tagIncest/TabooGay Twins and Me

Gay Twins and Me


It was a warm day and I was getting ready to have some decorating done that involved moving a lot of furniture. Luckily two very handsome local boys were off college and I'd engaged their help with moving things around.

"Move all the furniture out of the living room and sun lounge and put it in the garage" I'd told James and Nathan.

And they set about their jobs enthusiastically. I'd been up since dawn so needed to freshen up and get some lunch.

So I stripped off for a shower at abut 11 a.m. and the thought of those two boys made me very horny. Oh yes – if only life was like a porn film. I imagined catching them looking at my PC screen and erotic gay pictures, so I had to chastise them both. The thing was that they were both: willing, consenting and eager to play out this fantasy.

"Well boys, I can see you are enjoying that from the size of your hard dicks"

They stopped suddenly as I spoke.

"How about carrying on and enjoying yourselves – and playing a little game then?

Another pause before James grinned and replied:

"OK Mr Jennings – we'd enjoy that very much"

"Drop your shorts and pants now and bend over those chairs" I instructed.

I then began to smack their bare bottoms. Of course I'd stroke each of their pink bums them make them spread their legs so I could put my hand under and feel their young cocks.

Being a voyeur, instead of performing with them immediately myself I'd enjoy teaching / instructing them.

"Now start rubbing each other's cocks and see what happens" I told them.

"This is cool Mr Jennings – I really like this" said Jason

"Jason" I replied "Now kneel down and start licking and sucking your twin brother"

James stood proud while his sibling brother did just that. After ten minutes they swapped.

"Come on Jason, it's my turn now" exclaimed James as he knelt and devoured Jason's equally stiff cock.

They had now crossed over the line and started their career in homosexual incest. Now it was my turn.

Both my guests were fully stripped and naked, and so was I. They were beautiful!

"Stand up James next to Jason and rub your dick against his please" I said.

I knelt and started to give them both oral. As I sucked I ran my fingers over their young smooth hairless skin. They were both getting very aroused and their faces were blushing and hot. I momentarily stood and moved my face very close to both and planted each with a long wet kiss.

"Now kiss each other please, with your mouths open and put your tongues in each others mouths too".

I went down on them again. Moments later pre cum seeped into my mouth followed by gushes of hot milky young cum from both. I gathered every drop of this nectar, swilled the cocktail then swallowed. I was the very first man or woman to take their seed and I loved it.

As my imagination ran wild I dried off from showering and my own pre cum formed.

Living alone I don't worry about locking my bathroom door so when one of them charged up the stairs to go or a pee he got the surprise of his life when he saw me standing stark naked with my cock rigid to attention. Being humane, the least I could do was invite him in for a pee as he was desperate.

His face went a bright red as he relieved himself which I found very erotic anyway. Fortunately for me the effect of seeing my naked shaven body with its proud erection must have stirred the boys own loins so much that as soon as he's finished peeing his own young dick was fully erect too.

I stood admiring this gorgeous Adonis then moved my hand to shut the bathroom door so we could be more private. But he swiftly put his hand on my arm to stop me and I realised the young adolescent helper was rightly exercising his option to leave. Oh no, It couldn't be further from what was going to happen.

"I'm going to get my brother" he said.

While he slipped back down stairs it then occurred to me that he wanted back up and would exploit the fact that he'd discovered my mature nudity and mock me with his brother and other mates as soon as they left. Oh no!!!

The door re opened and standing before me was both of them ---- stripped down to their pants, all hot and sweaty.

"We want to shower now please?" asked James. "And we want you to help and wash our backs too please" said Nathan.

Wow!!! It didn't take a genius to know where this was going! As they slipped their pants off their young dicks sprang up – they were already erect! I ran the shower, they got in and luckily it was big enough for me to join them. Naturally my erection was still rampant!

Soon there was lashing of soapy lather spreading over both their nubile bodies as the warm spays of water splashed and dripped over us. As requested I set about washing them both, first their sexy smooth backs then their legs and around to their chests and shoulders. It was so cosy and we couldn't help brushing up against each other and naturally their young private parts needed a good soaping and rubbing too.

As I turned the shower off so that most of the surplus water could run off of us before we got out and towelled, one of the twins started playing with my nipples then started kissing them. Not to be left out the other twin knelt and while holding the base of my hard shaven cock started to lick and suck me. Ooooooh!!

I stroked and fondled as much young flesh as I could reach until I could play with one of their dicks and focussed on rubbing it. We couldn't hold back as each of us swapped around to fondle, lick, kiss and suck each other. Finally I knelt before them and just as I had imagined earlier I found myself sucking both boys at once while they French kissed. Again, just as I had dreamed their pre cum seeped into my mouth followed by gushes of young hot milky cum. Their orgasms were simultaneous, so my mouth was full of their cocktail of fresh semen. I swilled and swallowed. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

I too was bursting to cum so the twins both knelt while I pulled few stokes on my dick. Both had their mouths open ready to catch it as I squirted thick globs of mature cream over and in their young mouths. Once I'd drained the last drop I knelt too and the three of us French kissed, swapping my load between each other until each of us had consumed a share.

Quietly we dried and dressed.

"Thanks Mr Jennings" said James. "Yes thanks Mr Jennings that was great echoed Nathan"

"See you next week?" spouted James.

"Oh yes please" I replied. "And why don't you have supper and stay over?"

"That'll be nice". And "yes please" was their reply.

End of part 1

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