Get Out! Ch. 05


Off went the alarm at 5 AM, she rolled on top of me to shut off the alarm. Smiling down at me she scattered a bunch of kisses on my face, one eye opened she grinned and kissed my eyelid.

"Rise and shine honey, come on we don't have all day the wedding is at 12 AM and I have to start getting ready. Plus it's bad luck to see the bride the day of the wedding."

My guess is she bent the rules a little because of the terrible trick she pulled last night.

"Ok love, I'll get dressed and I guess I'll see you at the wedding."

I kissed her hand and stumbled out of bed, I hopped into the shower. It was quick, in and out. She blew me a kiss and mouthed "I love you" and disappeared into the bathroom. I got dressed and was off to my best friend Kurtiss's apartment. Jessica had just hooked him up with her best friend Hilary Duff. It was weird the best man and the maid of honor were going out. They'd been together for two months, and although they didn't live together they might as well have been.

Hilary scampered in with her sister Haley, swiftly I slipped my shirt on as it was the only article of clothing I hadn't put on. But they still caught a glimpse of my toned upper body. Haley made a catcall, her sister Hilary thumped her.

"Tell Kurt I love him. Jo's in good hands, now scram! Your wife has to get ready for your big day!"

Shaking my head I could hear Haley talking about my upper body. Teasingly I heard Jessica say

"Hey that's my man, you keep your hands off!"

All three of them giggled as I was leaving Hilary said

"Haley just wants a man, she hits on Kurtiss too."

Three giggle erupted again I grabbed my tux, off to Kurtiss's place I went. Knocking at the door he greeted me, the place was spotless. He was a neat person, and Hilary was a neat freak.

"Hey Kurtino heat, what's up essay vato!"

I said, socking me in the shoulder he was half-Mexican so he liked to impersonate Eddie Gurreo from the WWE.

"Nothing Holmes, why don't you take your shoe's off. It would really suck for me to have to steal some replacement carpet."

Laughing I took my shoe's off; man there was a lot of pink around the room.

"Hilary loves her pink, so I let her decorate the place. In our room she has her platinum record nailed to the wall."

I nodded

"Those things are so awesome looking"

he chuckled I could tell her was happy, so it was cool.

"So how's it going with Hilary bro?"

"Well, it's her 19th birthday tomorrow. It's been going so good that I think I might do it!"

Well he was sort of like my little brother to me. I was hanging with him when he was in a bad relationship, Kurtiss was a big boy I patted his shoulder.

"Purpose away."

You may ask me how I knew that's what he was talking about. Like I said the guy has been my little brother for about 4 years.

That was all he needed,

"Cool I wanted to make sure I wasn't stealing Jessica's or your thunder."

I shook his hand and smiled,

"Just say what you need to as the best man. Then purpose to her, Jessica and I will have the whole night to ourselves."

Well now it was time to put up or shut up. We got into our Tuxedos laughter filled the halls. I was not ashamed I was really excited. I was about to be married to the woman I loved.

Although her stage name was still going to be Jo Jo, she was going to change her real life last name Brooke to Case. Which made me very happy, that's a tradition that mean's a lot to me. Finally we were ready, I was originally wanting a wedding set during sun rise. Of course that didn't work out, none of my family would get up that early in the morning to go to a wedding. Kurtiss and I got in the limo, arriving at the wedding it was ready to be started.

It was a beautiful meadow setting the weather was perfect. Now that the groom had arrived my family to there seat on one half of the chairs. On the other side it was her family they all took their seats. Pachelbel Canon started, down came the two flower girls. One of them was my little stepsister, the other was one of my little cousins. Boy were they cute, then out started grooms men and the bride's maids paired off in couples. Last but not least the best man came out holding hands with the maid of honor.

They spilt off and stood towards the front. Taking a deep breath I started walking down the aisle. Coughed I squinted as a few pictures were taken, and about eight billion from my mom. My nerves were shot, "I am about to get married to the woman I love and she's going to blow me away when I see her." I was all I was thinking about at that moment. Then it started the famous "Wedding March" everyone stood up she appeared in the doorway of the hand carved tunnel.

She wanted it so she could surprise me when I saw her so I had no idea what she looked like and boy did it work. Her father was to the right of her, gripping onto her arm he walked her down the aisle. My jaw almost hit the floor, her beautiful facial features could be seen past her white lace veil. Both of our engagement rings were off because they were about to becoming wedding bands.

The priest started as the ring barer who was my little cousin who was getting restless.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man, Marshel Case and this woman, Jessica Brooke in holy matrimony. If there is anyone here who has a good reason why these two shouldn't be married? Good then we shall continue, I understand that the groom and the bride have written their own vows. Ladies first."

The priest quieted down and waited for Jessica to speak.

"Marshel my love, words cannot express the void you fill. Before I met you, I wondered if I would ever find a boyfriend. Now all I can think about is what could I do without your love. I love you, I can't wait to spend the rest of me life with you."

Wiping away a few tears away she handed me the Mic, now it was my turn.

"Jessica your love is like water, with it I feel alive. Every time I look at you it seems like I am seeing you for the first time. My hands get all sweaty, I get nervous and I am amazed you're with me."

She was glowing, few short squeezes were given to my hand. The priest smiled,

"Do you take Marshel to be your husband?"

"I do"

she smiled up at me.

"Do you Marshel take Jessica to be your wife?"

"I do."

The priest grinned, and asked us to exchange rings. Sliding her wedding band onto her finger, she followed after me sliding my wedding band onto my finger.

"Well then by the power invested in me, and by the state of California I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

I had been waiting for this moment the entire day, I lifted up her veil slowly. Savoring her beauty I smiled, and leaned slowly I kissed her. Wow, it was a knee-buckling kiss because I found it hard to stand.

"I am proud to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Case!"

The father boasted. Jo Jo giggled and leaped into my arms I carried her into the dance hall we'd rented for the night. It was wedding reception time!

The sounds of music and people laughing were music was awesome! I ended up talking to Kurtiss after mingling with a few of the guests. My wife was across the room talking with Hilary, it was perfect it was the chance for Kurtiss to spring the question on her and ask my wife for our first dance as husband and wife. Kurtiss planned to sing to her with my help, we were going to sing to our women. On stage we went, I smiled and spoke into the mic

"Testing, testing."

A little feed back happened, when it got cleared up we were good to go.

"I wanted to say I love you to my beautiful wife."

"But I think my friend Kurtiss has something very important to say to Hilary."

Now that we were in the limelight we had to figure out what we were going to do, or sing. I was a good singer and Kurtiss was a good piano player so for the first time my wife would hear my Mic skills. To be honest with you, I think she thought I was going to bomb it but it was the thought that counts. So a asked Kurtiss to give me the beat to Richard Marx's "Right here waiting." Then it happened

"Oceans apart, day after day. And I slowly go insane. I hear your voice on the line. But it doesn't stop the pain! If I see you next to never. How can we say forever? Wherever you go. Whatever you do.

I will be right here waiting for you! Whatever it takes. Or how my heart breaks. I will be right here waiting for you!

I took for granted, all the times. That I thought would last somehow. I hear the laughter, I taste the tears. But I can't get near you now, Oh, can't you see it baby? You've got me goin' crazy! Wherever you go. Whatever you do.

I will be right here waiting for you! Whatever it takes. Or how my heart breaks. I will be right here waiting for you!

I wonder how we can survive. This romance. But in the end if I'm with you, I'll take the chance!

Oh can't you see it baby? You've got me goin' crazy! Wherever you go. Whatever you do. I will be right here waiting for you. Whatever it takes. Or how my heart breaks. I will be right here waiting for you. Waiting for you."

Smiling I slowly putting the Mic down, glancing at Kurtiss her stepped off the stage. Walking over in front of Hillary Duff and got down on one knee he smiled and asked her to marry him. She hugged him and kissed his nose.

"Of course."

Now this was weird to growing pop icons with a couple of regular people. That's what makes this story so great, I don't think it would be as big of a deal if they went for some famous guy. Walking over to my wife and offered my hand, and asked her to dance; Smiling she stepped into me it was a little difficult for her to dance in her wedding dress. She managed to do it, placing her head on my shoulder we danced as the slow music came out of the speakers. Kissing the top of her head I pressed my cheek against the top of her head, dipping her she smiled and we went back to our normal dancing.

She whispered

"Hey baby you told me you could sing, but I had no idea you were that good."

I smiled and turned her head of my shoulder. Looking into her eyes, I kissed her lightly. Losing myself in the kiss we continued on. The kiss lasted for the rest of the song, and just as the song ended I broke the kiss. Her eyes fluttered open and she nearly lost her balance, I guess the kiss was that amazing I was there to catch her.

"Just like life baby when ever you stumble I'll be here to catch you."

She blushed, her face was bright red because of the kiss. It was time for gifts, then the toasts and finally dinner and cake cutting.

I grabbed Jessica's hand we walked side by side to the table. Sitting down, I pulled her on my lap. Her butt was pressing into my groan, she adjusted her self, teasing me obviously she wanted me ready tonight. She took the first present was from her parents, it was a brand new computer. She smiled, and got off my lap hugging her parents I of course said my thank you. She walked back over, and nestled into her spot on my lap. Now it was Kurtiss's and Hillary's present. It was a 500-dollar gift certificate to tower records to build our DVD collection.

She got off my lap, we walked over to our friends and hugged them. I went back to my seat, and so did my wife. The next present was my mom and step-dad. It was a key to a brand new Mercedes Benz, we squealed and hugged them. Over the next couple of minutes we opened gifts and thanked both of our family. It was dinnertime we had chicken, and potato wedges. The toasts were coming now, my best friend was first.

"Congratulations to you two. I've known Marshel for awhile. He's had been like a brother to me, we've both seen each other through those though spots. The kinds were you don't know if you're ever going to find that special person in your life. So this to the newly weds, and friendship. Good luck you two, I look forward to seeing little Marshel's and Jessica's!"

Smiling I raised my glass along with Jessica and watched as the rest of my family toasted me, I felt it was my turn.

"Jessica you mean the world to me, I am not really sure what made you nuts enough to want to marry me but what ever it was I feel blessed. I love you and I hope to one day father our children."

She giggled and stood up right after I sat down,

" Honey I love you too and I can just see it now. Although I hope if we do have a boy he's as well mannered as you, because all we need is some little Romeo running around the house!"

She grinned, and walked over to me and sang a little bit her amazing voice echoed off the walls.

"Baby. You're not the only one, if you ever are going to fall. I'll give my all, to; show you I love you."

She dropped the Mic and sat with her chest facing my chest she kissed me and took my breath away. Kurtiss cleared his throat, she finally broke her kiss and stood up off my lap a little wobbly. The kiss had once again done its trademarked thing and rubbed off on my lips. We both walked over to the cake, picking up the knife Jessica put her hand over mine and together we cut the cake.

Soon enough the wedding was over, we gathered our presents and said good bye to the last remaining people who were Hillary and Kurtiss. We'd see them later, but right now I wanted to get my wife home and pay proper attention to her. Getting home our clothes were randomly thrown about the house as we closed the door. There was a line of clothes going from the front door to the bathroom. She turned on the shower water, and let her hair down. I loved it long, it went just past her shoulders which was the perfect length for me.

She tossed her hair about, and stepped into the shower the warm water clashing against her semi-tanned skin. Glancing at her breasts, I couldn't help but marvel her body. I slowly lit some scented candles and clapped what ever CD was in there last started playing; she wagged her finger at me as if to say "Come on it, the waters fine." Stepping into the shower it took a small second to get used to the water, but the water wasn't really what I was interested in at this particular moment. Moving closer to her I boxed her in with both of my arms stationed at both sides of her head.

"Why is it that every time I get naked you always seem to get wet?"

I smirked at the pun, of course I wasn't complaining crap I wanted to make love to her as many chances as I got in a life time.

"Well, you see it's a little HARD to tell but if I did enough investigative work I am sure I could figure out why."

When she said HARD her small hand squeezed my penis, and went on to start rubbing my balls.

I moaned lightly, and started to stroke my hands through her wet hair, pressing her against the wall of the shower I positioned my self in-between her legs. Sitting down on my hips, her legs rested at either side. Dipping down further I entered into her slowly, our eyes locked. The water was raining down directly onto my head now, kissing her neck I started to suck in attempts of giving her a hickey. It worked a small suck mark appeared on her neck, my hands went to grip her hips. Driving them up and down to meet my hips she moaned and raked her nails across my back. She'd been really good at the art of lovemaking; she gave a few squeezes of her pussy around my invading shaft.

The thumping of are hips pressed her harder into the wall. I dragged my fingers over her flawless body. Paying some extra close attention to her smooth thighs, kissing her lips in fast little pecks I was getting a little tired. Holding a person up in this position was hard, and the hot water was making it longer till I came. However the feeling started in my ball sack. Shaking I clutched on to her for dear life afraid I was going to drop her, although my legs did go numb and shake a little I had enough will power to keep her body stable.

She asked to get down as she just had an orgasm finding it hard to maintain her own body weight she sank to her knees. Taking my manhood deep into her mouth she was cleaning me of, small lollipop licks were given and soon I was a clean as I was before. She enjoyed our mingled taste, I guess she pretty much enjoyed it because it was part of me. Winking those puppy dog brown eyes sparked as she let my member out of her mouth.

"Come to bed with me baby!"

She giggled and darted out of the shower dripping water all over the bathroom floor, she waited for me to carry her over the threshold of our room. Gathering our jewelry we placed our rings side by side and clasped the heart locket together and that's that way we were going to keep it. To show off each other, and to always have a picture of each other close to our hearts. I got out of the shower, and lifted Jessica in my arms. Carrying her into our bedroom it was the first time we would sleep together as man and wife.

I laid her down in the bed, and laid my naked body next to her. She placed her head on my chest, and draped her arm around my waist. I kissed her lightly and smiled

"I love you."

She glanced up at me, and blushed slightly.

"I love you more. By the way have you figured out were you are taking me for our honeymoon?"

She said.

I glanced at her,

"I love you mostest, and I was thinking Ireland."

She nibbled lightly on my bottom lip.

"Hey mostest is not a word, I love you the most so nah I win! Oh wow, Ireland sounds great." She was playfull with her words and stuck her tongue out at me, leaning in I captured her tongue in my mouth I proceeded to French kiss her. Breaking the kiss, I smiled

"Then Ireland it is unless we find somewhere we want to go more."

I just didn't want to go to Paris. Every one chooses Paris, I thought for a unique couple we should have a unique honeymoon'. She smiled and nodded she wanted to visit Paris as did I one day but we wanted to do something that not every body does for their honeymoon, it just feels more romantic, rather then someone telling you you're in the most romantic city in the world.

"Mrs. Case we'll make the final decision tomorrow morning ok?"

"Ok Mr. Case sounds like a plan to me."

Giggling she started to close her eyes as she rested on my chest, her arm wrapped tighter around my waist. Last but not least she draped her leg over mine and said just before she started to go to sleep.

"I am a married woman."

A small-excited squeeze was given, we'd already had our marriage license framed and hanging above our bed.

"Love you"

she yawned and wasn't about to fall asleep until she heard it back.

"Love you too baby."

With those words said she was out like a light. In a protective ball draped around me. The last thing I was thinking before I went to bed is I've never been this happy in my entire life, and I am going to feel bad if I wake her up in the morning because I have to pee.

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