Gilmore Girl


Luke sighed as he checked the dresser one last time. When Loralei had asked him to fix it he had felt like he had no choice. Luke was trying to stay one her good side after her break up with Max, hoping maybe he could catch her on the rebound. He gave the dresser a final shake as he turned to leave but one of the drawers fell out. It was her panty drawer. Just knowing where those panties had been gave Luke a semi erection. He bent down to pick them up he saw a white envelope. To Max, was written on it in Loralei's handwriting. Luke was curious as to what was inside the envelope so he looked around to see if anyone was watching and opened the unsealed envelope. His semi erection was instantly turned into a full blown hard on.

Inside the envelope were many pictures of Loralei naked. His jaw dropped as he looked one of his best friends in many different, and very sexy poses. As he looked at them he slowly began to rub himself through his shorts. He then remembered that Loralei had said she wouldn't be home for a couple of hours and that Rori would be gone all day. He hurriedly gathered all the pictures and ran to the bathroom. He barely even got the door closed before he had his pants down at his ankles.

Luke grasped big cock and began to slowly rub it up and down. He was looking through the pictures trying to find the best one, when he found one of Loralei sitting on the edge of her bed with fingers stuck up her twat. This picture blew his mind and almost made him blow his load be he stopped stroking wanting to extend the experience. He had just started stroking again when he heard the bathroom door handle began to turn. He could do nothing but stare at the door like an idiot, and wonder how mad Loralei would be.

But it was not Loralei at the door it was Rory. "Luke what are you doing in he-" she stopped as the realization dawned on her. She looked at the ground and saw the pictures he had discarded when he found the one he liked. "Oh my God! It's my mom!"

All Luke could get out was "uhh- uhh-".

She was about to scold him when she saw his cock. It's beautiful she thought to herself. It was much larger than Dean's and still bigger than Jess's. Rory could not pull her eyes away. "How big is it?" she asked. Luke finally managed to get out a few words.

"Rory I don't think-" but she interrupted him.

"How big?"

"Twelve inches," was his reply.

Rory knew she shouldn't' say this but she did anyway. "I won't tell my mom, if you let me suck it."

"What!" was looks only reaction. "You heard me," stated Rory.

"Are you sure?" he asked. Rory could only nod as she licked her lips in anticipation. He looked at her one last time and saw the lust in her eyes and knew there was no other way.

Luke waved his hand over his massive prick as if giving it to her. Rory smiled as she knelt down on the bath mat between Luke's legs. She gazed it for one more second before taking it all in her mouth. Luke gasped as his nephew's girlfriend swallowed all twelve inches of his dick. No girl had ever been able to do that before. Luke moaned as she continued to give him the best blowjob he had ever had. While her mouth moved up and down, her tongue swirled around the head of his dick. And she would sometimes come off to suck on his balls. It was not long before Luke felt that familiar sensation and knew he was going to cum. His cum erupted into her mouth and the miracle girl swallowed it all. He had been trying to hold back but could no longer do it. "Ohhhh God!" he moaned. Rory took her mouth off his dick and looked up. She had a huge smile on her face as a little bit of come rolled down her lips.

Luke returned her smile and noticed that his cock was already hard again. "Are you ready to take this up your cunt little lady?" he asked.

Rory nodded vigorously and quickly pulled off her skirt and panties revealing a shaved pussy. He smiled and grabbed her sides and picked her up. She was small and easy to lift. He placed her right above the tip of his prick. He then slowly began to lower her down, she moaned, and winced but he continued until she had all twelve inches in her tight little twat. Once she was lowered all the way she began to unbutton his flannel shirt, and he almost tore off her Chilton shirt. As she ran her fingers through his chest hair, he began to suck on her nipples. He was just beginning to work with his tongue when she shouted.

"Luke I need to come now. Jess hasn't satisfied me in weeks. He just cums and leaves."

Luke chuckled and answered, "Fine, but not here." Without removing his dick he kicked off his shoes and removed his pants from around his ankles. He stood and carried Rory into her mothers bedroom. Luke laid Rory on the bed and had just begun to plow her tight little pussy when he heard.

"Oh my God, Luke what the hell are you doing!?" Luke winced as he recognized the voice. He turned around to face Jess, his nephew and Rory's boyfriend.

Once he was turned around her realized there was no point in trying to cover himself up. "What, you don't seem to mind," said Luke.

"What are you talking about? Of course I mind!" yelled Jess.

Luke cleared his throat and pointed to his own boner. Jess looked down and saw that the scene had obviously aroused him. His dick was fully aroused and made a tent in his jeans. Rory got up and walked over to Jess and took off his shirt. She then knelt down and unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled them down and then pulled down his boxers revealing a ten inch prick.

Rory then grabbed his dick and led him to the bed where he laid down and she proceeded to suck him. Luke was deciding whether or not to leave when Rory reached out and pulled on his dick. He understood what she meant and crawled towards her. He positioned himself just right and slowly entered her pussy. After entering her fully he began to pound her. When Jess saw this he pulled out of Rory's mouth. He walked over to Loralei's dresser and got a bottle of lotion and proceeded to lubricate his dick. He then went to the back of Rory and entered her ass. Jess, Rory, and Luke worked out a rhythm. They fucked for 20 minutes before cumming in unison.

Jess and Luke pulled out and rolled over. When Luke rolled over he saw the clock Loralei was do home soon.

"Oh God!" he cried and told the two kids that Loralei would be home any minute. Jess started to put his clothes on while Luke and Rory ran to the bathroom to get their clothes. Once they were all dressed Luke started to gather up the pictures of Loralei that were still on the floor. He was about to put them back in the envelope when Rory grabbed them and ran out of the room. She returned a minute later with two stacks of pictures.

"I made copies." She winked, handed one pile to Luke and put the other in the envelope and returned it to the panty drawer.

As Luke was leaving he turned and looked back at the house. There stood Rory in a window, she lifted her top to reveal her perfect breasts as a promise of things to come.

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