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General Hospital: Mia & Mac


My third day in PC dawned sunny and cold, again. My usual breakfast was on the table down in the diner before I could even wiggle my fingers at that nice looking man who ran the place, Mike Corbin. Rumors have it he is related to Sonny Corinthos but I am not one to listen to rumors. So I asked him.

"Yep, that's my son. I'm rather proud of him."

"Oh? Is he your only child?" I queried.

Mike smiled with those pretty blue eyes of his, "No, I have a daughter too, Courtney. She's married to Jasper Jacks."

I tried very hard not to spit out my coffee and I did succeed, turning one of my charming smiles on Mike, "How nice."

He went back to the kitchen and I nibbled on my toast while reading the headlines from the morning paper. Today I wanted to get familiar with the town. I figured a nice walking tour would be in order. After I finished my coffee, I grabbed my coat and purse and headed out.

My first stop was the infamous docks. I strolled down them slowly, enjoying the reflection of the sunlight off the water. It was fairly quiet and not a great many people around. I did spot an attractive redhead who kept muttering under her breath something about Luke. She looked a bit depressed and I was in no mood for cheering anyone up so I kept moving.

I wandered about for a bit until I hit what appeared to be the business district and fell upon the Port Charles Police Department headquarters. Well, owning a club is a risky business and it is always good to have the cops on your good side. I had heard the Police Commissioner was a charming fellow so I hiked inside and asked to speak with him.

He was cute in a rugged way and brooked no nonsense. He immediately asked what I needed and I told him I was interested in opening a business in town and would like to discuss with him the criminal elements I needed to be aware of. Well that tickled his fancy and he led me back to his office so we could have a comfortable chat.

I found out his name was Mac Scorpio and he was from Australia. Have to love a man with an accent! He had a gruff demeanor and I could tell he was very controlling but sometimes I do find that attractive in a man. I turned my own charm on and soon enough it was like we had known each other forever.

I told him all about my plans for the club and he told me about the more undesirable elements within the city. I asked him if he would stop by my grand opening and he smiled at me like one would a child, "Now, Mia. How would that look, the police commissioner at a BDSM Club?"

"Well, Mac, I do believe it would look rather natural since everyone knows policemen like it rough," I purred nonchalantly.

He laughed, throwing his head back and causing his delightfully wavy hair to shimmer under the fluorescent lighting. "Alright, I'll think about it. But unless you have any other questions, I should get back to work."

I demurely lifted one finger from my right hand to my moist pink lips and paused. "I do have a favor to ask you. Can I see your handcuffs?"

Mac laughed again, a deep belly laugh, as he stood up off his very comfortable looking leather chair and walked around to the side of the desk where I was sitting. He took his cuffs out and I extended my arms, wrists up, while my upper teeth chewed nervously on my lower lip.

He clipped them on and the sound of metal on metal and the icy cold feel of them upon my wrists made me shiver uncontrollably. My thin silk blouse was pulled tightly across my chest and there was no mistaking how much I was aroused. I had a set of bullets of my own peeking out of my top. Mac grabbed the cuffs, now secured to my wrists, by the chain and yanked me to my feet. "You want it, don't you?" he asked rather observantly.

"Yes, please," I begged as he pushed me around, face down on his desk, my ass pointing to the ceiling. He pushed my skirt up and slid my thong panties to the side as he unzipped his pants and freed his pulsing throbbing shaft. The head was wide and thick and I could feel it pressing against my hot cunt so fast. Soon he was buried inside me, the whole length. Oh God, he was big and it felt like heaven!

One of his hands pressed my back down to the desk as he pounded into me over and over. The other hand found my hair and the fingers tangled in it, pulling my head back and forcing me to turn it to look at him over my shoulder.

"You're a dirty little whore, aren't you, Mia? You want me to fuck you hard. You need it. Such a whore."

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I groaned with pleasure as he continued to hump in and out of me faster and faster. His balls were slapping hard against the soft curves of my ass as he pressed me hard into the desk, grinding my nipples into the cold wood.

"Do you want to cum for me, whore? Do you, Mia? Do you want to show me what a greedy cock-loving slut you are?" he whispered gruffly in my ear.

"Yes, Mac, yes, please let me cum. Please let this whore cum for you," I was whimpering with need now, my juices flowing down the insides of my thighs as his huge cock was like a piston going in and out, in and out, filling me and taking me completely.

"Then cum, slut!" he ordered and I did, squirting down his cock and over his balls. With two more thrusts, he came too, filling me with his gooey sticky sperm. I shuddered and lay still upon the desk as he caught his breath. Then he slid out of me and, grabbing the hem of my skirt, wiped his cock off with it. He took a step back and slapped my ass hard. I giggled as he pulled me up, unlocking the cuffs and putting them back in his pocket.

"Now, get out. I'll be seeing you," he dismissed me as he zipped up his pants and walked out of the office. I smiled as his departing back and found a piece of paper and a pen. I jotted down this note and left it on his desk.


I know I'll be seeing you. You have a masochistic streak.

Kisses, Mia

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