tagInterracial LoveGermany Confidential Foreword

Germany Confidential Foreword

byThe Avenger©


Dez is a proper African American. He was born and raised in Africa. At the age of 12, he moved with his mother and two siblings to the USA, specifically to Denver, Colorado. Living in a predominately black community, Dez soon became aware of the racial tensions and divisions in the so called United States, when his mother started dating an an Irishman. The relationship was frowned on by the whites, the blacks and even the chinese. Insults were hurled at his Mum, her boyfriend and the whole family. Anyway, old story, right? This stupid racial stress in the USA really pissed Dez off, coz he saw no point in it.

When he was 20, Dez moved to Germany to study IT. He actually believed that the Europeans were civilised, cultured, sophisticated, advanced human beings. However, his experiences in Germany proved to be quite an eye opener.

It did not take Dez long to realise that in old Europe, most of the women and even some straight men, were all so preoccupied with the size of the black cock, and black sexual prowess, even more so than white Americans. In his first years in Germany, Dez was like a kid locked up in candy shop. He was getting so much white pussy thrown at him. It seemed like European chicks just couldn't wait to have a crack at his cock, literary speaking. Dez went scuba diving in the white pussy like a professional navy diver. He fucked more women than he cared to remember. It was almost too easy.

The black man felt like a King. He even had white men, (not just Germans, mind you) begging him or offering him cash to screw their wives/girlfriends, whilst they watched, jerking off, or even drinking his semen out of their women's genitals and other perverted Western stuff. Some of them even begged to lick the dark meat.

Initially, Dez felt like a superior black male, a player and a winner. However, as he tried to get ahead in the professional world, he soon realised that almost all other aspects of life in Europe were very frustrating for a black male. The Europeans, just like their white cousin, Uncle Sam (p.s. Damn! I wanna kill Sam) believed the Africans were just dumb guys, only fit for menial labour (or sport and sex, of course). There was no place for an intilligent, smart black man who was a top notch computer guy. When he tried to land even an unpaid apprenticeship, the door was slammed in his face by some smirking honkey.

Dez was further hurt by the realisation that though white women wanted black cock big time, it had to be kept a dark, well hidden secret. In fact, the European Jezebels came over, begged him to fuck the shit out of their holes, telling him his black cock was the best. Then they would sneak back to their white husbands/boyfriends, wearing a wide, satisfied smile, and most probably talking shit like, „Ah, I dont think that black guys really have bigger cocks, or that they fuck better. I think it is just a myth!!!"

Furthermore, white father's, even so called white liberals, did not want their daughters to date a black guy. They felt this was bad for the family image, you see.

At first, Dez was patient, calm and gentle. He tried to fight racism and ignorance. But the the more he tried to show the white guys that he was just as intelligent and normal as they were, the more they seemed to want to put him down. What it really boils down to is, most of them just want to see a Nigga in his place, so they can feel better.

All this annoying white behaviour left a foul taste in his mouth like Guiness.

Whilst he never quite believed the Nation of Islam's claim that white people were spawned by the devil, and originated from pigs, (quite funky but rather far fetched, right?) Dez started disliking white people, for being arrogant, ignorant, hypocritical racists and player haters.

He took his frustration out on white women, targetting the girlfriends and wives of white guys, seducing them, taking tool to them, fucking the shit out of them, and using them like dirty sluts. At first this quite pleased him. Until he realised that white chicks love a big dicked, angry black man-animal, taking them hard, dicking the shit out of them, calling them names, pounding them black and blue. He was trying to get his revenge, but they were cumming none stop, loving the shit, screaming like filthy whores, worshipping his black cock and begging for more. Some even begged him to pee on them, or fart in their faces, can you believe! Damn! What's a black man gotta do to get some revenge man?

Dez started re-evaluating the role of his black cock in the white pussy. Was he really a superior male, conqeuring and dominating white pussy? Or were the white people using his black body to fulfill their dirty fantasies and perverted cravings? Was he a player or a fool? After busting a sweat and many nutts, he always returned to his frustrating life, whilst the white women or couples went home, all happy and satisfied. So who's fucking who here, right?

This suspicion was deepened when a smart white woman asked him a very good question... „you dumb Nigga, why you wasting all your time and energy, all that wonderful, beautiful black dick, and all that fucking talent, on this white trash?"

Dez stammered and tried to tell her that he was a boss player and a bad ass, but she just sneered and said, „ Stop selling yourself cheap!"

Dez fucked her real bad in the ass, but her words stayed on his mind.

Looking back at it later, Dez regretted all the time he wasted with those no good women. But on the other hand, he was real glad how the white trash just threw the pussy at him like they didnt want it back. He learnt a lot about fucking, gained lots of hands on experience, and became a hot, bad ass fucker. The white European women let him do things with them that black women will not do with you, unless you are a millionaire, a star or a damn good liar. The white trash opened his zipper and his eyes.

Yeah, Dez learnt the power of the pussy, the power of the dick, and the power of sex.

Dez was a naive sex maniac with a long cock. Now he is a man with a dick like a horse, with a cowboy brand, and he knows how to use it, to get ahead.

This came in very useful to Dez, when he learned the rules of the white man's game, and climbed up the ladder, to become an elevated member of society.

This series of stories is exactly about Dez' journey. There are some valuable lessons to be taught here, so you need to listen good and learn, you all.

The series of course starts off with the „White Trash years," where Dez was in Europe, dicking white girls out of habit, and feeling like a player, wasting a beautiful black cock on useless, perverted, no good white chicks.

I know some Germans were pissed off at me big time. This is a funny story, you fools. If you dont see the humour, you must be a German for sure.

Just kidding. Thanks for the positive mails and comments, and keep fucking, you all.

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by Anonymous11/05/17

The story is naive trash

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