tagSci-Fi & FantasyGaius and the Troll

Gaius and the Troll


Now then, I was running a pretty fast gallop through those caves. The goblins were a few paces ahead of me, guiding me toward where they had taken Igred. I feared the worst as I sprinted along the rough stone, my footing nearly lost on more than one occasion on the uneven floor. My pace didn't slow, I was going to reach Igred as swiftly as possible or break my neck trying.

The two goblins that lead me through these gloomy tunnels were chattering on about what I had just done to their den mother. Apparently seeing her be bred like that was a real crowd pleaser and this pair would not let up about it. "To sees Mil with face pressed to floor made for very happy time," one would say, "Oh yes, she was used goodly," would be the reply from the other. They bantered back and forth like that as we neared the entrance to the cave system.

To my relief, I saw the white dot of sunlight pierce the subterranean murk not too far off now. That little speck of light grew, bigger, brighter, closer. I fingered the hilt of my dagger, happy to have my items returned to me after my show with Mil. I could hear noises from outside now, the unmistakable sounds of struggle. Bourg was already trying to kill poor Igred by the sound of it.

Trolls. I should probably explain them since civilized people are unaware of their features outside of the nightmarish tales woven by traveling merchants. These beasts are big. The height of two men on top of one another and double that in width. While powerful in strength, they hide it beneath a layer of fur and another of fat. A troll's belly is bulbous and jiggles perpetually and the fur, thick as yak's hair acts as protector to the monster's limbs, crotch, and back.

They have ape-like faces, too human to be fully animal yet too feral to be anything but beast. Large ears, pronounced mouths filled with jagged teeth, and swollen eyes. They could not speak like more intelligent species, but they could understand speech. They were also a huge pain in my ass to kill properly.

Now, when we reached the mouth of the cavern, my two friends split and retreated back into the depths of the cave. They left me to rescue Igred by my lonesome and I was bitter for it. I bolted from the cave and discovered the troll on his back, howling. Igred was on top of his belly, and from my angle I could see her muscled back and toned arms working in a frenetic stabbing motion. I momentarily thought that she had slayed the beast, and from another point of view I suppose that that was correct.

Igred had Bourg's unfathomably huge cock in her hands. Her thumbs and middle fingers were barely able to make contact with their counterparts around Bourg's blessed circumference. She gripped him just beneath his, fuck, I'm at a loss for what shape his head was, but very un-mushroom like, I'll give you that. His phallus looked like a sapling dipped in wax. More likely than not, it was as long as my sword's blade. Beneath, bouncing merrily, was an equally generous ball pouch. It was the size of a harvest pumpkin, a wrinkly, smelly pumpkin.

I may be speaking a tad harshly about a show, that if didn't involve Igred, would have been quite the spectacle. I should be fair, I had just fucked a goblin queen into the ground, and before that I had used Igred to pleasure a vampire so I could decapitate him while he was distracted, so my relationship with my gorgeous witch assistant is a complex and strange one.

Currently, Igred was straddled atop the troll, her hands working tirelessly around the girthy stump of Bourg. Her firm, athletic ass was outturned with one of the beast's potato shaped thumbs rubbing at her undoubtedly soaked mound. The rest of his hand was palming the entirety of her ass, cupping it while drumming his meaty fingers across the small of her back. His other hand was cradling his head as he reclined.

Igred's stunning nude form writhed back and forth along Bourg's thumb, grinding her nub and cunt along its bumpy surface. Her green skin was pressed against that trunk of a cock she was toying with. The shaft ran up along her taut belly and between those deliciously round, smallish breasts of hers. They seemed especially tiny against the crimson log tucked between them, and as she brought her elbows in as she worked his pole they squeezed her tits between her arms and the cock. I take it she could use all the help she could in jacking the beast off, and was using most of her body to do so now.

Her head tilted back, spilling her onyx locks down onto her shoulders. Her yellow eyes snapped shut while her plumb colored lips parted into a yell of passion. Her hips jerked in the spasms of lust and pleasure. She came and in doing so ground herself against the trolls thumb harder. I could see the slickness of her juice when it spilled along his finger and onto his engorged belly. He squeezed her ass while her climax was abating, arching his thumb firmly against her undercarriage when he did so. Igred shuddered once more, then lowered her head. Her eyes popped open in a renewed vigor to return the favor for Bourg.

She pumped on his cock, raising and lowering her whole body against it now. Bourg helped by lifting her ass with Igred's upstrokes and letting gravity drop her back onto his hand with the down strokes. They continued this game for only a moment until the finger wide veins on Bourg's pillar of a pecker began to twitch violently. The skin of his pumpkin sack squeezed tightly and Bourg howled.

A rope...honest to the Gods, I mean a fucking rope of cum fired from his bulbous knob. It sailed into the air, in a shallow arc and came back down with a splat. It coated Igred from the back of her head to the top of her ass in a semi translucent glaze. The second geyser was in the air by then, and came crashing down on the top of her head. She tilted her head back again, so that she could breathe, as the copious river of fluid painted her head and shoulders. It was a mistake. The third pulse, which only shot a few feet this time, came down into her gasp. It filled her mouth, causing her to cough. She swallowed what she could, but most of it bubbled down her chin. The final streams rolled down Bourg's sticky head and spilled down his shaft. They pooled around her tits and she instinctively loosened her grip, allowing the warm troll spunk to finish covering her stomach.

It was only then that she noticed my presence, and with a distorted, cum soaked smile she waved at me. I smiled back, trying to quell the odd mixture of emotions that I'm sure one can understand that I felt. Perhaps there was some animosity towards Bourg and his ability to encase Igred in his seed, I could only manage a meager coating on her lips and chin. I guess in my defense, I could actually penetrate Igred, a pleasure that she could not provide even his stubby fingers.

Igred dismounted the troll with shaky legs and wobbled over to me. I was apprehensive at first, but Bourg was already fast asleep. "Will you hold my things for me, until I can bathe?" She asked, her paint job already starting to dry into a sticky glue.

"Of course," I responded, a forced smile played at my lips in that moment. She looked absurd, her green skin plastered in white, troll paste, but somehow I thought she was still strangely erotic. I gathered her clothing and looked for a path to water.

"What happened to you?" She asked as we walked towards a not too far off lake, that I had spotted. It was difficult to give her more than a quick glance every so often, the absurdity was starting to set in my brain and anything more than a subtle look would end in my bursting out into laughter.

"I had a similar experience with a goblin den mother." I spoke plainly. Her inclined eyebrows saying more than any words she could utter. It was only polite that I should recount my tale to her, even more so after witnessing her sexual encounter first hand. So, I told her about Mil and my breeding her in front of her brood. I spotted Igred the pastry, pinching at her nipple as I repeated my experience to her, her growing arousal was not lost on me. She bit her lip when I told her about cumming inside of the goblin woman, and so my language grew colorful to edge at her swelling horniness.

After she cleaned the layers of semen from her hair and body in the waters of the lake, we fucked. She told me to take her like I had Mil, and for Igred, I would do anything. She crawled from the shallows of the pool and up to me on the shore. She turned to present herself to me with cheeks spread to reveal the already sopping, pink warmth between the part of her green lips. I lowered down behind her and pulled my aching cock from my trousers. I glided into her easily and snuggly. She groaned upon my sheathing, wriggling her ass against me.

I wasted no time in my pounding, which from her sudden gasp, she hadn't been expecting. While sometimes heated, ours was a coupling that was passionate and tender, so the stark contrast of this purely animalistic fucking was something that I had not yet given to her. Unless I had in the cave when we first met, but there was a lot of sex then, and I was heavily sedated for most of it, but I digress. Her cunt was massaging my rod as I nailed her. The undulating flesh of her canal milking the pre cum from my head in a near steady flow. My hands slapped her green rump, turning her flesh a darker color. Somehow in my lust I brushed my thumb along her purple rose bud. She squirmed under me when I circled the tightly puckered flesh with my finger.

She was not wholly unaccustomed to this, the base of Bourg's thumb had been rubbing against it earlier, if not purposefully like mine. It was a skill that I had learned in my youth, the librarians wife had taught me it, best thing I'd ever learned in that dusty, book tomb. Igred, getting back to it, eased into my thumb, allowing it to sink inward, as easily as my cock has into her pussy. Instantly Igred clamped onto my probing thumb, moaning and bucking her hips.

"Fill me Gaius," She mewled, "dump your seed in me, like that goblin bitch." I was taken by surprise with Igred's dirty talk, and my balls responded in kind. The absence of her sweet, innocent demeanor in that moment gave me a lurch and felt my sack drain itself. A river of sperm sputtered from my member and into her waiting cunt. She gyrated onto my spewing cock, snapping her pussy down in another orgasm. "Make me your whore Gaius!" She ordered, I did my best to slam her pussy harder as we both came down from our orgasms.

Spent, I popped my finger from her bum and pulled out. My cock was followed by a trickle of spunk that ran down her spread lips and over her clit. Her delicate fingers circled the flowing remnant and pushed it back into her gushing mound. With two fingers she plunged deeply into her sex and withdrew most of my load. She rubbed our mingled concoction between her fingers until it clung like webs in the space between, then her fingers disappeared under her, reemerging a moment later to shove the gooey mixture into her mouth. The sucking sound of her tongue cleaning her fingers of cum was tailed by a final moan.

After that, I was sent to another plain of existence, but after I returned to my worldly form, I bathed in the waters while Igred set up a camp. We both dressed, prepared a small meal of fish, and I began to look sullenly over the twilit water.

"What has you bothered, my sweet?" Igred asked, placing a tender hand upon my cheek to turn my gaze to her.

"We have no proof of our kill to give to Oswin." I spoke, the sourness of my words clenched in my throat. No fang, no money. That sourness might also have been caused by the fish, in my hunger I failed to think about what they must have been swimming in prior to being caught.

"Then we shall fetch another vampire." Igred responded, her matter of fact tone met with a scoffing chuckle.

"One does not simply find a vampire," I retorted, "we need to find another employer, Oswin won't give us shit until I have proof of that blood sucker to show."

"What about the ports to the south?" Igred asked, undeterred by my foul mood.

"Fuck it, why not," I laughed. It was worth a shot at the very least, a chance for some income and a more pleasant change in scenery. Igred would have the added bonus of being able to go unconcealed. Witches, though rare, traveled freely in the southern shores. They were still, technically banned, but nobody down there gave a monkey's turds, so long as you followed the rules.

In the morning we packed and set out. It was a ten day march, which thank the gods, included no interruptions from goblins, trolls, vampires, or any other nonsense. We travelled through woodlands mostly, but as we reached the midpoint of the trek we passed into field lands of knee length grass, then finally the warm, sandy southern provinces.

I rolled my sleeved up and removed my cloak for this last part of the march. Here the elms and oak were replaces by tall, knotted pines or tropical palm trees. A layer of needles over a layer of sand made every step sink with a dry crunch. We were close enough to the sea now that gulls flew noisily overhead, cawing loudly. We set our search to the city of Cleft, in the bay of Cleft. Southerners were clever folk.

Cleft was a mostly derelict fishing town with streets like piers jutting over the foaming sea. On the way in to town there was this dive of a tavern. It had holes in the roof, holes in the wall, and I'm sure if I had looked hard enough, I'd have found a hole or two in the floor.

"We're looking for work," I told the barkeep when we entered. He was a shifty chap with a threadbare cap and gamy mutton chops. He looked us over with an overzealous scratch of his chin.

"Indeed, what you looking for?" He wheezed back at me, keen eyes cutting at me for answers.

"Any villagers go missing lately? Any strange creatures or otherworldly problems to sort out?" I hated elaborating about my profession, it harbored jeers or pleads for tales of my work. This fellow seemed not to give more than half a turd, to which I was thankful.

"Aye, that there is," he spoke, dropping his voice to a whisper, "there's a nagi killing men in the oyster fields."

"A snake demon?" I asked incredulous to their existence. He nodded at me and I asked for directions to the oyster fields, which he gave.

"For the witch though, you know how to do healing?" He inquired.

"I do." Replied Igred modestly.

"Then could I ask for your assistance as well?" He said, Igred looked at me.

"Aye, have at it. I'll tend to the snake."

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