tagNonHumanGarden of Hellish Delights Ch. 06

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 06


***AUTHOR'S NOTE - Sorry if anyone's been waiting for this. The irony is this has been ready to go for a while now, I've just not had the time to sit down at a computer, give it the once over and submit it.

Anyways, it's one of my personal faves from the series, so here goes...***



John was now completely lost. The slug queen must have been moving while she digested his spunk. How far from his original position was he, and how long had he been passing through the slug's unique digestive system?

He was beginning to wonder if the queen's ability to eat living things and feed on them without killing them technically made her a vegetarian when a burning need made itself known.

His dick – still 12 inches and now insistently throbbing was in dire need of release. Beneath it, his testicles were the size of grapefruits, and felt unbearably swollen.

He stopped, sat down and began stroking. And stroking, and stroking and stroking. After an hour, it became obvious it was no good – his hand just wasn't providing enough stimulation to beat the hunger of his member. He needed help.

In the distance he saw a swarm of flickering lights – not those of lust bugs, he noted. These were flickering at a much gentler rate, and the source seemed to be a group of creatures the size of his hand.

They could end up using him for his body, they could end up trapping his mind in a never-ending cycle of lust and they could even suck out his soul, but at this point he didn't care – being trapped with this raging need for release forever would be a far worse punishment

"H-help?" he called out to them. "C-can you help me, please?"

One of the lights flew over and hovered in front of his face. It was a fairy, he noted with amusement. All the obscenities and degradations he'd found in this garden, and they had such innocent beings as fairies.

The fairy itself looked no different than a miniature woman – a very good-looking woman, naturally. Even in its tiny detail, John saw rich blonde hair cascading down her back, smooth, creamy skin, pert breasts and supple thighs topped with a small delta of blonde pubic hair.

In fact, the only thing that would stop someone thinking she'd come off the set of 'Honey, I Shrunk The Hottie' would be the blue translucent wings fluttering behind her.

"Can I help?" she squeaked, in a near-comically high-pitch voice.

"P-please... I... I need to fuck something," he said. "Anything... a-anything SAFE."

"I know just the thing!" she chirped, before flying off into the distance.

John kept his eye on the rest of her friends and before long she had returned hauling a flower. It sported a bright red bloom at the top, and although was no bigger than a daffodil, it was still the size of the fairy's body.

"For you!" she squeaked, blushing.

"What? No, no, I need to fuck something right now!"


"You mean... you mean you want me to... to fuck this?"


Why not, he thought, it wouldn't be the first flower he'd fucked.

"Okay... er, how do I do this...?" he muttered to himself, before opting to slide the bloom directly over his glans.

With his enhanced member, the tops of the petals were just long enough to reach down the base of his glans. Almost.

The flower begin a smooth massaging motion and a waxy deposit began sliding round his skin. It was extremely gratifying, but with all the stimulation on just his head, it soon became overpowering.

"Gnh, aghhh... oh God..." SQUIIIRRRCCHHHH!

His ejaculation sent the flower flying through the air, as if it had been lying on the loading tray of a catapult, and a thick white spray of semen followed, gushing for a good twenty seconds before its tail end splatted on the floor at his feet.

Jesus. There was enough there to drown a cat.

It had definitely relieved some pressure, but there were still strong urges that weren't disappearing any time soon.

"Sooo big..." cooed the fairy, whose mouth was wide open and eyes fixated on his organ.

"We can help!" she chirped.

This type of flower would have been very welcome to have had when he was a teen looking for different ways to get off, but in his current state, it was like tossing water on a chip pan fire – it didn't seem to have calmed it down it all.


"Follow me!"

The fairy led him over to her counterparts, and the flashes sped up excitedly, before the swarm flew over.

There were tens of fairies, just like the first. They were moving too fast to make out, but he could hear their excited chatter.

"You were in the slug queen!"

"She loves her meals!"

"I love the Slug Queen!"

"She brings us new friends!"

"Your winky's big!"

"She made it big!"

"Her insides scramble your genes!"

"It's never getting smaller!"

The words chilled his blood – 'never getting smaller', 'NEVER getting smaller'. 'Never'. He was stuck this size for good.

"We can help!"

"We love to help!"

"We help Slug Queen's special friends!"

And with that, the fairies descended and swarmed round his dick. Moving too fast to see, the group was a blur of soft blue sparkling light.

A tingling sensation spread up and down his shaft and tickled his glans, while his balls were covered in a gentle pins and needles sensation.

In no time at all he had fired a load into the blue cloud. He could feel it spew out but it never left the cloud. Somehow, it had soaked it up.

John didn't have time to theorise however, as the tingling, and the pins and needles had him approaching another orgasm. Whatever the fairies were doing, they were experts at manipulating his cock to expel semen as quickly as possible.

He shot again, and this time the group fell to the floor.

'Oh God,' he thought. 'Have I killed them?'

He peered down at them, only to find them writhing on the floor.

"Speeeerrmmmm..." one of them was moaning.

"I love speeeeerrmmmm..."

"Makes us grow big and strong..."

"Thank you humannnnn..."

My work here is done, thought John, as he wandered off. He was still horny, but the desperate need was gone at least.

He'd barely turned his back when he saw a blue blur out of the corner of his eye. Slowly turning round, he saw the fairies. Many, many more fairies.

They had multiplied exponentially – where before there were tens, now there were hundreds.

"SPERM!!!" they cried as one, deafening voice.

"Want more sperm!!!"

John sprinted. He made it about 20 minutes before the blue cloud started circling his crotch.

"Oh, fuck!" he cried, as the tingling hit.

The swarm was now moving round his thighs and stomach giving affectionate pinches and nips in randomised places.

It was impossible to predict, or to adapt to the pattern, and in the space of a minute, John had come twice.

The swarm now covered his torso and legs and was... was lifting him off the ground?

He was definitely rising and looking down he could see the earth shrink away from him. Soon, he was at least ten feet off the ground and going further up still.

And, sure enough, he had come again.

"Queen slug meals are so much more fun than normal humans!"

"They last so much longer!"

"I love you, Mr Queen Slug Meal!"

After an hour's flight, the swarm was carrying him over to an isolated part of the forest, before they lowered him gently to the ground. He had managed to count 98 orgasms.


When he landed in the isolated clearing he was in, he looked up into the sky to see the blue mass fly away. Finally.

He looked down, and damned if his dick wasn't still hard and ready for action. No soreness, tenderness or even redness – he'd turned into a cum-producing machine!

Steeling himself to look away from his new and improved organ, John scouted his surroundings.

What he saw chilled his blood while inflaming his libido once more.

Scattered around him were golden statues depicting men and women immortalised in the throes of ecstasy.

One muscular athlete was positioned on his knees, his face a mixture of anguish and sensation as he stretched his hand into the distance in a futile attempt to grab something that had long since departed.

A bare woman with a toned physique had her head tilted back, mouth wide open as fingers pulled her labia open.

Curiosity got the better of John as he wandered over and cautiously prodded the inside of her mouth with his finger.

It was hollow.

The sculptor had actually carved a cavity for the mouths of these statues.

Intrigued, John knelt down to examine the crotch.

Smooth bumps on the statue resembling moisture droplets dribbled down from it, and as John was surprised to find he could prod his finger inside, discovering more bumps as it went.

Had this sculptor carved moisture droplets INSIDE these cavities too?

It shouldn't surprise him to find that whoever carved these was a pervert, he thought. Especially based on past experience of Hell's denizens.

It was then that he saw... her. A tanned beauty sidling out of the darkness. Her bronzed skin glowing in the light, bright and glimmering blonde hair with traces of dark roots which fell down to her waist.

Her eyelids sparkled with gold specks, while thick black eyelashes defined her crystal eyes.

"Well, hi there," she said, with a friendly smile. "I see the fairies have brought me a friend."

"Er, yeah. They're a bit crazy," he said.

"Oh, they're sweet really. They just want to help."

"...and help, and help, and help and help."

"Interesting statues you've got here," said John, eager to change the topic.

"Oh yes, I use them for pleasure every now and again," she said bluntly.

"But it's been a long time since I've had soft human flesh to enjoy... Would you like to...?"

John didn't need telling twice. He nearly ran up to her and pulled her close in a tight embrace.

Their arms wrestled with each others' backs, their tongues grappled and John was sure he could taste butter on hers.

He reached his hands down onto her ass cheeks, gently pulled her up slightly, ducked to get his 12 inch beast under her slit and slowly rose up.

Her eyes went wide as she accommodated his massive girth – she clearly wasn't used to such size.

"Aaaah-ah-ah... Oooh..." she sighed.

Her silken folds felt delightful as he pumped and pumped, backwards and forwards. After the fairy flight, he had much more staying power, though it helped that her pussy was expertly manipulating his member.

Somehow his dick felt even harder than when he'd come out of the slug queen – now it felt like it was made of concrete, like it was becoming so dense that nerve endings themselves were getting crushed.

His buttocks tensed in anticipation of orgasm, and got tenser... and tenser.

His legs had now seized up and he knew this was going to be a killer orgasm.

"Oh, you're so hard..." breathed the girl. "Just how I like them..."

His stomach tensed, his back tensed, his whole body tensed and when he wondered how good this orgasm was possibly going to be when it came, he looked down.

Gold. His whole body was turning to gold. Pure, gleaming gold.

"I'm sorry, honey," she sighed, breathlessly.

His face muscles then tensed, he gritted his teeth and soon couldn't move his head. He could see, but his entire body had become one hard golden statue.

He could no longer feel her writhing on his dick, now with increased urgency. He couldn't feel her smooth skin sliding across him.

All he could feel was that magnificent orgasm caught in his dick, never to come.

She rode him for another ten minutes before she finally came.

"I'm sorry," she said. "But certain... 'secretions' I produce have the unique effect of paralysing men such as yourself, and preserving their flesh and bone as ultra-dense gold."

"I'm afraid the only way to beat it is to use an antidote I produce when first aroused. So when I next need your cock, you'll be free!"

"The problem with that however, is that the feeling of luscious cum inside me kicks off my mating process, and we'll just end up screwing again, til we're back to where we started."

"Sorry, hun. If it's any consolation, with that package, you're the ONLY one I want to fuck now."

"The others," she gestured to the other equally desperate-looking statues. "Will have to wait."

And with that she left.

John didn't care. He didn't care about that, he just wanted to come, to shoot this explosive load.

After an hour, he was desperate. After six hours, he was mentally pleading for her to fuck his orgasm out of him. After several days, he had given up hope and just wanted it to end by any means necessary.

Eventually, she returned. OH fuck, did this mean he'd get to come? She slinked straight up to him.

"Oh, darling, I neglected you, I'm so sorry," she said, as she brushed a hand past his hardened face.

"Let's fuck!"

And with that, she used his outstretched arms as a climbing frame to slip back into his embrace.

She slid down his golden member like a perverted fireman's pole, letting out a guttural moan.

Without his hips thrusting at her, she made do by bouncing up and down on the insides of his rigid elbows with her hands.

Soon, he could feel himself softening up and as it did, his cock twitched hard. Once. Twice. Three times...

"Gaahhhh...!" he screamed as he shot jet after jet into her.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as her mouth opened in a silent scream.

Without meaning to, he began rocking his hips back and forth with his still-hard cock.

No. No. Mustn't.

She grabbed him tight and furiously thrust herself up and down. He grabbed her arms to try and fling her off, but she was deceptively strong, and she pulled her legs tight behind his legs, trapping him in a scissor embrace.

The more John fought against this, the more it forced his hips back and forth, back and forth...

Oh fuck. Her pussy was so slick and tight and he could feel his dick tighten already. The girl didn't care, she just continued to enjoy riding him.

The familiar tenseness returned and crept across his body. Not much later he was a statue once more, with a desperate orgasm awaiting.

Goldie brought herself to another thrashing orgasm and dismounted.

"Well, if you're going to fight back, perhaps I should use whorelip in future," she sniffed.

"Just think yourself lucky you get to fuck me. They don't."

This time she didn't return for weeks. When she did, John lashed out at her for leaving him during his 'release fuck'.

"There are other carnal pleasures here I enjoy besides you," she'd shouted midway through.

After that, he didn't see her for months. The next time he did, he broke down crying into her shoulder.

She comforted him as their bodies contorted, stroking her hands through his hair and holding him close before once again locking him in place, orgasming and leaving him.

An entire year went by after that. Seasons changed, rain poured, leaves fell and snow dropped, only to be replaced with beams of sunlight filtering through the trees.

John didn't move a hair's breadth the entire time – he didn't thirst, didn't hunger, didn't breathe, he just hung on the top of a mountain of desperate release, hoping to plummet downwards.

Eventually, a blue cloud of tiny figures approached. Some of the fairies that had 'helped' him earlier. He'd give anything for that brand of help now.

"It's our friend!" squeaked one.

"Hello friend!"

"We have news!"

"The golden girl's in trouble!"

"Lots of trouble!"

"Whorelip have her!"

"Mother whorelip has her!"

"We got her in trouble!"

"So we could help you!"

One of the fairies flew out of the swarm clutching a miniature conical flask. In scale with the rest of her body, the flask was no bigger than an air bubble in a boiling pan.

Delicately, the fairy leant forward and tipped it over his shoulder. Instantly he felt a warmth spread out as a tiny drop of something hit his shoulder blade. In no time at all the warmth had spread to all his extremities and he found he could move again.

If the fairies got the girl in trouble to help him, they must have flown in and extracted the antidote when she first became aroused. They were clever little sluts, he'd give them that.

"Take me to her," he said coolly.

The swarm exploded with a chorus of mirth before leading him into the overgrowth once more.

After an hour's trek, the sound of frantic moaning began filling the air, as it permeated through the bushes.

Soon afterwards, John found the source. The girl that had used him and left him so many times was writhing desperately as a whorelip nest curled and slithered round her squirming body.

Between her legs lay a similar bulb to the one that had caused John such frustration. In this case, it's petals were stuck tight to her crotch, and John could tell the tongues were penetrating her pussy, knowing they'd be retreating and squeezing, stopping and starting at just the right time to make sure she never came.

Two standard whorelip buds were suckling her nipples. It was perhaps the hottest thing John had seen since his arrival, though that was starting to lose context.

They'd really done a number on her. She was bucking violently, almost as if she was angry to be denied her right to orgasm.

"How long's she been here?" John whispered.

"Eight months!" chipped a fairy.

"How come she hasn't passed out?"

"She's hellspawn!"

"Hellspawn don't pass out from sex!"

Made sense.

"Having fun?" he sneered, towering over her.

"Get-get me out!" the blonde cried. "Those fucking pixies!"

"I NEED to come!"

"Oh, I bet you do... Too bad I'm still a bit bitter about your tease and denial methods."

"Please... please... I'll do anything... Agghhh!" she cried, her eyes squeezing shut in expectation of a release that would never come. "I'll... I'll be your slave..."

"Yeah, and fuck me and leave me. How dumb do you think I am? I'll just leave you to your friend here."

"Can you erect barriers?" he whispered to the fairies.

"Oh yes! Only Lucifer himself can break a barrier created by as many faes as us!"

"Put one up round this patch. Make sure no-one can ever get in or out again."

"Yes, sir!"

"Nuh-oooohhhh!!!" moaned the golden girl.

"Enjoy yourself," John sneered, hesitating when he realised how much he just sounded like some of the monsters he'd already encountered.

He soon got over it before he turned to leave.

An alternating set of angry screams and desperate moans came from the girl, before a fizzing sound rode over the top of them, silencing them.

Eventually, foliage and greenery shifted to cover a rising wall of bright blue energy.

By the time the fairies were done, it would have been impossible to realise a clearing had ever existed, much less find it.

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