Garden Delight


She lay supine on the chaise lounge, her long Indian skirt draped about her.

She must not have heard his car, he thought idly, throwing his keys on his desk and removing his jacket. Glancing out, he watched her as she lay in the dappled shade of the sumacs, indolent and for once, resting. He was about to call to her when a little devil quieted his voice and he decided to see what she would do.

He grinned, as he watched her take a sip of water, then lazily insert her hand in the bodice of her gown. She pulled out first one breast, then the other, so they lay naked against her chest. The warm breeze gently caressed their soft tips, causing them to stiffen.

Dipping a finger in the water, she traced a cool, glistening path around the nipple, barely touching the tip, and causing her nipples to pucker between the touch and the cool soft water. Cupping her right breast, she closed her eyes and weighed its weight and shape, liking the way the soft underside curved into her palm.

Although gravity had taken its toll, she rather liked the result. Her breasts though not large, now had a pleasingly mature shape, with soft heavy undersides and full soft nipples.

She took both hands now and squeezed and gently massaged both breasts, pushing them together, pulling them apart, liking the way they rolled against each other, liking the way the soft, velvet flesh jiggled as she bounced it gently in her palms.

Looking down, she brought the two handfuls of flesh close together, so a deep cleavage suddenly appeared. She would have liked big, heavy breasts like that, she thought idly, although she wouldn't give up the sensation in her own for anyone.

Experimentally, with both hands she pinched her nipples, fairly firmly. A twinge of pain went through her, but stronger was the flash of pleasure which seemed to travel from her breasts to her cunt. She felt a twitch and her nether lips grew slippery with as moisture began to seep.

Letting her breasts go, she reached down and pulled her skirt up so that her entire lower body could be caressed by the cool evening breeze. Waning sunlight trailed through the leafy canopy above her, dappling the terra cotta tiles, striking radiance in the deep rich auburn of her thick hair and reflecting off her pale freckled skin.

She closed her eyes and savoured the naughty pleasure of being naked outdoors. Pulling her legs up to her chest, she pulled open her thighs so her entire cunt right down to her small, pink asshole was clearly exposed. It felt incredibly good, the breeze striking parts usually covered, the sense of exposing herself, although she knew she was well hidden here in her secret refuge.

She put her hand between her thighs and began to stroke her herself in long, firm movements, paying special attention to her clit.

Inside, he realized she had no idea he was watching. His breath had quickened as he watched her play with herself and almost unconsciously he realized he was rubbing the swelling front of his pants. His eyes glued to the sweet scenario outside his window, he unzipped his jeans, and fumbling slightly, pulled out his stiffening prick. His fingers ran up and down the thick shaft as he watched with bated breath.

Outside, S. took both hands and delicately, with two fingers, opened her cunt lips wide, exposing the red inner lips, her protruding clitoris and more importantly, her deep red hole.

She lay for a moment, feeling very aroused at the idea of being so exposed. Without even touching she felt her juice start to flow and actually felt a thin stream suddenly gush out of her cunt hole and trickle down the inside of her thigh to the plastic seat. Delicately, with one finger, she gently rubbed her finger in the slick juice, pushing the tip into her swollen hole.

Thoroughly aroused now, she let her cunt lips close and fumbled in the bag which lay beside her chaise. From it she pulled a large, thick dildo, realistic in appearance with a thick mushroom head, a gentle curve to its thick shaft and two bulging balls at the base.

Bringing it to her lips she pushed the fake cock against her mouth. Her mouth was small with a short upper lip and a very sensuous pouting lower lip and she struggled to push the big cock in.

Putting out a pink tongue she lapped delicately at the cock, wetting it. Then again she began to push it in. Stretching her lips as wide as possible she was finally able to insert the tip of the head.

Pushing she shoved another inch of thick cock in, hollowing her cheeks as she sucked. In and out she pushed it, pausing to lick up and down the plastic shaft then reinserting it. Her other hand went down and began to stroke and worry at her cunt, pulling the lips, flicking her clitoris, and finally shoving an impatient finger up her swollen, glistening cunt hole.

Taking the dildo she brought it down from her mouth. Her breasts jiggled as her breath caught and increased, and then sighing, she brought the cock down between her spread thighs, rubbing its wet, shiny head the length of her slit, coating it with the clear, thick juice which was soaking her cunt.

Inside his office, D. was grasping his straining cock, rubbing frantically. Watching her play with herself when she didn't realize he was there was breathtakingly erotic. Although they often masturbated together, he had often wondered if she did things differently when it was just her. Now there she was, supremely unaware of his hot gaze.

Looking down he admired the swollen prick clasped in his hand – the uncircumcised head was purple and swollen, and a stringy viscous fluid was leaking from the slit at the tip. Cupping his balls, he gently squeezed them then grasping the thick base of his prick, squeezed hard. He didn't want to come too soon.

He returned his attention to the garden.

Outside, S. pushed the head of the dildo gently at the entrance to her tight swollen hole. It seemed too big and for a moment, she wasn't sure whether she could actually shove it in. But it felt so good and now her swollen cunt was slick and slippery. Rubbing the head of the dildo along her slit, she coated it and then again, pushed it against her cunt. A heavy wonderful feeling coursed through her groin and she could actually feel herself opening and closing. She desperately needed a stiff cock up her and was determined to feel that hard shaft stroking in and out.

In the house he watched the display, his cock protruding, red and stiff from between the buttons of his fly. He could see her pushing the big cock at her hole and willed her to shove it in. He stroked his own prick firmly, running his fingers down to the base, then up to the tip, using a finger to spread the pre-come juice which was dribbling out of the small hole.

He was charmed by the way she made love to herself. He loved watching how she played with her luscious titties, really liking the way she squeezed and fondled them but finding it incredibly exciting when she began to work that cock in and out of her cunt.

As he pulled at himself he was torn. He would have loved to be out there, shoving his own stiff, moist cock up that hot swollen hole but at the same time he was finding it incredibly exciting to see her trying to fuck herself

Oblivious, concentrating on shoving the big cock up her, she bit her lip as she pushed the cock at her hole. Suddenly, the big stiff head sank into her cunt. Groaning, she paused, savouring the sensation. Then as he watched, thighs trembling and spread wide, she began to push the cock further up. He could see the hood of the big fake head disappear up his wife's cunt, pushing aside the folds of her tight cunt. One inch of the hard, thick shaft, then two, then three began to ooze up the enveloping folds of her vagina. She didn't stop until 8 inches of thick hard cock was thrust up her.

The heavy, fake balls were all that remained in sight and he found himself stroking himself faster as he visualized the rest of that heavy cock shoved straight up her. He waited for, willed her, to pull it out so he could actually see her shove it up again, but instead, she left it for a moment.

It looked incredibly obscene. She lay her tits flopping out of her bodice, their nipples stiff and red, her skirt pulled up to her waist and her supple legs spread as wide as they could go, exposing her entire luscious cunt to his gaze. Her pale cunt lips gaped open as did the swollen folds of her inner lips. Even from where he was he could see where, at the tip of her cunt where her slit began, the normally small shy clitoris was erect and bright red.

Further down her cunt hole was stretched incredibly wide, engorged and straining to encompass the thick cock which was shoved up it. From his perspective, it looked almost painful but her breasts were swollen, the nipples turgid and erect and he knew that only happened when she was incredibly aroused.

He saw her reach into the bag beside her chair and pull out a smaller dildo with the thickish head she favoured. Bringing it to her lips he watched her close her eyes and indolently, deliciously, she sucked it, enjoying getting the entire little cock in her mouth. Thrusting it in and out, he watched as she pretended to have a cock fucking her sweet lips.

Then removing it, he almost groaned as she reached between her legs. This time she worked her hand below where the thick balls of the dildo protruded from her cunt and taking the smaller dildo pushed it against her small, tightly furled anus. The rubbery mouth of her anus resisted for a moment but she was persistent and suddenly the little cock slid into her ass. She wiggled her bottom, using gravity to push the little cock further up. Through the open window he heard her groan as the full length of the dildo slid up her tight fundament.

She sighed deeply, feeling incredibly gorged, full and stuffed, loving the feeling of having a stiff cock up her cunt and another up her ass. She worked the firm globes of her ass against the seat, shoving the dildo up as far as it would go.

He wanted her to fuck herself. While it was incredibly lovely to see those big stiff instruments up her cunt and ass, he wanted to see her push them in and out. To his delight, it was as if she heard him.

Putting her hand on the large cock, she gently tugged it out. Because it was so tightly slippered, it resisted initially. He could see the shaft glisten as it began to emerge from its warm prison. One inch, two, three, he was fascinated as the huge cock slowly re-emerged. Finally, just the bulging tip of the dildo remained in her.

D. stifled a groan as with a shove, she thrust the entire cock up her again and then out, then in. Her asshole was plugged tight by the smaller dildo and she liked it that way. It felt wonderful to be flicking the stiff cock in and out of her hot, creaming hole.

She took her other hand and brought it up to her tits, which were bouncing and jiggling with the exertion of fucking herself Cupping one tit, she began to bounce it harder, liking the way the breast pulled away from her chest. Then she began to smack her tit lightly, then more firmly until inside he could actually hear the smack her hand made as she struck her swollen tit.

Soon he saw the pale freckled skin of her breast redden, the nipples turgid and swollen and now a bright crimson. He knew she was getting close, because the more aroused she got the rougher she liked her very sensitive breasts handled.

He felt his prick jump and swell even more, his hand stroking hard and long up its stiff swollen length as a sharp smack from outside left finger marks on the pale swollen breast.

Meanwhile, her other hand continued thrusting that big cock in and out of her hole, pausing occasionally to roughly finger her clit. He watched as her hips began to undulate, pushing her groin up against her hand, pushing that big glistening cock further up her swollen folds.

Cupping her breast, she roughly began fingering the nipple, pinching and pulling it.

Inside, fully dressed except for his large stiff red cock which was protruding obscenely from the buttoned fly, D. felt the cum rising in his tightening balls. The purple head was bulging and glistening with pre-come juice and his hand worked at the shaft skilfully, pulling the skin up and down as he jacked himself off.

His eyes were glued to the stiff cock which was pushing in and out of his wife's cunt.

He saw her stiffen in the way she always did and he knew that she was ready to cum. His balls were already pulled tight against the hidden base of his penis, but seeing her face twist, he felt them tingle in preparation for shooting their contents up the thick shaft of his prick.

She groaned loudly and leaving her abused breast, she used her fingers to roughly pinch the swollen stiff clit which protruded now between the lips of her outer labia. Her other hand worked frantically shoving the stiff cock in and out of her glistening cunt hole and the small dildo which plugged her ass actually started to ooze out. With a finger, she shoved it right up her asshole, then taking the base of the larger dildo literally rammed it up her cunt. Holding the two stiff cocks tight to her groin she began to come.

He saw her tits twitch and a red flush suddenly spread across her chest. While he watched he saw her cunt lips tremble and the almost painful stretched mouth of her cunt began to pulse. He could see around the stiff base of the dildo her flesh opening and closing.

Groaning, he felt sensation overwhelm him, and pointing his prick he began to come. Sperm jetted out of the tip of his spasming penis, splatting on the desk in front of him and even splashing against the screen.

Holding his prick, he frantically grabbed an empty coffee cup and directed the spasming prick into the opening. Thick stringy jets of cum pulsated in long thick strings from the tip of his cock into the cup, pooling and settling at the bottom in a rich creamy froth. He worked his prick, emptying it of its bounty, relishing the look and sound of his hot cum pooling in the cup.

His legs trembled and his breath was short as he emptied the last of his ejaculate out of his throbbing cock.

Sighing, he looked outside where she lay, supine, recovering from her orgasm.

Grinning, leaving his now shrinking prick to lie flaccid and semi-turgid against his pants, he took the cup and slipped outside.

She didn't hear him as he quietly entered her secret abode, until suddenly, a hand caressed her cheek.

Startled she gave a little shriek, her eyes flashing open. A blush sufficed the pale skin but then she noted the glistening prick lying against his leg.

"You were watching!" she said laughing.

"Yes," he admitted.

"I was going to call to you then I couldn't resist."

Pushing one of her legs to the side, he sat, his prick beginning to droop. Dreamily he stroked her face and down her body, cupping the sweet breasts and then reaching between her legs, he rubbed the hot swollen cunt, admiring the feel of her with two stiff pricks thrust up her.

Taking a firm hold of the small dildo he worked it gently in and out of the tight asshole, then grasping the thick balls of the larger dildo he pulled it out. Her cunt hole gaped wide, its swollen folds red and enflamed and a thick stream of cunt juice dribbled out as he pulled out the cock.

The thick shaft of the dildo was literally soaked with her copious juice and thick blobs of her arousal decked the hard spongy top. Bringing it to his lips he sucked the thick dildo into his mouth, using his tongue to wash it clean of her. As he sucked the thick cock he understood why she liked to have something in her mouth like that as it felt really good.

Then taking it out, he threw it on the bag. She lay, her legs still straddled, her abused cunt stretched wide, red and swollen, the dildo still hard up her sweet ass.

He held the cup out to her.

She looked at him enquiringly.

Dipping his finger in, he scooped up a thick blob of still warm cum and carefully directed it towards her mouth. Involuntarily, the pink tongue flicked out and she lapped at his proffered finger. Slowly, sensuously he pushed his finger in her mouth and she cleaned it thoroughly.

Then taking the cup, he placed the cool lip of the china against her lower lip. Obediently, she opened her mouth and he tipped the cup. Thick ropes of still warm sperm slid down the slick surface of the cup and dripped into her mouth. She opened wide and her throat worked as her tongue scooped his cum into the warm cavern of her mouth. She swallowed and his flaccid prick twitched as he watched her drink his cum.

Taking the cup from him, her tongue worked busily as she licked up every sip of sperm on its surface. Then replete, she lay back, a bit of froth at the corner of her lips.

Leaning, he pressed his lips against hers, his own tongue licking the inside of her cheeks. Leaning his forehead against her, the two embraced, relaxed and satisfied.

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Descision time, I think we all made the right one. A good voyeurs fantasy

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Delightful to read a story that's really erotic for once!

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