tagRomanceGeorge and Martha Pt. 02

George and Martha Pt. 02


We took the groceries to my place, put them away and shared fresh homemade subs together. We sort of knew a bakery that would cater to our personal needs. I'd had the girls make a half dozen that morning and put them on the steps when they locked up. When we entered the back door and I saw the bag on the steps I knew we'd be having subs for lunch.

Being early we laid down for a short nap. I lay in his arms feeling safe and secure. I was in panties and he in his briefs, skin to skin, a new and welcome sensation for both of us. Beyond a few tender caresses we didn't mess around. Our morning after had been busy and at times exhausting, we needed rest more than anything else. When we woke we decided to catch the 4:40 movie at the cinema.

The movie was fun. We shared a tub of popcorn and a large pink lemonade. There were several mixed race couples besides us, the cutest in our opinion was a very tall thin black guy with a very short round oriental gal. There was no mistake they were in love, he doted over her and they made out like high school kids throughout two thirds of the show. At one point I felt George nudge my side and pointed. She was on his lap facing him and though they were clothed, she was grinding like no tomorrow. I whispered.

"Would you like me to do that with you?"

"Of course I would, but not in public. They should have stayed home and screwed in a comfy bed."

Neither of us felt like cooking and stopped at a rib place called Fat Jacks. Best frickin ribs in town. The place was aptly named, as you entered there sat a HUGE wide assed man. Two stools with a cheek on each. We gave him our order, he yelled it back to the kitchen, took our money and told us to sit wherever we liked. He did this for customer after customer and only once did we see an order come out wrong. They had ordered corn bread and got toast instead, which was immediately remedied.

It was a warm enough evening we decided to walk a bit before going inside for the night. I hadn't grown up in this neighborhood, but after 4 years I knew it quite well. There were lots of folks on front porches and steps. Still light enough kids were playing hop scotch and getting groups organized for hide and seek as soon as it was dark. Those I knew called out, I would introduce my fiancé and the majority were happy for us. There are always one or two who don't like something, we ignored them and walked on.

We'd gone about four blocks when I suggested we sit on a bench in front of the pharmacy.

"Puddin we can walk more if you want, but I'm reaching my limit. Last night was wonderful, but I've never had my beaver torn apart by a big cock before, and I'm still sore. I want to give you the warm creamy pussy I promised earlier, but that won't happen if we walk much further."

George surprised the hell out of me as we stood. He picked me up and was carrying me down the street toward home. I was giggling, laughing and squealing as I kept hitting him in the shoulder.

"Put me down you goofball. What are you doing?"

An old lady on the porch with her husband shouted, "What the hell you care what he's doin? He wanna carry you let him."

"I'm carrying you home, I don't want to take the chance I won't get my treat."

"Georgie. Put me down darling. I can walk, and you'll get your treat, I promise. Put me down Puddin."

Reluctantly he put me down saying he could easily carry me home if I wanted. Looking at his physique I had no doubt he was absolutely correct. I put my arm around his neck, drawing him in for a kiss as the neighbors hooted and howled their approval.

"But Puddin, I want you to save that energy so you can fill my tummy with more of your baby making juice." He looked panicked. "No sweetheart, I won't get pregnant, at least not until we're married. Then I'm going off the pill and you are going to put a baby in me."

At the apartment he wanted to talk before we made love. Wondering how long I wanted to wait until we got married? How many children did I have in mind? If he had an opportunity for advancement would I consider leaving Arkansas? Did I plan to continue baking once our kids were born? I knew his mind had been working overtime.

"Well. Let me answer them one by one. I know that I've waited for you all my life, so I'm ready to get married tomorrow. Secondly, As for how many kids? I don't want an only child like I was, at least two, but I'd like more. Third, moving? I'm not opposed to it, but wherever we go I have to be able to take Auntie and Weezy as well. They're self sufficient so that's not an issue, but I won't leave them. Fourth. My desire is to stay at home with our babies. I can hire a manager and bakers, all I'd need to do is oversee. Does that ease your mind?"


"Why do you ask though? Is there something new that's developed?"

"I've been offered a position in Iowa with Dairyland Power. I'd be the foreman of a crew again but begin training for a supervisor position. I don't have to let them know for another two weeks and the move wouldn't happen for another four months if I accept it. I only want to be with you though Martha, and if that's here then that's what I want."

"But isn't it like 50 below zero up there?"

"No, heavens no. I'm not going to say it never gets below zero, but it isn't often and it doesn't last more than a few days when it does happen. If we took this position we'd be moving to a city called Decorah, population is around 8,000. It has a Kohls, a Home Depot, a Menards, A Wal-mart super center and one of their Neighborhood Market grocery stores, along with dozens of other businesses. Including about any type restaurant you want within reason."

"Yes, but what would I do? I won't know anyone there."

"You didn't know anyone here either. And there is only one fresh bakery left in town, the others have closed. An organization out of La Crosse called Kwik Trip have some of the best convenience store/gas station combinations in the country. They also sell boxes of donuts based on impulse buys. The locals go there because the other bakeries have closed. They've come to realize Kwik Trip is more convenient, but nowhere near the quality. The city is ripe for a new bakery"

"Is that where your family is from?"

"Nope. Mine are located on the west side of the state, a few hours drive. I won't lie to you, it's nowhere what you're used to. You've always been big city. Life there would be significantly slower, which at first will have the tendency to drive you mad. However, the sense of community and belonging are felt in most places. The crime rate is non-existent compared to where we live now."

So much to think about, so much to ponder. What would Auntie and Weezy think of the idea? Would his family openly accept me? Hell, would the community accept us as a mixed race marriage? It was much more common in the south than it was in the north. Not looked down upon, just less common. It makes sense, if there aren't a lot of mixed races there won't be as many mixed marriages. We would need to discuss this further, but at the moment, I wanted that meat pole of his buried deep inside my body.

"Puddin. This all needs to be discussed at length, but right now I need to reward you for not hitting anyone today. I promised you some warm creamy pussy, and baby that's exactly what is waiting for you. My panties have been wet for hours, take me in the bedroom and ravage my body."

He roared like a lion and picked me up running down the hall. We were laughing and having fun as we tumbled onto the bed. His hands were everywhere at once. I stopped him and told him to slow down, he could have all he wanted once my body was used to being impaled, but for now he needed to go a little slower. He slowed down, kissing and fondling my body. As I lay there he unbuttoned my blouse, unsnapped my pants, slid the blouse off, pulled the pants to my ankles and discarded them, then pushed up my bra, mauling my tits with his lips.

As he sucked and played with my breasts his hand was in my panties. I told him to take them off. He told me unh,uh, he liked sliding his hand into my heretofore forbidden place. As he removed my bra and finished on my nipples he inched his way south, burying his face in my muff and breathing deep. His face lifted and repositioned directly above my clit area. I watched as he studied it, like he was a general on a hilltop strategizing how he would attack and conquer. He removed me panties and kissed my clit hood once, then twice, a third time and the hood opened. I saw him smile as he switched positions to be in line with my body, his face against my vulva.

I smiled as he looked up and said. "You're beautiful."

I jumped when his tongue touched me pushing my body into him. His tongue pierced my labia, both outer and inner with one swipe. I squeezed my legs on his head and shuddered. By now my head was back and I was gripping his hair for all I was worth. It wasn't until he said "ouch" that I was aware of how hard I'd been pulling. I loosened the grip and stroked my fingers through his sandy blonde locks.

He concentrated on my clit next, sucking it softly, licking, finding my hot spot and attacking it. I was putty in his hands within minutes. Hips rolling, then bucking, then stabbing at his tongue. My stomach muscles were quivering and contorted, my breathing almost non-existent. This orgasm was much stronger than last nights. Auntie was right, it's all fun from this point on. I finally screamed his name and bent my body forward at the waist as I clenched my legs. My entire body shaking, twitching and my hips convulsing.

As I lay back my body felt completely used. "Oh my God George. That was like a freight train drove right through me."

Looking down I saw his face and upper chest were drenched. He was grinning and I was confused.

"I think you squirted. I'm pretty sure that's what it's called. I lapped up as much as I could, but you just kept squirting and squirting. I've read that doesn't happen very often, and here you are the second time being eaten."

"My gosh Puddin, if that happens every time you eat me, I'm going to die young. Would you like me to blow you? I will if you want, and I'll try to swallow everything."

"How about you suck for a few minutes to make me rock hard, then I'm going to make love to you. I want to bang you from behind, but you're still sore. We'll do it on your back, or if you want you can ride me cowgirl."

"Cowgirl? What the heck?"

"That's what the book called it. You on top facing me."

"Oooooo, I like that. Okay, I'll suck you and then I'm gonna ride you. Bring that book so I can read it."

He took position in the middle of the bed as I positioned myself between his legs, bent over and engulfed as much of his dick as I could without choking. I bobbed up and down slowly, tasting every bit I could reach. The veins on his cock were throbbing and pulsing as he lifted my head. He bent and gently lifted me up until I was on his stomach, my pussy a few inches from his dick.

"Martha you suck cock so good, I had to pull you off before I came. You raise up above me, I'll hold my cock up straight, you use your hand to put it in you and then slide down as you're able to. You might want to go slow at first, like last night."

I raised up as he stood his cock up, I used my fingers to guide it to my opening and pushed down slightly. I could feel the pressure as my lips began opening. I pressed a little more, the head slid in and I let my weight carry me down until he was several inches inside me. Stopping I smiled at my lover, leaning forward to kiss him. I moved my hips a little and that seemed to loosen me slightly. As I began to raise off his chest I pushed back and impaled myself fully upon that luscious meat I'd desired so long. I gasp and held my breath.

Georges eyes were scanning my face, I knew he was looking for signs of pain. I leaned down and kissed him again. "I'm okay Puddin, give me a minute to adjust and then you're going to help me fuck you. You're going to claim me one more time, this pussy will be yours forever, you'll own her. No other cock will ever be inside me."

I felt my vagina relax and I sat up straight. Oh shit, that was deep, I liked it, but felt like I was being split in two at the same time. With my hands on his rippled abs I began a steady up and down motion. I stroked minimally at the start but picked up the pace as it felt better. I thought my vulva would be to sore, but it was the opposite, it felt good. I could tell my pussy lips were pumped full of blood and puffy, sucking my lovers cock with every stroke.

As I began riding harder George took hold of my hips, held me in place and slammed into my pussy from below. I was getting closer and closer to my climax, I sensed George was too. My cunt muscles started to contract as if grabbing his dick, caressing it, holding it in place. That in turn caused additional friction and stimulation. On both of us. My head was thrown back as a groan came from deep within. I tilted forward and uttered. "Oh fuck George, your cock is amazing."

He continued to pound, I was on my way to the next orgasm when he slammed hard, holding his ass off the bed and pushing as hard against me as possible. He was grunting as I felt his sperm hit the inside of my vagina, which in turn took me over the edge once again. I didn't shake as much, but I seemed to be more vocal. Soft screams and Uh's combined with inaudible mutterings about depth and pleasure. With his cock still in me I fell forward onto his body. His arms went around me as I lay there catching my breath.

I felt empty as his dick gradually shrank, eventually dropping out. I wanted it back in, hard and throbbing. No fair I can only get it once a night. He got up, I heard the shower turn on and waited. Just as I thought, he had come back to carry me into the shower. We cleaned up, washing his chest with shampoo to get all my juices out of the hair. I squatted and pointed the shower head at my vulva, screeching as I did. I hadn't thought about how sensitive I would be. No more of that.

George washed me from head to toe, spending a little extra time on my special parts, being careful not to hurt me. He dried my upper body but thought it might be better if I dried the lower. At least this time. I asked if he had pajamas, he shook his head no and said he always slept in just underwear. I generally sleep in a nightie. I told him I'd leave it and the panties off if he wanted me to. He told me to dress as I normally did, he didn't want me to be cold or uncomfortable.

Next morning was Sunday. I told him I normally went to church one Sunday a month to keep auntie and Weezy happy. He wasn't uncomfortable with church and told me lets go. We could take the two of them for lunch afterward. Where they attended was an all black church, normally, that changed today. Amongst them was a white face, my Georgie. To say he was noticed is an understatement. There had been plenty of stares and comments until Auntie and Weezy gave us hugs and said they were glad to see us.

Still it was humorous when from about three rows behind I heard a little boy ask his mom what that white guy was doing in his church. This was a black church, what was he doing here? I looked at George and he was laughing under his breath. I looked back as the mom had him by the ear dragging him to the restrooms, I imagine for the purpose of paddling his young ass. A few minutes before service began that mom was next to us in the aisle.

"We're pleased to see this gentleman with Martha aren't we William." "Yes maam."

As she shook our hands apologizing and welcoming George she pointed toward their pew and he was gone in a flash. The service was okay, different than what George was used to, but certainly not wrong. Good message, good delivery, a timely Word in due season as Auntie would say. We took them with us for brunch, George and I insisting we pay. During the meal I brought up what would happen if I moved away.

Weezy was first. "You betta have a big ol' house cuz we comin with."

Auntie piped in, "No we aint Weezy. Young lovers got to have space to themself."

George looking like the face of thoughtful wisdom spoke up.

"What if you two lived in a home together in the same community we lived in? You've been next door neighbors since Christ was a child, isn't it time you joined forces and looked after each other during your golden years?"

Auntie laughed. "Only thing golden in these here years is yo pee."

She and Weezy chuckled endlessly over that. I broke the ice.

"Will you two at least consider what we said? It's important to us."

Auntie looked at me, "You're serious aren't you baby girl. Give us the facts, we thought you were messin with us."

I explained George's job offer, the time frame, and the fact that I would not leave them. When I told them Iowa I could see them melt. They had met their respective husbands while working the pea fields of Northern Iowa in the spring of '67. Had spent the summer there in love, vowing to return with their hubbies, but never did.

"I don't know Weezy, can we live together without one of us going to jail??

George had a brilliant idea. Duplexes were quite prominent in the north and he was sure there'd be some in Decorah. We'd find them a smaller duplex, they'd be side by side, but still have their own space.

Auntie and Weezy liked the idea and promised they would talk it over and let us know. Love making was slow and methodical that night, nice and easy, both reaching our climax at the same time. On Monday life was back to normal in every way but a few. I was wearing an engagement ring, I was no longer walking around a virgin, (I was walking around as a well used virgin) and my lover had been in my bed all night. He got up and made coffee for me as I showered, then laid in bed drooling as I dressed before I left and he went back to sleep with the alarm set for 6.

At 6:30 he walked in through the hallway door greeting all.

"Morning Elma, Weezy. Sleep well?"

As I slid into his arms for a few more good morning kisses I held out a brown paper bag with his favorites.

"For services rendered last night. Oh, there's plenty more where that came from, and your favorites as well."

As he walked out the door, I looked at them and told them to close their mouths before the flies got in.

"Just so you two know. I am not taking a rash of shit from either of you over this. I'm his fiancé and if I desire to have him in my bed, that's where he'll be. Got it?"

They nodded their heads and went back to work. For the first time in months I didn't have a pile of goo in my panties at 7:25, it had been there since 5, when I first thought about him being in my bed ready to fuck if I had wanted to. Today I didn't care how busy we were, I walked upstairs, removed my wet saturated panties and put them right next to his in the laundry basket. Slipping on fresh ones I smiled, who would have ever thought a pair of underwear laying next to mine would be erotic?

George came through the back door at 4:50. Grabbed an apron, threw it on and started last minute cleaning. At 5 he walked to the door and locked it, pulling the blind. He helped me bag the few remaining items, washing the last of the pots and pans as I totaled out. Carrying the bank bag with the days receipts I turned out the lights and locked the doors with my lover by my side.

As I was shedding my work clothes so was he. He reached out dragging me onto the bed. Feeling me and kissing me he eased me out of my panties and immediately planted his cock deep within. Each time he penetrated me it was getting easier and less uncomfortable. We didn't last long, only ten minutes or so, but it was what we both needed. Helping with dishes I asked him why he had helped so much when he got home. He explained that he wanted to help ease my day end chores and knew the sooner I got them done the sooner he could get me out of my clothes.

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