tagNonHumanGhostly Encounter Ch. 11

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 11


I walked in and Edward and Katie where both sitting on the couch talking, he was letting his hand trail lightly over the exposed skin of her chest, they both turned and looked at me as I walked in.

"Ah, Lisa, there you are, we where starting to worry about you," Katie remarked as I stood in front of them, they both started to shift forward a little.

I went straight to my knees as soon as they moved forward and held my head low.

"What is it Lisa, what is wrong?" Edward asked looking down at me.

I didn't know how to answer him, I wasn't sure what to say and even how to say it, just at the moment Rich walked in.

"She has something to tell you both, don't you baby?"

"Baby, what the hell do you mean?" Katie asked with a raised voice.

"I am in love, and I am in love with Rich, I want him so badly," I replied in a hushed tone.

Edward stood up slowly, "If that is what you want we shall work something out, But Rich will be busy for the next couple of days, he will be moving things from this house to Katie's. I have decided that you shall move in there before your husband returns home, I am sure that Katie will also let Rich stay as well. She has plenty of room."

As soon as Katie heard that Rich was coming to live with all of us, she had a look of protest on her face which soon lessened as soon as she clapped eyes on Edward.

"Yes, everyone is welcome," she replied with still a slight tone of protest in her voice.

"I don't have any transport to move anything," Rich remarked.

"Oh, don't worry," said Katie tossing a set of keys toward Rich which he caught, "you can use my van, its just parked down the street."

"I think you should start soon, we don't have too long left, I want you to move the boxes you delivered first, Katie will go with you to show you where in her house to put them," Edward said pushing Katie off the couch, "I want to be alone with Lisa for a while, make sure you don't come back too soon, give us at least 4 hours."

It wasn't long before Katie and Rich had loaded up the van with the first load of boxes, Edward went to the door to see them off, I heard him say "unload them and set the pieces where Katie tells you, it will make for an interesting week next week."

Then I heard the door close and his footsteps coming back to the living room.

"Now Lisa, we are alone at last, come sit next to me," as he sat on the couch and gestured for me to come over to him. I did as I was told instantly. He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close, his icicle skin cooling mine as soon as we touched. I was only wearing a lose fitting camisole top which he reached inside and held my breast gently and flicked an ice cold finger over my nipple which reacted the instant he touched it.

"Are you sure you want him, are you sure you love him?" he asked giving my breast a strong squeeze.

I closed my eyes to the sensation and let a soft moan escape my lips before replying. "I am sure I love him Master, I almost rapped him upstairs if he hadn't have stopped me, I want him so much," I said with a slight sigh.

"All I can say is think about it for a little while, a lot has gone on this past week. Anyway, lets put that aside right now, stand and strip for me."

The order came out of no where, but I did as I was told. I slowly removed my camisole and tossed it to one side, I then hooked my thumbs in the side of my pants and stripped them off as well, within no time I was standing naked in front of my Master.

He looked me up and down as if surveying my body before standing and running his hands slowly up and over my hips.

"How is your back feeling?" he enquired.

"Its not too bad, it feels a little tight now and then when I stretch."

"Turn for me so I may look at the scar's," he ordered.

I did as I was told, I felt his hands run down my back and over the scars, "bend down and touch your toes for me," he ordered once more.

I looked behind me with a questioning look, but was met with a push. I could not reach my toes as the stretching on my back became painful.

Edward came round in front of me again and moved a low coffee table over towards me, "can you at least reach that," I did as I was told and bent back over and placed my hands onto the table.

"Is that any better on your back?" Edward asked returning once again behind me.

"Yes Master, it is still stretching a little, but no where near as much," I replied instantly.

"Good, now spread your legs for me, nice and wide so I can see that sweet pussy of yours." he said letting his hand slide between my legs.

I did as I was told to without hesitation, it wasn't long before I felt his hand playing over my ass cheeks and down further onto my hot, awaiting pussy lips. He just stood there cupping my pussy lips for a while, the coldness of his hand was cooling me down, my eyes closed and let the whole feeling wash over me, my breathing became slow and heavy.

"Now, do you remember what you said to me a few days ago, that you loved me, was that just a lie? Tell me the truth."

"I do love you Master, I love you so much, but I also love Rich," I replied still with my eyes closed

"Do you love him more than me then?" he asked as he pushed one ice cold finger into my longing pussy and started to pump it slowly.

I let a moan out before I replied, "if it is possible Master, I love you both the same, no more, no less."

With that he pushed in another 2 fingers and began to pump harder and faster, my hips where rocking with each thrust his hand made.

"We shall see how things go, and if I decided that you can be with him, there will be rules," he said as he pushed his thumb against my ass and entered it with force. I made a load moan and he stopped.

"No noise now, I want to see what you have learnt so far my dear. So no movement or noise from you, and I do not want you to come until I say so, you understand?"

"Yes Master, thank you Master," I replied obediently.

"That's my good girl," he said reaching for something behind him.

It wasn't too long before I found out what it was, he removed his fingers and placed a long and thick rubber dildo at the entrance of my pussy, it must have been at least 15inches long and 2 inches wide, without a word, he rammed it home, I tried my best not to make a sound, a scream caught in my throat as it almost all went inside of me. He pulled it most of the way out before ramming it in again. He did that a few times before reaching round with his hand and placed two fingers on my clit and began to stroke it gently, my breathing became heavy and erratic and my muscles began to tighten around the intruder inside of me making the sensations even more. He began to rub my clit harder and pushed his body against mine which in turn pushed the dildo more inside of me. I wanted so much to gasp or moan with pleasure, but I knew that would mean punishment.

"You have learned well my dear, but we have not tested your reaction to pain yet, only to pleasure," he said while pushing further against me pushing the dildo harder into me, I felt it pushing hard against my cervix and wanting to go further, meanwhile his rubbing of my clit became harder and faster. I wanted so much to cum, but I knew that I was not allowed so I held it off, as I was fighting the desire to climax, I felt a sudden wave of pain. He had gripped my clit between his finger and thumb nail and was pinching it hard. I wanted to scream so badly, but once again, I held it back.

He started to back off and pulled the dildo from me, "sit yourself on the table now, we shall move to the next test," he said as he placed the dildo on the side and began to unzip his trousers.

I once again did as I was told and sat on the low table and waited for my next test.

"Lay back on the table and spread your legs for me my slave," he said as he returned to me and knelt down.

As I laid back, I felt the coolness of the table caress my back, I let my head fall back as Edward moved into position between my legs. He bent his head to my pussy and stuck out his tongue and flicked it over my sensitive clit over and over again, once more I did not move or make a sound.

"I want you to cum for me now so I can lick all you sweet juices from you," he ordered raising his head to speak then once again before going back to licking my pussy roughly. I once again did as I was told and came in his mouth. I didn't make a sound as I came which he seemed to be pleased about as he licked my pussy its full length. My whole body felt like it wanted to shake from the pleasure he was giving me but I kept as still as I could, he continued to lick and flick his tongue over my already tingling clit, I felt the pressure building once more but before it climaxed, he stopped.

"I think that's enough pleasure for you, now its my turn," he said as he stood and moved around the table.

I raised my head to see what he was doing, he was moving to the end of the table where my head was.

"I want you to let your head fall over the end of the table my slave slut and open your mouth ready for me."

I did as I was told, the world now upside down in my eyes, my mouth open. Edward positioned himself so that his member (which was only half erect) was close to my mouth and his hands where either side of my body, resting on the table.

"Now take me in your mouth," he ordered.

I did as I was told I raised my hand and grabbed his member firmly and slid it into my awaiting mouth. Once it was there, he gripped my wrists firmly and held then on the table.

"Make a tight seal on my cock I am going to pump and I don't want you to stop sucking until I say, understood?"

I mumbled under his cock and began to suck on him as he began to pump his hips. At first he moved slowly and gently, but as the pleasure started to build in him, he became rough and faster, ramming himself into me time and time again. His member became harder with each thrust and with each thrust he entered my mouth even more. With my head back the way it was, he had easy access to my throat. Every once in a while he would thrust so hard that his shaft was sent down my throat with force, making it hard for me to breathe. But I did as I was told and never stopped sucking on his large, throbbing cock not making a sound.

He released his grip on one of my wrists and began to flick my clit with his fingers, it was then he broke the silence in the room.

"Moan for me bitch, moan on my rock hard cock and send them vibrations down my shaft," he ordered with more thrusts deep into my throat.

He flicked my clit again and inserted three fingers deep inside my pussy, I moaned as the walls of my pussy contracted around them, sending the vibrations down his shaft that he wanted, and with that he thrust harder and faster. He pumped my pussy with his three fingers harder and faster in time with his pumping of his hips, I moaned over and over again around his shaft.

"Oh yeah, that's it bitch, I fucking love that you whore, I am close, but don't you dare stop sucking bitch, not till I say. You want to cum for me too bitch? If you do, moan long and hard on my cock."

I moaned the hardest as I could to let him know I did.

With that he rammed his fingers in me again this time adding a fourth, I almost screamed onto his cock as he pumped.

As he came he thrust deep into my mouth sending his seed shooting into my throat almost choking me, but he had not said to stop sucking so I sucked through the choking sensation. Not long after that I came hard and moaned over and over on his now softening cock.

"Swallow my seed you filthy slut," he said as I tried to gag out his seed, "Do you like the taste, mm I bet you do, your just a filthy," he said slapping my breast hard, "slave," he said slapping my other, "SLUT," he said his voice raised and rubbing my clit so hard that I thought he would break my pubic bone, he did that until I came hard again.

He withdrew himself from me to let me sit up, the back of my neck was sore from his relentless pounding of my mouth, my head had been bouncing off the side of the low coffee table each time he had thrust into me. He held out his hand and helped me up from the table, once I was standing, he held out my bathrobe and helped me put it on. We sat on the couch and he just held me in his arms.

"You have learnt well my dear, but I think things will get more intense next week once we have moved and I need you to be ready and willing for everything we are going to put you through."

"Master, I trust you, I am willing to tackle any task you put in front of me, I wish to please you," I said looking up into his ghostly eyes.

"Then why do you love another?" He asked pulling away from me, "is it that you only love what I do to you?"

"Master, I... I..." I paused trying to determine why I loved him, "I love what you do for me and I love you, if you weren't able to do all these things for me, I would still love you."

"Then why do you Love Rich?" he asked looking down at me.

"I love him because he has shown me kindness and tenderness, I felt a connection with him as soon as I met him, and he reminds me so much of you.

"Have I not shown you kindness and tenderness?" he asked me.

"You have Master, but it has been of a different kind," I answered quickly.

"I see, so, if I was to show you the same affection as Rich has shown to you, would you still love us both or just myself?"

The question came out of nowhere, I didn't know how to answer it so I remained silent. He knew I didn't have an answer to his question, he was expecting the silence as a reply, he just smiled and pulled me closer to him. We sat there in silence for over an hour until Rich and Katie returned.

"That's the first load all set up in place, if you don't mind, we are are going to have a drink and then load up again," Rich said as they came through the door and entered the living room.

"That's fine, as long as it is all done before, hmm, what's today?" Edward asked.

"Its Tuesday today Master," I replied.

"Ah yes, as long as it is all done by Thursday night, I believe Lisa's husband returns Friday evening and we want to be out of here way before then."

"Understood Edward, it shall be done, Lisa, if you could pack up the things that you want to take with you, I will make sure they get to Katie's," Rich said as he sat down on the bare wooden floor and Katie went to the kitchen to make the drinks.

"Lisa, why don't you go and do that now, I need to speak with Rich and Katie a moment," Edward said almost pushing me off the couch. As I stood up, he let his hand brush the inside of my thigh before removing it and giving my ass a spank.

As I headed to the hallway and up the stairs, I decided to sit and listen to a little of the conversation that was to follow.

"Well Rich, it seems she is in love with us both, and what do you think we should do about that?" Edward asked.

"I am not sure, if she is to only love one, you had better let her know before she gets too attached to us both," Rich replied with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"I am fine with it, as long as her love for you does not stop her from obeying her Master when I wish for her to do something and that you do not object to any of the lessons I am going to teach her and also all the things I am going to do with her as well," Edward said.

"If it is her wish to carry on her lessons, I will gladly stand aside. All I wish is that she is happy and that she is well taken care of," replied Rich.

I decided that I had heard enough, turned and walked up the stairs.

I opened the door to my room and headed straight for the walk in wardrobe and retrieved two suitcases and began to pack some clothes. I wasn't sure what exactly to pack, so I just packed everything in my draws and wardrobe.

I packed most of my shoes, not that any of them now suited the 'new me' but I packed them anyway.

I walked over to the dressing table and just opened the smaller suitcase and put it at one end and just swept all my make up, perfume and other things straight into it.

I didn't really want anything else so I closed both cases and headed back down the stairs. I couldn't handle the larger case on my own, so I called for help.

"Rich, can you give me a hand please, this case is a little too heavy for me."

"Sure, give me a second baby, and I will be right there," I heard Rich call out.

Within a few minutes, Rich was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up at me.

"What did you do, pack your whole room?" he said laughing.

"I just didn't know what to pack, so I packed it all," I replied with a smile.

"Oh, before I forget, there is someone waiting to see you in the living room with Edward, I will go and put these in the van," he said making his excuses to leave.

I walked the rest of the way down the stairs and stood at the doorway to the living room. I tried to see if there was anyone talking so I could get some idea who it was, but I heard nothing. I opened the door slowly and stepped in.

"Ah, Lisa, we have been waiting for you," Edward said with a hint of surprise in his voice.


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