounce of her tits and the sway of her hips. She was then quite close to Hawk and reached up to turn on the shower. He watched as the water ran over her head and it began to stream down over her titties, making them shiny and slick. "Mmm... much better," she whispered. She then turned to Hawk and reached for his hand. "May I borrow your soap?" She grasped the bar of soap and pushed Hawk's hands away. "Oh my!" she said in mock surprise when she found his hard dick. "Did you have something on your mind?" She then ran her fingertip over his long, wet prick. He sharply breathed in and Cover Girl took her hand away. She went back under her own shower.

Hawk gathered his thoughts as he checked out her tight, wet ass. "Hold on!" he shouted in a commanding tone. Cover Girl spun and looked at him. "Who's in charge here?" he said.

Cover Girl was surprised, "Uhm, I mean, you--"

"Then why are you giving orders?" Hawk grabbed the soap from her hands. "You wash how I tell you to!" With one hand, he reached behind her back and pulled Cover Girl to him. She gasped as their naked wet bodies pressed against each other, Hawk's hard cock sliding against her stomach.

He noticed she was only slightly shorter than he was, then proceeded to slowly rub the soap over her cleavage, working up a lather as Cover Girl's breathing got heavier. "Mmmm..."

The water ran down over their naked bodies, and Cover Girl pressed against Hawk as he now used both hands to lather up both of her breasts. He squeezed and caressed them as her skin became wet and slippery under his palms. He stepped back a bit and let the bar of soap fall to the floor. He then began to knead and squeeze her beautiful tits with both hands, rolling her nipples between his fingers. Cover Girl moaned quietly as her commanding officer played with her tits, making her nipples erect. The little red nubs poked out from the white suds that covered her breasts.

He then slid his hands up and down the front of her body, soaping up her flat stomach and edging closer to her bush. He then slid his hands around her body to her round, tight ass cheeks, rubbing them up and down. Cover Girl groaned and thrust her body up against Hawk, sliding her soapy stomach against his erection. He gasped and squeezed her ass, enjoying the feeling of her slippery skin.

"Oh, wow..." she whispered, then she said. "I think I'd like that soap back." She smiled up at Hawk and then started to kneel down to get the bar of soap. As she moved down, she stayed up against Hawk's body, making her naked, wet body slide over his prick. Hawk moaned, and as Cover Girl got to her knees, his hot, hard cock came to rest between her swollen tits. She then reached out for the soap and her face was inches away from Hawk's dick. He felt her hot breath on it and smiled.

Cover Girl then rose back up with the soap in her hand, again moving against Hawk's nude body. Once she got to her feet, she worked up a lather between her hands, than moved her hands over Hawk's chest, washing him as she went. "I'm all soapy, so I figured you weren't getting clean." Cover Girl then grinned and without turning her eyes from Hawk's gaze, she grasped his hard on with her soapy hand. Hawk took in a sharp breath as Cover Girl made a fist and started to pump her hand up and down his slick cock, making it even soapier. The slickness made it easier for her to jerk him off, and her hand moved up and down faster and faster. Hawk could barely keep his eyes open, while Cover Girl kept looking right at him, biting her lip as she worked hard at pounding her fist along his erection. His prick now felt both hot and wet and he knew he was going to come. Cover Girl seemed to sense it too, and began to squeeze harder and move faster like she was milking Hawk's dick. He breathed louder and began to grunt. "C'mon, c'mon..." Cover Girl whispered. "Do it, I wanna watch you come..."

With that Hawk grunted and thrust against Cover Girl's hand, he started to shake and he came, a spray of semen squirting from his cock. She watched intently as the jet of cum splashed against her stomach, mixing in with the soapy water. Hawk cried out as two more streams came from his prick, shooting down over Cover Girl's fist, and dripping onto her fingers. She held Hawk as he tried to keep his balance as his orgasm subsided. He leaned on her shoulders, trying to catch his breath. He swallowed hard and whispered, "Oh, God..."

The water poured over them and Cover Girl started to speak. "Well, that was quite a--"

She stopped suddenly as Hawk dropped to his knees and grabbed Cover Girl's ass. He pulled her to him and started loudly sucking on her pussy. She groaned loudly, Hawk's actions were such a surprise. He licked up and down her slit, feeling her hot, swollen pussy lips with his tongue. It was impossible to see when they were both covered in water and soap, but the strong sweetness that Hawk smelled told him her pussy was incredibly wet. Cover Girl moaned and grunted, her eyes closed and her head thrown back. She held onto Hawk's shoulders for support as her knees became weak from the amazing feeling washing over her from her cunt.

Hawk held onto her ass with one hand, then brought his other hand to Cover Girl's cunt lips, spreading them apart with his fingertips, giving him more access to her dripping sex. Unconsciously, the former model bucked her hips slightly as Hawk fucked her with his tongue, lips and even his teeth on occasion. Finally, he rubbed his thumb hard over her clit, sending a shock wave through her body. Cover Girl cried out loudly as her orgasm hit, her voice echoing through the white-tiled shower room. She found it difficult to stand and with a final loud grunt, dropped down on top of Hawk and they lay down on the floor, holding each other, kissing passionately. Their panting slowed as Cover Girl smiled. "Nice and clean now?" she asked Hawk.

"Inside and out," he grinned. "You'll have to meet the rest of the Joes soon, so we should get dressed."

"Will that meeting go anything like ours?"

"No," Hawk smiled. "That's just one of those perks of being the Colonel."

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